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Chapter 1

{Mike's POV}


All was quiet as I entered the hallways of Benjamin Rush high to retrieve my notebook from my locker. I opened the locker and reached inside for the notebook when a sudden chill ran up my body. Something wasn't right. Something felt wrong, and as I turned my head to see if I could sense what was happening, it was then and there that I saw Kagema my grandfather's identical twin. I tried to move but something was holding me in place, it was almost like an invisible force as I could only watch as Kagema lifted his hand up toward my chest nearly touching my mon, and without warning a sudden painful shockwave sent my body reeling as dark spots began to fill my vision. There was a loud clanging sound as the force of the shockwave vibrated hitting my locker and I could hear sounds of broken glass hitting the floor as I passed out landing into Kagema's arms, unsure of what to expect next.


At first all I could see was an ocean of darkness that seemed to stretch on for hundreds of miles, and it was then that I began to hear a familiar voice echoing inside my head. "Mike, you must be careful. A ninja must always be vigilant, constantly on the lookout for incoming threats of danger." The voice told me which I recognized as being my grandfather's great words of wisdom, and just as I felt a sudden throbbing sensation vibrating all the way down my entire body from my head down to my toes, I realized my grandfather was right. Ninjas must always remain in the shadows and be able to sense evil.

And yet Kagema was right there! I thought mentally kicking myself angrily. Why couldn't have I sensed him before? I should've been able too right? unless he somehow had figured out a way to shield himself from detection. That's gotta be it. That had to be it. It's the only reason I wouldn't have sensed him on time. It was the only logical explanation my weary brain could think of at the moment.

I could hear myself groaning in pain as I opened my eyes only to be met by a bright blinding light which only added on to the agony my head and body was already in. Shutting my eyes I quickly held my teeth together as spots danced in my eyes the moment the blinding light dimmed. "Good I see your awake cuz." I heard Connor's voice speaking to me as I blinked my eyes several times trying to get rid of the spots from the bright light. I started to hear a set of footsteps now followed by Connor's voice saying, "Great-uncle, he's awake."

Realizing I was in terrible danger, I tried to get myself into a fighting stance but my body wouldn't budge. Looking down I know realized there was a long rope tied around my waist and that my back was pressed up against a wooden pole, with my arms twisted painfully around it.

Great, now what am I going to do? I thought closing my eyes in an attempt to concentrate, but another flash of blinding light prevented me from doing so as I once again held my teeth together to prevent a cry of pain from escaping my throat.

"No use trying to think of a way out Mikey." I heard Connor's voice reply with a smirk. "You're stuck here with us weather you like it or not. Unless you want to just hand over the Floating Sword right here and now, then we'll let you go."

"And If I refuse?" I retorted through clenched teeth. "What happens then?"

Connor smirked and slightly chuckled as I heard him say to Kagema, "Looks like he needs to be taught a little lesson about how serious we are."

"Lesson? what lesson?" I asked trying to keep my composure to avoid detection of fear, which proved to be a fatal error as I now felt Kagema's hand on my ribcage and the next thing I felt was a sharp agonizing pain hitting me so hard that I could no longer hold anything back as a scream of agony shot right out of me. I couldn't believe it! Kagema's hand had somehow materialized inside my body and I could feel tiny telekinetic shockwaves pressing down on several of my ribs cracking and breaking them as I continued to scream until dark spots began to fill my vision again threatening to have me pass out again.

"This is how serious we are cuz." Connor's voice was right in my ear now as Kagema stopped his attack now leaving me nearly breathless as I tried to catch what little breath I could get without causing myself anymore agony. "Either tell your friends to give us the Floating Sword or we'll execute your father right in front of you just like with your mother."

Hearing those words sent my mind reeling what was Connor talking about? What does my mother have to do with any of this? "Your...lying..." I managed breathlessly as sharp stabs of pain shot through my chest. "What...do...you...know...about...my...mother?"

Connor laughed as if I had just told him a funny joke, and the next thing I heard was him whispering in my ear again. "I know a lot more then you think cuz. If you want to know what I know, then do as we say, and we'll leave you, your friends, your father and Empire City alone for good."


Amanda and Owen were waiting outside for Mike for what seemed like hours. "Where is he?" Amanda asked impatiently turning to Owen who just shrugged his shoulders and reached into his pants pocket. Pulling out his cell phone he then quickly punched in Mike's cell number and let it ring. "Come on Mike." Owen muttered to himself anxiously. "Answer your phone buddy come on." Just then while Owen was listening to it ring, Amanda suddenly nudged him on the arm. "Owen do you hear that?" She asked. "Hear what?" He replied taking the phone away from his ear for a second, and it was then that he heard the oh too familiar sound of the eye of the tiger from the rocky movies playing in the distant. Owen's heart settled into his stomach then because the eye of the tiger was Mike's ringtone, and he always answered his phone. Something wasn't right. Something was seriously wrong.

"Wait here." He said to Amanda. "I'm going to check it out." And with that he opened the school doors and walked inside only to come back a few minutes later with a look of concern and fear etched in his eyes. "What is it?" Amanda asked worriedly sensing the fear in Owen's eyes. "Did you find Mike? is he okay?" Owen shook his head and replied, "We need to consult with Hologramps on this one. It looks like hologramps's evil twin got to him."

"What do you mean?" Amanda asked. "How is that possible? We would've sensed him if he was here right?"

Owen didn't answer and instead pulled out a piece of paper that was written in what appeared to be red Japanese writing. "Looks like a ransom note of some kind." She noted with a detection of fear laced in her voice. "But without Mike's mon how are we going to get into the dojo?"

"Looks like we'll just have to take the long way around." Owen replied and with that the two of them sprinted on ahead down the stairs and onto the streets making as quick of a dash as they could to Mike's place.

- {Mike's House} -

"Looks like Mike's dad is still at work." Amanda noticed as they approached the house. Owen casually whistled as he reached into his pants pocket again only this time instead of pulling out his cell phone this time it was a silver key. "Where did you get that?" Amanda asked eying the key suspiciously. "You didn't steal it did you?" Owen just shrugged his shoulders and replied, "yeah, I kind of swiped it off of Mike's dad the other day when he wasn't looking. Pretty nifty huh?" He smiled as Amanda just rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Owen we're ninjas not thief's. Ninja's don't steal things that don't belong to them what if Mike's dad comes home and he can't get in?"

"Works better in our favor then." Owen replied as he pushed open the door and walked in. "Now come on let's go. We gotta find Hologramps and show him this note."

Amanda once again shook her head while rolling her eyes and muttered "Boys" under her breath as she followed Owen inside and up the stairs into Mike's room. "Hologramps?" Owen called as they entered Mike's room and shut the door. "You online? cause we kind of need your help."

there was a faint whooshing sound that was heard followed by a faint pale blue light that seemed to grow as the holographic image of Mike's grandfather appeared before them or otherwise known as Hologramps as Owen had nicknamed him which Amanda still couldn't figure out even now after getting to know the ins and outs of being a ninja.

"What are you doing here exactly? aren't you supposed to be at school right now?" Hologramps asked as Owen pulled out the piece of paper from his pocket. "Well first off school is closed for the day, and second off Mike's been kidnapped by your psycho brother, and third off, he left this note but we can't read it." Owen's voice was high strung with stress and fear as he held the note up to Hologramps to read with shaking hands, and after a short while later the look in Hologramps's eyes shone with serious terror. "What does it say?" Amanda asked wincing as she prepared herself mentally for the worse as Hologramps replied in an ominous tone, "It says that if the Ninjas do not surrender the Floating Sword within twenty-four hours that Empire City will fall, and the end of the Fukanaga clan will begin tonight starting with Mike's father."

TOO BE CONTINUED...Well that's it for the first chapter hope you all enjoyed it and are looking forward to finding out what happens next. Will The Ninjas give the Ishina's what they want in order to save Mike? Will Mike be able to out of this predicamitt unscathed? Stay tuned to find out as Chapter 2 will be up as soon as I can get it. Hope you all have an awsome day and as always please leave positive reviews only. If you have negative things to say about the story then please do not comment.