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Previously on Supah Ninjas - "I know a lot more then you think cuz. If you want to know what I know, then do as we say, and we'll leave you, your friends, your father and Empire City alone for good."

"We need to consult with Hologramps on this one. It looks like hologramps's evil twin got to him."

"What do you mean?" Amanda asked. "How is that possible? We would've sensed him if he was here right?"

Owen didn't answer and instead pulled out a piece of paper that was wriiten in what appeared to be red japanese writing. "Looks like a ransom note of some kind."

"What are you doing here exactly? aren't you supposed to be at school right now?" Hologramps asked as Owen pulled out the piece of paper from his pocket. "Well first off school is closed for the day, and second off Mike's been kidnapped by your psycho brother, and third off, he left this note but we can't read it." Owen's voice was high strung with stress and fear as he held the note up to Hologramps to read with shaking hands, and after a short while later the look in Hologramps's eyes shone with serious terror.

"What does it say?" Amanda asked wincing as she prepared herself menatlly for the worse as Hologramps replied in an ominous tone, "It says that if the Ninjas do not surrender the Floating Sword by within twenty-four hours that Empire City will fall, and the end of the Fukanaga clan will begin tonight starting with Mike's father."


Chapter 2

A few moments of silence went by after Hologramps had informed them on what the note had told them, and as Amanda was about to open her mouth to ask a question, she looked over and saw that Owen had already beaten her to the punch. "How can this be happening?! What are we supposed to do? It's not like we can just somehow create a relica of the Floating Sword and give that to the Ishinas to free Mike." Owan's voice was once again hung strung with stress and Amanda placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Easy," She said calmly. "We'll figure something out." "How are we going to help keep Empire City safe and come up with a plan on how to save Mike?" Owen asked. "We're ninjas. Ninjas hide in the shadows remember? otherwise we might as well as just expose ourselves to the entire world and get it over with."

Suddenly Amanda gasped in shock and Owen looked at her in surprise. "What?" He asked. "Their baiting us." She said her voice now becoming almost a hushed whisper of fear. "The Ishinas are baiting us to come out of the shadows before nightfall, it's like we're fishes swimming in the ocean who's been caught and are now flopping around on the surface gasping for air with no way how to get back to the ocean."

Owen looked at her in confusion and was about to ask her what it was she was talking about, but just then a puzling thought swam into his head. "Hey Hologramps, you never explained to us about why the Floating Sword is so important. Why do the Ishina's want it so badly?"

Hologramps drew in a deep breath for a split second before speaking again, "The Floating Sword is an ancient powerful weapon that can only be weilded by those of our family's clan. If the power of the sword falls into the hands of evil then it can be used against us. See The Floating Sword is a powerful artifact that can be weilded by either good or evil, however with great power can be given mighty consequenses."

"What do you mean by consequenses?" Amanda asked curiously. "How does this effect Mike?"

Hologramps looked around for a brief moment as if he was worried that somehow someone could catch onto the conversation. "The Fukanga clan is renowned for their unique ability to live an eternal life." Hologramps explained which given by the confused look on Owen's face, he went on to explain further.

"The name Fukanaga translates to blessed longevity in Japan, so because of that, everyone born into the clan will be blessed to live an eternal life even in death."

"So that explains why your still able to communicate with us even as a hologram." Amanda noted much to Owen's utter confusion.

"There's something else however." Hologramps said after a few minutes of silence. "Something that I should've explained to all three of you in the beginning."

"What do you mean?" Owen asked curiously.

"The Fukanaga clan posesses other abilities besides the ability to live eternally." Hologramps announced much to amanda and Owen's shock and amazment. "For example, the mons that Mike and I wear aren't just disquised as shurikens, they along with the Floating Sword are the key to harnessing our abilities."

"What do you mean?" Amanda asked shaking her head in confusion.

"The mons that Mike and I wear are are mystical weapons that have various powers ranging from the manipulation of elements to increasing its user's strength." Hologramps explained. "So Mike can control the elements?" Owen's eyes lit up in shock. "That's so cool!" Hologramps nodded. "Yes, yes it's very cool indeed, but however I'm afraid there is a downside."

"Downside?" Amanda asked. "What could be a downside to that?"

"For generations each memeber born into the Fukanaga clan are known as the Elemental Masters, but our true ability is derived from being able to harness control over fire. However, each clan memeber of the clan's powers are derived from a source of power known as the eight flame dragons which are are entities that manifest themselves in selected leader of the clan. Each dragon possesses its own unique flame abilities and techniques. Each dragon is also an embodiment of the soul of a previous elemental master who died with regrets and or without being able to fulfill his or her mission."

"What does this have to do with Mike?" Owen asked curiously.

"I was getting to that." Hologramps replied. "Mike's abilites were so strong even as an infant that I had to make sure they were sealed to avoid any future problems.

"Future problems like what?" Amanda asked. "See Mike is an heir not just to harness the power of fire, but all the elements which is something that has never happened before, which makes him a danger to the clan fated to end the Fukanaga clan."

"That explains why you had his powers sealed then." Owen noted finally able to wrap his head around this new information. "That also makes sense why Kagema captured him as well. He doesn't just want the Floating Sword he wants to harness Mike's powers."

"Correct." Hologramps replied witha nod. "Which means if he finds a way to unlock Mike's abilities it could be disasterous for the enirety of Empire City."

"Well we can't let that happen then can we?" Owen asked turning to Amanda who shook her head in determination. "Of course we can't, but what are we going to do about the Floating Sword? I mean it's not like we can't just replicate it or something." Owen opened his mouth to argue, before Hologramps interrupted their conversation. "Perhaps there may be a way to do so."

"What do you mean?" Owen asked.

"Leave the Flaoting Sword to me, I'll see to it that it's handled, in the meantime however, I suggest you go to the police station and keep an eye on Martin. Make sure whatever happens you don't reveal yourselves as ninjas, but that you keep him safe from any incoming threat."

"No pressure there Hologramps." Owen said witha nervous smile. "I always wanted to somehow one day tell the world about what it is I can do as a ninja, but not with my best friend's life on the line and the entire world hanging in the balance at the same time."

Hologramps nodded and suddenly started fading as the holographic image now began to flicker in and out almost like static. "You best hurry ninjas because soon nightfall will soon approach and time is running out."


{Mike's POV}

I was hoping everything had somehow been nothing but a crazy dream, but even now as I opened my eyes after realising I passed out, and feeling bouts of pain shooting throughout my entire midsection, I now knew that in fact it wasn't a dream but a horrible waking nightmare as images of what had transpired filled my head now.

I remebered being tied up around a pole with Kagema, my grandfather's twin brother's hand on my chest then the next thing I remember was feeling like my entire body was on fire as Kagema's hand had somehow passed through my body and I could feel each of my ribs cracking and breaking.

Struggling to pull myself to a sitting posistion, I tried to get a handle on just exactly where I was, but the horrible pain in my chest told me to lay still so I did, feeling incredibly guilty about Amanda and Owen.

I hope they can figure out what's going on in time. I thought sadly. I've already lost my mother, I can't lose my father too. A single tear now began to fill up in one of my eyes and rolled down my cheek as I thought back to what Conner had said. "Either tell your friends to give us the Floating Sword or we'll execute your father right in front of you just like with your mother."

Was he lying? He has to be. I thought. Dad told me that mom died in a car crash when I was a baby. Could that had been a lie this entire time? I had to find out somehow what was really going on. Not just for the fate of my father but the fate of my city. Everything rested on my shoulders and I had to do whatever it took to keep things right before it was too late.

TOO BE CONTINUED...Will Mike find out the truth about what's really going on? Will
Owen and Amanda be able to fool the Ishina's in order to save Mike? Stay tuned to find out more as Chapter 3 will be up as soon as I can get it. Hope you enjoyed reading and as always please leave positive comments only.