She wakes with soft puffs of warm air on the back of her neck and an arm across her own. She's not sure what woke her but she gets excited at the thought that she can watch him while he sleep.

She wakes her phone and glances at the screen for the time. 4:47 am.

She carefully rolls over to face the love of her life. Smiling as she traces the outline of his face. The moon casting enough light through out the bedroom to see the small details on his face. Must have fell asleep with the curtains open again. Ugh! Oh well. She shrugs to herself.

Thinking back to a time when she thought she could never have this. Back to a time when she thought she could never love this hard or this much. Tragedy truck her life twice within a year. Losing both her parents. Her mother due to a senseless murder and her father to a bottle. I have my dad back. Healthy and strong. She smiles about that. I'm glad my dad is here to share this happiness with me.

She cards her fingers through his hair and he gives her that half crooked smile. That's one of her favorite smiles. I know if mom was here she'd be over the moon with this guy. The two of them would definitely gang up on me. He lets out a deep breath which brings her attention back to him.

So cute. She leans in and kisses the tip of his nose.

She knew when he first came into her life that things wouldn't be easy, that things would change, that there will be ups and downs, but that there would be good times also. Joy and laughter.

She hears the bottom step creek and she goes still. One, two, three. The soft foot falls begin again. She believes he's taking the path to the office. Yup. If he's not completely alert he's going to walk into…


She can picture the scowl on face. Five paces until he reaches….

The nob twist and the door slowly opens. She can tell when he spots her on the bed because she hears a muffled laugh. She can't help the smile on her face, he's trying to sneak up on her. Perhaps sneak into the bed without her knowledge.

She drops her smile when she feels him approach her. Scaring me it is. As soon as he reaches his hand out to touch her she turns over very quickly, which startles him.

To be continued...

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