For me life is boring every days the same maybe you'll have a different conversation maybe you'll have something new for dinner

You'll go to college you work meet someone get married have kids grow old everything is simply so predictable. Claire and Bella are walking home from school. Bella: hey do you want to stay at my house tomorrow my mom and dad aren't going to be home. Claire: sure I have to ask my mom first but don't worry I won't tell her your mom and dad won't be there. (she winks and Bella) Bella:ok then my place tomorrow anyway do you want to go to that new ice cream place before we go home. Claire: sure I did want to go to that place and try out the ice cream. They get there ice cream and sit down at some bench's. Bella: so did you hear back from that college. Claire: no but I have a good feeling I'm going to get in (then taking a bite out of her ice cream then smiling at Bella with a slight sparkle in hern eyes ) Bella: well that true and it only been two weeks so you still have a lot of time. (Claire checks her phone the time reads 7:35) Claire: oh shoot I told my mom I would come home at 6:27 sorry i have to go I'll see you tomorrow. Claire pick up her school bag and get up she quickle eat the rest of her ice cream cone and wave good bye and runs quickle homey Bella waves back gets up and walk home Claire arive home panting she take off her shoes and place her bag the the floor and walk into the kitchen were her mom is cooking dinner. Claire: sorry I'm late mom I just got a little peoucupid. Mom:oh it ok your not to late so it ok I won't have to deal with that any more anyways. Claire:umm ok tomorrow can I go stay the night at Bella's i proms...(before Claire could finish her sentence her mom answers) mom: well of course you can go right now for all I care you should ask. Mom her eye look uncaring that could just be because she trying to date again maybe she wants to go on a date I go up stairs and text Bella I ask her if I can come over now. Bella: sure. i reply back and start packing some clothes and I head out. Claire: mom I'm heeding out i love you. Mom:bye

Claire notices how her mom didn't say I love you back trying to convince herself it's just because she's busy and like she said before she might have a date tonight Claire heads out stopping by a store and buys hanbuger and candy before going to Bella's house Claire knocks on Bella Front door but nobody comes she knocks a couple times frustrate she notices the door is open and she lets her self in Claire:Bella hello brought food you there.(the Only voice she could hear was the echo of her own she walks upstairs thanking Bella just can't hear her she walks of the steps and hears footsteps upstairs when she reaches the second-floor she walks into Bellas room she's not there she scans the room nothing really seems out of place Bellas room is always messy she always tells me that i'm her friend and she's not going to feel in embarrassed by seeing her room dirty but something seemed off it was a mess but not a regular mess why would she scattered books on her chair and on her floor and not pick them up she's lazy but not that lazy she always keeps books into uneven piles simply because she doesn't want to slip on them and why are her clothes everywhere my heartbeat starts to go up and i realizes i should leave she takes one step backwards and feels something stiff and warm it's larger than her she turns around and it's a large man he hits her across the face and she slowly starts to black out but before she could fully pass out she could hear the man say that's the last of them