Claire wakes up but still in a daze she blinks a couple of times and she realizes she still can't see he touches her face to see if there is a blindfold but the room is just Pitch dark she's slowly gets up she stays close to the wall and yells out for Bella while continuing to search the walls for door or light switch she searches for a while until she finds a light switch she flips it revealing a small dirty room she looks around and find Bella sleeping on a mattress she quickly goes over to Bella and tries to wake her up Claire: Bella Bella wake up please. Claire slap Bella's face couple of times and she wakes :wha..what happened where are we. Bella looks around and starts to panic a : I don't know what happened I came to your house and got knocked out and now I'm : do you think they're going to kill : I..don't think so if they were going to kill us they would've done at the house : right so should we try to look through those doors. Claire looks around and tries to open one of the doors it's locked she goes to the other door that's in the room and it's a small bathroom she turns on the light in the bathroom is only slightly dirty it's more clean than the rest of the room she goes to the sink to see if it works she Turns the handle and water flows out of the Fossett she realizes help parched she is she quickly washes the dirt off her hands and takes a handful of water and quickly drinks it she takes a couple more hand falls before going back to : it was a bathroom and It has running water so if you're : what should we if whoever kidnaps us comes should we try to run. Claire: no he'll be expecting it he's probably going to tell us what's happening I'm not 100% sure so for the time being let's just play by the rules and try to : right. Bella get up and walkover to the bahtroom and open the mirror to revel a canbint with nothing in it but dust she look up and can hear foot step her heart beat gose up and she quickly runs to : They're coming. The door open before they could get a look at there kidnapper a girl comes tumbling down she has Black hair and she has bruises all over her body the door quickly close and the girl Tries to get up but pass out Claie run up to the girl and Bella following Claire drags the girl to the mattress and lays her : are you ok. Claire slap her face but doesn't wake up Bella quickly gets up And goes to the bathroom she turns on the Fossett and grabs a handful of water and quickly runs over to the girl and splashes water on her face her eyes widen in shock and she takes the gasp of air Who are you she quickly backs up against the wall Bella quickly gets up her face looks quite mad and confused I've never heard Bella yell so loud who are us who are you we were kidnapped and brought here why don't you tell us what happening are we going to get killed are we going to be tortured why are we here. The girl gets stiff and quickly answers her name my name is Alice I'm sorry I didn't mean to accuse you of anything or something the girls here can all be trusted I see your : wait there are other girls what the hell is going on and new how about you answer the question are we going to be : it's honestly a ticking time bomb I'll explain everything but I don't know too much myself but before you go accusing me of anything let me just tell you how things work OK. Claire and Bella both glare at each other with uninsured looks but give each other in nodded in agreement and tell Alice to go on. Alice: well when I got here I was in a room it was pitch dark I found a light switch and turned it on the room was very much like this one I stayed here for a couple hours and then another girl came down and she told me what this place was or at least what she knew she was here for a couple months so she had an idea of what life was like she told me that things weren't going to be the same I will be placed in a room with other girls and every other day we would have to give blood she said it would vary from time to time and that if you ever Angered one of the guards they would start taking other things like eyes like limbs and eventually a man came with a mask and open the door at that point I was too scared to even move he place a tray with soup and left she told me to eat and I did I was starving and then I asked her what happened to the girl and she said that after a couple months they took her for blood and she never came back after staying here and getting a custom of how things were I saw that girls disappeared as well i'm not 100% sure they kill them or torture them or if they die from lack of blood I only know is that all the girls stories are the same they wake up in a dark room and a girl comes down but recently they been starting to just keep the girls in the room they come in and adding new girls one by one i'm sorry but I don't know what happens with the blood or why they take body parts I don't know I didn't do any of this all I know is if you try to Escape you'll just disappear it happens with :no we're going to die we're never getting out of puts her head on claires shoulder and cries repeating the same sentence over and over again Claire try to stay quiet and didn't ask any questions she wanted to hear what she had to say her thought process kept thinking repeating over and over again what she said what was happening She couldn't process it she couldn't cry she can speak she just kept thinking she looked over at her friend crying on her shoulder she looked at the girl that was just passed out only moments ago she looked up the dirty room that was dimly lit she looked at her hands that were slightly blistered from crawling around in the darkness and finally she remembered her mom and other people she hadn't talk to her classmates her neighbors she should've said bye to teacher before she left school that evening did you say thank you to the store clerk her last meal was a couple of hamburgers was it going to end like this and her eyes Glosst over she was about to cry but she quickly stopped herself this is no time for crying she's getting out of here I'm getting us out of here.

Authors note:I am sorry for any spellings Errors I was rushing this This chapter