Author's Note

Good day/evening readers. This story has been originally published on October 12, 2017 just before RWBY Volume 5 was launched. It was supposed to commemorate the launch but due to some crazy and random circumstances, the original Prologue and Chapter 1 has been unfortunately lost as the war between man and Grimm progressed. As such I have devised a new set of chapters and mostly, a new story line. I'll still post the original prologue if ever I am fortunate enough to recover the file from my corrupted computer but until then, here's what I have come up so far. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. For the readers of my other fanfiction centered in the Warhammer 40k universe, I'll still be posting at least four or five chapters by December 1. I am unable to meet my quota of ten chapters solely due to my real life responsibilities (e.g. College entrance exams). However, I'll still try to cram it up as I have at least a month or so to do it.