Her stupid moron

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Character: OC (Moriya Haru), Mochida Kensuke, Sawada Tsunayoshi

Relationship: OC has a minor crush Mochida Kensuke, OC & Sawada Tsunayoshi

She sighed as she walked down the street, kicking a pebble across the path. Her hand shot out, steadying the person next to her who smiled at her. "Watch where you are going, Tsuna. You don't need any more bruises on you."

"Sorry, Haru-kun." Tsuna smiled sheepishly, Haru snorted and shook her head. Tsuna suddenly perked up as his eyes caught the sight of his crush, his face gaining that dopey look. "Ah, Kyoko-chan is wearing that cute hair clip today."

"Kyoko-chan, wow. Didn't know you and Sasagawa were so close, why didn't you tell me?" Haru laughed as he started to stutter and wave his hands. Haru smirked and pushed him away, "calm down. I am just messing with you. How did you do on your test?"

Tsuna grimaced as he looked at it, Haru snorted at the big red '39'. "What happened again? We study like hell for that test. I was sure you were going to get a C at least. Were you staring at her again?" He blushed as he looked away, Haru sighed. "Tsuna, you are going to have to do something about this. We have all your other grade up to Cs and Bs. I know you are happy to be seated next to her in History, but come on!"

"Sorry, Haru, it's just- it's just she's so pretty and we rarely get to be so close. Especially since Kensuke-kun had gained an interest in her," he looked down, she groaned as she rubbed her head. Ignoring the stab she got when he mentioned Kensuke, that stupid moron. She ruffled her short hair as she tried to think about what they could do.

"So troublesome," she muttered as she finally kicked the pebble off the sidewalk.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever Shikamaru." She smirked at him as he started to walk past her. It seems like he gave in and started to read Naruto. Took him long enough, maybe she should reread it, it has been a while since she last read it.


She ignored the giggling idiots as she dragged a wet Tsuna behind her, glaring at the ones who dared to say anything. Finally, they got to the lockers, where she shoved him into the boys' with a plastic bag. She grumbled as she paced outside the door, "gak, I can't believe they did that! He was so close, dammit! He wasn't even going to ask her out, he was going to ask about when they should meet up for their History project." She growled at the thought of the morons who dumped dirty mop on Tsunayoshi, 'accidentally'. "Tch, accidentally my ass. I bet my nonexistent boobs that stupid moron planned it."

"Wah, Haru! That was embarrassing, I told you I shouldn't talk to her," Tsuna whined as he walked out of the locker room. A giant cloud of depression hanging over him, not seeing the thunderstorm that was happening over her head.

She pulled him along, still grumbling about it while Tsuna asked her to end it now. "Oh, hush, we are going to turn them into Hibari-sama. This crap has been going for too long." Tsuna's head snapped up to look at her in surprise.

"B-But Kensuke was a par-" he interrupted by her glaring eyes. He gulped as she walked up to him.

"I know that stupid Kensuke was a part of it, but he isn't our friend anymore." He grew sad at the pain shining in his best friend's eyes as if she knew, she glared harder at him. But her hand held onto his as they walked to Hibari-san's office. He never knew why she called him Hibari-sama, but he had guessed it started when he saved them from those bullies that one time.

As she knocked on the door, Tsuna knew that their friendship with Ken-Mochida-san would never be rekindled again. He held onto his friend's hand as they walked in. A fragile, almost nonexistent bond disappeared as Haru held her head up high. "I would like to report a case of bullying that has been happening for far too long."

A/N: Tsuna and Haru had activated their flames a couple months before his dad came, during an accident (a fire, they barely remember, surprisingly neither of them have a fear of fire.) . Bonding not too soon after, so when the Ninth tried to seal his flames, the bond stopped it partially. So, Tsuna isn't as bad as he was in canon. A few people still call him Dame-Tsuna, but they are mostly just bullies. He's a somewhat average student and has some balance. Haru's mother is friends with Nana and Mochida's mother and that is how they are childhood friends since birth.

I actually like this one, might add more later. (I love OCs, sorry for those who don't.)