Chapter 2

The wait had become agonizing for Lazarus. He had already killed two more members of the bridge crew because the ship was still not going fast enough.

When one had finally announced that they had entered Pyros orbital space, his grin had made the crewman who had given him the news nearly forget the blood that still dripped from his lips. Now he stalked the corridors of the ship on his way down to the launch deck. He expected his warband to be there and ready for the drop.

If not? Well Lazarus was still thirsty, and he had killed those who were late before.

He had just turned the corner that would lead him to the main launch bay when his suit comm chirped.

"What!?" He nearly yelled. His blood was still up from the amount of time it had taken them to get this far and he was in no mood to talk to any mortal at the moment.

"My lord. Long range auspex has picked up another ship at extreme firing range." Came the voice of the newly promoted comms officer. "They are on a direct attack vector."

Lazarus stopped as he processed this information. "I thought this world had no other ship in orbit? How did someone miss this!?"

"My, my lord. It's not an Imperial vessel."

"Then what is it?" Lazarus snapped.

"It's broadcasting a VIIth Legion identity code." Came the reply.

Lazarus thought on this for a moment before beginning to laugh. "It seems like someone else intends to steal our prey." His face hardened. "How long before they enter firing range?"

"Ten minutes my lord."

Lazarus began walking once more. "Then that is ten minutes we have and ten minutes they are wasting. Void shields to maximum. Run out the guns and prepare to repel boarders."

"My lord?"

"Do not question me weakling!" he roared. "They come for the same reason we do. And I will give it to them. I will kill them all myself if I have to."

"Yes, yes my lord."

Lazarus sneered as he heard the vox switch off. He would make sure that mortal in particular would not live to see another ship day for daring to question him like that. But that was a concern for later. For now he had a warband to ready for one of the most dangerous military operations for any side to undertake.

A ship boarding action. The VIIth would not kill them at a distance. Their creed would not allow it if there was opportunity for hand to hand combat.

Lazarus sneered. If the VIIth thought this would be an easy kill, they were more deluded that he thought. He had fought off boarding actions before and this would be no different.

As he entered the launch bay, Lazarus took stock of his warband. The mortal slaves had already been assembled, taking in the sights of their masters with an unholy glee that he always found quaint in a way.

Jacobus was pacing like a caged animal, his blood lust rising with each passing second. Occasionally he would reach for the chainsword strapped to his power pack before stopping.

Caiaphas was more controlled though Lazarus could also see he hungered too. His power blade was already gripped in his left hand.

Damaris was the only one of the warband to bear terminator armor. As he put it, he had taken it from a White Scar during the last weeks of the Siege.

Lazarus highly doubted it himself, but he let him keep up the story for he was an effective member of the warband.

The last member of the warband, he rarely used for the risk that he would turn on them in a second was always great.

"Our fearless leader finally decides to join us I see." Jacobus sneered. The others chuckled a bit at it while Lazarus ignored it like he always did.

"Save it for someone who actually cares." Lazarus sneered back. "There has been a change of plans."

"Has our leader become a coward that he wouldn't attack a helpless planet?" Damaris remarked.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" Lazarus retorted. "But it seems we have company that had the same idea we have."

"More blood for us then." Caiaphas said. "Who would they be?"

"VIIth Legion and they know we're here as well. Knowing them, they won't want to share with us." Lazarus said.

Jacobus laughed. "Why should we care what Dorn's lapdogs want? We go where we want and take what we want. Let them crawl back into the cesspit they crawled out of."

Lazarus turned on him. "We should care because they will go through us to get what they want. And I have no intention of letting that happen."

"Then what do we do about them?" Damaris asked.

Lazarus smiled. "Kill them all of course. What else?" He turned to find the nearest Dark Mechanicum adept. "You!" He called out to a wizened piece of flesh and metal not far from where they were conversing.

"My lord?" It wheezed.

"Rouse the Entombed One." Lazarus said.

If the adept still had flesh attached to his face, Lazarus was sure the color would have drained from it at the pronouncement. "Is that wise my lord? He was not cognizant last we heard of him."

Lazarus stalked up to him and grabbed him by his mechatendrils. "Do it little man or it will be your blood he will taste when he awakens."

The weakling in his grasp nodded his ascent as Lazarus dropped him to the floor and scuttled away to a little used door on the far wall and passed through.

Lazarus turned back to the others who were all sharing an uncertain look among themselves, one that Lazarus could sympathize with on some level. No one wanted to face the Entombed One no matter how many stood beside him for all remembered him by another name that even now struck apprehension into them.

Ionius, the Red Butcher of the Xandor system, Atlas V and countless other atrocities.

And known only to a very select few, the old lord of the warband.

"You really are crazy if you want to awaken him." Damaris said after a moment.

"We will need him." Lazarus replied, but even to him it sounded hollow, and the others knew it as well.

Valor couldn't remember being this excited in a long time. They were less than twenty minutes from the drop zone and his blood was up. He knew the warriors of his band would be feeling the same thing.

So it was with irritation that he listened as the mortal who manned the vox station spoke up.

"My lord. Long range auspex has picked up another ship in orbit. Too early to tell but it looks like a battleship class." The mortal said.

This gave Valor pause. His ship was not designed for a one on one fight with a ship that big. "I thought this world had no ship that big? How did someone miss this!?" He would claim that fool's head as an offering to Khorne for this!

The operator shook his head. "it shouldn't. Long range pic coming online now."

The view on the main screen changed as the ship came into view. Valor felt his lip curl in disgust as he recognized the markings.

Red as blood with various ornamentation picked out in gold, the gun ports carved into the shapes of leering daemon mouths. But it was the single black blood drop on a field of white that roused his anger.

"Blood Angels." He snarled before turning back to the crewman who had spoken. "How long before they are in range?"

The mortal, who had once served in the Imperial Navy before defecting during the Gothic War, looked at the readouts a moment. "they will be within extreme firing range in five minutes, less if we burn the engines at full speed."

Valor nodded. "Then burn them at full speed. I want that ship in boarding range by the time I reach the launch bays."

The mortal had the sense to not question the orders, only nodding and barking out the relevant orders.

Valor paid him no mind, already turning for the bridge doors, his mind on the carnage to come. He had debts to repay against the IXth Legion

And he was not the only one. Plus if this worked out well, it would remove a major headache of his for good.

As much as it pained him to say it. For it was a fate that he didn't wish on any of his brethren. No matter what other differences lay between them. And there were many.

He had already lost his blood brother to the affliction. He would not loose anymore if he could help it.

AN: Finally decided to do this with one of my stories. And this probably won't be a common thing either. On to the notes then.

This story is heavily based on a Timeline bit from the Khorne Daemonkin codex. Just adjusted to fit into the Roboutian Heresy Universe. Which also gives it a definitive date now.

It is now 183.M41.