Guardians of Zootopia:


(Rise of the Guardians meets Zootopia) Pitch comes up with another plan to get rid of the Guardians once and for all in order to take control of the world once more. Trapped in a strange new world the Guardians must work with unlikely friends in order to save both their worlds.

Yes yes I know I shouldn't be writing another new story but my laptop hasn't been charging and I can't get to my other story on it. Besides I like the sound of this idea lol.

Chapter One:

Deep in the labyrinth that was his lair, Pitch Black was tinkering with a bit of stolen goods from the Pole. Magic books and illustrations were scattered on the stone table, and in the center of it all one of North's snow globes was being circled by black sand as it worked its way into the magic sphere. " n nOh North. Your precious Manny gave you all this power, but he never taught you how to use it." He sneered in his reflection on the glass as the image inside changed to a landmass that wasn't from Earth. "It's a shame you leave this sort of stuff unsupervised. Because I know how to use it to its full extent." A low chuckle echoed around the dark and lonely cavern in his excitement.

Everyone was gathered at the Pole to celebrate Jack gaining more friends, and thus more believers. Phil brought out drinks that he had prepared for everyone, North and Tooth had steaming glasses of hot cocoa and even though Bunny preferred tea, Phil's cocoa was the best he's had. Jack, on the other hand, chilled his drink down almost to a slushy before he would even take a sip of it, and as for Sandy, well he was happily adding more and more eggnog to his glass.

"Come on guys, it's nothing compared to what you all do." Jack was feeling more embarrassed today then he had in a long while about stuff dealing with being a Guardian. "Well maybe almost as much as you, Bunny." he jabbed with his signature smirk.

"Oh-ho, I'll remember that." Bunny chuckled at the teasing as he sipped his drink. The two of them had gotten over their differences and have been egging each other on where ever they could; North always said it reminds him of watching brothers playing with one another.

The evening went on as the five of them had light conversations over dinner about things they have been up to and just a little talk of guardian duties. During dinner, however, Sandy had decided the best way to celebrate was for everyone to have their share of eggnog as well, which resorted in three rather tipsy Guardians. After eating and Jack and Sandy helping the yetis to clean up the group played a few games of charades and cards having a fun all around; it really was a way to celebrate Jack today. With all the excitement it wasn't long before they all started to drift off, and thanks to Sandy they all fell asleep out in the loft without any real choice in the matter.

It was the middle of the night when the workshop grew darker than before, and from the darkest shadow in the back corner of the loft a tall and slender figure stepped into the room. Pitch slowly stepped into the moonlight shining into the window through the open the curtains. "No peeking now old friend. I know how much you love surprises," he whispered into the night before pulling loose the tassel that was keeping the curtains back and then darkness flooded the room.

Black sand poured from beneath his robe and circled around the room spinning in a circle just inches above the floor. From the folds in his robe Pitch brought out the snow globe he had stolen and in the black sand the surface was inscribed with symbols from ancient times. However, there was one little Guardian that stirred in the night.

Being the opposite of Pitch there is a push and pull between the two of them, and being so close to the Boogieman set his nerves on alert waking him from his sleep. Shock filled his face as he saw nightmare sand all around the workshop and standing across the loft was none other than Pitch with a globe in hand; but in that same moment, he tossed the ord into the swirling mass of sand.

A portal opened in the place of the black sand showing nowhere that the golden man had ever seen before and everything in the room began to get drawn to the vortex as Pitch stepped back into the shadows. Sand shot from his recliner at Pitch with golden whips right until the portal began to pull him in; but with all the luck in the world he felt his golden sand grab hold of Pitch and pull in into the portal with the rest of them, and when the portal shut behind them all was still and all was quiet.

The city of Zootopia was in the early evening and night was just barely taking hold, but for a brief moment, the city went dark.

"Did you see that, Nick?" Judy asked concerned as she looked around the street.

"See what, Carrots?" her partner questioned as he looked up from his phone not having seen anything. "Is something out there?" he was now looking around too seeing how alert she was. Normally they would have been home at this time but his smart mouth got the two of them in a little trouble with the chief, so tonight they had to pull an extra shift to make up for it.

Her ears were searching around for anything out of the ordinary but there was nothing; in fact, it was almost too quiet for her. "All the lights just went out."

Nick looked around one more time carefully and making sure to pay close attention to the lights around them, but he didn't even see a flicker. "Maybe you're just tired, Carrots. You bunnies need a lot of sleep after all," he smirked at her thinking she was just seeing things.

It was quiet for a few hours as they drove around aimlessly searching through the city for anything out of the ordinary, but that was broken by the static of the radio call coming in. "Any close units, someone called saying something about a group of suspicious kids at the city central park."

"This is officers Hopps and Wilde, we are about a block away, we can check it out for you Clawhauser." Judy picked up the radio answering the call.

"Oh hey Judy!~ Did you guys get in trouble again?" the operator snickered at her surprised to hear her voice coming through.

Now it was Nick who took the radio, "You know the chief doesn't like me, big guy. Besides Judy here would get bored without me." He got a half-hearted smile from the bunny in the driver's seat. It wasn't long before the two arrived at the park and got off to go look on foot with flashlights in paw.

Judy was the first to see a group of mammals, "Hello? Is everyone alright here? We got some calls saying something about a group of kids hanging around the park?" She approached cautiously as they started to sit up and stare at her.

"Uhh anyone else see the talking bunny dressed like a cop?" one of them said rubbing his eyes. From how far Judy was he looked like some form of an arctic canine. And boy did that comment set her off.

"Excuse me?!" Her temper flared as it had been a long time since anyone thought her being a cop was a joke.

Nick came up and put a paw on her shoulder, "Easy Carrots." he said, his voice always calmed her down; even now. "Alright everyone why don't you all show us some I.D.?" he said looking at the group of mammals.

But now realization hit, whether they were seeing things or not, things shouldn't be seeing them and they all looked around at each other. "Uh' guys, the fox, and bunny can talk to us. Was going on?" Bunny asked before he saw the large face of a polar bear staring down at him. "AHHHHH!" he shouted in terror before fleeing; kicking the bear in the process.

"Bunny! Bunny! Calm down!" North shouted back trying to catch his friend, who for whatever reason was small like when Pitch tried to take over. "Get over here!" chasing after a frightened bunny wasn't his most thought out idea.

"North was eaten by the polar bear!" a female otter shrieked with a shrill voice before she and the bright yellow ocelot began running around frantically.

Surrounded by screaming and frantic mammals Judy and Nick reacted quickly on their feet using their tranquilizer guns. Both putting two darts in the large polar bear causing him to start staggering before falling against the floor, next was the arctic fox that had ticked Judy off. But rather than using the tranqs on the small otter, Nick went after her and was able to restrain her; despite her fighting and wrestling against him. And as for the round ocelot, well he ran out of breath pretty quick and didn't fight Judy too much; unless you count trying to slap her paws away with his tail.

"Wasn't there a rabbit too?" Nick asked looking around, that was before however, they both saw him trying to crawl out from under the polar bear groaning something about a 'dingo'; although he had to be tranqed after they got him out because he was resisting a lot more than the others. "Clawhauser, we're going to need a van. We have a sedated polar bear, arctic fox, jackrabbit, and a restrained ocelot and otter."

"Sounds like some Friday night party hu, Nick?" The cheetah's voice came through laughing at him for having to do so much work on extra shift.

Watching from atop a nearby building a wolf with fur blacker than night and piercing gold eyes peered down at the scene on the park, a growl escaped his throat seeing the guardians being taken away. And while he was furious at being dragged into this world because that blasted Sanderson, at least his form stayed true to his menacing nature; sharp teeth and all.


Welllll~ that is the first chapter! I honestly really love this idea and hope I don't screw it up lol. But let me know what you thought about the chapter, things I can do better, and things I'm doing good. To be honest I was really struggling with what animals to make the Guardians in order to make them fit into the city. ESPECIALLY TOOTH!

But thanks for reading along and I hope you enjoyed the chapter, tata!~