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Chapter 5:

On the phone, the sheep chuckled innocently. Not letting the officer take a chance to respond she continued, "Listen, my friend here wants to have a word with your new friends, so why don't you all come down to the underground subway station 37? We'll be waiting." The line cut off the next moment.

"Carrots, what's wrong? Who was that?" Nick asked concern with the worried expression on his partners face.

Everyone else was also listening intently when they saw her face. "It- It was Bellwether. They want us to meet them underground in the subway."

"Pitch is ready to make move. We have to stop him." North said pointing his fingers.

"What if it's a trap?" Nick pointed out the obvious.

"Does not matter. If Pitch is ready he will do what he wants, but he wants us taken care of first." North brushed passed the officer trying to get to the car. "He thinks he has enough power to beat us now, but he doesn't know we have belief too."

With a nod Bunny agreed. "We gotta' stop em' now mates." He said in his thick Australian accent.

Speeding back to the precinct Judy ran inside followed by North to retrieve his swords along with Bunny's weapons as well; because even if they had some believe there wasn't much they would be able to do without them. And with those in paw, they drove down the streets slowly making their way out of the populated area and towards the upper part of the warehouse area. They came to a stop at the entrance to the underground station and got out; and already Nick and Judy could feel something evil in the air, something that just made them want to run and never look back.

"You two," the thick accent polar bear pointed to the officers. "It is not safe down there with Pitch, best if you stay up here in case something happens." He said before turning with the others heading following close. Nick and Judy stayed back looking at one another, they didn't know what there were supposed to do; they couldn't just let them go in alone; they were the police for crying out loud. But even so, neither of them wanted to get mixed up in something like whatever this may be.

"Don't worry guys." Jack looked back before getting to the stair entrance. "We'll be as quick as a bunny." He smirked at Judy before jumping down the steps.

Back up top Judy growled at the teenage fox, it was one thing for her closest friend to poke fun at her but this kid just seemed to know how to get on her nerves. "You know he only does it cause he knows it bugs you." The mentioned partner chuckled.

"And how do you know that hmm?" she retorted him directing some of her aggression with her comment.

"Because you're three carrots tall and I would do the same thing," Nick smirked with a look that was much too similar to the way Jack did as well. His efforts got him a firm kick and huff from the tempered bunny.

The five Guardians carefully made their way down into to station hopping over the spinning arms for riders, accept this station has been closed for a long time after the area lost a lot of value and eventually its worth. Pipes dripped into puddles all around and the lights were yellow and flickering; if they were even on. "It's not like this was gonna be a fair fight eh?" Bunny said as he rolled his fingers on his boomerang getting a better grip.

"Everyone stay close, we don't know what Pitch might be hiding." North warned cautiously as he looked around from the lead of the group.

"Hiding? Who said anything about hiding?" A cold and dangerous voice called out from the shadows. "Why I am right here." Announced the black wolf standing in the middle of the open area near the tracks, that was before the light flickered out and the Boogieman appeared by the wall from that flickering light. "Over here, actually."

Bunny growled audibly at the dark spirit. "Quit playin' games for I get a hold of you."

"Aww would you look at that, you all look so precious." Pitch poked a bit and licked his teeth, showing off his dangerous features; stirring a little fear in them. The angry glare from Sandy please him greatly, "Well Sanderson, it looks like all those cat naps finally caught up to you." His low chuckle sounded through the room as he disappeared into the flicker of shadow.

"Come out of shadows coward!" bellowed North.

It was quiet and there was no response, until the light above the Guardians flickered out and Pitch appeared in the middle of them swinging a smaller version of his scythe around. Jack was his back by the handle of it trying to dodge the blade, while North and Bunny tried to handle him. Swords and sand clashed in the middle but Pitch disappeared before Bunny could get the mark on him; his boomerang flying around a few pillars before back to him.

Sandy and Tooth ran to Jack over by one of the pillars while Bunny and North prepared themselves back to back; or as best as they could with the height difference. "Jack, Jack, please be okay." Tooth checked him over not seeing any cuts and no bumps on his head.

"I'm, I'm okay Tooth." The teen looked down at her, even sitting he was still taller than the little otter; this certainly was a strange world. As the fox got his bearings the fight went on around them, thanks to his size and strength North was able to hold his own, but unfortunately for Bunny his now much smaller body was working against him as he was kicked over to the three by the pillar.

"Bloody wanker." The small prey mammal coughed trying to get back up. "Come on guys let's get back in this." The Easter spirit's words were more than enough encouragement for Jack and Sandy to rush in with him; all so focused on going up against Pitch they didn't even realize that Tooth was still hesitating by the pillar.

From behind the corner to the station room a small figure poked its head out and chuckled to herself, 'poor little pred, left all alone' she thought to herself as she watched the otter intently, and as she stepped out the shape of a gun was seen in her paw and aimed at Tooth.

Tooth was watching the fight between her friends and Pitch, constantly wanting to fly in and help; but she was useless here. She didn't have the same fighting spirit like they did, she was so tiny and helpless, she couldn't even fly now. With those thoughts suddenly fear started to scream out in her head, fear of Pitch, fear of losing her friends, more fear than she could understand; and she couldn't stop the irrational scream for bursting forth.

"Tooth!" Jack was the first to react as he dodged a kick from the nightmare king. Searching for where she was he ran to her screaming at him to get away and trying to fend off his help. "Tooth it's me, it's me Jack." His attempt calm the freighted otter did nothing to help.

"Look at the little fox trying to hurt his dear friend." A sanicle voice giggled from his left.

Jack saw a sheep standing over in the corner, "Who are you? What did you do to her?" he snapped and pointed the hook of his staff at her. Just as he charged she pointed the gun at him and out of reflex he froze the air in front of him encasing the back ball in ice.

Back behind the corner Bellwether was putting more sand balls into the gun using a cloth careful not to touch them. She looked to see the fox turning around search everywhere for her cautiously stepping around each pillar., and the rumble of a train quickly approaching gave her an idea; picking up a broken piece of stone she threw it down into the tracks and it clanked against the rails.

"Got you!" Jack shouted as he swung his staff across the ledge coating that area of track with ice. And that was all he got as he looked not seeing any sign of the sheep he was been after. "Where did- ach!"

He was cut off mid-sentence as the hilt of a gun smacked against the back of his head sending him crashing onto the icey tracks below. "So long Frosty." Sneered Bellwether from up above as the speeding train neared.

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