History: A Touch of Color in the Gray

Book 1 : Shading the black.

Date : December 25, 2020

Beta: Nouilleverte

Fandom : D Gray Man

Disclaimer : No, I do not own D Gray Man and I am not making any profit from this story.

Summary : After waking up in the 19th century, Ennaèl takes the name Eve and became Tricia Kamelott's lady companion and decides to make her own opinion on the charac... people of this new world despite her knowledge of the manga. Little by little, she becomes aware of the social difference of women at this time and begins to fear for the future, especially when Road and the twins arrive ... Eve meets Allen, then Tyki and they sympathize. After having met the Earl in a rather ... awkward situation, shall we say, Eve takes it upon herself to flee him like the plague, leading her, in spite of herself, to make a trip to Paris with Tyki where she meets Victor Hugo who passes a lot of information on the holy war before dying. Eve discovers a strange talent for musical instruments and wonders with horror if she would not be the 14th. It doesn't help that the Earl has discovered her talents and seems to be more and more interested in her. Eve receives a letter from Allen who tells her about her friend Narein and decides, for the first time, to influence the story on purpose. She then meets Lulubelle and then makes peace with the Earl. She argues with Tyki who fails to kill her with her Noah powers but hey, what's a little attempted murder between friends? They reconcile and all is well in the best of all possible worlds. No one is talking about the fact that Eve absolutely couldn't have missed the fact that Tyki has powers though. She becomes buddies with Arthur Doyles and in the last chapter she died (?) of sickness.

French version: ...FINISHED !

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Fanart: You can see drawings of Eve and some fanart made by readers on my Tumblr (Ennael too). Also, Elogane made a canon side-fic but in french, It's "Nuancer les sentiments"

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Hand on the doorknob, I cracked the door open. The room wasn't small or big, it was perfect and it was with boundless relief that I rushed inside before tripping over the carpet and sprawling out full length on the creaky bed with a sigh of contentment.

"You barely got out of bed and you are alredy going back?" An amused voice came from behind me and it was with immense effort that I glanced over my shoulder to see Tyki leaning against the doorframe leading to the hallway.

"Shhh, let me enjoy. I'm home, finally! I'll never go back to that damn living room." I mumbled as I buried my head in the pillow. It smelled like lavender, they must have just changed the sheets. It was really sweet of them. Lavender was my favorite smell, but I guess it was more Tricia that I had to thank for that. Well, it could have been an initiative of Louise or Clarisse, I guess.

"You're way too dramatic, this room didn't do anything to you." He said closing the door before approaching the big oak cabinet.

"Now ?" I asked curiously, turning my head towards him to follow his movements. "It's not even three o'clock, it's not very discreet…"

"I couldn't find an excuse. to come in here for a month and believe me, I needed it…" he muttered as he opened the doors and crouched down to rummage through the half-hidden shoe boxes by the long dresses. "Can I get you a drink?" He asked as I turned to the side to get a better look at him.

"If there are any left." I teased him with a smile. "You haven't refueled for a while and there wasn't much left last time."

A small laugh escaped his throat but he didn't answer, too busy opening another box that contained little pink pumps that I had never seen in my life. I swear to you, three quarters of this cupboard was not mine, everyone used it as a hiding place and it was getting ridiculous. Last time I even found leather pants in my town hat and a red wig in the hood of my kerchief. And every time I put on my coat, I first had to check that Road hadn't taken advantage of its large pockets to hide her stock of candy. So with the alcohol that I was hiding for Tyki on top of that, I didn't even want to think about Tricia's reaction if she ever wanted to open my closet…

"Eve, did you put it somewhere else? I can't find it." Suddenly Tyki asked with a worried tone.

"What? No, why would I touch it? Are you sure you didn't place it in the wrong box last time?" I asked nervously.

"I checked everything." He said turning to me and he looked too panicked to play a joke on me. Now definitely worried, I hurriedly got up to kneel down next to him and peek in the closet.

"If it wasn't you or me then who could have taken it? Oh I hope it's Road playing a bad joke on us." I answered a little pale, not wanting to think about the other possibilities. But Tyki looked hesitant and I raised an eyebrow in response. "What's the matter ?"

"It might not be that, Road would be more likely, but I, um, saw Adam come out of your room last week." He said hurriedly and I stared at him in disbelief.

"But what was he doing there ?! Why didn't you tell me sooner!" I whispered and his face smoothed out, not letting any emotion slip through.

"And when could I have told you?" He whispered and I scowled. He was not wrong, when in fact? It was the first time I had set foot in my room after more than a month and it was not for nothing: sick as a dog, it would have been in bad taste to make me stress even more. Especially since I hadn't been far ...

Not far at all from dying.

I thought it was over, that third week, when I was no longer even able to discern where I was. I only had very vague memories of those times, a lot of coughing, extreme heat, the smell of blood and sometimes a hand holding mine. Considering how in pain I was, I wasn't complaining. But one day, miraculously, as Tricia later swore, I woke up with no more pain other than deep fatigue. Sitting in my bed for the first time in days, I had looked around with clear eyes and an lucidity that I couldn't remember. So, terribly confused over the whole ordeal, I pulled my feet out of bed and got up on my trembling legs ... before immediately falling to the ground, bringing with me in my fall the bedside table and the frame still above. With a loud bang, it had smashed to the ground scattering tiny bits of sharp glass around me. Helping myself from the bed behind me, I had barely managed to pull myself again when the door swung open, revealing Sheryl. Not quite the person I wanted to see the most when I woke up, but it was worth it if only for his wide eyes. I never thought I'd see such a surprise on my boss's face one day.

"Miss Campbell ...?" He had whispered, his eyes blinking between my face and the glass on the floor. Okay, it was funny to see him surprised, but not this funny! Clearly, he wasn't expecting my return to the living world and that was a thought I really didn't want to consider at the moment. Fortunately I didn't have to face it anymore because as soon as I let out the words, his face returned to its usual serious air and with a "Don't move." in a rush that made me want to laugh at him (because moving, really? In my condition?) he disappeared into the hallway. Five minutes later, leaving me barely enough time to painfully pick up the frame from the ground and manage to cut my fingers off in the process, Road skidded in front of my door and rushed in, before stopping right away when she saw my bloody hands and the glass on the floor. There she rolled her eyes with a mumbled "Only you" that would have made me want to be offended if I had the energy to spare.

I hadn't had a second of calm after that. Road had hastened to put me back to bed and when she had finished tucking me in so violently that I was practically suffocating under the tightly packed sheets, it was the Earl who had entered the room, a paunchy man behind him and Tyki stumbling a few steps after them. The unknown man was a doctor who had, according to Road, taken care of me for the past two weeks.

"Don't you remember anything? At all?" Road asked with keen eyes and I mechanically shook my head before I winced when the doctor felt my arm a little too hard.

"I think the last thing was… one of your visits? I'm not sure…" I replied and it wasn't even a lie, I had no idea where each memory went in the timeline and worse still, I only remembered a few days in this room, not two whole weeks. Road exchanged an indistinguishable glance with the Earl but I pretended not to notice as I tried not to panic at this hollow in my memories. Sure, I was used to it, never having remembered how I had arrived in this world, but it was never pleasant ... The doctor quickly finished his check up and turned to the Count who motioned to go down the hall. They left without a word, Road at their heels, and I was totally outraged that I couldn't hear my own health results.

I was going to complain to Tyki when I turned my gaze to him and saw him still leaning against a couch further away with a somber expression that I never seen on him. "Well then, what's wrong with you?" I asked him curious to see him so defensive.

"Don't you really remember anything?" he asked again and I assured him once again of it. Hearing my negative answer, he seemed to relax and finally approached my bed, thoughtlessly crushing the bits of glass still on the floor with his shiny shoes. Still feeling a little uncomfortable and not really wanting to face the fact that Tyki was relieved that I couldn't remember anything from the past two weeks, I immediately slumped onto the headboard and made an exaggerated pout to relax the atmosphere.

"And why was the Duke there? You, Road and the doctor, I can understand, but the Duke…"

"It was his personal doctor who took care of you and… uh, he still taught you the piano for several months now… it is only natural that he is worried about your health. . " Tyki replied with an uneasy shrug of the shoulders to which I only glanced dubiously.

Because hey, let's say the Earl felt emotionally attached after all this time, but it was totally unseemly for an unrelated adult man to walk around a sick room. And he who liked to stick to the traditions of high society, it was quite strange especially that he could have simply sent his doctor without showing up..

The following week had been terribly quiet, filled with forced bed rest that annoyed me with no end. I had already spent more than a month in bed! And although I was still a little weak I felt amazingly good and staring at the ceiling trying to force my energized body to sleep more was real torture. Luckily my favorite Noahs didn't leave me in the dark and I couldn't count the number of times Road had sneaked in with her dolls or Tyki had gone through the window to drop me books to read before barely escaping against Sheryl's radar brother. And then there were letters to write too. Well, only two, but Tyki could not have been more alarmist in his last letter judging from Allen's response and Road had happily told me that she had warned Arthur about my condition so I had taken the greatest care in writing these answers. To that, added a little panic when I realized that there were barely two weeks left until Allen's birthday (and the twins and Tyki too…) even sending him a present as soon as I woke up, he wouldn't have gotten it in time for his birthday but luckily for me Tyki had been incredibly efficient this year and had taken the trouble to send a sturdy swiss army knife from us both. It was nice of him and at the same time a little less because it was one of the ideas that I had scribbled in the margin of one of my score transcriptions and it meant that he had looked at my things again without permission.

(But at the same time, I was practically dead sooo ...)

In fact, it was only this morning that I was allowed to come out of the small living room and see Tricia for the first time since my diagnosis. Honestly, it looked like the most cliché reunion scene in the world, Tricia running up the stairs to give me a hug. So hard I thought I was losing a lung, but I wouldn't have changed that for the world. I had missed Tricia way too much and was hugging her as hard as she did. If I had been her anchor for the last two (almost!) Years, she had been mine too.

After a hug so long that Sheryl began to cough to remind his wife of propriety (who didn't care: unbelievable!) Breakfast ensued in simple joy, filled with thousands of gossip I had missed. this past few months. The discussion continued during a stroll in the gardens (fresh air!) And even during lunch (Sheryl didn't even dare to grumble about my presence at the table when Tricia gave him her serious look). By the time the meal was over, however, it was clear that Tricia was obsessively searching for topics of conversation, to prolong the moment.

"I'll be there when you wake up." I promised her softly when she didn't let go of my arm even in front of her bedroom door.

"I know that but… I was so scared Eve, you're going to have to give me some time to get over it." She said with a calm smile and a hand on my cheek. Watching her disappear into her bedroom, I felt a strange mixture of love and guilt and I had to force myself to turn on my heels.

The rest, I have already told. I went back to my room, Tyki joined me, he wanted some alcohol and we realized it was missing.

So it was half-panicked that we walked into Road's room while she was at school, searching it from top to bottom to come out with empty hands ... (well, not that empty, I still had horror visions of that bag full of doll's heads we had found under her bed but anyway: no bottle) So, exchanging a desperate look with Tyki, I went to look in the master bedroom for that Tricia was sleeping and Tyki had combed through the twins. When we had to face the evidence that it wouldn't be so easy, Tricia woke up and we had to end our search.

The rest of the day passed quietly. Tyki went back to work with Sheryl (with one last shared panicked look) and we had tea with Tricia, Road joining us as soon as she got home from school. It had still been a little surreal to resume our little habits… it was as if last month had never happened.

The feeling quickly dissipated, however, for that same evening, for the first time in two years, I ate dinner with the whole family, Sheryl and Duke included. It hadn't even been a big deal, Tricia had just brought me to her room and I had helped her get ready like every night (well ... like every night before tuberculosis anyway ...) but when we were done, Tricia had looked at my waistline, bit her lip, and led me to her closet before opening it wide and placing dress after dress in front of me as if to assess if it would suit me.

"You're much thinner than me, Tricia, I wouldn't fit in there." I reminded her timidly as two piles formed quickly on the bed.

"I wouldn't be so sure, you've lost a lot of weight." She said with pursed lips and I pulled on my dress to realize that, yes, it was a little loose. Who would have thought that tuberculosis was so effective as a diet?

Still, Tricia was right and maybe I had also lost my immunity by staying away from her for so long but she was able to make me try on dresses, put on makeup, do my hair and even tie up a simple little necklace around my neck without too many complaints from me. A feat. Then, she took me to dinner and naturally placed me to her left, leading the servants to add a plate in an emergency. As usual, the Earl had accepted the new situation without even a blink of an eye and Sheryl barely quirked before he turned to Road and pretended he hadn't seen anything. Or anyway, he did it until he noticed the glass of wine in front of Tyki's plate. He immediately ordered it removed, relaunching the debate and suddenly breaking the awkward silence.

"It's just a glass of wine, Seryl." Tyki said annoyed, his hand on it to prevent a nervous butler from taking it. I wonder how the servants managed to make the mistake anyway, Sheryl's tantrums about it were well known. "You drink it, Adam drinks it, Tricia drinks it and even Eve, who is not an adult unlike me if I may add, is entitled to a glass of wine." He added, pointing to the glass in front of me that I hadn't even noticed. Giving him a bored look, I didn't want to get dragged into their business with Sheryl at all, I grabbed my glass of water to hide behind it.

"Sheryl, it's just a glass of wine, it won't hurt him." Calmed the Earl as Tricia watched the exchange worriedly. "Futhermore, I have no doubt that our two teenagers tried harder … youth is all about making our own mistakes after all." He added slowly, turning to us and… giving us a disappointed look ?! Gasping in my glass, I had to grab my towel to stick it in my face and stop myself from spitting water all over the place. Tyki, who would normally at least have patted my back, was of no help and a glance at him told me he had turned incredibly pale and frozen. I wasn't dreaming, was I?

The millennial Earl had just reprimanded us for our alcohol consumption.

Finally exchanging a panicked look with Tyki, he slowly removed his hand from his wine glass and the waiter immediately jumped on it to disappear with it. "I… don't like wine that much anyway." He said with a voice a little too tight to be natural. The Earl raised an eyebrow in his direction. Tyki clenched his fingers under the table. "I just wish you would stop treating me like a child." He finally admitted to Sheryl with so much honesty that I looked at him with wide eyes.

Sheryl pursed his lips, but his eyes instantly softened and I distinctly heard a small, moving sniff from Tricia's side. "I… will try, Tyki." He replied before his eyes hardened. "But maybe then could you try to behave less like one." And Tyki nodded furiously under the satisfied gaze of the Earl and the annoyed one on Road. For my part, I immediately resumed eating silently, I couldn't believe that the Earl had taken the bottle and even more surprised by this unexpected heart to heart between the two brothers.

But what I really didn't expect was the evening. A little tired from this first day of efforts after being inactive for so long, I admit that I was not in the best shape after all the emotions we've been through today. Sitting next to Tyki, leafing through a novel half-heartedly, I let Road braid my hair. Tricia was doing embroidery by the fire, Sheryl was stamping papers with a stern frown, and the Earl was knitting in a rocking chair I had never seen here. The atmosphere was terribly peaceful and as I seriously wondered whether I was going to insult them by sleeping here or by leaving so soon when everything slipped out of control with what seems to be an innocent question.

"What are you embroidering, mother?" Road asked quietly as she added a ribbon to the French braid she had just made for me. She had improved a lot in two years, it was almost perfect now compared to the heap of knots at the beginning.

"It is a surprise." Tricia smiled as she brought the embroidery to her chest as Road jumped off the couch to go observe. "No, no, little lady, you'll have to wait to see it!"

"Not until the new year I hope!" Screamed Road and Tricia laughed, stroking her daughter's head.

"Why the new year?" I asked curiously and Road turned to me at full speed, leaning on my knees.

"For the present !" She said with such conviction that it took me two seconds to tell myself that it made no sense .

"Are you giving gifts at New Years?" I asked confused and Road looked horrified.

"Sure! You don't remember… ho, but you weren't there last year!" She exclaimed. "But you weren't doing it with your family?" She added curious.

"Miss Campbell is from France, if I'm not mistaken, the end-of-year traditions must be different there." Remarked the Count with a patient smile.

Oulah, minefield… But at the same time, I had already contradicted myself so much for the past two years that there was absolutely no way they still believed what I was saying. But hey, I imagine that was an implied agreement? I wasn't saying anything about their misuse of their powers and they didn't raise the huge holes in my life story. So… "We used to give gifts at Christmas when we were together with our family. New Years was mostly a party with friends." I answered honestly.

"Really ?" Curious Tricia exclaimed as she put down her embroidery. "What were you doing at Christmas then?"

"Uuuh…" I mumbled in surprise. I didn't expect to be asked so much and with my tired brain I was having trouble choosing my words carefully. Squinting my eyes, I tried to mix my different Christmas parties (grandparent, dad, mom, friends…) into a whole possible at that time. "On Christmas Eve, we cook, um, cooked little meals together, quick and simple things that we ate while playing… games." Mime for example, and imagining Sheryl trying to mimic a goat brought an involuntary smile to my lips. "Then we…" were watching a cliché Christmas movie. "... uh, we were going to bed. Then the next day we were waiting for the signal ..." The same music, from the same Christmas record since as long I could rememeber. "... and we were going to open the presents in the socks under the palm ... tree. Then we would cook a good meal together, usually a turkey with chestnuts and we would do an activity in the afternoon." I recounted with a peaceful smile.

"Wait, what?" Cut me off Road with a furrowed brow. "Gifts in… socks? Under the Palm-Tree? That doesn't make sense."

"No, well yes, well…" I replied, biting my lip. "Were these huge woolen socks, not socks that we really put on? I have no idea why we were doing this." I answered with a shrug. "Normally you have to tie them to the fireplace and it's either the tree or the socks, but since we didn't have a fireplace ..." I said before realizing that was the worst thing to say. Everyone had fireplaces back then, it was the best way to heat up after all. Grinning, I hurried to continue to try to make them forget this blunder. "And normally, you need a tree, but we didn't have one in our…" Balcony. "... Garden. However, we had a Potted Palm" Were there even potted plants and even more palms in Victorian London? Ho Merlin, let me die now... "So every Christmas we decorated it like a tree."

"I've already heard of the Christmas tree tradition, we put little gifts in it, right? It comes from Germany, I think?" Tricia exclaimed excitedly. She seemed incredibly excited about the whole thing.

"I've no idea." I answered honestly. It was a common thing in my time, something you saw in all the cliché Christmas movies. "But maybe? My father's family is from Alsace near Germany so they surely took the tradition from there." I answered, proud to create some links in my fucked up story.

"Campbell is not a very German name though." The Count pointed out, putting his glasses back on.

"... very distant root from Alsace." I responded with the most serious air in the world as I died inside. I could never be a secret agent.

"But come to think of it, mother, didn't we say we would celebrate winter break like Eve last year?" Road said innocently as I looked at her with wide eyes, Sheryl finally looking up from his papers to do the same.

"I'm not sure…" He began as at the same time I hurried to let go of a: "Really, I don't think it's necessary…"

But of course Road knew exactly where to press to unleash the chaos and Tricia, already excited previously, jumped on board right away. "This is a great idea darling!" And just like that, it was decided. The only ones who could have stopped this disaster gave up before they even tried. Sheryl just seemed resigned and the Earl puzzled.

I had a tiny little hope that Tricia's enthusiasm wouldn't survive the night, but it was way too much to ask.

The next morning, the first night back in my room, Tricia came to wake me up at 8am rather than the other way around. Already all dressed, she even had a breakfast tray that she put on my small round table (for once not cluttered by a pile of random drawings ... someone had put them away but fortunately the writings of Victor Hugo were still untouched in their place, I had checked the day before.) I apologized, of course, but Tricia hadn't paid attention, saying I needed a rest and immediately contradicted herself by tiring me with a deep interrogation.

The next almost two weeks were filled with lavish preparations that left me totally exasperated. Did we really need a six foot tall tree? Or a cook specialized for the occasion? I had the impression that it was the preparations for the Balls that were starting again. The only good news was that I wasn't the only one suffering from Tricia's tyrannical tendencies, Tyki having been forcibly requisitioned. Even Road, who had launched the idea at her own peril, was starting to get fed up. Lucky for us, she was soon replaced by the twins when they returned for vacation. Finally, fortunately ... that is to say that instead of possible planetary catastrophes, there was only a headache and some material damage.

"What I don't understand is why you were doing this." Tyki asked, frowning as he hung the little cardboard decorations we had all made together this afternoon on the tree. "Christmas is the birth of Jesus, isn't it?" He said as if he wasn't dragged to enough mass to know it. "And you are not Christians, are you?" He pointed out and I glared at him. Tricia was… ticklish when it came to religion and she regularly tried to convert me when she seemed to remember that, in fact, I was not a Christian. Fortunately, she seemed too busy hanging the garlands with Road and wasn't really paying attention to our conversation.

"Yes, at the base Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ, but with us it was just a way to get together with family?" I tell him, fumbling with my words. "In fact, when I was little, my parents even made my brother and sister and I believe that there was a man, Santa Claus, who came in the night to offer gifts to all the children of the world in going through the chimney to reward them if they had been good in the year. "

"So…" Tyki said, frowning. "Did you think an old man you didn't know was going through the chimney, when you didn't even have one I may add, to leave a present before going off like a thief…?"

Said like that … I blushed and I patted his arm shamefully. "I was six years old! We believe everything our parents tell us at six and that's the tradition… I'm sure you too have stupid and meaningless traditions." I mumbled, crossing my arms.

Tyki immediately grimaced, his eyes growing vague. "Ok, I admit." He moaned and I was suddenly terribly curious what he was thinking. I tried to learn more about it, but no matter how much I used my best professional annoying techniques, he wouldn't open his mouth. I'm sure I would have done it with a little more time, but that's when Jasdero chooses to ask me to teach him how to tie a bunny knot. So, deftly avoiding Tricia showing Devit how to wrap a gift, I glanced at the Earl who made origami, saw Sheryl helping Road to put the star on the tree, and laughed at Lulu the cat when she jumped on a ribbon that Tyki was waving.

In short, a perfectly normal day to mark my now past second year with the Noahs.

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