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South of Eostia, Battle of Vad City

It has already been a years since Golden Fox Company employed/hired by four Kingdoms of Fiel, Milfarl, Dragundaala, and Rothschilt to wage war against Kingdom of Vadland along their allies: Demon Army led by Ginyol and Ogre Tribe led by Gidoo. In the beginning, the Kingdoms of Fiel and Vadland wage war for century. Over the years as the power struggle grew worse, harsher rules were imposed. Nowadays battles were done to the death. Special dispensations were given for the allied forces, of course. Instead of restricting "Trial by Combat" to one-on-one the two combatants were Crown Prince Viceard Balbacil and Naruko Oja. The result of the combat, Naruko won and Prince Vicecard dead.

Ernesto Fortunato, a Vadland collaborator and traitor, tried to shoot the Warrior Vixen with his crossbow, but he was thwarted by Crown Princess Angelica Rothschilt. The air was somber as the sound in the blood stricken battlefield gradually ceased. Everyone's attention was drawn to the two figures on top of the small hill. The heavy downpour drenched everyone currently present, but no one seemed to mind.

"I was wrong, Lady Naruko. Isn't this enough?" The traitor protested himself before the leader of the Golden Fox Company.

"It is meaningless for there to be more sacrifices, there is no need!" Naruko remained silent even as the traitor grabbed Naruko's cape, seeking that final line of salvation. "Please! Have mercy?!"

"You shouldn't collaborate with the enemy, Ernesto." Naruko calmly stated as she brushed away traitor's hands. "You reap what you sow."

Adding some chakra to her katana, the blade easily slid through the neck of the traitor. There were cries of victory, across the battlefield of the allied forces and the Golden Fox Company.

"You've done well, Naruko." The voice of his adopted mother. "We have won another conflict. I think its time to get our payment~."

"I totally agree with you, mom." Naruko made a foxy-smile.


Naruko's tent

Enter: Lemon scene

Squeak. . . thump. . . squeak. . . thump. . .

Mmm. . . slurp. . . mmm. . . slurp. . .


Naruko grinned inwardly as Gaihla, High Druidess of the Wolf Clan, squirt all over her. Her body shook uncontrollable from the amount of pleasure she was experiencing right now. Naruko held on to her butt-cheeks to prevent her from falling from her. Christina 'Chris' Rothschilt, mother of Angelica Rothschilt and Queen of Rothschilt Kingdom, who was currently sitting on Naruko's face allowing her tongue to explore her buckled her hips slightly as she too had an orgasm.


Nina Dragundaala, Marna Balbacil, Flora Fanferni, and Celine Grenoble fingering themselves and prepared for their moment with their vixen lover Naruko Oja. Gaihla removed herself from Naruko allowing Christina to have a go at it. As soon as she moved to ride Naruko's ten-inched penis, Marna sat on her face and allowed him to work her chakra. Her tongue and penis once more to amplify the amount of pleasure they were experiencing. By doing so would ensure that they became addicted to Naruko just like Nina and Celine. Once they were all addicted to her, they would only come to her for sex whenever they were in the mood. To them, no one would be able to help them reach the level of pleasure they were at right now.

Chris bounced on Naruko's shaft putting every ounce of energy she could muster behind each slam. Never in her life did she experience this amount of please she was experiencing right now. She was glad she listened to Naruko's mother, Kiyone. Naruko had a good stamina to her penis as she moved her hips to match Christina's rhythm. When she began to tighten up on the inside, Naruko did a mental count down before she would start screaming once more.

5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1. . . ZERO!


Liquids poured from her freely soaking Naruko's body even more. Chris made an attempt to get off Naruko allowing her fellow harem sisters to experience what she felt, but Naruko prevented her from doing so. Naruko pulled her down and began thrusting savagely into her. Christina moaned loudly as Naruko increased her thrust speed and force behind each thrust. 5 minutes later, Chris came on her once more. Naruko stopped her thrust giving her time to remove herself from her. She crawled towards where Gaihla was lying down.

"By the heavens above, she sure as hell knows what she's doing."

Christina allowed her body to relax next to the exhausted druidess. Gaihla was too tired to agree with Rothschilt Queen's statement.

Flora allowed Naruko's penis to slide in her then began bouncing at her pace. Marna Balbacil, step mother of Viceard Balbacil, husband of King Agamar Balbacil and Queen of Vadland opened her legs giving Naruko more room to access her with her enhance chakra tongue as she refers to it. She gripped Naruko's head encouraging her to continue what he was doing.

Nina and Celine continued masturbating as they await their turn. Both eyed the Warrior Vixen with lust present in their eyes. Both waited eagerly for their chance to experience the ultimate please. They already knew what they would soon experience from prior experience.


Kiyone's tent

Squeak. . . thump. . . squeak. . . thump. . .

Inside the tent, Kiyone was getting her beast mode on with the little group of ladies: Anna, Toyohime, Yorihime, Ann, and Serafina Straro that she took care of them in her tent.

"Oh, yeah, you like it rough don't you?!" Kiyone gloated as she was humping the Serafina in doggy-style that was there, the other five were relaxing and was composed of the rest that were attracted to Kiyone. Life was good for the Nine-Tailed Fox Lady and her adopted daughter.

"Lady Kiyone, I think I'm cumming?!" The pink-haired lady and red-eyes elf said as she moaned loudly.

"Let's cum together, my dear!" She grunted as she thrusted faster then she release her milk on Serafina's pussy as her eyes rolled and gripped the sheets and she fell along with tired Kiyone.


Princess Janne' tent

Inside the camp, where Janne and her lover Keith, the Captain of the Royal Guard laid rest with sweat of their bodies after their session.

"I love you, Keith." Janne said to him with a smile on her face.

"I love you too, milady." Keith said also smile while Janne frown as she flicked her fingers on Keith's forehead then she giggle. "Call my name, Keith."

"As you wish, Janne." He said to her as Janne kiss him.


Princess Elfeena's and Prince Kwan's tent

Inside the tent, where Elfeena and Kwan slept happily after their love session. Elfeena snuggle her beloved prince.


Princess Catue's and Prince Jindrack's tent

"You make me very happy, Jin."

Jindrack Hemy's continued watching her dragon Princess Catue as she rode his penis. He watched as his penis went into her and slid out smoothly.


Princess Angelica's tent

"I should. . . have known. . . that. . . you were that good, Alex."

Angelica spoke in between each grunt as her lover and childhood friend Alexander thrust his penis in and out her pussy. Her toes and hands clenched tightly from the amount of pleasure and pain she was experiencing right now. She bend over more allowing him to continue fucking her.

End: Lemon scene


Omake: Love Assistance


Before the final battle of Vad City, four men: Keith of Milfarl, Prince Kwan of Fiel, Prince Jindrack Hemy, and Alexander the Royal Captain of the Guard, kneel before Naruko Oja, the leader of the Golden Fox Company asks her assistance.

"We need your help, Lady Naruko!"

"Alright, laddies. Heres the deal, if you wanna court them, you have to confess them with your feelings. Do you got it!" Naruko said as she wearing a street punk and black glasses. The boys got questions marks on their heads.

Naruko zoom to the chalk board as she's wearing school teacher's uniform and pointed the words with a stick.

"Tell them. I. . ."

"Love. . ."

"YOU! Then you kiss them with passion in your hearts." Naruto said it out loud with fire on her eyes.

"Thank you, Lady Naruko!" The boys said it unison with gratitude as they left the tent.


Omake end


Author's Note: If you're wondering who they are? Nina Dragundaala, Catue Dragundaala, Anna, Jindrack Hemy, and Ginyol from Princess Knight Catue; Celine Grenoble, Janne Grenoble, Keith, and Gidoo from Inda no Himekishi Janne/Princess Knight Janne; Elfeena, Kwan, Ann, Viceard Balbacil, and Marna Balbacil from Elufina - Inyoru e to Urareta Ōkoku de. . . The Animation; Toyohime and Yorohime from Shikkoku no Shaga; Christina Rothschilt, Angelica Rothschilt, Flora Fanferni, Serafina Straro, and Ernesto Fortunato from Himekishi Angelica; and Gailha from Battle Realm.

Alexander and Agamar are fictional names I made.

Happy Halloween, everyone.