Forbidden Love

Author's Note: This story is about Kate & Humphreys' Forbidden Love. Will Kate's Parents find out, or will they not? Read the story and find out!

He'd turn over asleep, with his paw out looking for Kate's warm fur to lay next to, Them being best friends they didn't normally leave each other's side unless it was necessary. He would wake up, yawning, like he hasn't slept for days, opening his eyes to see she wasn't there, that it was a dream that he had. Humphrey would be walking down the meadow looking around, as if he were looking for someone in particular. "Where is she" Humphrey would say in a mere whisper. Not noticing that someone was following him.

He would hear a cracking of a twig, he would turn around quickly, no-one was there. So, he turned to the way that he was facing and bumped right into Kate, his Secret Lover/Mate.

"Hi Humphrey!" Kate would say. Humphrey would jump not remembering seeing her in front of him when he was walking. "K-Kate!" He would say trying to stay calm. Kate would giggle slightly "You alright?" She would ask. He would reply "Y-yea. I'm fine." "Why are you being so jumpy Humphrey?" She would ask. He'd reply, "Because I was looking for you. You weren't in my den last night, and you weren't at your Parent's den either." Kate would slightly blush under her fur. She would speak softly, in a light whisper almost a mumble. "I love you Humphrey." Humphrey would reply. "What was that?" Kate would look up, still blushing, as she would reply, "Nothing. I didn't say anything."

There would be an Awkward silence for a moment, until Humphrey breaks the silence. He would say, "So, how is your family doing?" She would reply, "They are good, how about yours?" She had forgotten that they had died back in his old pack.

Humphrey would be silent for a moment, with tears starting to cover the lower parts of his eyes. He would look down. He would say something after a few minutes of silence "I honestly do not know."

Kate would say something, more verbal than before. "Humphrey?"

He would look at her, waiting for her to speak. "I think I have feelings for you." She would say. Humphrey would look at her in surprise, not knowing if he could say something or not, so he just went for it, and kissed her, kate not knowing what to do, just

allowed it to happen. Their tongues met in the middle, swirling around each other, Humphrey would turn his head to the side to get deeper into her mouth. Kate would turn her head to the side to get deeper into his mouth, they would stop kissing, Humphrey would blush redder than a rose under his fur. Kate would open her mouth to ask what was wrong, then she looked down and saw that his wolfhood was starting to slide out of the furry casing. Kate would speak in a sexy manor "Excited are we?" Humphrey would walk to his den with haste to not get spotted, Kate followed him with curiosity. "Humphrey..., are you alright?" Kate would ask. Kate would walk closer to him, Humphrey would be really red right now, his blush showing through his fur.

Kate would lower herself, licking his shaft in curiosity she would look up at humphrey for approval.

He would give a slight nod to give her permission. She would lay down in front of it, licking it, wrapping her tongue around it, she would hear Humphrey give out a small groan, to signify that he was enjoying it. Not as much as she was, she would lower her head beginning to suck on the head of his wolfhood, then sucking on the head, then the shaft, moving her head up and down repeatedly. She would feel it getting bigger as she sucked. His eyes would be closed, mouth open, tongue hanging out of the side, signifying that he was enjoying himself.

He shot out his large seminal load into Kate's Mouth, some would drip out onto her paws, and chest because she couldn't swallow fast enough, Kate would wipe the semen off of her chest with her paws, and cleaning his cock with her tongue. Humphrey would get up pushing her on her back, licking her fur on her chest and stomach, going lower after each lick, smelling the aroma from Kate's womanhood, giving it a small lick, Kate would give a low moan, looking at Humphrey.

Humphrey would look at Kate, she giving a small nod, Humphrey would begin shoving his snout into her inner thighs licking her womanhood, from her clit, to bottom, she would moan rather loud. Humphrey would lick more, sticking his tongue in her pussy, she would begin panting being near her climax, Humphrey would lick more, his tongue being in her womanhood, going deeper after every lick, Kate would be panting heavier, giving off small shrieks as well as moans. Finally she squirted hers on Humphrey's Face, and in his mouth, he would swallow, licking what was left on his face.

leaning on top of her licking her neck, and face over and over again, finally saying, "I love you so much kate." She would reply saying, "I love you too Humphrey."

Humphrey would step off of her, sitting in front. Kate would realise that they weren't the only ones happy again, she would giggle syly, opening her legs up nodding at Humphrey. Humphrey would crawl up onto her, moving his legs, looking for her womanhood, sliding in ever slowly, Kate would give off a moan after another, Humphrey's wolfhood would enlarge after every pump, he would go deeper, and faster, Kate panting, giving off a few shrieks, and loud moans, "Harder, Faster!" She would yell, Hearing her, he would do just that, going harder and faster, she would begin panting heavier, being near her climax, Humphrey hearing her Pants, speeding up, his knot at it's max, slapping against her womanhood, finally entering, Kate would squirt, moaning loud, giving a loud shriek, her legs twitching from the orgasm she just had, Humphrey would Shoot his load soon after, giving a moan, turning around, tying off, both of them panting heavily. "That was… great…" Kate would say, panting heavily.

"You were great… too…" Humphrey would say panting.

Humphrey would look up in shock it being night fall.

"What are we going to tell your mother and father?"

"What do you mean?" Kate would look up confused.

"I mean, they can't know about this…" Humphrey would say.

"They won't, I will take a bath in the morning, i'll tell them that I stayed the night at a friend's den." Kate would respond.

An hour or so would pass, Humphrey's Knot being small enough to remove from Kate's womanhood, Humphrey would get up, his wolfhood retracting back into it's furry casing, he would lay next to her, speaking softly. "Good night, kate." She wouldn't reply, being sound asleep, him soon falling asleep.