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Hutch looked up to see five wolves looking down at him; two with a concerned look and the other three had their teeth bared. Hutch got up onto his paws and started backing away from them only to be stopped to see one of the wolves baring teeth is Humphrey.

"Humphrey, can't we talk about this? I know that we can be friends if we let this go past us." Hutch pleaded.

"You are no friend of mine. You and the Western pack are not allowed here. If you are seen within our borders or even within 100 meters from our borders you will be killed." Humphrey replied, still baring his teeth.

"I'm staying, you can not force me away from Kate! She is an Alpha and you're an Omega! You have to understand that this will not work out for you. She will be back, or we will take her by force." Hutch said.

Hutch left the cave and began to run towards the Mountain where he saw Winston and the others waiting at the top.

He glanced behind him to see two wolves chasing him through the snow, their eyes appearing red in the moonlight.

"Run for it!" Cried out Zoey.

Hutch slid on ice and fell, but got back up and continued to run for the others. He barely made it to the mountain, the wolves that were chasing him stopped shortly after he got up the mountain.

The wolves turned around and ran back towards the cave where they sat in front of the entrance.

"Why were they chasing you?" Inquired Winston.

"I may have threatened Humphrey before I left." Spoke Hutch.

"You're lucky to be alive then. Most don't survive when you threaten the Alpha's children." Chuckled Winston as they walked towards the woods away from the pack.

"Humphrey, they will be back. I think it is time you went to bed. I will have warriors outside yours and Kate's dens."

Humphrey nodded then left the cave as two other wolves followed him to his den where he met up with Kate. He told her of everything that happened from his point of view, how he saw Hutch going into his father's den, how he saw Hutch laying on top of him and then how he ran away back towards her father.

Kate laughed as they departed ways into their separate dens.

Approximately ten or twelve wolves sat outside their dens, the breeze was cold and you could see some of them shivering and others asleep.

Unbeknownst to them there were wolves sneaking up from behind the dens, light steps and crunching sound could be heard, but no one listened too heavily on the steps as the scouts were due back to give their report.