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Kingdom Remnant

Chapter 2

Beacon Academy, Remnant

It was now Wednesday, team RWBY and team JNPR had combat training class with Professor Goodwitch. Team CRDL, a team of school bullies faced off against Jaune Arc in a sparing match. Jaune was able to defeat them single handedly. Ever since the Salem war, Jaune's combat skills improved so much that he could be a worthy sparing partner for Pyrrha provided that she didn't use her semblence or her powers of the fall maiden. After that, they had a class with Professor Port but most of the class time was spent on Professor Port's long-winded stories about his younger days as a hunter. Both teams were now in the school cafeteria having dinner. After dinner, Ozpin would have one of the team of students go on night patrol in the Emerald Forest to make sure none of the Grimm or heartless attack the academy. Team JNPR went on patrol last night and Team CFVY went on patrol the night before. Tonight it was Team RWBY's turn to go out on patrol.

Emerald Forest, Remnant

Team RWBY were now in the Emerald Forest on their night patrol. It was really quiet out for the most part. They didn't not get attacked by any of the Grimm that could be found in the forest nor were they attacked by the heartless. An hour has past since they started their patrol and Weiss was starting to get annoyed.

"Why are we even patrolling when nothing has showed up?" Weiss asked with irritation.

"You know why Weiss," Ruby said, " We are patroling to prevent anymore attacks on Beacon from the Grimm and the Heartless."

"But we haven't seen anything dangerous yet and I need to get enough sleep so I can be awake and alert tomorrow for class," Weiss said. It was true that the previous teams that went on patrol were a bit more tired than usual and were barely able to stay awake for the classes before lunch.

" I bet not even the heartless will appear," Weiss said nonchalantly. All of a sudden the team was surrounded by shadow and neoshadow heartless. It was at this moment they realized that Weiss jinxed it.

"Way to go Weiss you made them come to us," Yang said in an annoyed tone.

"How is this my fault?" Weiss asked defensively.

"Now is not the time to argue with each other," Ruby said trying to prevent a in team fight, "Just get your weapons out and get ready to fight the heartless." As soon as Ruby gave the order, the rest of her team got their weapons out and ready for combat.

Elsewhere in the Emerald Forest, Sora who just arrived in Remnant was searching for the heartless. He also noticed he was far from any city or town which he considered a good thing since he was trying to keep a low profile. Master Yen Sid told Sora to keep the fact that he was a keyblade wielder on the down low since the people of this world have not seen keyblade wielders for a long time. Such a long time that people started to think that the keyblade was a myth. Soon after searching around near some old ruins, he started to hear explosions and gunfire. Sora decided to go in the direction of the sounds he was hearing. When he got there he saw four girls each wielding a different weapon. One wielding a large scythe, one with a rapier, one with what looks like a samurai or ninja sword, and one with a pair of gauntlets. These four fighting heartless that were surrounding them.

Sora had to think carefully on what to do to get rid of the heartless quickly without the four girls noticing him. To do that he would need to be really fast. Sora then decided to use is valor drive form since it gives him extra speed and strength for the price of not being able to use magic while using the drive form.


Team RWBY was fighting the heartless but the longer the fight lasted, the more ground team RWBY lost on the battlefield. The heartless were also wearing the team down by attacking with sheer numbers.

"Any ideas to get out of this mess?" Yang asked the rest of the team as she destroyed a couple of heartless.

"I'm open to some suggestions," Ruby said as she cut down one of the heartless that was charging at her. Before the rest of the heartless could attack the the team, someone or something wooshed by cutting down the heartless with ease. Yang and Weiss weren't able to see who was fight the heartless but Ruby and Blake were able to get a glimpse of a boy with brown spikey hair and they were also able to see a sword that looked like s giant skeleton key in one of his hands. After all the heartless in the area were defeated the boy quickly dashed away to avoid beinging seen by team RWBY.

"We need to follow whoever that was," Ruby said believing she knew what she saw. The rest of her team then followed after her so she doesn't end up in a fight with a powerful grimm that could be lerking in the forest.

Sora's POV

After getting what he believed to be a far enough distance from the four girls he saved from the heartless, Sora decactivated his valor drive form. Thinking he was safe for the time being he decided to lean on one of the nearby trees in the forest to get a little rest since he used most of his energy using the valor form. Unfortunately for Sora that moment was short-lived. The reason why was that a giant bird-like creature with a bonelike head-piece came swooping down and attacked Sora. Sora did not have the energy for a drawn out fight with the bird monster. Using the last of his strength he casted a Thundaga spell on the giant bird monster. Fortunately, the spell was enough to defeat the monster but it took the last of Sora's strength causing him to pass out.


Team RWBY was in hot pursuit with Ruby in the lead followed by Blake, Yang, and Weiss of which Ruby suspects to be a keyblade wielder. Yang and Weiss were scepticle about what Ruby thought defeated the heartless but Blake agreed with Ruby because she was able to see what was fighting destroying the heartless along with Ruby. While in pursuit the team saw what looked like lightning striking down a Nevermore not too far from where they were. When they got to where the Nevermore was struck down they saw the Nevermore was destroyed and an unconsious boy with spikey, brown hair and dressed mostly in black and wearing a silver crown necklace. The boy also appeared to be even younger than Ruby. Both Ruby and Blake suspected that this boy was a keyblade wielder but they could not confirm it. The team decided to bring the boy to the medical office at Beacon Academy and report to Ozpin about the situation and what had accurred during their patrol.

-To Be Continued-

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