I was inspired to do a Spongebob episode in the Loud House style, so enjoy!

Lincoln is sneaking into his house. He's holding his hands up to defend himself from a certain someone. He backs up into the door and karate chops it.

"HI-YAH!" Lincoln yelled but noticed there was nobody there. "Oh sorry door. I thought you were someone else."

Lincoln turned towards the viewers.

"You're probably wondering what I'm doing. Well, Lynn has been teaching me karate and lately we've been sparring each other."

Lincoln enters the house.

"What a great day at school." Lincoln said to himself. Then he heard something behind the couch. Thinking it was Lynn, Lincoln tried to quietly sneak over to the couch but every step he took he heard fart noises. He realized he was stepping on Luan's whoopie cushions.

"Dang it, Luan!" Lincoln said quietly and then kicked the whoopie cushions away. "I know you're back there Lynn. And I also know that nobody can hide from Linc-"

He leap behind the couch only to find out that Lynn wasn't there. Lincoln looked over the couch and checked around. He thought he heard Lynn.

"Aha! Lynn!"

But his sister wasn't here.

"Well, looks like the coast is clear." Lincoln said. He plopped onto the couch and decided to watch tv. He turned on the tv and started watching Dream Boat.

"And now it's time for another episode of Dream Boat." The show host announced.

"Yeah! I love this show!" Lincoln cheered.

"Me too." Lynn said, suddenly appearing next to Lincoln on the couch, which was like what Lucy does.

Lincoln got startled by her sudden appearance. Then the two siblings started to brawl each other. Lynn went to tackle her brother but he dodged. Lincoln jumped on Lynn and pulled her ponytail.

"Ponytail attack!"

"Ow!" Lynn yelled in pain. "No hair pulling!"

"So do you surrender?" Lincoln asked.


Lincoln let go of her ponytail and got off Lynn. Lynn got up and dusted herself off.

"Ok, I'll get you tomorrow Lincoln." Lynn told him and then left the room.

"That'll be the day." Lincoln told her. He did his little victory dance.

"Go Lincoln! Go Lincoln!"

Later that day, it was nighttime. Lynn was heading to the bathroom. She opened the door and turned the lights on. But to her surprise, Lincoln was in there waiting for her.

"HI-YAH!" Lincoln yelled as he leapt and was about to kick his older sister. However, Lynn grabbed his leg and threw him out of the bathroom.

"Nice try, lame brain." Lynn taunted and went into the bathroom.

The next day, Lynn was having cereal for breakfast. As she was about to pour the milk the cereal box fell on the floor. This alerted Lynn and she got ready to attack but saw it was just the cereal box.

"Oh, silly me."

Just then, Lincoln appeared next to Lynn.

"Hey Lynn, I've got a joke for you." Lincoln said. "I learned this one from Luan. What's a boxer's favorite part of a joke?"

"Uh, I don't know. What?"

"The punchline!"

Then Lincoln punched Lynn, knocking her down.

"Ha Ha! Good one Lincoln!" Luan complimented him on the joke.

Next, Lincoln is outside getting the mail.

"Nothing but bills." Lincoln said, as he looked through the mail. He closed the lid of the mailbox. As he walked back to his house, Lynn suddenly leap from the tree in their front yard. She landed in front of Lincoln.

"Sneaking up on me again, huh?" Lincoln asked.

"Oh please. Like you're on to talk." Lynn retorted. "Now prepare for a long merciless whooping."

This time Lynn was able to tackle her younger brother. She was about to do a Dutch oven on him.

"Dutch oven time!"

"No! Not the Dutch oven!" Lincoln cried. Please no! Ok Lynn, victory is yours."

"I knew you'd come to your senses!" Lynn smirked. But then Lincoln kicked her off. He pounces on her but she uses her feet to kick him into a mud puddle.

"My clothes!" Lincoln exclaimed. "Great. Now I need to wash my clothes and take a shower!"

Lincoln walks into the house and shuts the door. Lynn smiles triumphantly.

"Looks like I won that round!"

After taking a shower and washing his clothes, Lincoln sneaked downstairs. Lori came by with a diaper in his hands.

"Hey Lincoln, can you-"

Lincoln karate chopped Lori in the face.


"Ow! Lincoln!" Lori held her nose in pain.

"Sorry Lori." Lincoln apologized.

"I'm going to pretend that literally never happened." Lori replied. "Now can you do me a favor and throw Lily's diaper away?"


"Ok. Thanks." Lori said and gave Lincoln the diaper.

Lincoln went into the kitchen to throw away the dirty diaper but then he noticed his sister Lana swatting at a fly. The scene reminded Lincoln of Lynn karate chopping. She winks at him. Lori walks in.

"Lincoln, did you-"

Lincoln threw the diaper at Lori's head and ran up to Lana. Rita walked in.

"Lori, I was going through my purse and-"

She noticed the diaper bag on Lori's head.

"Honey, that's an interesting hairstyle." Rita responded, trying to be polite.

"HI-YAH!" Lincoln yelled, karate chopping Lana.

"My leg!" Lana cried, holding her leg.

"Thought you could sneak up on me huh?" Lincoln taunted. "Well you can't. Cause I'm fast, l'm mean, and I can do this."

Lincoln does his little victory dance again and dances backwards.

"I took care of her, yes I did." Lincoln said boastfully. He bumped into his mom.

"Oh, hi Mom." He greeted.

"What was that?" Rita asked sternly.

"But Mom, she snuck up on me." Lincoln replied. "But she didn't fool me with that fake Lana disguise."

"Have you been eating those peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwiches again?" Rita asked with concern.

"Not lately, just doing karate." Lincoln replied.

"He and Lynn having been doing karate nonstop." Lori explained.

"Well, maybe you need to get your mind off karate for a while." Rita suggested.

"Ok, I guess you're right." Lincoln complied.

"Good." Rita replied and left the kitchen.

Lincoln noticed the diaper on Lori's head.

"What's up with that hairstyle, Lori?"

Now, Lincoln was doing some house chores to do. He had cleaning supplies to clean up the bathroom.

"Time to clean up the bathroom."

Lincoln walked towards the bathroom but heard someone in there washing their hands. He thought it might be Lynn so he dropped his supplies and slowly opened the door.

"Lynn!" Lincoln leap and attacked but was carried out by an angry mother.

"No more." Rita said sternly.

"But Mom-"

"I don't wanna hear it. No more karate or you're grounded."

Rita left.


After Lincoln finished cleaning the bathroom, he went outside.

"No more karate? Man, how am I gonna tell Lynn?" Lincoln wondered sadly.

Just then, Lynn popped out at Lincoln and started karate chopping at him.

"Ready for more karate, Lincoln?"

"No Lynn, Mom said I can't do karate anymore." Lincoln told her.

"Nice try, Lincoln." Lynn replied, thinking it was a trick.

"Lynn please, I can't-"

"I ain't falling for it." Lynn responded and still continued to karate chop at Lincoln.

"No really. Please stop!" Lincoln begged.

Rita looked out the window and saw the scene outside. She looked angry and went outside.


Lincoln screamed in fear. Lynn stopped attacking.

"What did I just get through telling you?"

"But Mom, she, I-" Lincoln tried to say.

"Lincoln, you're grounded!" Rita said angrily.

Lincoln looked very sad and sulked as he slowing walked into the house. Lynn felt guilty and decided to intervene.

"Wait Mom, it's not his fault. It's mine." Lynn admitted. "He tried to tell me but I wouldn't listen. Please give him another chance."

Rita thought about what Lynn said then looked back at Lincoln to see him trudging up the stairs.

"Lincoln, wait." Rita called and Lincoln stopped. "Look, I'm going to give you another chance.

Lincoln perked up. "Really?"

"Yes." Rita said. "But no more karate. It's poisoning your mind."

"Wow, ok. Thanks Mom."

Lincoln walked outside and shut the door as Rita went back in.

"Dude, I guess you weren't kidding after all." Lynn said. She and Lincoln sighed.

"Ah, that game was getting old anyway." Lynn commented. "It's not fun anymore. I mean what's so fun about this?"

Lynn whacked her brother in the head. Lincoln just laughed but then got serious.

"I mean, nothing. Nothing is fun about that at all!"

"We can find something to do that's nine times more fun." Lynn said.

"Like reading comics?" Lincoln asked.


"Oh." Lincoln responded. "Well, I would suggest video games but my system is on the fritz."

Lynn thought of something they could do.

"Wanna go to the park?"

Soon, the siblings arrived at the park on their bikes. They decided to have a picnic so they prepared food and put it in a picnic basket. The picnic basket was in Lincoln's bike basket. They locked their bikes on the bike rail and took a walk down the park with Lincoln carrying the picnic basket.

"Man, karate sure is dumb." Lynn commented.

"Yeah, I feel just dumb thinking about it." Lincoln replied and then started acting dumb. "Duh, I'm stupid. I like karate. Duuuuh!"

"You like what?" Lynn asked.

"Not karate." Lincoln replied.

"Ha! I don't even know what that is."

"Me too. I don't know what anything is. In fact-"


Lincoln was interrupted by a young boy throwing a frisbee to another boy. The boy caught it and threw it back yelling "Hi-yah!"

Lincoln looked at Lynn. "For a minute that almost sounded like-"

"Karate?" Lynn asked.

"Right now? I mean no!" Lincoln replied. "What is this karate?"

Lynn and Lincoln sat down on the grass and Lincoln got out the food.

"What do you want on your sub?" Lincoln asked.

"Karate." Lynn replied.

"What did you say?"

"Uh, ketchup. I want ketchup on my sandwich." Lynn said, trying to take her mind of karate.

Lincoln pulled out the ketchup and some meat. "How many slices of salami do you want on your sandwich?"

"One. Just one." Lynn said.

"Ok, one for you." Lincoln cut one slice with his hand. "And one for me."

The second slice was cut in slow motion, which reminded Lynn of karate chopping.

"Uh, Lincoln?"


"Maybe just one more. Um, I'm kinda hungry."

Lincoln brings out the salami again. "Sure thing, Lynn."

He was about to chop another slice but Lynn interrupted.

"Lincoln? Do you think, um, do you think maybe I could cut this one?"

"Uh, sure."

Lynn takes the salami. "Thanks." She chops a slice. "Hi-yah! Is that enough?"

"Maybe just one more." Lincoln answered.

Lynn is about to chop another slice.

"Or two!"

"Or three!"

"Or ten!"

"Ten! Yes, ten! Because we're really hungry!" Lynn snapped.

"Heck yeah we are!" Lincoln snapped.

Lynn chopped the salami slices rapidly. They fly everywhere. Some of them landing on Lincoln's face.

"Time for buns!" Lincoln yelled as he got out the buns and threw them in the air. He chopped them rapidly.

"How about some tomatoes?" Lynn asked.

"And I'll cut the cheese!" Lincoln responded.

Tomatoes and cheese were thrown in the air. Lynn and Lincoln leaped in the air and sliced the foods. Sliced cheese and tomatoes rained down and landed on the buns.

"What else should we slice?" Lynn asked eagerly.

"More buns." Lincoln replied, grabbing more buns.

"And lettuce." Lynn added, grabbing lettuce.

Lincoln chopped more buns while Lynn chopped more lettuce. The subs landed all over the grass and the two young boys that were playing frisbee each got hit with a sub. Now the two siblings were exhausted.

"Whew, making subs sure is fun." Lincoln commented. "Right Lynn? Lynn?"

Lynn just stood there with a dazed look on her face.

"Well, I guess I'll eat one now." Lincoln suggested. He slowly reached for a sub but Lynn karate chopped his arm. She is now wearing her karate outfit.

"You're mince meat!"

Lincoln is also in his karate outfit. "In your dreams! Hi-yah!"

Lincoln leapt at Lynn and the two got into a big fight that lasted for who knows long.

Later, Rita showed up at the park to check on her kids. Then she noticed something.

"Huh? What the heck happened here?"

Rita saw that everything in the park was chopped in half. She sees Lincoln and Lynn relaxing.

"You think Mom ever does karate?" Lincoln asked.

"Ahem!" Rita got the two kids attention and Lincoln screamed. He ran over to a small tree and tried to fix it by putting the branch back on.

"Uh, hey Mom. How's it going. Nice weather today, huh?"

But the tree branch fell off. Rita glared at Lincoln.

"Ok Mom, you caught me." Lincoln said with guilt. "But you know what? I just can't help myself. You're just gonna have to ground me."

"You can ground me if you want too." Lynn offered. "We've both been doing karate nonstop you know."

"Ground you? I've got something else in mind." Rita said proudly as she picked up a sub.

At home, Lynn and Lincoln were preparing dinner for the family. They were preparing subs: karate style! Their siblings were impressed and so were the parents as the cheered for them.

"I love karate!" Lynn commented.

"I love kar-ra-tay!" Lincoln commented.

"Ooh, next I should teach you ju jitsu!" Lynn suggested.

"Eh, I think I've had enough martial arts for a while." Lincoln said to the viewers.