This is a parody of the episode: The Pink Purloiner. This is the first chapter focused on Ronnie Anne in her city. I'm hoping to make more chapters with the Casagrandes too

A bus arrived at the skatepark. Ronnie Anne and Sid get out. "You know Sid, I'm really stoked about the changes they made to the park. Now performing moves will be twice as fun!"

"Yeah, and look at the size of that ramp!" Sid pointed to a tall ramp.

"And those crazy rails!" Ronnie Anne pointed to the curvy rails. "This is gonna be awesome! Good thing I brought Ol' Grinder."

She opened a case that had a metal skateboard inside. Ronnie Anne used her skateboard and performed many impressive tricks while Sid struggled to do one.

Ronnie Anne and Sid wait for the bus at the bus stop.

"Ah, that was the most awesome day of skateboarding ever." Ronnie Anne said happily.

"Well, I didn't do any tricks with my dumb old skateboard." Sid said, disappointed. "I could barely even skate."

Her wooden skateboard breaks.

"Lucky for me, I have Ol' Grinder!" Ronnie Anne held out her board. "Iron metal board, bones wheels, and this cool lightning bolt sticker. Yes sir, Ol' Grinder is the best skateboard in the world."

"Wow!" Sid was amazed. "I would kill for a skateboard like that! You know, something small like a carrot. But not spiders, they're icky." She shuddered.

The bus dropped off Ronnie Anne and Sid on their street and they entered the apartment.

"Good night, Sid."

"Good night, Ronnie Anne."

Ronnie Anne went to her apartment room and got into bed. "I love skateboarding."

Night broke into day quickly and the alarm went off.

"Whoo! Time to get ready for another day of skateboarding! And I'll start with my trusty skateboard, Ol' Grinder."

Ronnie Anne opened the case to get her skateboard, but realized she didn't have it. "Ol' Grinder?" She gasped. "It's gone!"

Ronnie Anne ran out of the apartment in her pajamas. Lalo barked, getting her to notice.

"Oh, I should probably change first."

Ronnie Anne went to Sid. "Sid, Ol' Grinder has been stolen!"

"That's terrible!" They both scream. The scene cut to them stapling posters saying "STOLEN! OL' GRINDER!"

"Put one over there, Sid!" Ronnie Anne said.

"I'm all done." Sid and Ronnie Anne had put papers all in one spot.

"Maybe we should spread out a little." Ronnie Anne suggested. A newspaper ad for the "Great Lakes City Gazelle" read "STOLEN OL' GRINDER" on the front page.

We cut to an anchorman. "Big news. A skateboard event is happening at the skate park, and it certainly is a great day to watch these fantastic skateboarders. We now go to our reporter on the scene."

The scene cuts to Katherine Mulligan at the park, where there's a crowd watching skateboards skate. "I'm Katherine Mulligan in Great Lakes City! This is the biggest skateboarding event of the year! I feel truly sorry for the poor saps that will miss even one minute of this remarkable event."

Ronnie Anne took the reporter's microphone and spoke into it. "Attention, Great Lakes City, my skateboard has been stolen. I am prepared to offer a large reward for its safe reward."

Her cousin Carl saw this on TV at home and ran to the skate park then appeared on TV instantly. "Reward? How much we talkin' about?"

"Twelve dollars and-" Ronnie Anne counted the coins. -"thirty eight cents."

"I'm on the case!" Carl took the money and ran off screen while Katherine took back her microphone.

"Guys, I know it's a slow news day, but come on."

Back at her apartment, Ronnie Anne sat in the living room by her phone until it rang. She picked it up. "Oh! Hello? Hello?"

It was Sid. "Ronnie Anne, did you get your skateboard back?"

"Get off the line, Sid. Someone might be trying to call about Ol' Grinder!"

"Oh, sorry." Sid hung up. The phone rang again. "Did you get your skateboard yet?"

"No, Sid. Don't call unless you've found my skateboard." Ronnie Anne hung up. The phone rang again.


"Ronnie Anne, I found your skateboard!"

"What?! Really, Sid?"

"Well, no, not really. I just got lonely."

Ronnie Anne hung up. "Oh, I'll never get my skateboard back. I'll just have to accept that Ol' Grinder is gone forever."

She got ready for bed, then looked out the window and noticed Sid skating around on a skateboard. She sighed. "Sid's lucky. She gets to practice in the middle of the night with her skateboard."

Ronnie Anne got into bed. "Funny thing is, Sid's skateboard disintegrated yesterday."

Her eyes widened.

It's morning. Sid goes over to Ronnie Anne's apartment. "Hey Ronnie Anne, did you get Ol' Grinder back yet?"

Ronnie Anne sighed. "No, not yet. Hey Sid, wouldn't it be the funniest thing if you'd taken my skateboard?"

Sid laughed, then stopped. "No."

Ronnie Anne laughed. "Yeah, that would be silly. Oh, that reminds me. I got you a present."

"A present? What is it?"

Ronnie Anne pulled out a stuffed parrot with a microphone in its hand. "It's a Confess-A-Parrot. He's a special friend you tell all your secrets to."

"Wow, thanks Ronnie Anne."

"I'll just leave you two alone to get acquainted."

Ronnie Anne quickly dashed off to speak for the parrot, somewhere where Sid couldn't see her. "Hi! My name is Confess-A-Parrot! Tell me all your secrets! Sqwak!"

Sid sat on the ground. "Um, I did something recently I'm not very proud of. I didn't mean to do it. It just sort of happened."

"Oh, maybe you should talk about it."

"Well, it involves my best friend Ronnie Anne. I don't think she knows what happened, but it would really upset her if she found out."

"Tell Confess-A-Parrot!" Ronnie Anne yelled into the mic.

"I've already said too much."

"Tell Confess-A-Parrot now! NOW!"

Sid screamed. "I accidentally knocked Ronnie Anne's toothbrush in the toilet and put it back on the counter without washing it!...Confess-A-Bear?"

Ronnie Anne ran off screaming and wiping her tongue off in disgust.

"You're mad at me, aren't you Confess-A-Parrot?" Sid said nervously.

Ronnie Anne walked over to Sid's apartment. "Sid, we need to talk!"

"Uh, don't come in!" Sid's voice was heard. "I'm not decent! The place is a mess! There's a bug infestation!"

"Hmmm…" Ronnie Anne came in. "Sid, where are you? What are you up to?"

"I'm in here. Be out in a second." Sid's shadow revealed herself holding a skateboard.

"Ol' Grinder! Ah...ha."

Sid's in her room and she's standing with her hands are behind her back. "Hello."

"What's in your hand, Sid?"

She showed her left hand. "Nothing."

"What's in your other hand?"

Sid hid the skateboard in her hair and showed her right hand. "Nothing in my other hand."

Sid sweated nervously as Ronnie Anne glared at her.

"Well, I gotta go." Ronnie Anne left.

"Ok, bye."

"Sid wouldn't steal my board, would she?" She imagined Sid from earlier.

"I would kill for a skateboard like that!" Sid took a carrot, broke it in half, and laughed maniacally.Fire is seen in the background.

Ronnie Anne screamed. "Have I been best friends with a master thief? I must know for sure."

The next day, Sid is standing outside the apartment. Ronnie Anne came out.

"Good morning, Sid."

"Morning, Ronnie Anne."

"What are you going to do today, buddy?"

"Eh, nothing much."

"Well, I'm off to the Mercado to help out Bobby. See ya later, Sid."


Ronnie Anne walked off and went to the side of the Mercado. "Now, we'll just see what sort of nothing you're really up to, Sneaky McSneakyPants." She looked through binoculars. Sid sat on a mat and did some meditation.

"She's just...meditating?" Ronnie Anne continued to spy on her friend.

2 hours later…

Ronnie Anne is still looking through the binoculars as Sid is still meditating. Ronnie Anne's eyes were now bloodshot. "Oh, she's good. You never really know a guy until you stare at her for two hours through high-powered binoculars. Hey, where'd she go?"

Sid is behind her. "Hi Ronnie Anne." Ronnie Anne got startled. "What are you doing?"

"Uh, you... what the...? What are you doing?"

"Well I just finished my meditation session." She took out a to-do list and crossed out "Meditation." "Oh, hey, look. You can see where I was just standing from here. Boy, if you wanted to, you could have spied on me all day from right here." She shuddered. "Creepy, huh? Anyway, what are you doing with those binoculars?"

She yelled and threw away the binoculars. "I don't have any binoculars, see?"

"You're acting weird."

"I'm not acting weird! You're acting weird!" Ronnie Anne ran off panting. "You're...acting… weird!"

"...Ok, bye!"

Later, Ronnie Anne knocked on Sid's door as she was wearing a curly wig and mustache. Sid answered.

"Hello. Who are you?"

Ronnie Anne spoke in a British accent. "Greetings, young fellow! I am willing to pay top dollar for skateboarding tems with sentimental value, if you know what I mean."

"Oh. No."

"Word on the street is that you know where to get quality skateboards hmm."

"I don't know who said that but they need to mind their own business."

"Oh Miss Chang, I know that you are in possession of a rare skateboard." Ronnie Anne showed a fake $1,000,000,000 bill that is colored on with crayon. "I will pay one billion dollars for that board."

"That's just a piece of paper colored in crayon. And I don't know who you are, but you're not getting this skateboard!" Sid held out the skateboard case. "I wouldn't sell it for all the money you have. Not even for K-Pop merchandise."

"Oh really?"

"You can't have it for any price."

"And why not?"

This means more to me than money. It's my friend Ronnie Anne's."

Ronnie Anne ripped off the disguise and spoke in a normal voice. "A-ha!"

"Ronnie Anne! Oh, thank goodness you're here. There was this guy with a scary mustache asking a lot of weird questions."

Ronnie Anne facepalmed. "Sid-" Ronnie Anne put the mustache back on. "I'm the scary mustache guy!"

Sid gasped. "Why, Ronnie Anne, why?! Why would you wear such a scary mustache?"

Ronnie Anne ripped off the mustache. "Why did you steal my skateboard?!"

"What?! I'm your best friend!"

"You were my best friend, you no-good skateboard thief!"

"How could you think that?"

"Because you SAID it! You said it was your friend Ronnie Anne's!"

"Gift." Sid added.


"It's my friend Ronnie Anne's gift." Sid opened the case to reveal a new skateboard. "I bought you a new skateboard."

Ronnie read the inscription. "For Ronnie Anne. You bought me a new skateboard? That is so thoughtful of you! Sid?" Sid walked away.

"Where you going, best buddy?"

"I'm not your buddy." Sid said, clearly upset. "I'm a no-good skateboard stealing thief! I'm going to the skate park."

"But you don't have a skateboard."

"Well, maybe one of our friends will let me borrow their skateboard. I'll make a new best friend."

Sid walked outside. Ronnie Anne followed her. "Sid, no! So, this is it?"

"Barring the unforeseen hand of fate, I'm afraid it is."

Ronnie Anne held onto Sid's left foot. "Wait, Sid! I'm sorry I accused you! It's bad enough I lost my skateboard. I don't want to lose my friend, too. Please forgive me."

Then a bus pulled up next to them. The bus driver came out. "It's you two! Look, you left your skateboard on the bus again."

Ronnie Anne took it. "Ol' Grinder? I left you on the bus?"

"A few times actually."

"Sid, I want you to take this as a gift for buying me a new skateboard."

"You're giving me Ol' Grinder?" Sid took it and cried loudly. "I accept your apology!"

"Oh, come here, you big dork!" The girls both hug and cry loudly.

The citizens on the bus were touched by this moment. "Aww…"

"We're friends again?" Ronnie Anne asked.

"Best friends!" Sid added.

"Hooray!" The citizens cheered and the bus drove off.

"You want to go skateboarding?" Sid asked, holding up Ol' Grinder. "I just got a new board."

"So did I." Ronnie Anne held up the one Sid made for her. "My best friend bought it for me."

"Whee!" The girls both laughed and rode their skateboards into the streets.