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"Anne!" Aramis screamed, as musket balls began flying at them. He lunged off of his horse and pushed Anne off of her own, making sure that she landed on top of him as he covered her with his entire body. He got them behind a tree, still keeping Anne's head covered. "Stay down, Anne," he whispered in her ear, jumping slightly when a bullet crashed into their tree. "It will be over soon."

The Queen nodded, keeping her head down, burying her face in his arm. She felt him rubbing her shoulder gently, trying to provide some kind of reassurance.

Finally, the bullets ceased. Aramis slowly got up, signaling his lover to stay put. He stealthily looked around for their attackers …

… when a gunshot sounded.

Aramis' breathing hitched. He looked at his shoulder and saw blood pouring out a new wound; a musket ball was still lodged in his skin. Without wasting any more time, and before any more bullets came his way, he ran towards Anne and pulled her up … and then began running.

"Aramis, you are hurt!" Anne exclaimed, trying hard to catch up. "We must stop!"

"No time, Anne, we have to get somewhere safe!" Aramis replied, his voice laced with exhaustion. He didn't stop running.

And he didn't stop until it was too late. He didn't see the hill.

Suddenly, he felt himself falling, and out of instinct, he pulled Anne closer to him as they rolled down rocky terrain. He felt himself cry out as his ribs began to burn. He felt water surround him, and then someone was pulling him out onto cool, hard ground. Slowly, he opened his eyes, and saw a soaked Anne in front of him, her eyes full of tears and fear.

"Aramis," she whispered. "Are you alright?"

He sat up, his arm wrapping around his ribs. He looked around and realized that somehow, Anne had been able to drag him into a large cave. There was waterfall wall at the entrance, leading into the deep stream they had landed in. "How … how d-did you get … me in here?" he asked shakily.

Anne just shook his head. "You're hurt," she said again, the tears beginning to make their way down her dirty face.

"I'm fine," Aramis quickly said, closing his eyes tightly.

"Aramis…," Anne said sadly. "Just please … at least mend what you can."

The Musketeer nodded then sighed. "Alright."

In a few long minutes, Aramis mended his shoulder wound, and wrapped his ribs as tightly as he could with whatever he had. He had taken off his doublet and used the bandages that he brought with him to wrap his stomach, and then took his sewing kit to take the musket ball out and stitch up the sickly looking wound. When he finished, he put his doublet aside and threw his head against the wall, taking a deep breath.

He gasped and winced when he felt a gentle hand on his arm. He opened his eyes, and smiled weakly when he saw Anne staring at him. "Come here," he said softly.

Anne happily obeyed, crawling into his arms, feeling him shaking slightly. "You're cold," she stated.

"I'm fine, Anne, I-"

He paused when seeing the Queen's sad expression, and he sighed.

"-I'm just in a bit of pain, that's all," he finished.

She nodded, looking up at him. "You need rest, then," she said.

Aramis smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her unexpectedly. Anne gasped against his mouth but kissed him back, her hands travelling into his wet and unruly hair. Tears began to fall down her cheeks when her lover flinched. She mumbled an apology, but didn't take her lips off of his own.

The Musketeer pulled away, nuzzling her nose. "Don't apologize," he murmured. "Everything's alright. But can I ask you something?"

Anne nodded. "Anything."

"Try to get some rest for me, will you?" Aramis asked. When seeing Anne's shocked expression, he continued, "I know you think I need some too … but my job now is to keep you safe. Nothing else matters. I will not-cannot-let you fell into anymore danger."

After a couple of minutes of confused silence, Anne finally hung her chin and nodded again. "Very well," she said. "Just promise not to leave me."

Aramis smiled and kissed her forehead. "I promise," he replied.

Slowly and carefully, he pulled her into his arms and let his chin fall atop her head. "Thank you," he said.

"No." Anne looked up. "Thank you. I do not know what I would do without you."

"I don't know what I would do without you."

Once again, Anne nodded. She then shifted herself and got more comfortable. She took his hand and squeezed it, beginning to run her fingers over his calloused knuckles. She began to drift, letting the darkness take over. Soon, she was fast asleep.

In the meantime, Aramis kept his eyes on the cave's entrance. It had begun to rain, and slowly, the drizzle turned into pouring. Cold, damp air began making its way into their small little shelter, practically soaking through his bones. He began to shiver, praying to God that Anne couldn't notice. To try and get his mind off of the cold, he kept his eyes on the waterfall, listening to the water trickling down. But in due time, he, too, began to drift away. And this time, he couldn't stop himself from succumbing to it.

He tried so hard not to close his eyes, but it still wasn't working. Finally, he just allowed himself to throw his head back and shut his tired eyes. He was asleep in minutes, dreaming about what he was going to do when he and Anne both wake up.