A/N: This is your head's up that a lot of the Gods are going to be OOC compared to canonical depictions found in the Light Novels and anime. You might learn a thing or two about the legitimate mythologies of the various pantheons, but I'm not going super crazy or accurate…just enough to make them more believable as the gods they are and to make this universe more interesting. This primarily relates to Hades, the titan Typhon, and Odin…but expect others as well. I'm diverging a lot from the gods in canon dxd because some of that shit is too lame, disrespectful, or underwhelming for my tastes. Odin for example is a super badass god (my personal favorite in all mythologies) and DXD turns him into some dorky ass pervert. That shit ain't happening here boys. The Allfather isn't gonna be under that pervy old man trope in any story of mine. He will be the badass he's meant to be. Hades will also have a regular form in addition to his skeletal one (as I find him being a skeleton all the time kind of dumb). Also, he's not an enemy of Olympus in my fic. Anyone that seriously follows Greek Mythology knows Hades is actually a nicer and more chill god than Zeus or Poseidon. I particularly hate that all movies/modern stories portray him as a moustache-twirling bad guy. Like in the labors of Heracles, Hades straight up lets him take Cerberus so long as his dog isn't hurt and returned. Does that sound like something an "evil" god would do? Hell No. Most people just equate Hades to the Greek devil or his one-dimensional Percy Jackson depiction...both of which are watered down portrayals for simple-minded mainstream people. With that being said, Hades is not "good" but he's not "bad" either. He just does his job and doesn't leave the Underworld much. The least douchey Greek gods are actually Hades, Hecate, and Hestia. Prometheus the titan was the ultimate homie though. The biggest jerks among them are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hera.

Hades will still have his reapers in the Underworld though, so don't worry too much if you liked that stuff in the LN's. I just wanted to do a bit more justice for the God characters in the DXD setting. This character change mostly applies to the Greek and Norse gods, since I know the most about them. However, I intend to make some of the gods from other pantheons more badass and relevant too. You can expect to see some Egyptian and Persian gods along with the main Shinto and Hindu ones as well. If you don't know who a certain god is or something I mention, I'll probably talk about it in the summary notes. If I don't, feel free to ask me. I don't have an issue with the Hindu Gods' depictions in DXD, but they will be more badass than their canon depictions. And before anyone asks…a few goddesses might become harem contenders. This isn't pokemon though, so don't expect Issei to "catch em all" as it were. You're welcome to suggest one if you want, but please don't ask me who all the possible contenders are. I can't answer that without plot spoilers.

Chapter 12: A Gathering of Gods

Issei walked over towards Irina and Xenovia after leaving the devils' company. They both had troubled looks on their faces and seemed a bit worried. Gabriel was also present and had a curious look on hers.

Much to Issei's dread, Riser and his peerage had also followed him along with Serafall. He looked them over briefly, "Do you guys mind giving me some space?"

"Sure thing, c'mon girls. Take care Issei Hyoudou," Riser gestured for his peerage to follow him.

"Yeah see ya," he waved curtly as he continued closer to his human friends.

Serafall remained with him however and sent a fierce glare towards Gabriel, "I'm not going anywhere so long as SHE's there…"

Ignoring the tension between Gabriel and Serafall, Irina immediately voiced her concern, "Where have you been, Issei? We've been looking all over for you!"

"I'll tell you about it later…this isn't a good time to talk about it," Issei said quietly as he glanced around at the room.

Serafall perked up curiously, "Yeah, where were you exactly, Issei-chan?"

"On the rooftop if you must know," he said vaguely without any follow-up explanation.

"Do you not want us to know?" Gabriel asked with remarkable intuition.

Issei gawked at her, 'Wow…I had no idea she could actually be insightful.'

"It's just a personal thing, Gabriel," Issei deflected.

"A personal thing? Is something wrong? You can talk to me about it if you want. I'm one hundred percent willing to help you if you need me," Serafall suggested with convincing optimism.

"I appreciate that, Serafall, but please don't pry into my personal business," Issei sighed.

"Vali and Tiamat are both gone as well. We thought you snuck off to go have se-" Xenovia's mouth was immediately covered by a blushing Irina.

She quickly finished Xenovia's sentence for her, "Seclusion to talk about something."

Serafall's face got flushed at the word Xenovia almost said as she sent a childish and cute glare at Issei, "You snuck off with them?"

The dragon sighed as he tried to make up something on the spot, "Yeah, well sort of. Vali just wanted to talk about her family to me."

Irina and Xenovia both seemed aware that Issei was lying but decided not to press the issue when they saw the serious look in his eyes.

"That's crazy to hear that she's part of the Lucifer family…she's not with the Old Satan faction, is she?" Serafall asked.

Issei shrugged, "She's a half-breed, so I doubt she's on good terms with those assholes."

"I guess that's true. Tiamat is also friends with her and she's on our side. Though it is weird I have to admit. I still have no idea what they're doing here in Kuoh," Serafall said with a hand to her chin.

"How much longer do we have to be here, anyways?" Xenovia wondered aloud. Issei was somewhat relieved that she changed the subject. For once her random comments paid off.

The delinquent shrugged, "I don't know. Hopefully, we can leave soon."

"Hyoudou-san!" Issei's teacher called out as she approached the group, "I was wondering…where did your father go?"

"Oh, he had to go do something for work. Are we good to leave now, sensei?" the delinquent asked as he put his hands in his pockets.

She frowned, "That's too bad. Well just so you know, I will be working on your extra credit when I get home tonight. I'll have it for you when you come back to school."

"Okay, cool. So I can leave now, right?" he asked a bit impatiently.

His teacher nodded, "Yes, Hyoudou-san. Thank you for coming tonight. Please tell your father that he's always welcome to come visit here. It was a pleasure to meet him."

'Literally I'll bet…' Issei thought amused.

"See ya," he waved as he immediately began to head for the front doors.

He had to get out of here before more people started prying. As he departed, Serafall voiced her concern, "You're leaving, already? We barely got to talk about anything!"

"Sorry, Serafall, but I'm ready to get out of here. I'll see you around," Issei waved.

She frowned, "Are you sure you don't want to talk? I'm not going to judge you."

"Another time, Serafall…I have some stuff to take care of," he replied nonchalantly.

Gabriel caught his attention as she blocked him at the front door, "Would you like me to take you home? I can teleport you,"

"Get lost, Gabriel!" Serafall immediately tried to push the angel out of Issei's way.

The delinquent rose a brow at her, "Uhh…no. I came on my bike."

"Well…your bike is gone just so you know. That's why I'm offering. Originally, I believed you left on it," Gabriel explained.

Issei's eyes shot open angrily, "What?!"

Without even waiting to see Xenovia or Irina's reactions, Issei immediately charged outside to find his motorcycle was missing. He cracked a fist in anger, "What the fuck?!"

"Somebody stole your motorcycle?" Irina asked disbelievingly as she and the others caught up to him.

The delinquent gritted his teeth, "Whoever did this is going to die…"

Right where he left his bike, he noticed a paper pinned on the ground. He bent over to pick it up and stared at it. His anger soon dissipated upon reading the note: 'Sup kid, I borrowed your bike for a bit to make modifications for it. You can use mine in the meantime. IT GOES REALLY FAST! I left it at your house.~ RED.'

'Red took my motorcycle? I wonder what he's doing to it?' Issei thought confused.

'Why would he leave it at your house though?' Ddraig added.

'I guess he figured I could just fly...' the brunette pointed out.

"What's that note say, Issei?" Xenovia asked curiously.

The delinquent sighed, "My dad just took it for some modifications. He left his for me back home."

"Would you like me to teleport you home then?" Gabriel asked again.

Issei shook his head, "Nah, I can teleport myself. I have to go run an errand first anyways. I'll see you around, Gabriel."

"That's Gabriel-sensei to you now, Issei. Don't forget that when we're at school. See you later," the seraph said cheerily.

"Issei-chan!" Serafall tried to catch his attention again.

He glanced back at her, "What?"

"I want to talk to you alone whenever we get a chance. It doesn't have to be now…but can we soon?" Serafall asked hopefully.

Issei nodded, "Yeah sure…I'll let you know when I have time."

Her eyes lit up, "Okay…just know that I'm here for you if you need me."

"Thanks Serafall," he sent her a brief smile.

After that, the delinquent wasted no time walking away. Irina and Xenovia quickly followed behind him. Once they were out of range of the school, Irina turned towards Issei, "So what's this errand you have to run?"

The dragon looked down at her as they walked, "I'm going to get a new house if you must know. My parents are coming home soon, and I don't exactly like the idea of all these angels and devils being around them. Plus I don't know how I would explain you two freeloading there."

"Freeloading?! I…I didn't realize we were being such a burden," Irina said almost distraught.

"I apologize for any inconvenience we've brought you Issei. We are unworthy as your guests," Xenovia bowed her head.

Issei shook his head, "Don't be so dramatic, I was just being blunt. I would prefer not to explain why two girls are living with me to my parents…or why all these weird people keep showing up there. That's why I'm getting a new place."

"It seems a bit unnecessary. Didn't you just buy my old house? We can stay there, can't we?" Irina asked confused.

"The further away from my parents I live, the less likely people will show up around them. Besides, I'm pretty rich now, so I can afford a bigger place for you two to have your own rooms. I was thinking about setting up a security system at your old house and a portal so I can travel there fast if necessary. Make sense?" He explained.

Xenovia's eyes lit up, "Oooh I get it. Your parents certainly wouldn't know what to think if those fallen angels showed up there dressed like prostitutes."

Issei facepalmed at her remark, "That's one way of putting it I suppose. My neighbors probably think Kalawarner is a Soapland worker."

"What is Soapland exactly?" Xenovia asked.

Irina blushed, "It's…"

"It's a sex worker district pretty much. I think they call them red light districts in the west," Issei finished for her.

Xenovia tilted her head with a curious look, "Do you go to Soapland often?"

"Uh…no," Issei couldn't help but laugh at her bluntness.

"Anyways…so we can still live with you then at your new house?" Irina changed the subject.

The delinquent nodded, "Yeah, you're welcome to if you want or you can stay or your old house. I'm good with either option."

"After what that devil creep pulled, I don't want to live away from you!" Irina exclaimed.

"I figured as much," he nodded.

The three of them were soon greeted by a girl running up from behind, "Hey, wait up Issei-kun!"

Turning back, they caught the sight of Ingvild catching up to them. The Leviathan girl looked a bit nervous from their gazes as she spoke again, "You said I could go with you to house hunt, right Issei-kun?"

"Sure thing, Ingvild. I wasn't sure if you were going to show up again," he replied.

Irina rose a brow, "So where were you the whole time?"

"I…I still don't feel comfortable around all those people. Especially high-class devils. If I got too close, they would have noticed I was a half-devil," she explained.

"Makes sense to me…by the way, Issei, what did you really talk to Vali and Tiamat about when you were gone?" Xenovia asked.

Irina perked up, "Yeah…that was a little suspicious. I get the impression there's more to it considering how serious you looked when we saw you coming down the stairs."

"They took me to meet Ophis, the Infinite Ouroboros Dragon God…or goddess. Whatever," he shrugged.

Irina and Xenovia traded shocked expressions, "So Ophis knows about you then?!"

"She knows about Ddraig…but Vali and Tiamat don't yet. I'll explain what happened," Issei sighed.

Mount Olympus, Greece

High in the skies of Greece at the peak of Mount Olympus sat a mythical palace obscured in clouds and deific magic. A darkly clad figure and a woman to his side approached its gates as they walked up a set of golden stairs. At the gate's apex near the top, a large structure covered the entrance forward. It bore many columns and had a massive gazebo overlooking the stairs below.

As the dark figure came closer to the gates, several women came from the structure and blocked his path forward. One addressed him formally, "Lord Hades… what brings you here? It's not autumn yet…so why did you come with Persephone?"

"We have important business, noble horae goddesses," Persephone spoke up.

"I have come to speak with Zeus. Do you object to that, Eunomia?" Hades countered.

Eunomia at the front shrugged, "Well, no…but you showed up mid-autumn. It's just surprising is all. It's not like you to come up here much."

"There are notable problems in the Underworld right now. Persephone and I have come to bring grim news to the Olympians," Hades explained as he pulled back his hood revealing a skeletal face. It quickly solidified into flesh revealing a man with long black hair. He had a stern expression clearly indicating that his business was important.

"Oh? What news would that be, my lord?" another one spoke up.

"It is something I do not wish to explain more than once, Eirene. You are welcome to escort me to Zeus if you wish," he replied.

"You are of course permitted to enter Lord Hades, but as the guardians of the gate, we would at least like the courtesy of some explanation. What say you, Dike? You haven't said anything yet." Eunomia asked the third horae goddesses.

"Lord Hades almost never comes up here unless it's serious. I would certainly like some idea as to what this is about." Dike spoke up.

Hades sighed, "This is about dragons, devils, and Underworld politics. Things have become increasingly…active lately."

"Dragons and devils huh? Must be bad if you're coming here for help. You are here for help, right?" Dike crossed her arms.

"It is overrun with devils, fallen angels, and other creatures. Though my main concern has to do with dragons," Hades answered.

"Fair enough…come we'll take you to King Zeus, Lord Hades," Eunomia nodded as she opened the gates and took point.

The other two followed behind him and Persephone. It didn't take long before the minor goddesses brought them up to the main pantheon palace. They were immediately greeted by a god with a winged helm who moved with literal godly speed.

"Woah! Is that you Hades?! And Persephone too? She's not due back for 4 months at least!" the infamous messenger god, Hermes exclaimed.

"Yes, I came to speak with the Olympians about important issues. Would you mind gathering them for me, Hermes?" Hades asked.

"Sure thing, but don't expect a warm welcome. The mood's been really tense here lately," the messenger god said with amused disappointment.

Persephone looked at him curiously, "What's going on, Hermes?"

"Ah well, it's all the usual stuff. Hephaestus and Aphrodite are passive-aggressively fighting, Zeus and Hera are literally fighting, Ares is still an ass, Artemis is still a bitch, and Dionysus is still drunk. Plus you how your mother Demeter gets this time of year. It's like a six-month menstrual cycle. I swear Athena, Apollo, and I are the only ones who keep this place from falling apart. Hestia and Poseidon are in decent moods though," Hermes chuckled.

"It's quite fortunate that they're all here at least," Persephone noted.

"Make haste…this is very serious," Hades said simply.

Hermes smirked, "Yeah yeah I'm on it. Go ahead and wait in the assembly chamber. I'll go send the word around to the others that you and Persephone are here."

"Good," he nodded.

About twenty minutes passed as Hades ventured into the assembly chamber along with his wife and the Horae. Two of them were busy talking to each other about some irrelevant topic or another, but Eunomia seemed more interested in Hades' seriousness.

"So…what's going on in the Underworld, Lord Hades? Also, who else is ruling down there besides you?" Eunomia asked to sway him from his stoic silence.

He glanced in her direction, "Currently it is divided among quite a number of factions and regions. The upper areas are where the devils and fallen angels live. They are the most relevant factions within the Underworld's higher levels. The devils rule about two thirds of the surface and the fallen angels hold a third of it. I rule over most of the middle level of the Underworld…the realm of the dead. I control about half of it and I guard the gate to the Pit of Tartarus which lies near Malebolge. The other half of the mid-levels are divided among other powerful Underworld Gods and monsters. Besides Persephone and I, Hel is the most noteworthy. Her realm is Helheim and it takes up about a quarter of the Mid-levels. She and I get along more or less."

"Who's Hel?" Eunomia asked.

Persephone rose a brow at her, "You don't know? She's a Norse God…or a Jotunn rather. She is the Norse God Loki's daughter."

"Hmm…I always wondered if other Underworld Gods had any domains down there," Eirene interjected into the conversation. She and Dike seemed more interested in the topic at hand now.

"Many do, but Hel and I are the most powerful. The only other relevant deities that you might know are the Egyptian Gods Osiris and Anubis. They joined forces with me a while back." Hades explained.

A moment later the sound of gods teleporting into the chamber or walking in soon caught their attention. It wasn't long before all of the Olympians were present as well as other minor Greek gods. They all took seats upon their thrones in the assembly chamber.

They had mixed reactions to Hades' presence and exchanged uncertain looks with each other as the he stood up and approached them.

"Ah, Hades, this is a surprising visit. What brings you here with Persephone, and why did you request all of us to be present?" Zeus asked.

"Have you finally come to return my daughter home for good?!" Demeter practically hissed at him.

Persephone sighed at her mother's tone but said nothing about it.

"No…we come bearing serious news about a series of incidents in the Underworld that demand your attention," Hades replied vaguely.

Hera tilted her head confused, "Do you need our help with something? It's not like you to ask for help."

"In a manner of speaking…yes," he nodded, "The Pit of Tartarus has been broken into recently. My death reapers caught this image of the perpetrator…" Hades explained as he held up device which magically displayed some footage.

The gods all looked confused and almost amused by the sight. It was a little girl with black hair flying away into the skies of the Underworld. Their amusement was soon replaced by shock when the display panned over to show the Gate of Tartarus completely destroyed.

Zeus looked infuriated, "Who is that little girl? Did she break the gate?!"

"More importantly, none of the titans were freed, were they?!" Hera interrupted.

Hades shook his head, "No…we did a full survey of Tartarus after the incident and I have the gate under repair as we speak. I also moved Cerberus to guard it now. There was only two missing prisoners…the evil dragon Ladon, and the Hydra. I did some investigation on this girl and I learned her identity. She is the Infinite Ouroboros Dragon God, Ophis."

"THE Ophis?!" Poseidon gawked in disbelief, "as in the void dragon of infinite power?!"

"Yes…I am not certain why she came for the dragons in Tartarus, but it was a matter of concern to me. She's up to something dangerous and I thought you should be aware of it," Hades explained.

"Hmm…I don't know much about this dragon god. How powerful is she exactly?" Apollo asked.

"Very powerful…the titans and countless other deities across the Earth were afraid of Ophis. This creature has never taken much interest in the worlds before…I was under the impression it dwelt within the Dimensional Gap of Chaos," Hera replied.

Artemis piped up aggressively, "She freed evil dragons from Tartarus?! We need to do something about that. I'll gladly help hunt this monster down."

"I agree! Such a brazen act cannot be ignored. Dragons are nefarious creatures and should not be allowed to do as they please," Ares almost growled.

Athena glanced at him and Artemis and spoke condescendingly, "I don't think you two understand how powerful Ophis is. The Gates of Tartarus are designed to keep the titans and other powerful sinners detained. The only prison greater than it is Cocytus. For her to break it so easily…"

"A mere dragon is no match for the full power of Olympus!" Ares declared with righteous fury.

"Hades, how are you so sure that this girl was Ophis?" Hestia spoke up for the first time.

"I asked the Underworld goddess, Hel, about it…she recognized the girl and told me that Ophis had also reanimated Niðhöggr. He was another evil dragon whose corpse decorated her throne and whose soul was bound to her realm in death," Hades explained.

Hestia's eyes widened, "I see…there's a pattern then. Ophis is going around gathering evil dragons? Why?"

"I don't know, but I asked the Egyptian god Osiris to contact Ra and see if there was any word about the evil Eclipse Dragon Apophis. He hasn't sent me a reply yet, but I assume the worst," Hades answered.

Demeter shook her head, "This is ridiculous…you expect us to believe this dragon god is going around resurrecting all the dead evil dragons?"

"It's not ridiculous…it's concerning. We appreciate you bringing us this grim news, Lord Hades," Athena said respectfully.

Hera stared at Hades seriously, "Are the other factions aware of this development?"

"I don't know…though the devils have been quite terrified of dragons lately. A powerful dragon recently attacked one of their territories. It razed a district and killed the Astaroth family heir. My reapers managed to acquire some footage of the attack," Hades stated as he showed another magical display.

The Olympians all watched with curiosity at the sight of the Astaroth territory in ruins with Issei briefly fighting against Ajuka. The video didn't show much unfortunately for them. Hades let it play out for a bit and stopped the footage over Issei, "This dragon is likely a high priority target for Ophis if she is recruiting powerful dragons to follow her."

"Considering he slaughtered a devil heir and fought the Super Devil Ajuka Beelzebub, I can see why," Apollo noted.

"Who is this dragon?" Aphrodite interjected as she stared at him, "he's surprisingly cute for a monster."

Hephaestus who had been silent the entire time sent her a brief glare but said nothing.

"So what happened to the flying lizard? Did he win against the Super Devil?" Artemis wondered.

Hades shrugged, "I am not entirely certain, but he definitely didn't lose. This is all the footage we were able to acquire. He left the Underworld after the attack and returned to Earth. The devils have been extremely cautious around him now and have made no further provocations from what I've heard."

"Does this dragon have a name?" Apollo asked.

"They call him the Crimson Nightmare Dragon in the Underworld, but he goes by a human name, Issei Hyoudou. We learned that he lives on Earth in the far east on the island nation of Japan. I have sent my reapers to track him down, but they have been running into issues since the dragon apparently lives between devil and fallen angel territory. There are also high-ranking faction leaders present in the area including a Satan, an Archangel, and a few Fallen Angel leaders. It seems clear they're watching him as well," Hades elaborated further.

"Is that an archangel with him in the footage? Which one is that?" Artemis asked as she pointed at Gabriel in the paused footage.

"It looks like the Seraph Gabriel. I've met her before. Why would a Seraph be there? Was she working with this dragon?" Apollo pointed out.

Hades nodded, "Yes, the devils are under the impression that this dragon is allied with Heaven. I don't know much more beyond that. My spies are trying to uncover the politics around this situation. Regardless, I know for a fact that Ophis will show up again to come for this dragon."

"Hmm…well this might be worth asking other pantheons about. Do you want me to go check, Lord Zeus?" Hermes asked.

"The Shinto Gods might know more about this dragon since he lives in their lands…and others could certainly confirm if they've sighted evil dragons returning," Zeus nodded.

Their meeting was soon interrupted as one of the horae spoke up, "Someone's here."

Everyone turned with curious anxiousness as they spotted Tsukuyomi enter the chamber. He spoke politely, "Forgive my unannounced arrival to Olympus. I come bearing vital information for all gods."

"Who are you?!" Ares asked aggressively.

"Tsukuyomi the Shinto Moon God," the Shinto god answered calmly.

"It's rather rude to show up here uninvited…what is this vital information?" Hera asked impatiently.

"I know this dragon you're talking about…as well as what Ophis is up to. Forgive me I overhead some of your conversation. Allow me to fill you in on what we Shinto Gods have learned," Tsukuyomi explained.

"Well that's a convenient turn of events," Hermes chuckled.

They all perked up seriously. Zeus was quick to wave him in, "Please, come tell us then."

"Ophis has already tried to recruit this Crimson Nightmare Dragon into her new dragon army. My brother, sister, and I confronted Ophis when we became aware of a large dragon presence. Ophis has recruited many of the greatest dragons into her personal army. Among them we confirmed, Orochi, Crom Cruach, Ladon, Niðhöggr, Apophis, Grendel, Azi Dahaka, and Tiamat. She also had the wielder of the heavenly dragon Albion, and recently awakened the evil dragon Vritra in another person's sacred gear. She would have recruited Vritra and this Crimson Nightmare Dragon already had we not arrived when we did. She's certainly going to come back for them," Tsukuyomi stated.

"That many?! She already commands a majority of the most powerful dragons in history!" Athena gawked.

"Don't forget about the Hydra too…" Artemis scoffed.

"Luckily, she has not found the wielder of Ddraig, the other heavenly dragon. But one can only imagine how powerful this dragon army would be if she had all the evil dragons, two dragon kings, two of the heavenly dragons, and this Crimson Nightmare Dragon all on her side. Ophis alone is quite a force to be reckoned with," the Shinto god said seriously.

"I guess I should go warn the other pantheons soon then. Do you think the dragons are amassing for war against us?" Hermes asked.

"I tried to confront Indra about it, but he refused to see me. I am not entirely certain we can trust him…the youkai leader in Kyoto told us that Indra's Hero Faction was in league with Crom Cruach the evil dragon. I suspect Indra's involvement in all of this. Ophis did not seem that concerned about him despite how powerful Indra is," Tsukuyomi explained.

"Have you told the other pantheons yet besides ours?" Zeus asked him.

"Only the Egyptian and Persian Pantheons thus far. I informed Hathor about Apophis…she went to go warn Ra. As for the Persian Gods, Mithra and Verethragna both agreed to see me. They seemed quite disturbed to hear news about Azi Dahaka's return. Mithra immediately went to warn Ormuzd and Verethragna offered to assist my brother and sister in our lands. They all assured me of their willingness to help combat this dragon threat. I would welcome your aid as well, but should you refuse, I at least thought it wise to warn you about the threat," Tsukuyomi explained.

Zeus brought a hand to his beard as he stroked it in thought, "Hmm…well we're already involved in this mess considering Ophis destroyed the Gate to Tartarus. We'll gladly help deal with this issue."

"I am relieved to hear that King Zeus. Though I do have an additional request for you Greeks. If you would be willing to warn the rest of the western and northern gods, I can go back and try to contact Shiva about this. If anyone can investigate Indra's involvement in this mess, it's certainly him," Tsukuyomi suggested.

"Yeah I'll handle that and contact the rest of the Pantheons. I'll start with the Norse Gods…they still like me. They might even know things we don't about the situation. Odin's a pretty smart guy and I know he won't ignore a threat like this," Hermes announced.

"When we're finished here, please see that done, Hermes. Odin and his kin will certainly make a good allies. I will go speak with the Fates and see what they have to say about the dragons in the meantime," Zeus nodded in approval.

Poseidon crossed his arms, "I will come as well."

"I would also like to be present for that," Hera added.

"As would I," Demeter followed.

"Tsukuyomi, what do you know about this Crimson Nightmare Dragon? Why does he go by the human name Issei Hyoudou? That's an eastern name isn't it?" Hestia asked the Shinto God a moment later.

The silver-haired moon god answered without delay, "According to the Youkai leader of Kyoto, this Issei Hyoudou stood opposed to Crom Cruach and the heroes he was with. We haven't uncovered much more beyond that yet. Though judging by my encounter and by his appearance in your display here, this dragon's human form does match the natives of our lands. It could be an alias to blend in with our subjects. To what end I couldn't say…"

"It's not an alias. He's a half-dragon according to my spies," Hades interjected.

"A half-dragon you say? Interesting…well my sister and brother are currently watching the location he's at. We know Ophis will come back at some point again to recruit him. We intend to confront her with a more substantial force when that does occur. Enough to end her threat before she can do any lasting damage," Tsukuyomi explained.

"That's a good idea. We can cut the head off the snake before this turns into a catastrophe," Poseidon nodded in approval.

"This is quite horrific…with all those evil dragons and Ophis under one banner, it would take many gods to kill them all. Not to mention the devastation it would cause to your lands or the people living there," Demeter sighed.

"Would you be opposed if we also sent an observer to help your brother and sister in watching this Crimson Nightmare Dragon? We need a vanguard. You mentioned Verethragna has already gone there, yes?" Zeus asked Tsukuyomi.

The Shinto god shook his head, "I would not mind at all. I would prefer at least one god from several pantheons be present. Some of my kin might find it shameful to seek outside help, but I have no intention of letting pride get us all killed. If you do send someone however, they should probably be one of your better fighters. I don't see this ending without violence."

"If this threat is as dangerous as it seems, why send just one?" Hera asked.

"That sounds like the perfect job for me," Ares spoke up seriously.

Tsukuyomi frowned a bit, "I do not question your martial skill, Ares God of War, but between you and my brother Susanoo, I fear there would be a great lack of subtlety. I would prefer someone more passive for the time being. When conflict arises, we will certainly need your help then. I would prefer a god that doesn't draw as much attention and who can intelligently observe the politics around Kuoh."

"Hmm…I suppose I see your point," Ares said unhappily.

"Send me! I'll go!" Artemis spoke up almost aggressively.

"Absolutely not! You're far less subtle than I am!" Ares protested.

Artemis' eyes lit up angrily, "Is that right?! I am the hunter! You're just a dumb brute!"

"Enough! I actually had Athena in mind for this task," Zeus interrupted them.

Athena sighed as she looked at Zeus, "I would prefer not to, but I will go if that is what you wish."

"Athena would be perfectly suited for it. She's strong and a lot less hot-headed than you two," Hestia noted.

"Send Artemis with her too. She is good at observing and Athena can keep her in line," Hera interjected.

Ares looked pissed as he shook his head, "Why not send me as well then?"

"Considering how poorly you and Athena get along, that seems like a bad idea. Your sisters will handle the observation for the time being." Hera responded authoritatively.

Ares reluctantly bowed his head in acceptance, "As you say, mother."

"I have a request of you, Hades. Would you possibly be willing to ask the titans about what they know of Ophis?" Hera asked.

The King of the Underworld looked at her seriously, "I am willing to make the attempt, but I don't see much point in it. They will not tell us anything without compensation."

"I might be able to convince Nyx or Typhon to tell us…but I would not dare approach either one of them without substantial backup," Hestia spoke up.

"Take Ares and Hestia with you, Hades. See what you three can do about getting information in Tartarus," Zeus suggested.

"Who will watch over Olympus if you're all leaving?" Aphrodite interrupted a bit concerned.

"Apollo will watch over Olympus while we're all gone. Hephaestus, I would like you to start forging us all new armour for battle. Aphrodite, I would ask that you gather loyal heroes of Olympus and assemble them here at Olympus," Zeus commanded.

Aphrodite rolled her eyes, "That's more of Athena's thing than mine…"

"Or would you prefer to go to Tartarus?" Zeus asked her.

The goddess of love and beauty immediately changed her tone, "I will go find who I can then."

"Do you want me to do anything?" Dionysus asked after chugging an entire bottle of wine in one gulp.

"You can assist Aphrodite or Hephaestus," Zeus replied.

Dionysus chuckled, "Well that's an easy decision."

"On second thought, go with Hades," Zeus immediately changed his mind.

The drunk god groaned, "Ahh…shit. Well maybe the titans will talk with some booze, right?"

Aphrodite looked relieved by the decision, but not nearly as much as Hephaestus.

"Well with all of that settled, let's not waste any time," Zeus nodded as he stood up from his throne. The other gods followed suit.

Tsukuyomi bowed politely before speaking one last time, "I appreciate your cooperation, Olympians. Please contact me again if you learn more about the situation."

Without another word he disappeared in a flash of light leaving the other gods to disperse about their tasks. Dionysus immediately walked up and put a hand around Hades' shoulder, "So big guy, how's the Underworld these days? Any hot goddesses down there besides your wife?"

Hades peeled his arm off and spoke with passive disinterest, "I will let you be the judge of that. Let's go."

Ares sent one last glare at Artemis and Athena as they both walked outside to Artemis' chariot. The huntress sent him a cocky smirk as they made eye contact. Athena on the other hand looked like she was dreading the trip.

The god of war found some satisfaction in seeing the favored child of Olympus unhappy in her duty. He was drawn from his thoughts as Hestia spoke to Hades, "If you have allies down in the Underworld, I would not be opposed to bringing them along too. Even imprisoned, the titans are still dangerous."

Hades nodded, "I will ask Thanatos, Anubis, and Hel if they would like to come as well."

"Sounds good to me," Hestia replied approvingly.

Persephone frowned, "Are you sure we can really trust Hel, husband?"

"Only time will tell," Hades answered. His face looked deep in thought.

Kuoh, Issei

While looking around for a new house to buy, Issei spent the idle time explaining the situation to his three followers. He of course left out certain details that he didn't want them knowing but was mostly honest about the experience. They all seemed particularly disturbed and worried about the two conflicting sides of gods and dragons.

Irina was even more worried that Ophis was coming back for Issei, "That's terrifying…what are you going to do when she comes back, Issei?!"

"I'm hoping she'll see reason and not want to go through with her insane plan. If not, I guess I'm fighting. Listen girls, if things get too rough, I'll teleport you three and Saji out of there. For now, I don't want you stressing over this. Take your training seriously and don't put yourselves in compromising situations. Don't try to be heroes and pick fights with any of the gods or dragons. I won't be able to protect you girls entirely if you stick around. If shit gets too hot, I want you two to go with Gabriel and Ingvild, I want you to go into hiding again. Is that understood?" Issei lectured.

Ingvild frowned, "I understand. Now I have even more of a reason to train and get stronger."

"Should we warn Gabriel about this?" Irina asked.

"No!" Issei immediately shot down her question, "I am not trying to turn this into a huge diplomatic incident. It's bad enough the Shinto Gods jumped the gun and assumed the worst. Ophis seemed reasonable enough to consider my points. Don't go around telling people stuff they don't need to know. With any luck she'll change her mind and I can just help her find somewhere new to live."

"I understand, Issei…I'll train just as hard to make sure we're not dead weight," Irina nodded seriously.

Xenovia sighed, "What about Kokabiel though? You still have to take him out right?"

"Yes…I'll deal with that after I buy the new house," he groaned.

A quick trip back home later, Issei was amazed by the sight of Red's Motorcycle. It was similar to his in that it was red, but that was where the similarities ended. Red's motorcycle had exhausts that resembled dragon feet and its front was extremely reminiscent of the shape of Red's head in dragon from. The Motorcycle also had a built-in radio and it seemed to be a strange hybrid between a crotch rocket and a cruiser. The license plate was the funniest thing to him…it just said: RED.

After retrieving the motorcycle and grabbing his briefcase of money, Issei ventured out into town to find a new pad. Unfortunately for Ingvild, she wans't able to ride on the bike with him or the exorcists since there wasn't enough room. She simply flew after them and would stealthily catch up at each stop. After scoping out the city for another two hours, Issei finally found a perfect fit for his new home. It was a Japanese estate a bit outside of town in the woods. It appeared to be connected to an old martial arts training ground and temple but had since been renovated with some additional western architecture and modern amenities. He didn't much care for all the fancy staircases and elaborate decorations, but he did find the hybrid of western and Japanese architecture unique and interesting.

His favorite thing about the house was how spacious and isolated it was up in the mountainous woods outside of town. It was roughly thirty minutes away from his parents' house by vehicle. It even came with a massive storage area that he already knew was going to become his garage. The backyard looked perfect for training as well which was all he needed to see in order to fully convince him. The only downside was it would take longer to get to school, but that wasn't really an issue for him anyways.

Despite it being well into the evening now, he was thankful that the owner of the estate had been there doing renovations. The house was apparently still being worked on before going on sale. Finding it had been a pain, but quite a few rich people in town suggested it to him oddly enough.

He expected it was a joke but was relieved to see it was in fact to his liking. At first, the owner seemed skeptical about trusting him to even look at it since he was a teenager and had the appearance of a yanki at that.

Nevertheless, a quick briefcase of money and his infamous dragon wit easily changed her mind. To his utter relief and excitement, Issei was able to buy it from her that very night. He was surprised by how lucky and painless the endeavor turned out to be, but of course finalizing the paperwork and signing the deed took a bit longer than he liked. Fortunately, the woman seemed just as eager to sell as he was to buy.

"So why have you had troubles selling this place? I had a bunch of people in town recommend it to me," Issei couldn't help but ask.

"Well I've had to take it off the market a couple of times. This was one of many ancient estates owned by an ancient noble clan. It has a strange reputation. I've done my best in renovating it so a more modern and wealthy family might buy it. There are some bad rumors that it's cursed, and that's made things difficult in the selling process. The people who were interested quickly lost interest after seeing it. It's unusual, but I never expected someone to come buy the house before I even posted it back on the market…let alone a high schooler," she said with a chuckle after finishing up the last few bits of paperwork.

"Yeah thanks for letting me buy it right away. I found a few other good places, but the owners were either gone or they insisted on going through a long background check and financing with the real estate agents. I don't have time for all that nonsense. Most people didn't take me seriously even with the money I offered…but they said you would. I'm glad they were right," Issei smiled as he shook the middle-aged woman's hand.

"It's equally as fortunate for me. I was starting to think I wouldn't turn a profit for flipping this property. When my husband and I bought it, we didn't believe in all the rumors about curses and it being haunted. Unfortunately, most of the locals do. I'm glad you're not so easily spooked," she said with relief.

Irina frowned, "So people think this estate is cursed? Is it haunted by spirits or demons?"

"Not at all, but just to be sure, I had shrine priests come by and perform exorcisms quite a few times. If there was an evil presence in there it's certainly long gone. I am simply happy to finally get away from it and move back to the city," the woman said almost nervously.

"Even if it is haunted, I don't care," Issei shrugged. It was completely obvious that the house was, but he was actually glad about that. It would scare people away from his home if they thought it was cursed. Plus if there actually was some presence there, getting rid of it wouldn't be any issue for him.

"Forgive me Hyoudou-san, but I have to ask…are these girls moving in with you too? It seems a bit inappropriate for a bunch of teenagers to move in together up here." she asked almost judgmentally.

He nodded, "Yeah, they're just friends staying with me for a while."

"How did someone your age come to acquire this much money though? Are your parents wealthy?" the woman asked.

"Look, I don't need you asking all these questions. You're lucky I'm even buying this place despite it obviously being haunted. You have your money and I have my new estate. Let's not make this any more complicated than it needs to be," Issei cut through her prying.

The woman nodded, "Ah I see…as you wish then Hyoudou-san. Well here are the keys, the deed, and of course my personal information in case you need to contact me about the estate We can finalize the upkeep bills later if you'd like and I'll be discreet if the bank asks any questions. The next month of power, water, and internet are already paid for, so consider that a parting gift."

"Thanks Musashi-san. I'll finalize the rest of the paperwork later." Issei took the various things from her hand as he glanced up at the house.

"So this house belonged to some ancient clan? That's a pretty cool!" Irina chirped enthusiastically.

"Before you go, Musashi-san, what exactly are the paranormal things that people claim to see around here?" Issei asked casually.

The middle-aged woman immediately got defensive, "The estate is not cursed, I assure you."

"Whatever, I'll figure it out myself," Issei rolled his eyes at her obvious lie. It was clear that she thought she was getting the better end of the deal and was afraid Issei would try to back out of it even now.

'She's lying, but I don't even care. I'll be doing my own exorcism and put up a legit barrier around here,' Issei thought.

'It's more than likely some minor mythological being lives around here and was trying to scare people away,' Ddraig noted.

"Alright, well thanks again," Issei waved as the woman began to walk over to a nice car in the driveway.

"Have a good night Hyoudou-san," the woman waved back before getting into her vehicle and driving away.

Once she was gone, Xenovia spoke up immediately, "Let's go find out what this paranormal activity is."

After a brief survey of the estate grounds, they saw a shrine pool in the backyard that was obviously not entirely right.

"I sense a dark presence around here," Irina spoke up as she examined the pool.

"Stand back for a minute. if anything's around here, I'll easily find it with this," Issei stated as he held up his hand. A golden red aura quickly and briefly enveloped the entire estate and nearby land in a draconic aura.

It immediately purged the house of any potential inhabitants as the barrier enclosed around the area and solidified. It went invisible shortly afterward.

Issei glanced at the girls, "Whatever's here, that should draw it out."

Moments later dangerous hiss came from the shrine pool as a creepy woman in all white rose from the water. She let out a terrible humming sound as she blinked and phased around them creepily. Xenovia and Irina both drew their holy swords and swung around trying to hit the spirit. Without much effort, Issei then subdued her in his draconic magic.

"Alright looks like some Sadako wannabe was haunting the place. At least she didn't come out of the TV," Issei remarked indifferently as he walked up and examined the evil spirit. She couldn't do anything in his magical restraint but make that nasty hissing sound and stare creepily.

"What did you call her, Issei?" Xenovia asked as she and the others got a bit closer.

"Oh she just looks like the bitch from that ghost movie Ring. Mom was pretty scared of it," Issei chuckled.

Irina shook her head, "Oh yeah, Xenovia and I watched that after I taught her Japanese. Pretty creepy… no wonder that poor woman couldn't wait to sell the house."

"I'm amazed she didn't die already…maybe the spirit only attacks men? Ah whatever. So long as the house has a scary reputation, nobody will bother us here," Issei shrugged.

The ghostly spirit stared at him intensely. No doubt if there was any shred of humanity left in her, she was probably trying to make sense of her predicament. Issei's complete lack of fear and immunity to her supernatural powers were no doubt confusing to the entity as well.

"Okay, time to go to hell, ghost bitch. Take your stupid ass curse and get out of my house," Issei said casually as he disintegrated the evil spirit immediately.

Xenovia couldn't help but smirk at the aftermath, "Well if only it was always that easy to exorcise evil. We should probably search around some more and make sure this house is properly cleansed."

"Yeah, okay…stay here and handle that girls. I'm going to open a portal up and get some stuff from my parent's house. Anything you need while I'm gone? Want me to grab your clothes and all that other stuff?" Issei asked.

Irina immediately got flushed, "W-wait…you can't just go through our clothes!"

"Don't worry I'm not going to sniff your underwear or anything. I'll be back in a few minutes. I really want to make sure all your stuff is out of there before mom and dad get home," Issei countered as he opened a portal up.

Ingvild called out to him before he could leave, "Are you sure it's okay for me to stay with you for the time being too?"

"Yeah I already told you...until we deal with this Ophis bullshit, you can stay here. Want me to grab your stuff too?" he asked the half-devil.

She shook her head, "No I can just get my stuff from my apartment. If you make me one of those portals, I can do it myself."

"I'll be right back then. Don't wander off too far. I have a barrier around the property now," the delinquent stated before departing.

"Well while we're waiting, let's go make sure there are no more surprises in the house," Xenovia interjected.

Midgard Portal to Bifrost, Somewhere in Scandinavia

Approaching the end of a magical rainbow up in the northern lands of Europe were Vali and Tiamat. The latter shook her head annoyed, "So Ophis expects us convince Loki to give us Jörmungandr? I don't think she realizes how lazy he is…or how much of an asshole Loki is. This seems like a really stupid idea."

"I think convincing Loki to hand over the Miðgarðsormr will be even more difficult than convincing the dragon himself. He'll obviously expect some legitimate compensation," Vali sighed.

"Why though? Loki is with the Khaos Brigade, isn't he?" Tiamat asked confused.

Vali said nothing for a moment as the two treaded through a slightly icy field nearing the end of the rainbow. Finally she answered, "He says he is, but who can really trust a trickster god?"

Tiamat sighed, "Yeah, so explain to me again, why we're going to Bifrost? You know the God Heimdall watches these portals like all the time, right? The Norse Gods are going to be suspicious if just show up and ask for Loki."

"I am aware of that…but Loki is in Asgard right now. So it might be best to just ask for an audience with the Aesir. I'll just tell them we're looking for the Red Dragon Emperor," Vali shrugged.

"The Norse Gods aren't too fond of dragons, you know…besides if those Shinto Gods saw us, it's only a matter of time before word spreads about Ophis gathering our kind up. Do you honestly think this will go smoothly?" Tiamat asked.

Vali frowned, "If we're lucky, we can get in and out before word spreads here. Besides, aren't the Norse Gods on decent terms with your devil friends? They'll know who you are."

"Sort of, I guess…" the blue-haired dragon groaned.

As they reached Bifrost, they found a large pedestal with eight different pillars around it…no doubt representing the different worlds in Norse myth. The center ninth one was obviously their current location on Earth or Midgard.

"Okay, let's see here…opening a link to Asgard," Vali said calmly as a magical portal opened at the tip of the rainbow bridge.

Before they could even get near it a powerful voice echoed around them, "By what right, do you two request entry into Asgard?"

"I am Vali Lucifer half-devil heir of the Lucifer Clan, and this is the Dragon Queen Tiamat. She and I request an audience with the God Loki," the silver-haired dragon answered.

The voice of Heimdall heavily inflected doubt, "To what end?"

"We seek his knowledge about the Red Dragon Emperor," Vali made up on the spot.

Heimdall seemed reluctant, but responded slowly, "Very well…you will be allowed your audience. Respect the rules of Asgard and do not cause trouble. We will be watching you for any sign of mischief."

"Thanks," Vali replied as she and Tiamat approached the rainbow bridge portal. Upon stepping into it, they shot up the portal in a flash of light and into the legendary realm of Asgard.

Upon reaching their destination, they saw Heimdall standing there adorned in his golden armor. A winged helm covered his head, but his golden eyes were staring at them intensely. He had his sword positioned down at the ground like a stoic statue and stepped to the side for them to pass.

As they walked by him, he spoke dangerously, "Be warned…all of the Aesir and several Vanir are in attendance. The Einherjar and the Valkyries are also well equipped to fight dragons…keep that in mind and make your business quick. Loki was in Valhalla with Thor last I saw him."

"Wow you're surprisingly nice," Tiamat chuckled.

Heimdall said nothing and ignored the two as they continued forward.

"I've never been here before…this place is amazing looking," Vali remarked as she and Tiamat walked across the rainbow bridge and gazed up at the magnificent halls and palaces of Asgard.

"So where's that Valhalla place at anyways?" Tiamat wondered as the duo reached the end of the bridge and walked up some elaborate and decorative steps.

Countless warriors surrounded them with all manners of weapons ranging from spears, swords, and sacred gears. Several Valkyries were quick to fly down and intercept them as well.

One spoke seriously, "Halt! What is your business here?"

"Jeez, Heimdall let us in to go speak with Loki…chill out, will you?" Tiamat got a bit defensive as she sent a fierce glare at the bold warriors surrounding them.

"Hmm…the Dragon King Tiamat, and a devil? What is your business with Lord Loki?!" the Valkyrie demanded.

"That's none of your business, bird girl. Why don't you back off and let us do what we came here to do!" Tiamat hissed.

"Tiamat…don't instigate them. Listen, we won't be here long. Heimdall granted us permission to come request an audience with him," Vali tried to calm the situation.

The Valkyrie gave them a curious look and agreed much to their shock, "Fine…he was in attendance with the other Gods up in Odin's hall last I saw him. We'll take you there."

"Thank you," Vali nodded politely.

A long and somewhat awkward walk of silence later, Vali and Tiamat were finally outside of a massive palace like building. The Valkyrie sent a fierce look at them, "Be respectful in the Halls of Valhalla…we won't hesitate to kill you if you try anything stupid."

"So, I just have to ask…are you being a bitch because I'm a dragon or is there something going on here right now that has your panties all twisted?" Tiamat asked.

The Valkyrie scoffed at her, "The fact that you're a dragon is irrelevant to me. You blatantly coming here and acting like we owe you respect is what I find unappealing about you, lizard girl."

"Lizard girl? Like I haven't heard that one before," Tiamat scoffed.

"Stop Tiamat…let's go get this over with," Vali interrupted the inevitable argument that was about to break out.

As the two passed into the legendary halls, they soon noticed a massive attendance of warriors kneeling down in some type of assembly as the gods stood near Odin's throne discussing things. Many long tables decorated the massive chamber, but the warriors were not seated at them currently. There was no doubt to either Vali or Tiamat that something important was happening.

The two girls quickly made their way closer but were not surprised by the shocked faces of the Einherjar kneeling in attendance. The Norse Gods all looked at them disbelievingly as they reached the front of the massive hall.

Odin was currently seated on his throne with his spear in hand. He looked extremely serious as another god was speaking to him.

Vali and Tiamat didn't recognize him right away, but the God speaking to them looked like the Greek God Hermes.

Everyone in attendance stopped speaking and simply stared at the arrivals. Hermes gawked in disbelief, "That's Tiamat?! And who is that with her?!"

Tiamat immediately whispered into Vali's ear, "This doesn't look good."

"I am Vali Lucifer, and this is the Dragon Queen Tiamat. We came to seek an audience with the God Loki regarding the Red Dragon Emperor. We were told Loki knows who he is," Vali lied.

Several of the gods sent death glares at the two of them. At first it seemed like they were annoyed at the interruption, but it soon became apparent that they were somewhat aware of why they were actually there.

Upon seeing Loki's absence in the Hall, it became immediately clear to both Vali and Tiamat that this was either a cunning trap or an extremely unlucky turn of events.

"Loki just left a few minutes ago…right before Hermod arrived," one of the female deities explained. Though Vali and Tiamat didn't know who she was, the deity was Thor's wife, Sif.

"Looks like you were right, Hermod…the dragons were also looking for the Miðgarðsormr and the Red Dragon Emperor. Loki must have expected this and fled before your arrival," the one-handed god Tyr acknowledged the Greek messenger god.

"Hermod?" Tiamat glanced a Vali confused, "Isn't that the Greek God Hermes?"

"The Norse Gods call me Hermod. I'm an honorary member of their pantheon," Hermes answered.

Odin stood up from his throne and stared down at the two dragons, "Tell me, dragons…what is Ophis' purpose with this horde she has been building?"

"I told you this was a stupid idea," Tiamat muttered to Vali.

"It has nothing to do with warring against the gods if that's what you think," Vali spoke up calmly, "she seeks to battle Great Red."

"The Apocalypse Dragon? Hmmm…I see, so he has claimed the realm of chaos from her then?" Odin nodded.

"Lies…all these serpents do is lie! We should kill them while we can!" the Freyr bellowed.

"Even if what you say is true, such a battle would mean the destruction of the worlds of Yggdrasil and all its inhabitants. For the safety of the realms of gods and men, I cannot allow that to happen. Your actions would bring about the Last Ragnarok. It is our sacred duty to stand against the tides of chaos. We cannot allow you to go unchallenged," Odin said with cryptic wisdom.

Tiamat growled, "So you're challenging us, Old man?!"

"As the King of Asgard and the protector of the realms, it is my duty to do so. Unless you dragons call off this horde you've assembled, we will have no choice but to meet you in war," Odin stated calmly.

Vali shook her head, "Fine…we'll just be on our way then."

"Why's a devil like you working with a bunch of dragons anyways?" Tyr asked Vali.

Hermes jabbed Tyr lightly with his elbow and spoke up, "I think I know who that is…Tsukuyomi told us Ophis had the wielder of Albion. From what I can sense, she's half-human and would certainly fit the description. She must be the White Dragon Empress."

"White Dragon Empress?! So she's the wielder of Heavenly Dragon Albion?!" Tyr remarked with shock.

Vali nodded, "Yes."

"Do have orders for us, Allfather?" another one of the gods asked. He was the biggest and strongest by the looks of it and had topaz colored hair with an epic beard. On his head was a winged helm and over his body he wore impressive runic armor. The sight of a hammer on the ground next to him confirmed he was the legendary god Thor.

Odin stared at Vali specifically now, "I offer you one chance to stand down and surrender peacefully. If you refuse, we will have no choice but to meet you in battle. It brings me no satisfaction to declare war upon you, but I will not turn a blind eye to the threat you represent. What say you, dragons?"

"We're done playing nice with other races and bowing to your stupid whims! If you think we're going to surrender, you're obviously a delusional and senile old man!" Tiamat growled.

"So be it…" Odin sighed as he looked at the other gods and gave them brief nods.

"Slay these serpents in the name of the ALLFATHER! For the Nine Realms! For Asgard!" Tyr commanded the Einherjar and Valkyries in the massive hall.

With fearlessness and determination the chosen warriors and winged women all opened up with various attacks and spells against the two dragons. Vali immediately deployed her sacred gear and Tiamat manifested her humanoid dragon appearance as blue wings erupted from her back.

Her eyes dilated into blue slits as crystalline scales formed over her arms and legs. Horns sprouted from her head, and fangs as well as talons immediately jutted forth from her mouth and limbs. Tiamat bashed a wave of warriors back before exhaling ice breath in a deadly arc freezing many in place.

She flapped her wings causing devastating gusts of wind to blast all the Valkyries back as she inhaled for another breath attack. Blue flames erupted from her mouth engulfing most of the hall in chaotic blue dragonfire.

The Valkyries all combined their magic attacks to counter it fortunately for many of the warriors present. They quickly worked to nullify the chaotic flames as the warriors all fell back from the two dragons.

The god Freyr immediately stepped forward, "Stand back Einherjar and Valyries…these creatures are too much for you to handle. We will destroy them."

Tyr, Vidar, and Freyr all teamed up as they approached Tiamat. Despite only having one hand, Tyr still carried a beautiful runic longsword in his left hand. A golden shield of light manifested over the forearm of his other arm that was missing its hand. The Norse God of War took point.

To his flank, the Silent God Vidar, manifested a spear in one hand and a sword in the other. Unlike his golden-maned brother Tyr, Vidar had a more whitish hair color like their father Odin. His beard was also more of a neatly trimmed point. He looked equally as serious as Tyr though.

The golden-maned Vanir God and son of Njord, Freyr, drew his own sword. His other hand lit up with magic as he stood slightly further back no doubt prepared to support the two warrior Aesir gods in front of him.

As those three approached Tiamat, Vali had her own challengers step forth. She wasted no time fully equipping her sacred gear's scale mail and stared down the other Norse Gods. She felt a bit concerned when she saw her opponents were Thor, Sif, and Freya.

Thor was of course the most famous and powerful of all the Norse Gods. He was even more powerful than Odin. The God of Thunder fearlessly charged Vali with devastating speed as he cracked her scale-mail with one smash and sent her flying through the doors out of the grand hall and into the skies of Asgard. Thor, Sif, and Freya all went out after her immediately.

Tiamat on the other hand was not faring nearly as well as she thought she would against her opponents. They worked extremely well together in negating any and all of her attacks. Tyr tanked the majority of the damage with his magical shield and had been keeping her from doing any powerful breath attacks. Vidar had been doing the most damage as he periodically flanked the dragon and stabbed her with his spear or sword. In this setup, that made Freyr the support role as the white mage of the group.

Tiamat fought with ferocity against Vidar and Tyr, but the two of them together were nearly too much for her to handle in a straight melee fight. Supercharging one of her talons with a multitude of various elements, Tiamat blasted all three gods back with a chaotically supercharged wave of magic.

The various elements all began to crackle from her body as more scales formed over her skin. She soon transformed fully into her true draconic form. She had the appearance of a western blue dragon covered in chromatic crystalline scales.

With a deafening roar and a flap of her wings she caused the halls of Valhalla to shake as many Einherjar were sent flying off their feet. Vidar planted his spear down and knelt in order to resist the force of the blast.

Tyr slid back considerably but was caught by Freyr's magic as the Vanir God raised a massive magical ward to counter Tiamat's following breath attack.

Taking advantage of their current situation, Tiamat then flew outside as she smashed a hole in the ceiling and took the air. The gods would be at a disadvantage fighting her in the air. Nevertheless, they all pursued her as they got onto the rooftop of Valhalla.

"You arrogant gods are going to regret picking a fight with me! Chromatic Calamity!" Tiamat hissed as she converged her fire, frost, lightning, earth, and wind magic into the chromatic energy of chaos. She blasted the top of the hall with it unleashing a devasting mixture of damage.

Flames began to rain from the sky as lightning and thunder boomed across the horizon. While some of it was Tiamat's power, the majority of the booming thunder was coming from Thor further away.

Sif and Freya remained further back on a spire of Asgard as they watched Thor and Vali battle one on one high in the air above. The God of Thunder raised his hammer overhead as a vortex of lightning streaked across the sky and converged down upon him.

He aimed all of it towards Vali, whose scale-mail was actually cracked in quite a few places from his powerful attacks.

As the lightning came in, Vali's wings lit up and Albion's voice deafened Asgard, "DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE!"

By the time the attack hit Vali, she rose a magical ward to negate the vastly weakened attack. Thor looked serious as he flew in closer and stared her down, "The Principle of Supremacy…the power stolen from the dead Christian God. I had heard of it, but I've never seen it in action before."

"You can't beat me no matter how powerful you are, so you might as well just give up," Vali remarked with stoic confidence.

"I cannot do that, dragon…you vastly underestimate Asgard if you think that alone is enough to defeat us," Thor responded seriously.

"Show me then, god of thunder…" Vali chuckled as she flew in and clashed with him midair. Lightning exploded through the skies from their clash, but Vali was not expecting Thor to grab her by the wing during it.

With a swift uppercut swing from Mjolnir, he shattered the wing off before flailing into a deafening tempest of lightning infused smashes.

Vali went flying down to the ground from the assault but was quick to repair her scale-mail as she nearly hit the ground. She looked back up at Thor seriously who was circling his hammer overhead causing another vortex to fill the skies.

"DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE! DIVIDE!" Albion's voice sounded as Vali kept weakening the massive storm manifesting overhead.

In her distraction, Vali almost forgot about Sif and Freya as the two goddesses flanked her. Sif impaled the White Dragon Empress from behind with her spear and charged her into a nearby building pinning her against the wall.

Vali managed to free herself but soon found herself dodging Sif's insanely fast jabs. She finally managed to catch the spear with one of her hands, but not before Thor flew down and brought his hammer across the top of Vali's scale-mail helmet.

The scale-mail shattered again and completely dazed Vali. Thor and Sif immediately cleared the area as vines rose up from the ground and held her arms and legs in place. Freya then unleashed a colossal blast of magic towards the briefly incapacitated Vali which bound her in place.

Thor added to it by charging up lightning again in his hammer and throwing Mjolnir down at the dragon full force.

Before the attack could land however, Vali managed to blast Freya off the building she was standing on. This gave her the opening she needed to break free of Freya's magic and dodge Mjolnir as she immediately flew back into the air.

Lightning crackled across the landscape as the hammer created a massive crater where she had been moments prior.

Freya quickly recovered and regrouped with Thor and Sif as the three of them examined Vali for any sign of weakness. The White Dragon Empress was only getting started by the looks of her calm demeanor.

During their brief standoff, the sound of a horn echoed throughout Asgard causing everyone to turn their attention towards Bifrost. Thor's eyes widened with urgency, "Heimdall sounded the warhorn!"

"We're under attack!" Sif shouted.

The reason for the horn became apparent very quickly as a black blur flew in behind Vali. The Asgardians looked concerned when they saw another dragon now present on the battlefield. It was none other than the evil dragon Niðhöggr.

"What are you doing here?" Vali asked confused.

The evil dragon was in his dragon form and hissed with annoyance, "Ophis sent us to retrieve you in case the Asgardians attacked. I told her they would…"

"Us? Who else came with you?" Vali asked.

Her question was answered a moment later when she saw a massive black eastern dragon flying overhead. The very sunlight of Asgard darkened as none other than Apophis flew in towards Tiamat's location.

Apophis wasted no time reaching Tiamat, who was fighting for her life against Tyr, Vidar, and Freyr. The three of them looked shocked as Apophis flew up behind Tiamat in the air. His deep voice echoed throughout Asgard, "Come Tiamat, we're leaving. Regroup with the others."

"Yeah, let's get out of here," she nodded in agreement as she began to fly towards Vali and Niðhöggr in the distance.

Tyr immediately tried to stop her as he jumped high into the air and plunged his sword at the dragon's back. His attack was blocked as the powerful Eclipse Dragon Apophis bashed him back with his tail.

Moments later, Odin came out on his flying eight-legged horse Sleipnir and stared Apophis down. He called out to the massive beast, "Hold, I would speak with you, dragon!"

Apophis stared Odin down with his silver eyes, "Words have already failed here. For you to brazenly attack guests within your own realm…I see the legends of Asgardian honor were vastly exaggerated and false. We do not desire war against you Gods, but we dragons will defend our own, Allfather."

"Ophis risks the destruction of the universe by challenging the Apocalypse Dragon. Surely even you can see that!" Odin bellowed.

Apophis hissed at him, "This has nothing to do with you! But it seems we cannot be allowed to exist in your perfect universe…you will have your war if that is what you wish. We dragons will stand as one! No longer will we be hunted and purged by your kind!"

Without another word, Apophis followed Tiamat back towards Vali and Niðhöggr. Darkness engulfed the entirety of Asgard as Apophis reached his fellow dragons.

Light returned moments later only to reveal that the four dragons were now gone. Odin sighed heavily as he rode back down into his Hall. Upon dismounting his horse and walking inside, many of the other gods came up to him.

The gods that had been fighting the dragons came in behind as Odin approached Hermes. They all had various comments about how insanely powerful the dragons were.

The Allfather looked at the Greek Messenger god, "It would seem you have your answer now, Hermod. Inform the Olympians and the Shinto Gods that Asgard will defend Midgard against this dragon threat."

"As you say, King Odin…by the way some of the other pantheons have sent observers to watch for Ophis' return in Japan. Do you have anyone you can spare to send?" Hermes asked.

"Send me, father…" Thor volunteered immediately.

Odin sighed, "Go then Thor Odinsson…and take Rossweisse with you."

"Huh?! Wait you want me to go, Lord Odin?!" One of the Valkyries in the hall spoke up disbelievingly. She had long silver hair and deep blue eyes filled with worry.

Odin nodded, "Your magic will help Thor and you are the emissary to the Underworld…so your presence in devil territory should not alert suspicion."

"I…I mean if that is your decree," she bowed her head nervously.

Thor crossed his arms, "What about Loki? He's involved in all of this…where has he gone?"

His question was answered as a battered individual came stumbling into the hall. It was none other than Heimdall. He nearly fell over before Sif and Freyr caught him. They helped escort the god further inside.

He grimaced in pain as he spoke up, "I managed to track Loki before the other two dragons showed up…he fled to the Underworld. Forgive me, Allfather…for allowing those dragons to enter."

"Niðhöggr and Apophis are super powerful dragons…the latter of which is Heavenly dragon level. There is no shame in them overwhelming you," Frigga spoke up empathetically.

"No your grace…I meant the other two. I should have known they were trouble," Heimdall held his head in shame.

Thor shook his head before changing the subject, "Heimdall, can you put a Bifrost portal to Japan in Midgard?"

"Yes, Thor…I can." Heimdall nodded.

"Good…I am going there with Rossweisse to watch over the Shinto lands. I could use your eyes in the sky," the God of Thunder replied.

Heimdall nodded, "As you command."

"Let him at least heal up first," Freyr interjected as he began to channel soothing healing magic over the guardian.

As this was happening, Hermes looked over at Odin, "So what will you be doing in the meantime, Lord Odin? My father Zeus and a lot of the other Olympians went to see the Fates and the Titans."

"I will take a journey to the roots of Yggdrasil…Frigga is in charge until my return," Odin commanded as he immediately walked out of the hall.

"Allow me to come with you father!" Tyr volunteered as he tried to follow.

"No, Tyr…remain in Asgard. You and all the other gods will be called upon to ride into Midgard should the worst occur." Odin trailed off.

"What should we do about Loki though? We can't let him hand over the Midgard Serpent to them" Tyr grimaced.

"Loki is currently beyond our reach. He will show himself again and you must all be ready for him. I fear Ragnarok may finally be upon us," Odin spoke one last time before mounting Sleipnir and flying off to Bifrost.

Thor glanced over at Rossweisse and addressed her, "Valkyrie…let's go. The people of Midgard need us."

"Yes Lord Thor!" she bowed her head and followed behind him.

Issei's Parent's House, Kuoh

After making several trips to transfer all of Xenovia and Irina's things, Issei also got Ingvild's belongings from her own apartment. Luckily they didn't find anything else unusual at his new house, but the nearby forest was a bit suspicious according to Ingvild. Trusting that the girls could figure it out, Issei was currently back at his parent's house for one last trip to put up a number of barriers and finalize the security system he connected to it with Irina's old house.

Finally content with his work, Issei let out a breath of relief, 'Alright, mom and dad should be back tomorrow or the next day at the latest. This will do for now.'

'I suggest you also give your new address to everyone else that shows up here all the time.' Ddraig suggested.

'Yeah, that's a good idea. I'll text Sona and have her spread the word. She can also alter my address in the school records without me having to talk to anyone,' Issei agreed as he immediately sent Sona a text to do just that.

'What about the Fallen Angels?' Ddraig wondered.

'Oh yeah…I guess I'll just have to go track them down really quick before I go home,' the dragon remarked as he closed the door and locked his parents house up. He also left a note on the counter telling his parents where his new house was in case, they got back before he could tell them.

Getting on Red's motorcycle now, Issei revved it up before closing his eyes and sniffing the air for a fallen angel scent. It didn't take long to find it near the church in town and close to where Azazel's apartment had been.

Issei joyrode through Kuoh as he locked on to Raynare and Kalawarner's scent. Both were together which made it even easier to track them.

After half an hour of detours and wild stunts, Issei finally reached his destination. As he pulled up to what appeared to be a nice apartment, he was soon greeted by someone's voice.

"Woah, it's you?! What are you doing here?!" the blonde fallen angel Mittelt remarked. She was currently sitting over a balcony with her legs dangling off the sides.

"What's up Mittelt," Issei waved at her casually.

Mittelt jumped down and landed in front of him before crossing her arms, "Don't go using my name so casually! I don't know you like that!"

"Whatever…I just came by to see Raynare and Kalawarner," he completely ignored her sassy attitude.

"Oh yeah? They're inside…how did you find out where we were staying though? Did they tell you?" she began to question him.

He shook his head, "No, I tracked their scent…I am a dragon after all."

"I have a question for you, Issei Hyoudou…what are Raynare and Kalawarner to you anyways? From the way they gush about you, I'd swear they're your fangirls or something. You wanna come clean and tell me anything?" the blonde fallen angel asked. She had a slightly anxious face much to his amusement.

"Oh they're just my girlfriends. How come you're not gushing? Do you want to be one of my fangirls too?" Issei decided to tease the fallen angel with a smirk on his face.

"Pfft…yeah right. You might be strong, but I'm not THAT easy. I don't know what you did to make them like you so much, but it's kind of weird. Both of them are mega-bitches but they act so nice to you," Mittelt said sassily as she put her hands on her hips.

Another individual soon greeted Issei as he came from the rooftop, "Is this the dragon, Mittelt?"

"You must be Dohnaseek, right?" Issei asked the fallen angel man who was wearing a trench coat and a hat.

"Yes…nice to meet you finally, Issei Hyoudou. I understand you also met Lord Azazel. He spoke highly of your abilities and your boldness," Dohanseek replied.

"Yeah…I'm sure he did. Look I just came by to tell you guys that I moved a bit outside of town. So don't go by my old house anymore," he said with a heavy and serious tone.

The tense mood was immediately dissolved as both Raynare and Kalawarner came outside. The former had a surprised expression, "Issei?! W-what are you doing here? You should have told us you were coming…I'm not even dressed."

"How could I have told you? I don't have your phone number or email," he shrugged.

Raynare smirked, "Oh that's right...duh."

"Cute pajamas by the way," he chuckled at her black lacey feather pajamas.

Kalawarner had similar outfit to her usual attire on…though it might as well have been the worlds' skimpiest nightgown considering he could literally see her underwear from it.

'Where does she find those outfits? Damn…' Issei couldn't help but wonder.

"Oh, well this is a pleasant surprise. What brings you here?" Kalawarner asked as she crossed her arms. He couldn't tell if she was trying to strike a seductive pose, but she was clearly not embarrassed from his brief stare.

"I just came by to let you girls know that I moved. So don't go by my old house anymore," Issei repeated.

"You moved? Why?" Raynare asked curiously.

Issei shrugged, "I needed a bit more privacy and space. My new house is up in the woods. I wrote down the address for you. I don't mind if you visit but give me a heads up if you want to visit."

"How should we contact you?" Kalawarner cut in as she moved in closer.

"I assume at least one of you has a cell phone…" Issei trailed off as he looked them over.

Raynare enthusiastically ran back inside before coming out with hers, "I do! Here let's trade information!"

"I got one of those recently. Didn't see much point in having it until now," Kalawarner added as magically summoned her phone in her hand.

After trading information, Issei nodded, "Alright cool…just ask if you want to come by. I'm going to go do renovations tomorrow."

Before the conversation could continue, the entire area was soon covered in fallen angels. Several had multiple sets of wings, but one had 5 pairs totaling ten. It didn't take a genius to figure out who the Fallen Angel was. It was Kokabiel.

Issei facepalmed at the situation as the fallen angel Cadre began to speak, "And here we have the traitors conspiring with the dragon. I knew it was only a matter of time before I caught you in the act. Did you honestly think your four could outsmart me?!"

"Oh no, it's Kokabiel!" Raynare announced worried.

Dohnaseek and Mittelt both fell back towards Raynare and Kalawarner. Kokabiel's loyalists surrounded them on all sides.

"What the hell do you want?" Issei asked gruffly.

The Cadre gave him a malicious glare, "I came to offer a challenge to you. I know you have been tasked by Azazel to defeat me. So I will give you your chance to do so. Meet me at seaside cliff north of the city in two days' time. Bring whoever you'd like, and I will bring my allies as well."

"You seriously want to fight me?" the delinquent shook his head.

Kokabiel smirked, "Yes, I do…"

'Surely he must be aware of what you did against Ajuka Beelzebub…why would he blatantly challenge you?' Ddraig wondered.

'I don't know…maybe he has some kind of trap planned.' Issei theorized.

'Well two days time is close to when Ophis is probably coming back. Do you think it has anything to do with her?' Ddraig pondered seriously.

'No…I think he has something else planned. Maybe a weapon that can combat dragons?' Issei considered a grim possibility.

Ddraig was silent for a moment before speaking again, 'I say kill him now then.'

'Yeah, I agree…' Issei replied.

Issei's wings erupted from his back as he took a step towards Kokabiel, "Or I could just fight you right now."

The instant he charged at them, Kokabiel and all of the other fallen angels disappeared via instant teleportation. He was actually shocked by how fast it happened or he might have been able to stop it. Issei cracked a fist angrily as his wings receded, 'Fucker ran away?!'

'He's nowhere near as powerful as you, but we should still be extra cautious until he's dealt with. There's no telling what kind of sinister plan he has. Kokabiel looked surprisingly confident,' Ddraig sighed.

Issei shook his head, 'You don't think he's counting on the gods to help him, do you?'

'Possibly, but whatever it is, we should probably train up in the meantime to make sure we're ready for it. You need to perfect Nightmare Mode with the balance breaker.' Ddraig concluded.

'Nothing's ever fucking easy, is it?' Issei sighed before turning back around.

The remaining four fallen angels looked notably concerned about the situation. Raynare immediately voiced her fear, "He just called you out to meet him somewhere? That's a trap if I've ever heard of one!"

"Yeah, it probably is…" Issei trailed off.

Kalawarner shook her head, "Are you planning on going there?"

"Yes," the delinquent stated simply as he walked back over to his motorcycle.

"W-wait, that sounds like a really bad idea to me! Kokabiel was genuinely concerned about dealing with you up until tonight. Something must have changed. He never would have had the gall to challenge you like this without some dangerous trick up his sleeve," Kalawarner pointed out.

Issei stared ahead with bloodlust in his eyes, "I'll have a surprise for him too…"

"Umm, Issei…can we um spend the night?" Raynare asked nervously before he could drive away on his motorcycle.

He looked at her confused, "Why?"

"What do you mean, why?! Kokabiel might try to abduct us or something! Lord Azazel isn't in the city right now, so we have no backup here," Raynare announced fearfully.

"Fine…the new place is big enough for you guys to crash there for a while. We'll talk about this some more later with Xenovia and Irina," he reluctantly agreed.

"Dibs on riding with Issei. You guys mind grabbing my travel case in the living room?" Kalawarner announced as she immediately got on the back of his motorcycle and hugged onto him very tightly.

"Hey, Kala, that's not fair! Move your thick ass up and make some room for me!" Raynare protested as she pushed her friend closer towards Issei and clutched on behind her.

At this point, the entire front of blue-haired vixen's body was hard-pressed into Issei's back. He could feel the warmth from her body among other lewd things.

While he might have typically found the situation humorous or fun, he was in a serious mood right now and didn't say anything about it.

"Here's the address…meet me there," Issei handed a piece of paper to Mittelt who was watching the scene with a flushed face.

"See you guys there. Don't take too long," Kalawarner waved to Dohnasweek and Mittelt as Issei blasted down the street at full speed back home.

Issei couldn't help but find this a bit ridiculous. He already had Irina, Xenovia, and Ingvild all staying with him. Now the four fallen angels would too. How the hell was he going to train anyone if Raynare's posse was around.

He chastised himself a bit for being too nice in this situation, but it was only temporary for now. Despite his intention to train the girls and Saji, he doubted any of them would be able to really help him if the worst came to pass.

'Hmm…well I guess I can go find Saji tomorrow and train him a bit in private. The guy actually could be useful if he learned how to use Vritra's powers. Ingvild has a Longinus too…I should definitely find out what it's capable of as well. God damn it…how did I get wrapped up in all of this shit?' Issei groaned mentally.

'So much for you finishing high school,' Ddraig couldn't help but laugh.

'At least I have a badass new house. Got any recommendations on decorations?' Issei asked Ddraig in the hopes of distracting his troubled mind.

'Those statues around the property were interesting. Some dragon statues would look cooler though…and you need a better garage to go with it. Still I would hold off on doing too much. You need to train...because we're in for a shitstorm of fighting in two days.'

'Hopefully, the girls didn't encounter any more ghosts or something. I think I've had enough bullshit for one night,' Issei sighed.


Alright boys, that's a wrap for chapter 12. As you can see shit is starting to get really hot now! Here's my usual commentary about the chapter.

Okay so to start off, Red takes Issei's motorcycle for modifications and leaves his for Issei to use instead. What might the glorious DRAGON DAD be doing to it? Issei then decides to slip out of the parent teacher event and spend the rest of the night finding a new house. Now realistically, it would take longer for someone to buy a house as they would have to go through the bank and a bunch of other bullshit. Please just give me your suspension of disbelief in that regard as I didn't want to bore you guys with mundane shit like that. This chapter is already like 17k words. Issei buys a badass new house up in the woods that used to belong to some ancient clan. The owner eagerly sells it to him because the house is haunted, but Issei quickly takes care of that as he starts moving in his friends for the time being. Hopefully there aren't any other surprises there.

Now a really big and important chunk of the chapter focused on the meeting of the various Gods. Alright so sit down for class kids because I am about to give you a brief lesson in mythology. I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence, but I assume most people don't know anything about Greek Mythology other than Percy Jackson or God of War. On the flip side even less people know about the various Norse Gods as their understanding mostly comes from the Marvel's Thor universe (which is ridiculously inaccurate). I'm showcasing the more mythologically accurate versions of the gods…well slightly more accurate. This is still DXD after all…so it won't be that extreme or detailed in this story. Don't let my excessive descriptions down below scare you away. Anyways, allow me to give you a brief summary about who each god is so nobody gets confused. Feel free to skip over this if you're a nerd like me and you already know.

My description about the greek gods:

The minor goddesses guarding the gate to Olympus are called the Horae. They are daughters of Zeus...pretty much all you need to know about them.

Zeus is obviously the King of the Olympians and the youngest child of the titans Kronos (Cronus/Cronos) and Rhea. He is also the most powerful god in Greek Mythology (discounting some of the titans like Typhon, etc).

Hera is the Queen of Olympus and Zeus' older sister/wife. Expect Issei to make a lot of funny incest comments about this stuff later on. I thought about taking it out, but ultimately decided not to for the sheer luls it would bring. Poseidon is the 2nd strongest Olympian and one of Zeus' older brothers. He's the god of the sea and horses. Hades in the oldest male child of Kronos and Rhea (and the oldest male). He's the God of the Underworld…he's not the God of Death though, that's Thanatos. His wife is Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

Ares is the god of war and the son of Zeus and Hera. Hephaestus is the god of fire and forging. He's the son of Zeus and Hera. Artemis and Apollo are twins. Artemis is a goddess of the moon, hunting, and girl-stuff. Apollo is a god of the sun, music, healing, etc. He is considered the most beautiful god (rivaling Aphrodite) and is the Greek equivalent of the Norse god Balder. Apollo and Artemis' father is Zeus and their mother is the minor titan Leto.

Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis (who was also Zeus' original wife). She had an unusual birth because in mythology, Zeus ate Metis out of fear that their children would be stronger than him and Athena was born from his head later. Athena is believed to be one of the strongest Olympians as she easily beats Ares in multiple stories and is a legitimate power rival of her uncle Poseidon. She's Zeus' favorite child as well. Power rankings are kind of malleable and subjective in greek myth, but Athena is undoubtedly Zeus' strongest child.

Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia (one of the plaiades). He's the messenger god but is also the god of a bajillion other things too. He's one of the few Olympians that actually gives a shit about helping humans. He's a trickster and a bit of a dick sometimes, but he's mostly nice (for a Greek god anyway).

Hestia is the oldest of the original six Olympian siblings and easily the nicest. She is the big sister of Zeus and is the goddess of the hearth. Despite not being super relevant in many Greek stories, all of the gods respect her. It's theorized she's super powerful because Zeus lets Hestia do whatever she wants. She has no desire for power and is very laid back. Like Hephaestus she is also a fire deity. Dionysus is the god of wine/pleasure/etc. His father was Zeus and a mortal woman.

Demeter is another one of Zeus' sister and is the goddess of the harvest and nature essentially. She and Hades each get six months with Persephone. Go look up the story if you want to know why. As for Aphrodite, everyone knows who she is, but you probably don't know where she came from. This is where things get super weird…Aphrodite is suggested to either be a daughter of Zeus and Dione (a nymph), or the more popular and accepted myth is that she is Ouranos/Uranus's daughter born from the sea where Kronos cut off his father's dick. So supposedly she was literally born from a titan's dick. Greek mythology is weird…we're not going that deep guys. I just thought you should know that. Anyways, hopefully now you understand who all the Greek gods are. I'll explain some of the titans in a future chapter…at least the ones that will be in the story.

My description about the Norse Gods:

Moving on from them let's discuss the Norse Gods really quick as they're a bit more complex. They are divided into Aesir and Vanir Gods. Essentially the Aesir rule Asgard and the Vanir rule over Vanaheim. The Vanir are believed to be Germanic deities that the were incorporated into ancient Norse Religion. They are all Norse Gods now, but they are two different tribes of them essentially. The Aesir are pretty much the warrior gods and the Vanir are more like sorcerer gods. After the great war between the Aesir and Vanir, each took hostages to live with them in their own realms. The Aesir took Freya, Freyr, and their father Njord. The Vanir took Mimir and Hoenir. So now I'll tell you who each of the relevant norse gods in this story are:

Odin is the King of the Aesir. He's called Allfather because he is the father of gods and men. Thor is obviously his most well-known son and his oldest. However, most people don't know this, but Thor's mother isn't Odin's wife Frigg…it's Jord (Jörð). Now depending on who you ask, Jord is either the literal Earth itself or an Earth Jotunn/goddess of Midgard. That's all irrelevant in this fic, so you can choose to believe what you want. With that being said, Thor is the strongest of all the Norse Gods.

Tyr is the God of War, Laws, and Justice. The main reason he has one hand is because he lost it when he imprisoned Fenrir, the Great Wolf. Odin is believed to be his father in the Edda (and to save your sanity he is in this fic). Vidar is the god of vengeance and is another son of Odin. He's actually the 2nd strongest Norse God according to all accounts as he avenges Odin's death in Ragnarok. Fun little aside here, but there is also a norse god named Vali who is Odin's son (He won't be in the story, obviously, but Vali in mythology avenges Balder's death).

Freyr and Freya (Freyja) are Vanir gods that live in Asgard. They are twins and are both super relevant deities in ancient norse myth. Freyr (the male twin) is the god of fertility/agriculture/growth. I would say he's like a norse equivalent of Demeter. He is also closely aligned with the Elves (light elves) in Norse mythology. Freya his twin sister is the goddess of love, beauty, wealth, fertility and other stuff. She's essentially a combination of Aphrodite and Demeter. Both of the Frey twins are super powerful with magic said to be rivaled only by Odin's. Their father Njord is a sea god (Norse Poseidon if you want a super simple overview).

Frigg (or Frigga depending on what you prefer) is sometimes confused for Freya, but she's Odin's wife and is the Norse Equivalent of Hera (only she's not an evil bitch like Hera is). As for Balder (Baldur/Baldr), he didn't make an appearance in this chapter, but Balder is a son of Odin and Frigg. In mythology, he was accidentally killed by his brother Hodur (Hod/Hodr) with a mistletoe arrow. His soul resides in Hel where he is kept her prisoner. In this fic, he's down there for another reason. Balder is the norse equivalent of Apollo. He's super beautiful, everyone loved him, and he was a sun god.

Sif is Thor's wife and was believed to be a Vanir goddess originally. That's all you really need to know about her. Loki is a bit too complicated to explain without boring you guys, but forget everything you've seen in Marvel's Thor.

Now something important to notice here...the Norse gods called Hermes "Hermod"...which is the norse messenger god. In this fic, Hermes is a friend of the Norse Gods and he's also Hermod to them. That means he doubles as a messenger for both pantheons and fills two positions. Hopefully that doesn't confuse anyone.

End of descriptions and the rest of the summary:

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of who all the gods I mentioned are and what they're capable of doing. As for some of the other pantheons (particularly the Persian and Egyptian ones) I will be detailing them in the summary notes whenever they appear in the story. For the ones I mentioned in this chapter though, Verethragna is the Persian God of Victory. If you've seen the anime Campione, you'll probably know who he is already. Now the Persian pantheon is the most difficult to explain since it incorporates ancient Vedism and Zoroastrianism. To save your sanity and patience, the main deities you'll see are Verethragna, Mithra, and Ahura Mazda (Ormuzd).

As for the Egyptian Gods, everyone knows most of the main ones, but the most relevant ones in this story are Ra, Horus, Hathor, Bastet, Set, Osiris, Anubis, and Isis. In regard to other pantheons, you will definitely see some of the Hindu as well. Maybe a few other random gods from less known pantheons as well.

Alright well with that drudgery over, I'll get back to my summary now. So Vali and Tiamat go to Asgard in order to find Loki to ask him for the Midgard Serpent. Upon getting there they are met with a poor welcome and see that Hermes has already warned the Norse Gods about Ophis. Obviously, it wasn't one of Ophis' best ideas, but luckily the girls had backup as Apophis and Nidhoggr come in to help them out. With that little skirmish breaking out, it would seem war has been declared.

To make matters worse for Issei, he now has to deal with Kokabiel who is hatching some secret plan to possibly take him out. But with the various observers sent to watch for Ophis' return, can we expect a major shitstorm of violence? Absolutely.

Anyways, that's all for this chapter. I apologize if I overwhelmed anyone with the various gods being added into this story, but considering they're in this universe canonically, I thought it would be more appropriate to depict them better. Don't worry if you're concerned about me drowning you in exposition. Only some of them will be relevant characters. The others might show up here and there, but it won't be enough to distract you from the main characters. As I mentioned in the A/N at the beginning, feel free to suggest a goddess if you really want her in the harem, but please don't ask me who is all in it.

The next few chapters should be fun, and action packed as everything blows up. As always, thanks for reading and humoring my obsessive insanity with this story.