"Seriously, I just got a convection oven, I can whip you up a frittata in ten minutes."

Lois and Hal turned to look at Reese with suspicion.

"A convection oven? I can understand that you might make enough to keep this place, but where on earth did you get the money for a new oven?"

"And this refrigerator is nicer than ours!" Hal added from where he was running his hands over the stainless steel of the fridge's surface.

Reese swallowed. "I can explain-"

The ringing of the telephone cut him off and he lunged for it, desperate for an escape from the suspicious glares of his parents.

"Mrs. Bishop? Yeah? Have you decided whether you want the roast duck or the scallop sashimi? Look lady, there's a waiting list with lots of other people who won't waste my time… You want the roast duck? Yeah, that's what I thought." He started to set the handset back down before changing his mind, bringing the phone back up to his face. "Pleasure doing business with you." He ended the call and turned hesitantly back to his parents.

"What the hell was that about?" Lois demanded.

"Well, you see, I needed some serious cash for the fridge and oven and...other things, so I picked up some catering jobs."

Lois grabbed his ear before relaxing, confusion and surprise replacing her rage.

"That's… actually a good idea, Reese." She stared at him, searching his face, before turning to her husband. "Well Hal, I say we search the place and then get out of Reese's hair."

Hal nodded, turning to Reese. "Reese, we came here to do something. It goes against all of our instincts, and even as I'm about to do it, it doesn't feel right, but, our instincts aren't very good lately, so, here goes: we love you, and we think you might be better off staying here."


"Honest to God, you seem to be doing much better without us. Let's face it, in seventeen years you've spent more days in juvenile court than you have in school. But now, after ten days on your own, you're a functioning member of society," Lois answered. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but we're proud of you, son."

Author's Note: This episode always bothered me because there were so many different ways that he could've gotten the money and so much plot potential. It also annoyed me because, spoiler alert, Reese doesn't end up doing anything culinary after graduating despite the idea that he's an insanely good cook being reinforced in multiple episodes. I hope you liked this story, please leave a review!

Much love, Miss Luxe