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Erza (22 years old)

Mirajane (22 years old)

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-Catching up and Fiery Spars-

The guild itself was seemingly quiet as situated in a nearby table was Natsu and the rest of his friends. Despite being gone for the past four years, it didn't change the fact that everyone was eager and silent waiting for the pinkette to answer certain questions to where he had been.

"Okay since the party is practically over now. We might as well begin. So who's first to ask?" A couple of people made way as Erza sat in from of Natsu. Judging from how her facial was, she was gonna ask him something really serious.

"Okay then Natsu, here's my question. Where were you all this time and what were you doing?" Natsu sat up facing the red-head before grabbing his bag.

"I was traveling. Going around different continents and training. You see, when I was talking to Gildarts he said some interesting things and me being the idiot I was at the time didn't really understand what he meant. But I started to think about my future and how I could better myself. That's when it hit me. I wanted to travel and see if it could help me discover some things." He paused as he saw that said mage in the room. Gildarts for the first time was actually present as he merely waved at Natsu giving him a thumbs up for following his advice.

Others such as Gray couldn't believe what he was hearing. That dense-idiot who he believed couldn't think for shit actually decided to better himself. That was enough for him to believe that Natsu actually had a brain and was smart enough to look for help.

Of course being his rival, He would never show his acknowledgement towards the pinkette or else more rumours will spread like the plague.

"Of course as to where I trained... I went to some of the most dangerous places that Earthland had to offer. And by training myself, I managed to adapt and grow stronger." He finished the first question as he looked again.

"Anyone else have something to ask?" This time it was the eldest of the Strauss family being Mirajane. She went up to Natsu and stood near Erza's seat.

"My question for you is what kind of places did you visit?" Natsu looked over to Mirajane and handed her something from his bag.

"As to where I visited, let's say that some of the country's I visited were intriguing to say the least. One place I had the luck to visit, was a place called great Britania or Britain for short. It happens to be a place of legend where a legendary king once ruled. I don't remember his name but from what I was told is that this guy made history." This of course shocked many of the members well mainly Levy who was dominated by the surprising information she hearing about.

Without much thought, she grabbed her notebook and began writing as the new information excited her. Gajeel could only smile as his mate was writing the information. "She is a sucker for new info." He thought to himself.

"Oh yeah that reminds me of something." He opened up his bag as he pulled several objects out. They were surprised at the items revealed.

"Some of these items I got were due to giving a helping hand. And others I got were due to some favors I did." He grabbed a bag full of metal and handed it to Erza who was confused at the contents of the gift.

"What's in this bag?"

"That Erza is the remnants of the legendary dragon slayer sword Ascolon. When I travelled to great Britain I ended up helping this knight and blacksmith to catch some robbers and as a result they found out that the sword had been broken. They asked me to protect the pieces until I could find someone worthy of fixing and wielding the blade.

Erza couldn't believe it but looking into the bag and checking the pieces, she noticed that some of the pieces were emanating a strange glow.

"It looks like the sword is responding to your will." Natsu spoke as Ezra widened her eyes.

"It chose me?" Erza couldn't believe it. To think that a legendary sword had chosen her.

"It senses your noble will and pure heart. The legend stated that only someone pure of heart and with a strong will can wield it." This made Erza happy but now she felt a sense of responsibility weigh on her.

A weapon of such strength should be kept hidden until it could be used properly. Before anyone else could ask, Wendy decided to enter the conversation.

"Um Natsu-san, I know this may sound weird but can you come with me for a bit? I need to talk to you." Wendy's voice was quite similar to a whisper. Natsu was sceptical at first but judging from her usual embarrassed face he just followed her.

"Don't worry guys I'll be back in a moment." They left the room as Mirajane and Erza noticed Wendy's embarrassed look. It seems that Wendy was making her move on him. They smirked.

They walked until they reach a room at the end of the hall way.

"Okay... So what do you need Wendy?" Wendy could only fidget in response as her face contorted that of an embarrassed person.

"Come on, just say it Wendy! Ask him to be your partner." Her mind was wracked with nervousness as Natsu just stared at her wondering what she was going to ask.

"Um Wendy is there something you want to say? Cause we have to get back soon." A few minutes of silence and nothing.

"Well if you want to talk then we can do it later. That sound good?"

He turned around and began to move but was suddenly stopped as he felt her tug his vest. He then turned around and faced her.

"N-N-Natsu will you b-be my p-p-partner?" She nervously spoke as Natsu just stayed in silence. He then put his hand on her head and rubbed it affectionately.

"If that's what you you wanted then why didn't you say so earlier. I'm more then willing to be your partner." He spoke as she could only look at him in happiness. She fiddled with her fingers shyly at the affectionate display the dense pinkette was showing. She was like a little child again being praised for achieving something great.

"Hey Wendy that reminds me... have you gotten any stronger? Cause I want to test your strength." He cheerfully spoke as he remembered the promise he made with her back then.

"Of course I have. Even though you were gone for four years, I didn't laze around doing nothing. I used these years to grow stronger and tougher. Besides." She moved closer to him as he stuttered at the action.

"I want to see if you changed." She moved away from him as she put her arms behind her back. "Well let me say this... Your in for a surprise." She slowly started walking away before looking back at him with a smile.

"I can't wait to show you how much I've changed." Natsu continued watching her until she was out of sight. He was excited. But at the same time... he felt strange. He didn't know why but for some reason his heart had skipped a beat.


Was this normal? He had no idea.


That strange feeling continued. He slapped himself inwardly. "Natsu Dragneel... Get a grip! Remember, Wendy is like your little sister! Get rid of any thoughts you have about her!" He thought to himself trying to convince his mind. It seemed liked it was working, Putting his hand over his chest he felt the beating return to normal.

"Okay, now that my heart is back to feeling normal, I can finally get back." He quickly walked back to the guildhall as he finally entered the room. Mirajane, Erza, Wendy, And the others were looking at him before Erza decided to speak.

"Natsu, I believe I owe you that rematch from four years ago. So... how about it? Are you in?" Hearing those words Natsu's blood began to boil with excitement at the thought of finally defeating Erza. Mirajane as well could tell that now with this match starting soon things were gonna be different.

Wendy saw the excitement in the pinkette's eyes and could not help but smile at the sight before her. It seemed like the Natsu she knew was still there ready to charge at any challenge head on. Unknowingly a small blush crept on her cheek as that thought entered her head.

"Just calm down... Your just excited to see your favorite idol and mentor fight. There isn't much to be embarrassed about." She spoke to herself as suddenly a voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Hey, You don't get to hog all the glory! Besides I need to settle the score with that fire breathing pyro!" Gray interjected as he then threw his shirt to the side where his girlfriend Juvia was sitting and challenged him.

"Hey Natsu, After Erza is done I'm next, you got it Flame-brain." Natsu just cracked his knuckles as his ever famous grin appeared on his face.

"You didn't need to tell me anything besides after I beat Erza, your going down." He challenged as then other members decided to speak up.

"Hey fuck off bro! I'm gonna take him on!"

"No, how about you back off before I smash your face in!"

"Real men can always take other people's rivals!"

Just like before the pinkette's departure the ever infamous guild brawls that Fairy Tail was known for had begun. Tables were turned sideways, chairs were smashed to pieces mainly due to them being smashed on other people. And many guild members being flung around making it look like a human rain inside the guild, But other then that it was a normal day in the guild.

"Okay let's go outside and get our match started." Natsu suggested as him and the others made their way through the chaos and found the back exit.




Natsu and the group found themselves outside where the field was. The others were just somewhat nervous at how these fights were gonna go. It made sense. After all No one knows how much stronger the pinkette has gotten but that made challenging him worth the trouble.

The other just stood on the sidelines as Natsu and Erza faced each other with the former stretching his body having a confident smirk on his face. Erza on the other end was seemingly excited especially due to her sensing a powerful energy being emitted by the dragon mage. It was unlike the feeling from four years ago. This time, she would have to take him serious and she couldn't hold back this time or else she would be in a world of pain.

Lucy stood on the opposite side as she raised her hand signifying both mages to prepare.

"Are you two ready to spar?" Lucy asked as both mages just nodded their heads not taking their eyes off the person in front.

"Okay then, Listen closely this match will be a quick spar no excessive use of magic or we'll be in trouble. Is that clear?"

"I'm sorry Lucy, but I can't do that... It would be insult to not fight him at full strength." Erza reasoned as Lucy looked over to Natsu who basically told her that he felt the same and wouldn't hold anything back.

Lucy simply sighed as she figured as much. But that meant Natsu and Erza might destroy the guild if it gets to out of hand.

"Okay then if that's the case, then let the match between Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet begin!" Upon declaring the match, Natsu simply shot forward hands shrouded in flames.

Erza kept her guard up as she felt his fist hit her sword. The force of his attack actually pushed her back significantly. Seeing that before she could react He was already behind her with a magic circle on his fist.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu shouted his spell briefly as his attack connected causing her to cough up temporally. Erza wheezed slightly seeing as she didn't expect him to hit so hard. This made Erza extra vigilant, She had to keep an eye on where he was gonna strike next.

She then felt a magic power near her left as she turned around then saw him with his leg shrouded in flames coming right at her. Without warning she raised her sword as he attack made contact, the ground beneath them began to shake as the others on the sidelines were wobbling trying to keep their balance.

Then as she dashed towards him, she swung her sword as he merely caught it with his hand surprising her.

Lucy and Wendy couldn't believe their eyes. Natsu just straight out caught her attack. Now at this point a few minutes have passed since the match had started and Erza has not been able to land one blow since then.

"I cant believe what I'm seeing... Natsu is actually giving Erza a run for her money..." Lucy said in awe at the sight before her. Wendy felt the same. She knew from the times Natsu fought Erza that he would always lose against her one way or another but this match had captivated her eyes.

Unknowingly a small blush made its way to her cheeks as her eyes focused on the pink haired dragon slayer who was having the time of his life toying with the scarlet haired woman. But she quickly slapped her self inwardly as she tried to get rid of any impure thoughts that she might be having.

"No! Get your head out of the gutter. Remember that he is like your older brother and mentor, that's all there is, okay Wendy!?" Although in reality, her heart had different feelings.

Natsu and Erza were both panting slightly as the red head had a couple of scratches on her armor while Natsu had several on his face and waistcoat. Both of them stood unmoving until Erza raised her hand signaling the end of their little spar although Natsu wasn't exactly happy but kept it to himself out of respect and honor.

"I have to say that you impressed me. I never thought the day would come where you would actually put me in a bind. You've really grown Natsu." Erza smiled brightly as she held her hand out. Natsu simply walked over to her and shook her hand as a way of finally being seen as a worthy opponent for her.

"Okay now that our match is officially over, who's next?" He challenged as Gray walked forward cracking his knuckles. Juvia merely looked at Gray before shouting out words of encouragement.

"Show Natsu how much stronger you are." She cheered as Natsu saw Gray giving her a thumbs up. Of course he was not aware that his rival had found love, but that didn't matter. The only thing that even mattered now was proving himself as the stronger mage.

Both mages simply stood entering their stance as this time Mirajane was the one announcing the match this time.

"The battle between Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster will now commence!" With further delay both mages charged at each other before entering a stalemate. Neither of them were giving the other an edge. It seems like the flames of their burning passion had finally erupted once more.

Gray clasped his hands together as a blue magic circle appeared. Natsu braced himself for upcoming attack.

"Ice Make: Lance!" He shouted briefly as multiple frozen spear like objects sped at Natsu in an alarming rate. Without thinking he quickly sidestepped to the right before activating his magic in response to Gray.

A red magic circle appeared as Natsu then began inhaling air as fire began to pour into his lungs signifying his traditional roar. He unleashed his power.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" He shouted as a massive ocean of flames erupted from his mouth and made its way to Gray who then clasped his hands as he created what appeared to be a large blue wall of ice that somewhat deflected the blast but then he felt how hot the flames were and noticed that the shield was beginning to melt.

"Tch!" He clicked his tongue in frustration seeing that he was at a slight disadvantage.

"Ice Make: Floor!" He then coated the land around him in ice as he felt the temperature begin to drop. Although doing this, he could still feel the heat radiating from Natsu's hands. This made him sweat as a single into his head.

"Natsu... just how much stronger have you gotten?" He asked himself as Natsu then summoned a two flames before combining them into what appeared to be a massive fire ball before smirking at him.

"Gray I'm just gonna say this once so listen well... You better bring out your strongest defence or else this will hurt big time." Gray for one never thought he would here his rival say such things especially a warning. He then began to build up magic power until he started molding.

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" He threw the massive fire ball as Gray then countered him and finished his spell.

"Ice Make: Barricade!" He created what appeared to be multiple ice barriers as he felt the inferno closing in on him. The fire ball them slammed into his defence as the barriers bent to crack one by one. Gray gritted his teeth as he began pouring more magic into his defence.

The fire ball then started to push into the ice causing it to melt at an alarming rate which made both mages sweat uncontrollably as the power struggled continued until both magic's gave out causing an unbelievably hot vapor to emit from the field which somewhat obscured the sight of the other guild members. a few moments later the field became clear as they saw both mages on one knee panting as they had some slight trouble breathing due to how hot it was.

Wendy quickly went over to his side as she began applying her magic to Natsu who in response for this was him just giving her a little 'thank you' for the healing she provided. After that he quickly got up as he saw Gray being cooled off by Juvia who had enveloped his arm in what appeared to be water coating.

"Hey Gray, That was a good match. I can't wait to beat you next time." He spoke as Gray simply brushed it off and made his way to the side and simply sat on his but.

"As much as I hate to admit it, This match was a draw... but like Natsu says I'm gonna beat him next time." Gray concluded as he looked over to Natsu and the bluenette beside him. Gray however felt satisfied even though him and Natsu tied, he had a win of his own. He looked over to his woman Juvia and smiled.

"Well I believe that was everyone correct?" Erza looked around as Wendy then came forward.

"Actually Erza there's still one more match that hasn't started yet." Wendy said as she looked over to her idol and mentor. Natsu looked at her with excitement as she then assumed her stance.

"Natsu, it's about time we fulfilled that promise we made four years ago." She challenged as he followed her example and prepared himself.

Lucy and the rest of them could only smirk before telling themselves.

"Natsu... Your in for the biggest shock of your life. Wendy is gonna come at you with strength you've never seen before." Lucy thought to herself as the two slayer stood ready against each other.

Everyone was anticipating the match as tensions grew longer.

"The match between Natsu Dragneel and Wendy Marvel will now commence!"

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