"Ugh ,finally ,I put my little sister to bed." thought Isabell as she went into her room to look out the window. The window showed the quiet city. She put her hand into on the closed window."Oh,Mom and Dad,I wish you were still here to take care of me and my little sister." said Isabell to herself. She got up and started writing in her journal. Isabell turned off the lamp, got into pajamas and pulled up the covers of her bed. She tried going to sleep,but a few minutes later ,she heard laughter. Isabell quickly ran towards her sister's room "Lizzy are you alright!?" She shouted as she opened the door but sees a green one-eyed creature telling jokes and stories "What the heck..."thought Isabell as she saw it. The creature saw her ,then ran back into Lizzy's closet."Hey come back here!" shouted Isabell The creature closed the closet and as she opened it there was nothing there."What was that!?" yelled Isabell "That was my friend. He's funny." said Lizzy."Okay well tomorrow night I would like to see where that closet goes." said Isabell."Alright." said Lizzy "Goodnight Lizzy." said Isabell as she rubbed and scratched her on the head hearing Lizzy's giggle and walked away and turned off the lights.