Lizzy eyes slowly opened. She woke up and got out of bed. As Lizzy walked into her older sister's room,she started talking immediately,

"Morning, Isabelle.",she said sweetly.

As she opened the door to her older sister's room, she found she was talking to herself, there was no sign of her sister!

"Isabelle!?",shouted Lizzy.

Lizzy ran across the room to see if there was any sign of her. Her bed looked untouched. Isabelle doesn't seem to show herself anywhere. Lizzy continued to look through the other rooms in their small apartment room. Where was Isabelle !

It got Lizzy really worried. This wasn't like her sister, leaving her by herself. She would always keep close to her at all times! Isabelle would never disappear without a trace or would she? As Lizzy continued to think about where Isabelle could've gone there was one more thing that just came into her head right now that she hasn't checked yet to where Isabelle could be in...

"The closet.",she thought to herself.

Right away as she ran back into her room. The closet door was already shut. Another thing came into her mind.

"She probably has gone into the monster world!?", guessed Lizzy to herself.

She walked up to the closest and opened it.

"Don't worry Isabelle, I'm coming.",she said to herself.

She shut the door behind her and she was transported into the monster world to look for her sister.