So im surprised that no one has done or made a challenge for .hack and Megaman

So Geo and Sonia weren't the first people with an EM being partner their were 8 before

AIDA had been a controlled threat and been isolated under the watch of the epitaphs but when Gemini puts the city into a state of disarray to bring out Geo AIDA manages to escape now the Epitaphs must find users to stop AIDA and FM-ians

Now Geo and Sonia must help the users of the Epitaphs stop AIDA

if you want you can have one user with the 8 phases (takes time to switch between phases and cool down from switching)

All 8 Epitaphs are EM beings and each have a personality (you can have it be from their pass users from .hack GU if you want)

AIDA is a virus EM being