First Time Trying a Fanfiction no idea what I am stepping on just yoloing this,the story is probably only for people who wants to see an absolute curb stomp the appearance of monster kaiju OCs, also I would like Suggestion and help in making this story good since this is first time btw.

Also for those that have read this before this should be a better version of the prologue since the last one was horrible.

Disclaimer: I don't own Worm and never will nor any other series or pictures mention in this fanfic.

Another Also, If this seems familiar to you then you have read the classic Play It My Way story by the legendary Marcus Galen Sands

This was written as like a continuation for that story except it is in my own way.

Its to also satisfy my hunger at the needs of a giant monster saving the day/destroying a city in the progress of doing so.

Will try to make it work but no guaranteed that it wouldn't be a bumpy drive.

(try imagining a jeep with chibi zeruel and chibi ramiel on it, driving on a bumpy road, thats basically hows this story will be).

Without futher a do ! Lets the story begins

Third Person POV

On a sunny day of a planet so green and beautiful you cant help but want to know it name.

However sadly the inhabitants of this planet call it as simple 'Earth'.

As its inhabitants who are called 'humans' by themselves simply goes upon their days.

And as a R.O.B(Random Omnipotent Bastard) gaze his eyes upon this world to find his prey, he found a random man who is slightly more interesting than the others.

In a random house a random fanfiction reader is currently rapidly clicking in order to find the type of stories hes looking for.

"WHY ARENT THERE ANY GOOD AND NOT ABANDONED NON-HUMAN FANFICS ?" screamed the guy as he search in futile for a good monster fanfics.

Said guy is called Cipher, and hes not very in anything special, hes has average grade ,has black hair and a fairly not super star but still good looking face, a healthy body but nothing much else,...(AN:well not yet anyway.)

'This is so bull man... why isnt there any non human fanfic that isnt atleast abandoned, hell even a dragon or a dolphin will do fine !But noooo it always gotta humanoid and not destructive and weak !' though Cipher as he click out of the HTTYD Fanfiction Archive.

As Max slowly stop clicking and began to think about his life choices, he finally come to a conclusion.

'*sight* I guess the only option is to try and make my own I guess, this should atleast let me feel a little bit better about how little attention Monster get' though the guy while slowly reaching for his Note.

And So he began to write down what he should do for the beginning of how said OC came to be and how to build upon it but he got stuck on a problem

'What power will my monster have?' Though the boy while lying face first on his computer desk. And as if a certain R.O.B out there was listening a message has popped up in his Yahoo message box(and if you are asking yes I use Yahoo).

'What is this ?' though Cipher he clicked Open the message.

Max's POV

As I open the message ,it came to me that I feel suprisingly calm about this even though It wasnt odd for me to get emails from other people I dont know, I should have feel a little bit worried about the aspect of having an email sent from a person with the name of ROB ,for a moment I might have think that it has a virus or malwares but then throw them out of the windows as I remembered that I have pretty good anti-virus software and lately I havent been getting notification of stories update so I decided to go ahead and clicked the message.


Heard you were having some trouble with your reading and that you might be interested/or/and have the drives in doing some Worm stuff. Just click on the link below and I promise you that you'll have no trouble at all coming up with something.

Worm Choose Your Own Adventure!

Well After reading that message it got me thiking should I or shouldnt I...

With a "Oh hell fuck it!", I clicked the link and await as it loaded. For the entire moment of it loading my heart was pounding like a giant kaiju in a city, As I wait for the 'virus', 'system corruption' and 'Lost data'. Instead to my relief a big screen with light letters and a dark city as a back ground popped up.(AN:this /a/CaVa4 for comparision although the different is that the powers only cost 1 point instead of 2[it is based on those pictures but if you want a more insightful look at this and make a more complicated character but wayy more balance than what I am about to make then I would recommend this /a/jypS4]).


Two beings spiral through the void, past stars, and worlds. They dance through realities, shifting through other times, other dimensions. Countless facets fuse, part, and shift as they journey. Approaching a world they shatter. Shards fall into millions of . . .

Oh this was an intro that I was very familiar with as alot of Worm Create Your Own Adventure has it. I think I have seen some of these on Space battle and Sufficient Velocity, however it seems that unlike the text these are options that are clickable

'Hm interesting' it looks like one of those stories generator where you enter the ways and the A.I make the story and how it ends.

'So basically a computerized Worm huh? Well I wasnt going to do anything else today and its sunday so why not I guess." I though to myself as I scroll down the page.

As I scroll down the page I can see that there are 3 option under the category of 'Choosing the nature of my entry to this world and the difficulty of my adventure huh?' I though to myself as I read the 3 option.

[Self-insert]:You are dropped off into Brockton Bay on April 8th 2011. Taylor is trying to escape her tormentors and in a few short days will be taking to the street for the first time. You are able to to pick a set of clothes that you own to take with you, and you are given a scant hundred bucks in your pocket. Beyond this however you will have to make your own way, you are alone with no experience in this world, and nothing that you havent purchased with points. However are are a completely unknown factor to the people here, giving you a perfect opportunity to blindside the established players and status-quo.

[Reincarnation]:In what it seems like a moment you are born into Earth Bet and live out a life up to the age of your choosing, at which point you regain your memories and begins to control your actions normally. The Circumstances of this life are entirely under your control, including gender, appearance, race and who your family is. You cant make major changes to the setting as apart of this, although minor changes with your life and presence is what point you have your Powers and Perks is up to you, and depending on what you purchased may give you more Leeway in effecting the the Latest your life can run up until the start of the canon story, the same time you would have arrived with Self-Insert, Beyond this you would have to go about your adventure normally. You retain all the new experience of Earth Bet,ensuring you are familiar with it and various differences of it from our Earth. Note that you are able to modify your new personality to your this all new experience and memories will are integrated flawlessly and seamlessly.

[Endbringer]:You awaken not to a strange street or a new life, but to an unfurling of alien senses and thoughts. While you have not lost your memories, sense of self, or free will, you are now an Endbringer, a monster of terrifying power and untold destructive choose your new form, which may range from ten to one thousand feet in height. It may appear human-like but not fully so or it can be a monstrous abomination. Your flesh is incredibly strong, even as it frailest being enough to compare to the durability of a strong brute class parahuman. It is impossibly dense, growing exponentially more so the deeper it goes, warping space to render itself more compact than possible for any natural material. If you are large expect only the strongest of parahumans to give you anything more than a flesh wound. You are also able to regenerate, with denser restoring itself faster. A core within your body is your only organ and weakness, and only it being completely annihilated will result in your death. Beyond that you immune to pain, debilitation, physical needs and permanent injuries able to fight at full effectiveness even when reduced to nothing but your core and skeleton. All purchased powers are an order of magnitude stronger and the nature of your alien senses will be determined by them. You cannot take any companions other than friends and can only take complications specifically meant for your origin. The entire world will Perceive you as one of its greatest Threat, and opposition against you will be intense and merciless. How ever before the seer power you now lay claim it is unlikely to prevail. Even the mightiest of humans are but a gnat before a hurricane in the face of your wrath. You begin dormant, and may choose exactly at place and time you shall emerges.{AN:it is different from the site as it has the picture of Leviathan instead of Zeruel}

'Well isnt this amazing AND god sent' Out of all the option the Endbringer shine the brightest.

Sure [Self-insert] and [Reincarnation] is good for a prolonged story writing and interactions with other characters, but thats what most authors would choose, I have read alot of stories and I will tell you that things like that is too generics, and it wont make people likes your story as they can be found basically everywhere and while Endbringer may come with a threats of short story and very little interactions it can also give lots of bonuses, like how you dont need to be an indepth Worm reader to write a fanfic and how you also dont need to follow the canon story lines.

Also my character as an Endbringer also shorten the works that I have to do to deal with Thinker with ability like Path to Victory of Contessa and Zion, it can make for a quite hard writting and plot making to think of a way to counter and fight them.

So I picked the Endbringer way. After that a red box pop up telling me of the 3 ways I could choose how hard it will be.

And its

[World Breaker: you have 12 points to spends, all of your powers start as twice as strong, however you dont have any specific ability to avoid dangers but you have very little to worry about.]

[Easy: You have 9 points to spends,and danger seems to avoid you unless you come looking for it.]

[Standard: You have 6 points to spends, and what dangers and conflicts you encounter depends on your interactions and whim of chances]

[Hard: you only have 3 points to will find yourself dragged into major conflicts more often then not. Avoiding them will be hard and require significant efforts]

[Skitter: You have 0 points to spend and must take complications to get any. Powers start out as half strong and/or are limited to some fashion.]

After reading those I decided that if I was going to go with the Endbringer that I have imagined then I would have to either get from World Breaker to Standard.

But even when I have removed the 2 other options choosing which of these still is a hard thing to do so I wen and grab my trusty die that I always keep with myself.

'I will leave it up you then trusty dicey' I decided that I will roll the die for this one. if its roll 1-2 then world breaker, 3-4 is easy and 5-6 will get standard. The other 2 option make for a very weak endbringer I dont think it will works with an endbringer class monster.(imagine a 1000 feet tall endbringer having to sell ice cream to children for 1 point XD)

'1...2...3...ROLL!' I shouted in my mind as I spinned the Dice, a bullet of sweat roll down my face as I watched the dice spin wildly before coming to a stop and landded on...


As I looked at the number fate have given me I couldnt help but feel a little happy and worried at the same time.

The problem with World Breaker is that it could make for a very short story but then again I could made my Character stupidly OP.

"Meh thats that I guess. World Breaker it is then." I said out loud and then clicked the World Breaker a blue box appeared with the title of Character customization.

As I looked through it I can see that there are many form to choose(Cipher: well 6 isnt many but you get what I meant, also 4th wall breaker !).

However when looking I can help but feel like they are not as good as what I want my EB to be. Ofcourse these are cool but I want mine to be unique and not a half assed copy of another EB(AN: likes alot of other Worm EB CYOA fics, other then some of the special ones ofcourse). So I clicked the [Create Your Own Endbringer] design option and began making myself the thing that I actually see as a true World Breaker.

Evangelion Zeruel(AN:wrapped and unwrapped is like Rebuild's), while hes not as scary as many people think, I liked his design and decided to use him. I began making the Oc EB, as I was about to click on one of tools I realized that whoever have made did CYOA put alot of work into it.

There was multiple ways of making your end bringer and alot of tools for, there was even ribbons for god sake !

'Whoever made this is a goddamn genius and I salute to them' I though to myself as I began making my End bringer.

The EB looks exactly like Zeruel from rebuild.

To be honest I feel quite proud with myself for managing to make it looks as good as the original while being 1000 feet tall(305 meters) and 400 feet wide(122 meters), and also it should be able to wrapped and unwrap it arthropod-like body like the anime too if the way I wrapped it was correct.

After that I clicked the Next button and it dropped me to the Power section.

Now this was what I was fearing fearing the this was what I expected it to be then everything has gone to plan, however if it wasnt I might have to change alot of things and waste alot of time rethinking my endbringer.

Fortunately for me, As I read through the list I can feel my burden being lessen very much so from the fact that I was right.

After finishing reading I have decided of to go with the original plan.(AN: I wont actually read them out might come back and edit this later but this is all I have for now)

Powers:Alexandria,Legend,Eidolon,God Emperor of Mankind,Psychokinetic and lastly Kaleidoscope.(-6 points)

Alexandria because why not ? Sure, Super strength is something all End Bringers have, however remember that my EB is 20 time taller than Behemoth ! So it shouldnt get push around AT ALL but to also be able to fight against being as powerful as Scion when the time came.

Legend because of being able to fire extremely powerful beams rapidly(AN:Zeruel is an angel from evangelion and if I am right all of them should have the abilities to fire extremely power beams[but I also want to make it a bullet hell for whoever fight me]) and flies really fast so that my EB can do what I plan for it to do.

Eidolon basically so that the EB can multi task and isnt restricted in on just 1 power(AN: it also allows me to include things like A.T fields for the EB,after all the description said ANY power but if it isnt enough for A.T field then the last power I have will provide it).

God Emperor Of Mankind is just because of his knowlegde in technologies and his abilities to be an extremely intelligent person.

Psychokinetic because all Endbringer have this the ability to control elements. It is so that if I decided the EB was a good guy so that it can combat EB like Leviathan with his giant super wave.

However the last one Kaleidoscope I only choose for when I am done with the worm verse and want to move on as I think I wont use it for my OC very often if using it at all in their adventure.(AN:wayyy too OP and its gonna make everything boring)

The other 5 is because of the way my EB gonna wont act like a kaiju which destroys city but it will act like father who came to fix his children's mistakes.(AN:that just came to me one day and I decided that it was good idea, it was inspired by Hypnos in that EB are not always city destroying beast but also kind and caring beings).

Also being absolutely OP will help the OC do so easily(and make for some funny interactions).I then finished the choices and clicked next.

A screen appeared and asked of what my companions will be, however most of it is crossed out due to my character being an Endbringer but there is 1 option left.

[Friends]...'well that is certainly unexpected'.

As I read the description of the [Friends] companion. I thought to myself 'Well there cant only be 1 super EB, beside it would be fun to have another person working with me,hm... lets call Lahela, see hows she doing and see what she thinks about this' and so I call my 'BF'.

"Hello ?" spoke a feminine voice on the other line of the phone.

"Yo Lahela!Its me Cipher ! I got something fairly interesting over here wanna come check it out ? I promise it wont be boring(AN:hes so dead)" I replied.

"And Pray tell why should I actually come ? I means most of the time you invites me over is just things that only you likes and I dont even know about them." Replied her sounding bored.

"Dont worry if it is I will promise to willingly come shopping with you" I replied knowing how much money I will lose.

"...20 minutes and I will be there" She replied before she shut the phone.

"...whoever make this it better be good or instant noodle for the next week" Said myself while 2 streams of tear fall down my eyes(AN: looks like anime way of crying)

20 Minutes Later

"You better keep that promise of going to shopping willingly..." spoked a girl sitting right next to where I was sitting.

She has short green hair , bright blue eyes where a green themed clothing, also she look really angry while gritting her teeth like a shark(AU: and has the body of someone who would be called a loli and the personality of a tsundere but Max is too dense to know this)

"Hey atleast makes your own OC before you leaves, I actually invited you into this, also please atleast goes easy on my wallet D:" I Replied.

"*sigh* you and yours imagination with stupid fanfiction, Fine I will try it out, however that means that I get to buy as much as I want of course" She spoked.

'I can see her being the Devil's daughter' I thought to myself as I look at her thinknig of how cruel my 'BF' was.

After some meddling she finally decided that she would look like a green Floating giant gem about 20 feet(6 meters) in diameter, which unknown to her looks quite familiar to Ramiel From Evangelion(when I asked why does she choose such a simple OC she said "Its because while you was busying making a complicated 'Endbringer' as you called them I went for the much better route of being a simple giant floating gem so that while funny looking is still better to look at rather than a cyclop totem".) and sharing WB with me while having the following powers.

Powers:Alexandria,Shaper, and lastly Kaleidoscope.(-3 points)(and -1 more points for the [Friends] companion)

Alexandria she said was the most simple of the powers and it doesnt require you to be really smart to use it.

Shaper was because she wanted to be different from my build as she saw that I mostly build for a Technologies styled Endbringer so she decided that she will be a biological based Endbringer instead.

Kaleidoscope was actually recommended by me so that if her character will stay it should be able to jumps world with mine, although we both agree that we wont use it.

After that we came to the Complicated part(get it XD)

On the Complications Lahela and me both agreed on the following.

Complications: Sibling Rivalry and You Needed Worthy Opponents due to both of ours OP nature(this let us both have 6+ points for beginning)

Sibling Rivalry and You Needed Worthy Opponents is due to both of our OP nature ,since we are going to be 'Heroic Monsters' we decided that as Lahela said herself "A good story need a good Villain and if 1 villain isnt good enough throw more in".

The Perks was actually quite easily decided with as both of us has gone with(AN: the [Friends] description look like confusing so this is how I understands it)

Both of us has these Perks

Perks: 3 additional cores, Shattered Limiter, Unbound, Invictus and First Impression(we decided that we will get Shattered Limiters after we killed an nemesis EB)(-7 points)(AN:The [Friends] Companion perk let friends shares perks and complications is how I understand it).

3 Additional cores because if games and anime ever teached us anything then the most important things is having 2 live points instead of 1, we both agreed on this so we got it.

Shattered Limiter, while we dont want out characters to be a total curb stomper, letting them increase their powers will put them in a better position to fight Scion at the end of the fic.

Unbound is so that mine EB can grow legs and arms like Zeruel's Rei form (AN: although it definitely wont look that feminine) just incase I decided to make floating stopped being an option.

Invictus is just incase our endbringers wasnt like the others and it ended up getting itself mind controlled.

First Impression was because Lahela said that "If we are going to be 'Heroic Monsters' we need to leave a good impression that the floating mummy and the beautiful gem are good when we first appeared and make sure people remember that" and I agreed with her so we decided that its another correct choice.

And that left us with 1 point, which wasnt much to worry about as our characters is already as good as we wanted(AN: little did they knows the nemesis Endbringers isnt as weak as the canon endbringers and are way stronger, hey Lahela said it her self "A good story need a good Villain")

"Well thanks you for helping Lahela ! You wanna stay to see how this goes ?"

"Yeah, I still got sometime before I get bored"

*cue sweat drop*

Well after that I presses the Finish button and a red box popped up.

It shows a gold box with the terms [Victory Conditions]

[Primary]: The Universal Win Condition is everyone survives pass the Death of The remaining entity, you dont need to help but is recommended to do so.

[Self-Insert]: Self-inserters are able to go home after 10 years, so if you play your cards right it is possible to never have to deal with the entity.

[Reincarnation]:Yours is easy, you just have to die. You live out a life here in Earth Bet, and then you pass away regardless of the circumstances of going home. Easy as going to sleep.

[Endbringer]: If you manages to eliminate the other Endbringer or just make them stop being a threat, you get a small plague that declares you the King Of Monsters and godzilla briefly appears to give you a congratulatory brofist before vanishing under the waves. Turns out hes a pretty chill guy who donate his movie proceeds to charity. Who knew?

You know not, I am not gonna admit it, but does it seem to you that the person who made this hates reincarnation real bad ?

"Godzilla brofist ?...AWESOME !" screamed the tiny Chibi Lahela next to me.(Cipher: WAIT HOW ARE YOU A CHIBY!)

There is also the last box which said :Once this program has been engaged it will not stop. You will have to play all the way through to an end before you can exit.

Its pretty interesting, as most CYOA dont have this but then again the guy who made this is probably the next in line of being a programmer god for actually spending his time to make something like this so I didnt paid too much attention to it beside I can just turn the PC off if it was ever needed

'Or Lahela can just get get bored and pull the computer plug to screw me over' I though as I looked at the tiny devil next to me

"Well less get started and see where this goes"

"Given we are the ones whos gonna play this it will goes really bad " Lahela said putting her 2 cents in

*Sighing* I clicked the Start button with a clic-

Well that wrap it up for today let me knows of what you think.

And remember when the devil ask for your soul just give it up.

Also this story will mostly be told through Cipher's POV, but it wont be entirely Cipher's POV.

Edited: New and Improved should be much smoother better and less straight forward and bad.