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"Banana"-Normal speaking.

"Banana"-Telepathy communication between Cipher and Lahela



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Third Person POV

"HA GOTCHA" Shouted a mid-nigh omnipotent entity as he pressed upon the red button infront of him while raising a toothy grin as we watched his prey falling right into his masterfully crafted plan.(AN:Crafted in a not very Masterfully way)

Max's POV


You knows that one moment when you figure out that you have fucked up real bad ?Well I certainly have not until now.

The moment I pressed my finger down upon the mouse's button, instead of hearing your usual small 'click' like the tap of a mouse, it sounded like a judge's hammer slamming down as it as it punctuates the sentencing of a man to life imprisonment.

I have just enough time to glance down at it in puzzlement before the sound fades as suddenly as it came.

Then the lights go out.

And I don't mean that the light bulbs on the ceiling in my room fails. Thats impossible given as its quite sunny outside and I dont actually have it on.I don't mean that the cord on my blind somehow breaks and the window is covered. I don't even mean that a sudden and unexpected eclipse has blotted out the sun and I now find myself reading from the light of my computer screen.

What I mean is ...ALL...THE...LIGHTS...GO...OUT!

I have just enough time to feel my eyes widen in surprise as the pitch black envelopes me,hears the confusion of Lahela in a "wha?" then the grips of her hand tighten on my right arms and both of us falling. The two chairs we were sitting on are gone, the floor is gone, even the ground itself disappeared. All that remains is the endless darkness and the sensation of falling,even though no wind whips around me,Lahela constant scream of "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...!"and the pain of her gripping my arms with the force of a world boxing champion.

And then . . . the darkness parts and we can see the universe about us. Stars in the distances, planets equally far off, comets, nebulas, clusters, all of them are spread out around us as though we could reach out and touch them, yet at the same time they remain infinitely far away, Lahela herself has stopped screaming when she was bombarded with this beautiful scene, as her arms slowly lessen their grip on me and out of a corner of my eyes I can see her eyes sparkle in amazement . We can see so much that both of us cant help to be calm infront of a scene as beautiful as this . . . and then it is eclipsed.

The two things are huge, even when seen from this strange perspective We're in possession of I can tell that their sheer size is vast. They are beyond moons, beyond planets even, the only thing that seems to grant them scale is the sun to which they approach. They don't move like crude things of flesh and blood, in fact it doesn't seem as though movement is the right way to describe their method of propulsion. They insinuate themselves, growing in one direction even as they wither in another, but even that isn't a correct analysis because they remain in an unchanged state despite it.

"Woah...those things are huge !" spoke Lahela while we watches as we watched something that shouldnt be possible,like looking at one of those paintings of a staircase that leads up to itself, only multiplied into infinity and definitely not some mere illusion or trick of the eye.

And even as they move something is happening, these two huge beings shed parts of themselves. Fragments that have to be the size of cities, countries, even entire continents, yet they were nothing to the creatures that shed them, merely the equivalent of cast off flakes of skin.

I knew what this was. I knew it, but I just couldn't accept it. This . . . this had to be a hallucination! Yes, that was it, maybe the steak I cooked last night hadn't been as well cooked as I thought it had, maybe the meat had been tainted somehow or maybe the simulation has been so amazing that I fainted and is currently dreaming. Whatever the case might be clearly I had some sort of food poisoning or is in a coma and that, combined with far too much time reading fanfictions, was triggering some sort of delusional vision. Any minute now I was going to come back to myself and find that I'd have to make a dash for the bathroom to avoid being sick all over the carpet or to the fist of Lahela punching me to wake me up.

Any moment now.

. . . Any moment now . . .

. . . Now?...

Also why is Lahela here with me ?

"Hey Lahela?" I spoke to my friend who is still gripping my arm although lighter and less hard.

"Yeah Cipher?" she replied while eyes still glued to the two majestic beings infront of us.

"Am I dreaming if so pinche me" I asked her with a surprisingly calm voice.

"Okay..." she replied as she move a shakey hand to pinch my cheek and "OW! OKAY OKAY DEFINITELY NOT DREAMING."

Lahela looked at me before pinching her one cheek "ow! that actually hurts." and then coming up with "Huh so we aren't dreaming... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

At the moment of her beginning that sentence her hands began gripping my right arm harder and I raise my eyes at the giant beings that dont probably see us and said in a small voice "help", and here is where the pain come in.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... !" screamed both of us as we proceed to plummet into the small blue and green planet beneath us.

Third Person POV

Deep beneath the depths of the Pacific Ocean, where the fish swims freely and peacefully ,where the ocean remain still and almost always this moment is one of those rare moment when the peacefulness is disturbed by someone or something else.

In the water of pure darkness a school of fish is just swimming when suddenly 2 massive beings suddenly appeared into existence in the middle of its route making most of the fishes disperse.

One of the beings is a giant with the height of a massive 1000 feet and 250 feet wide. He looked like what you would called a mummy, with 4 orange orbs(AN: no idea what to call them and the wiki doesnt provide it too) where his arms and legs would normally be,the middle of his 'chest' area lies a head with 2 giant red eye holes and 1 mouth making him has a bird like face.

The Other is a much smaller in the form of a green octahedral glowing gem only being at only 20 feet in diameter compare to the other giant beside it.

Their sudden appearance however not only makes the schools of fishes around them to disperse but also makes the surface of the area where they appeared exploded in water due to both of their size.

The 2 beings began to regain their senses as the giant's red eyes slowly began glowing while the green gem next to him glows brighter.

Cipher's POV

I awaken into . . . darkness isn't the right word yet it is at the same time, all around me there are colours, flashes, streams. But none of them can be seen due to what I would only assume are the darkness that is currently clouding my eyes but also the bright green glow next to me,however the knowledge of them, of what they represent, isn't conveyed through simple light. Comprehension arrives in my mind without the need for organs to interpret it. Energy is . . . it's so clear to me. The trace heat energy about me, the kinetic energy of motion, the ever present power of gravity from the world's embrace. It's all there, all so clear.

I can also feel their motion, their smell, hear them as they swim in the water, as if I am the water that is holding them.

And there's more than just that! Consciousness, it's all around me, below, above, surround me in all directions. Tiny, insignificant, and yet as soon as I'm aware of it I instantly know everything about it, its life cycle, its qualities, its age, its lifespan, everything,but the one that shine the brightest is the a green one right next to me which is interesting but I was more focused towards the many others around me.

I . . . I know that this should be too much, I know that my brain should be liquefying, breaking apart under the strain of assimilating so much information. But it's not; I'm fine despite the massive rush of awareness, in fact I-

I suddenly become aware of a change, of many changes. My thoughts, they don't seem to be centred in my head, my heart, I can't hear it, my breath, it's stopped. The feeling of blood flowing through your veins, the almost imperceptible gurgling and flexing of the digestive system, the constant ever so tiny headache that comes from the simple act of thinking. A thousand and one tiny signals and imperfections that tell you your body is performing the messy and intricate tasks that keep you alive.

They're all gone.

Oh god, this . . . this is really happening!

Even as I think that thought I feel as though I should be hyperventilating, as though I should be panicking and thrashing about. But despite my growing horror at the situation I don't feel out of control.

Okay, take this slowly. First off, where am I?

Immediately the strange and alien senses that have been feeding me information supply the answer. No light, there is heat nearby, the dull constant heat generated by volcanic activity. Matter surrounds me, matter in a fluid form, hydrogen, oxygen, traces of other elements and chemicals. Various organisms travel in the matter some the size of a pin head. From above I can feel the pressure of the tonnes of the fluid matter pressing down on me, so much weight, so much energy, but it is easily ignored.

The sea. It looks . . . well, not looks, I can't actually see anything. But anyway, I seem to be at the bottom of the sea, quite a ways down if the sheer pressure is anything to go by.

Alright, now I know where I am, the next question is what am I going to do about it?

Even as the question is framed in my mind the answer seems to rise up in response. It comes so easily it's frankly disturbing, like remembering the answer to a question I haven't heard in a long time, but which was successfully pounded into my head a long time ago. I know how to move myself, how to get out of here. It's so absurdly simple it shocks me that I never realized how to do it before.

All I have to do is think about me moving...This is way too out of my comfort zone here.

However infront of all this information I decided to focus on 1 thing that have bugging me. The green glow as I move myself like how the information has provided me told me to.

As I turn myself toward the glow I cant help be amazed as its beauty. It was a gem however unlike your normal average green emerald, this gem shine bright, it has extremely clean cuts for a gem so small and would probably worth billions. However the most special thing about it though is that I can feel it presence.

Not feeling it like how you can feel a person standing next to you but how you can feel when your mind is connected to something.

While I stared at the gem, it did something I have not expected. It moved. Which actually surprised and make me flinched.

As it slowly do what I presumed is turning toward me, I suddenly heard someone screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHH! SAVE ME CIPHER ! A GIANT RED EYED EVIL BIRD MUMMY IS LOOKING LIKE IT WANT TO EAT ME !"

Now this is not your normal average everyday scream where the sound flows into your ears but instead it sounded in my mind, like the sound generated in my head rather than coming from an outside the most interesting however was the how it sounded.

'That sounded like... Lahela ?' I though to myself as I slowly close the distant between me and the Green Glowing Gem stitting on the ground.

'How did s- ?' Before I get to finish that sentence, information was one again flooded into my mind like how I learned about moving.

Okay now all I have to do is focus my thought to the line where it seem like I am connected with and just simple think.

"Lahela ? Can you hear me?"

"CIPHER WHERE ARE YOU?WHERE ARE WE ! WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DARK AND WHY CAN I FEELS THE BIOLOGIES, DNA BUILD OF EVERYTHINGS AROUND ME ?!" Screamed Lahela on the line,I am surprised that my brain havent exploded yet from how loud she screamed but then again its like telepathy so its probably okay.

"Calm down tell what do you currently see right now"

"I SEE A SUPER DUPER HUGE MONSTER AND IS CURRENTLY IN A REALLY BRIGHT GREEN GLOW FOR SOME REASONS, NOW COME OVER HERE AND HELP ME !".'Wait a minute...Let me test something since I am sure that I dont see any other really bright green glow around here' I though to myself

"Wait...Lahela tell me whats the monster doing?"I asked her as I began to spin my body.

"ITS GOING TO EA-... wait... its spinning its body..."

"...that monster...is me Lahela...and you are a green gem"


"First thing first, calm down,how do you feel and finally can you move ?"

"I dont thi-...yes..yes I do I feel weird I feel like I got all my limbs cut off ! About moving I dont thi- wait scratch that I can now,no I can move in every direction, I can fly or dig too, and not that I knows how in the first place but it just came to me like an old question but I never forget the anwser to."

"Good then I want you to move up to the surface of the ocean with me as we are currently under the ocean and its too dark for anything"

"...you know what I am not even gonna question why we are under ocean in the first place but very well when shall we move?" How did she suddenly become to calm ? I think I have the answer but is just too scared to admit it.

'Then again I dont think I am even scared' I finished that thought and replied to her

"Now" Any further thoughts disappear as we take off as though we had been strapped to a launching space shuttle, no its more like becoming a flash.

Third Person POV

Had there been anyone watching a large empty stretch of the North Pacific ocean then they might have been witness to the sight of a gigantic mummy like shaped figure and a small green glowing gem erupt from the ocean's depths with such force that the spray travelled for an appreciable chunk of a couple kilometers before coming down.

Of course, such a sight would have been secondary to the spectacle of watching the gigantic forms of the 2 objects spiral in mid air, perform a somewhat wobbling and tilted loop, then come crashing down to the sea once more. Only to have their re-entry to the waves denied as a large section of water suddenly froze into an iceberg, half the gigantic mummy shaped figure's body caught in the ice while the gem just simply hit the ice and bounced off

This state of affair only lasted a second or two though. With a splintering crash the ice came apart and the figure was free while the gem slowly whobbled back infront of the giant mummy.

Cipher's POV

Alright, perhaps that wasn't the best start to things.

Shaking the ice from my upper right orange orb I turn to look at the world around me . . . only to freeze in realization of what I had just done.

I have has my doubts from my conversation with Lahela but now to see it for myself is truly shocking as all of my limbs are missing and in their place are Orange Orbs. Speaking of the green girl or should I say green gem is currently floating infront of me while screaming in our telepathy connection about how her head feel like its cut off from her body.


While she was panicking I though to myself, this is really happening, it might be bloody impossible, but it really is happening. Well, either that or I'm in such a deep state of delusion that it makes no difference. No, don't think like that, such thoughts are useless at this point. Accept reality as it is, once I'm on firmer footing or is it floating now, I can start worrying about it being otherwise.

First, what the hell has happened to my senses? The Answer is that in the guide it said that Endbringers awakened to see the world through alien senses, ones that were determined by what powers I chose. In Worm Behemoth could only see the world in terms of energy, Leviathan could only perceive water and the Simurgh could see the past and future, but not the present.

First, when I look at the world I can help but see how clear my eyes or is it eye now is able to see things, how massively boosted my hearing are as I can hear the sounds of the wind in amazing detail,my body feels invincible, like it cant never ever be harmed by any means,I feels like I have the strength to lift a mountain and throw it like it was a tiny golf ball. I ofcourse immediately figure out that this belong to the Alexandria power.

Secondly, I feel myself having multiple different power within me,they are surging, constantly screaming out to be used yet patiently waiting to be at the same time,having a near infinitely wide,special natures never being the same yet always, changing and adapting to suit my every needs and keep doing so, I also have perfect understanding of these powers knowing them inside and out as if they have been used by me for a lifetime, although currently they feels dormant not yet needed in a way.

Third, my vision no longer degrade with distance and I can also see things that the Alexandria power cant, its like one of those meme video where there is constantly rainbow light but in a way...you cant exactly describes it in anyform of ways due to how alien it is,also I feels empowered, full of energy, not the full of a full stomach but the full of when you are at your peak performance, when you are completely healthy full of energy, I feel like by simply thinking of it I can make the most beautiful of light show yet also make them the deadliest of attacks,but I can also perceive things at incredible fast speed, its amazing.

Lastly, the energy around me, the form and composition of the matter, that was obviously from the Psychokinetic power. Heat, electricity, gravitation, kinetic, even the vibrations of sound, I can tell each form of energy apart as easily as I could have seen the difference between primary colours with my eyes. The thing is that I'm not seeing them; I don't really think there's a name for what I'm doing. I know where each energy is, I know the . . . direction, for want of a better word, in which it's moving, I know how strong it is, it should be overwhelming, but it isn't.

And there's even more than that, more than just the physical. I can . . . see? Feel? Taste? There is no word for it, but I can perceive the idle thoughts of the men in a fishing boat that sailed through this spot months ago. I can't read them, as in I can't see what they were thinking, but the emotions and drives hang in the air despite the passage of time. One sailor had been hungry, another lightly entertaining himself with lustful thoughts; a third had been worrying about something, something that filled him with fear. There were other strands and streams of thoughts and emotions, but I pay them no heed.

However the last of the power Kaleidoscope, its the most on drug one, I can feel like I can perceive infinite universes, changes entire realities by just simply thinking of it, infinity seem small to me, I feel like I can grasps the universal barrier and make it bend to my will, destroying the whole multiverse in one moment of thinking about it, yet it is completely controlled and can changes even the smallest of things, such as an arrangement of water molecules .'And we are stopping right there I really need some better pratice with this, or it could really make me goes power crazy'.

And you might be wondering while I am so calm about this, its because that THIS is real; I haven't got any choice but to accept it. Actually the in pour of alien senses is probably the best truth I could have. I don't think I could imagine something like this even if I was delusional. Hell, the amount of information flooding into my mind should have left me a drooling wreck as my grey matter burnt out trying to process it all.

Just as with my senses my body no longer feels anything like what I've lived with my entire life. There aren't any muscles responding to nerve impulses, there isn't even any sensation of touch, not really. Yet at the same time I am in total control of my new body, as though I had been living in it all my life. Layer upon layer of exponentially dense matter ribbons wrapped around each other, basically the only bones I have are my arthropod like legs beneath my many layer of ribbons, a totally different centre of balance. My thinking is done by the hardest part of me, my core I can feel it resting in the thickest part of my body. There are 3 other cores, one in the skull of my head, one deep in my body,and another one between my arthropod like legs currently holster around, though it doesnt matter as I can still move as easily as ever.

'Well at least the head core make me feel a little bit more human' I thought.

That makes sense, whoever has set this up clearly didn't want me fumbling around and trying to learn how to simply walk. The same seems to be true of my powers in that they are firmly under my control. I needn't fear setting the atmosphere on fire or destroying the planet by accident.

Although they probably didnt account for me choosing the most overpowered power.

Whoever put me here . . .

The email was addressed from R.O.B, obviously someone's idea of a joke. Random Omnipotent Being, how many times had that old plot device been used in the fics I'd read?

Well, I am here now, and I'm equipped with some serious power. I haven't even had a chance to fully test it out, and already I'm damned sure that if I wanted to I can split atoms and trigger a nuclear detonation with minimal difficulty. And then I can go on to do it again and again.

At this I shake my head. Turns out due to how I designed my Endbringer it cant shake it head very well.

With an almost absent flex of my power the ice melts beneath me, several tonnes of ice returning to a liquid state in an instant. I remain floating above the ocean beneath me, my form suspended by my power.

So much power . . . the thought ripples through my mind as I contemplate what I have just done. The kind of power needed to shift water from solid to liquid so fast is considerable; probably enough to reduce a car to red glowing slag, but it came to me so easily. And beyond that I could feel more power behind it, like an eager dog straining on its leash and wanting to run free.

If said dog was the size of a mountain, and had just shifted a claw barely an inch.

God, it's like that with all the powers, I can feel them waiting, like oceans of water waiting behind some monumental dam. I must be careful, very careful in their use. It would be so easy for that power to run riot if I'm careless.

*sigh* I guess I will have to get used to my mummy like body I guess.

Speaking of getting used to...

"Hey Lahela how are you doing ?"

"Not fine, like seriously not fine, I feel so weird my senses are all messed up you understand right ?"

"Yeah through I am not so sure about shaper through"

"Well to give you a clue, shaper's senses are weird. Right now there's nothing near to us other than a few fish, other tiny ocean dwelling life forms and some bacteria carried by the air currents. Yet despite them being so insignificant I can sense their DNA, I know how it can be twisted, rewritten, fed with extra dimensional biomass until a fish the size of our human little finger can become a beast able to swallow the shark from Jaws without even needing to chew. Even the tiny spores and cells landing on my 'skin', I know how to turn them into a disease designed to scythe down all life it encountered. So much, so much life, it is honestly so weird."

"Yep how about your body?"

"Well its as bad as a limbless body can get while also feels oddly familiar,I can see everything, and by that I means my field of vision is EVERYWHERE !I can see beneath me, my right, left, bottom, behind front, you, all at the SAME TIME !I should be fainting of how weird this is !Also it feels like I have been living in this body my whole life instead of being in it for just a moment ago."

"Well looks like we are on the same boat Lahela." I said with a mental chuckle.


"Wait Lahela ! We shouldnt spl- wait shes coming back !wait wait slow down slow down Girl! Your gonna crash into me !" I screamed in panic as I see a little green gem speed forward me at what I could only assume to be Hypersonic and if I remember right she also have the alexandria power with means.

'I am screwed' those where my last thought before a speeding green blur hit me with a force of like 50 supernova.(AN:Anyone else get the reference ?)

Third Person POV

If anybody was still watching said large empty stretch of the North Pacific ocean they would have seen a floating green glowing gem ramming into a giant mummy that was also floating and making both of them crash down into the ocean.

Cipher's POV

'SHIT THAT ACTUALLY HURTS !' I yelled in my mind as Lahela crashed into me.

Although this was a great way to know that our super dense layer of armored skin works, it still doesnt means that getting hit by a SUPER alexandria is a great thing.

"FINE! FINE! I WILL ADMIT THAT THIS WAS MY FAULT !" I yelled back to her as we slowly float out of the ocean while our damages healed in near instant.


"Just calm down okay? Look I will find away for us to go back to our old body I promise."

"Well you better keep that promise before I am forced to actually make you keep, you got that dumb mummy ?"

"Yes Yes Crystal clear" I nodded while looking down on her(literally).

"Was that a pun ?"

"Yes" Replied me in an amused tone.

*Water splashing sound*

"Hey it wasnt that bad" I said as I slowly rise up after she smashed me into the ocean again.

"Hm! Well what do we do now oh so genius ?"

"Well lets me think for a bit"

"Oh Okay, Take your time then its not like we are stuck in body that shouldnt even exist in the first no no no dont let that distract you just think 'for a bit'".


After that I began thinking again as I and Lahela both stay floating above the ocean.

First thing first, we have these powers, and that means that we have an obligation to use them. The world of Worm had far too much screwed up in it that needs fixing. The question is; can we do anything to help?

Well, yes we can. we can blast the Slaughterhouse Nine into their component particles or just erase them completely. we can bury Coil in the middle of a volcano or throw him into a grinding machine. we can fight against the other Endbringers protect humanity, hell; we'd have to since we've chosen Sibling Rivalry, You Needed Worthy Opponents and we am on the Endbringer Route so we need to kill them to go home. we could see about stopping Cauldron's more atrocious actions. we could rescue Taylor, expose Sophia. we could-

Gods, what am I thinking? I'm actually seriously considering the murder of the Slaughterhouse Nine. Alright, granted that for the most part they're either monsters that need killing or sadly utterly broken people that needed putting down, but actually killing them . . . ? The most violent thing I've ever done in my life was get pissed off and vicious during a multiplayer online match, and even then I'd felt bad about the bruises I'd have given my opponent. Now I'm genuinely considering the deaths of them and Coil?

Is this a side effect of Invictus? Or is it a result of my new body? I don't have brain cells of cerebral chemicals to do my thinking now, could that be altering my personality? For that matter could I still consider myself to be me given what had happened to me? Am I just a copy of myself that's been dumped into this body? Am I an Endbringer that thinks it's human rather than a human that has become an Endbringer?

The thought is an insidious one, and for an unknown amount of time my mind chases itself in circles. In the end though I come to a simple conclusion.

Do I think I'm me? Answer; yes I do. Well, for now that will have to do. Honestly, it doesn't really change things if I'm the genuine article or a duplicate, either way I'm still going to act as I see fit.

Right, existential crisis dealt with; at least for the time being, what's next?

Oh yes, I was trying to plan what I was going to do. Before I could plan anything like that though, the first thing I needed to find out was just when I was. The program hadn't asked me to specify at what point in the continuity I was going to be placed in, so that that left three options as far as I could see.

I could be inserted at some point purely at random, I could be placed at the 'start' of Worm, meaning just before Taylor goes out in costume for the first time, or I could be placed at a time of 'my' choosing. When I'd begun running the program a number of options had been running through my head as to when my character could appear. If whatever force had placed me in this world had used those idle thoughts as prompts then there were a further three spots I could be at.

The first is just before or after Riley is forced into Slaughterhouse Nine. If that is the case and I move swiftly enough then I might be able to save her before Jack's brainwashing really sets in. It would also put me just before Leviathan sank Newfoundland, meaning that I could see about saving Dragon's creator. Or, if I failed that, make sure that Saint never got hold of the Richter's last will and testament.

My second option was before Taylor's mother died. If I could save Annette Hebert then there was a good chance I could upset many of the dominos that end up making Taylor's life a misery.

The last option that I'd been considering was just before the Simurgh's attack on Madison. If that was the case then I could hopefully do something to save the Travellers from a lot of grief. Noelle in particular doesn't deserve what happens to her. And Trickster might be an asshole, but for all the boneheaded mistakes he made he'd been damned loyal to her all the way through to the end, and that meant that at the very least he didn't deserve to end up as one of Teacher's sock puppets.

I can start worrying about how I can make this damned world even worse by accident as soon as I know just when I am. Until then such thoughts are just a waste of energy. Although I am sure that I already made it worst when I appeared, I means seriously ? You Needed Worthy Opponents ?! It sounded good on paper but now when I am here on Earth Bet it going to suck so badly !

3 Endbringers already bring near endless despair to a place where hope are so little it will be like searching for a needle that is buried in the earth !

Now they have 2 more, 1 for me, 1 for Lahela and thats THE BEST CASE SCENARIO !, Oh and they are also going to be absolutely powerful ! Enough to be a challenge to US BOTH !(AN:told ya it wont be an absolute curb stomp, although to find out what they are, ya gotta keep staying here to find out).

Well now that thats rant is over,my next challenge is just how to find that information. I mean, it's hardly as though I can stroll into an internet café and use a computer.

Sure enough with Legend's speed or Alexandria's super hearing and vision we can just spy for them but we have no idea how to even get there as the biggest problem is that we haven't have a clue of where, for all we know we could be in the middle of the Indian Ocean or a few miles off the coast of Mexico. I suppose we could just choose a direction and head towards it. The sun is over there and it looks to be setting, so that must mean that's the general west. If I head for it I'm bound to hit a landmass eventually.

And I'm sure that will work out just fine, it's not as though me and Lathela have 'Endbringer' written all over us after all. If we did head off in some general direct then by the time we make land we'll most likely to have a small army awaiting us, one including the Triumvirate. Granted we can probably take them, but there's no point to doing that now, indeed it will probably generate no end of difficulties for the future.

I would have to be fast, that would be the key. Get there before any resistance could be mustered, get what I need and leave before anything can Legend's speed that should be easy but the problem was... I am huge...maybe making my EB 1000 feet tall wasnt the best Idea.

Also another problem is that Lahela isnt as fast as me too.

But in reality . . . I don't even need to do that. All I need is a newspaper with a date I can read, and if my Psychokinetic power is as strong as I think ,that shouldn't be too hard at all. I can snag a discarded paper and bring it to me from miles away. At least in theory anyway.

Of course to do that I have to find an English speaking country first. The knowledge imparted by Emperor of Man might include an understanding of languages, but I'd rather leave finding that out until a less crucial point. A map would certainly be useful about n-



Of course there's a map I can use. I'm standing right above it after all.

"Oi Lahela !" I called out to the green gem that is currently moving in an orbit of me for some strange reason.

"Hm what ?"

"I will fly up for a bit to take a look so stay here okay ?"

"Fine, But be back quickly !And Its not because I am scared of losing you or what ever !"

"yeah yeah" I quickly dimissed her and fly straight up breaking through the sound barrier and reached light speed in an instant.

'Legend, I know that in the past I have put Eidolon above you in term of cool-ness but I will still say that you are freaking amazing.' I though as I instantly reached what I presumed to be low earth orbit.

As I looked down on the planet, I now have a general idea of where I am. Over that way was Japan and Asia, and off in the other direction was the west coast of North America.

I notice that when I am in low earth orbit, hundreds of miles up and I feel neither the cold nor the void. To me the freezing lack of atmosphere is simply a lack of energy just as the lack of air is nothing more than a lack of molecules or any tiny lives. If I wanted to I could remain up here indefinitely, just as the Simurgh does between her own attacks.

Brushing such wandering thoughts aside I turn my attentions to another matter, namely the constant flow or waves and streams of energy I can sense passing all around the world in a sort of endless current. So many of them that it should be an incomprehensible mess, yet despite it all I can see some sense to it.

Radio waves, transmissions, the lifeblood of the world wide information services. I can see them, and with some time I'm sure that I can work out just what information is being sent through them. Maybe later though, after I have some more practice with what I can do. The last thing I want is to accidentally mess up some transmission and end up being responsible for some vital message not getting where it's meant to be.

There's more though. I 'see' the individual minds even from this great distance. Even amidst the sea of matter, energy and consciousness of life, the power of their thoughts stands out like stars in the night sky. It would be so easy to reach out to those minds, to take what I need, but even as the thought occurs to me I draw back.

I have instinctive ability in the use of my new powers, but as demonstrated by my first attempt as self propulsion it isn't perfect. If I try to simply draw out the knowledge I need the results could be a disaster. At best I might damage the mind of the one I try it on. At worst I could accidentally lobotomize a city. No, it's most sensible to do this by the inconvenient but mundane route.

I start to descend slowly and to tell Lahela of the news. But to also think of how close do I have to be to be able to sense something as simple as a newspaper?

Oh well, how hard could it be?

And thats done.

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