This is basically a summary of Cipher and Lahela's power as so that you guys can remember them.(although its mostly for me XD)

Its to also basically be here to remind me of when I write a chapter to account them in, other wise it could make the characters weaker than they should be.

Also thanks to NewGuy (Guest)

He corrected me on how much points each power was !

Sorry the first time I read I think my eyes have some problem,since when I first read it, it was "Each powers cost 1 point", so yeah I will be changing that as a modification to the original page.

If you goes back to chapter 0 there should be a:

(AN:this /a/CaVa4 for comparision although the different is that the powers only cost 1 point instead of 2) Edit there !

Sorry for any of you who was confused by this ! Before you say it yes this is a lazy way to fix this and will I try to fix it better ? Probably no.

Well currently I already what I planned for their powers to do so changing it would too problematic. Especially the idea of Power Manipulation, as the power is too OP and would need to be nerfed alot if I am going to use it(In reality its even more OP than Kaleidoscope).

Remember to points out any mistakes that I made !

Another Also, If this seems familiar to you then you have read the classic Play It My Way story by the legendary Marcus Galen Sands

World Breaker: 12 points and twice as strong


Powers:Alexandria,Legend,Eidolon,God Emperor of Mankind,Psychokinetic and lastly Kaleidoscope.(-6 points)


Powers:Alexandria,Shaper, and Kaleidoscope.(-3 points)(and -1 more points for the [Friends] companion)


Complications: Sibling Rivalry and You Needed Worthy Opponents due to both of their OP nature(this let them both have 6+ points for beginning)

Perks: 3 additional cores, Shattered Limiter, Unbound, Invictus and First Impression(-7 points)

Points Left Over:


Also expect chapter 3 to come out in the weekend if I have the time(which is likely).

So yeah for any of you guys who though this was an update sorry to burst your bubble.