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Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents (You Are Here)

Chapter 1: A New Kind Of Trouble

Chapter 2: Dream Weavers

Chapter 3: Red Vs. Blue

Chapter 4: Thoughts On The Matter

Chapter 5: Even When He's Sick

Chapter 6: Tucker Misses Everything

Chapter 7: Tea For Tuck

Chapter 8: The War

Chapter 9: The War Redux

Chapter 10: A Little Bit Of Drama

Chapter 11: Detention, Day 1

Chapter 12: The Core Of The Problem

Chapter 13: Adventures In Halfa-Sitting

Chapter 14: Tough As Steel

Chapter 15: It Begins, Anew

Chapter 16: "And, The Horse Will Buck"

Chapter 17: Sock It To 'Em

Chapter 18: Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind

Chapter 19: Nerdily Spies

Chapter 20: Boxed In

Chapter 21: Sneezer Sailor Specter Guy

Chapter 22: Get Smarter

Chapter 23: Nerd-torious

Chapter 24: Not-So-Safe House

Chapter 25: Adventures In Halfa-sitting 2: The Tiny War

Chapter 26: Quantum Of Scholars

Chapter 27: Our Man Fenton

Chapter 28: Live & Let Fly

Chapter 29: Blue Storm Rising

Chapter 30: Clear & Present Danny

Chapter 31: The Fourth Period Protocol

Chapter 32: The Conversation

Chapter 33: The Afterlives Of Others

Chapter 34: A.P. Confidential







A line-break almost always means a change of POV. I didn't specify whose POV, though. So, if it gets too confusing, let me know and I'll see about adding POV titles.

AN: This takes place somewhere between D-Stabilized and Phantom Planet. Phantom Planet will probably never happen, in this series. If it does, it's likely going to be a very big variation, and a very big surprise to me.

This is the direct sequel to my other fic, The Halfa Hiccups. THH and TCC are the first two in my series, The Trio Troubles. You don't have to read THH, to read this. But, reading the last two chapters of it might shed some light on things, if you get lost. Don't worry, though. They're not too long.

Also, while I've got you here, this one will be a bit less cannon, and a bit more of my personal theories. I did not like the way Danny just let his biologically-twelve-but-chronologically-one-and-a-half clone wander off to care for herself. I know she's capable, but that doesn't mean I like her being a lonely kid, living on the streets, stealing food to survive, when we all know Danny's family would take her in, in a heartbeat. So this is going to have a bit of familial fluff in it, as well. But, that should be dampened by crazy. Hope it's not too bad. :)

So, this fic will contain a lot of POV changes and characters' thoughts. It will also contain several fluffy moments, and a lot of sick/delusional Danny and Danielle. So, if you don't like that kinda stuff, this is not the fic for you.

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