Thor Odinson... You have disobeyed the express command of your King. Through your arrogance and stupidity, you have opened these peaceful Realms and innocent lives to the horrors of war. You are unworthy of this Realm...unworthy of your title...unworthy of the loved ones you've betrayed. I hereby take from you your powers. In the name of my father...and of his father before...I cast you out!


The first thing he saw was darkness. He was surrounded by a blackness so thick he might have caught at it with his hand. The winds raised by the Bifrost tore at his hair and his clothing. What he wouldn't give for Loki's gifts now, to dissipate the storm and show his surroundings.

Bringing a hand up by his eyes to drive off the stinging dust, Thor stumbled, disoriented by the wind and the darkness.

His eyes were pierced by light and he turned his head away.

On the side of his vision, he saw the solidity of the object only just before it hit him.

He felt himself thrown from his feet.

Then, blackness so much deeper than that about him rose up and took him in its arms.


"I think that was legally your fault."

"Get the first aid kit!"

Then, the second voice again, nearer, "Come on, big guy. Do me a favor and don't be dead."

Groggily, Thor opened his eyes to see a face hovering above his. Pointed, frail. She was both vulnerable and beautiful.

From a little beyond he heard, "Wow. Does he need CPR? 'Cause I totally know CPR."

The woman nearest him raised her head to look at the others who had been with her.

Her eyes had held him strangely. Freed, he shifted and struggled to rise, to remember how it was he had come.

"Where did he come from?"

Finally Thor pressed to his feet and the woman sprang back from him.


His father had sent his hammer after him. He must have.

"Yeah, we can tell you're hammered," a female's voice carried after him, "It's pretty obvious."

Gradually, it was coming back to him. The ceremony, Jotunheim, the fight, his Father.

His blood ran hot in his breast.

Cast out. And for what? Protecting his own home?

"Father!" he shouted, flinging his head up to face the sky, "Heimdall! I know you can hear me! Open the bridge!"

There was no answer.

Thor rounded on the ones who had found him. A man and two maidens.

He pointed at the man, "You!" he demanded, "What Realm is this? Alfheim? Nornheim?

"Uh..." one of the maidens drew his attention, "New Mexico?"

She raised a weapon that Thor did not recognize.

"You dare threaten Thor with so puny a –"

A shock pierced his chest and fired all through him.

Darkness blocked out the stars.


When he woke, there was light.

And a face.

"Hi," the man said, "Just taking a little blood."

Thor smacked the weapon out of the man's hand, "How dare you attack the son of Odin!"

"I need some help!"

Men came and they held him down.

"You are no match for the Mighty –"

His arms were so heavy.

Thor did not understand. None was stronger than he. They should never have been able to best –

Warm darkness lapped at his feet.

Then it swallowed him.


There was light, again. And a strange smell, one he could not place. It caused a vague feeling of sickness in his gut that any other would have called uneasiness.

The Mighty Thor was not to be made uneasy by so trivial a thing as this stronghold.

They had bound him to the bed on which he lay, and the restraints were strong. He tugged against them to no avail.

"It's not possible," he muttered, giving one last pull.

Then he had a thought.

He relaxed the muscles of his arms and he slipped free.

Climbing free of the bed, Thor laughed to himself. If the creatures wished to make the Mighty Thor their prisoner, they would have to try harder.

The floor was cold to his bare feet. Glancing down he found that his keepers had taken his clothing, replacing it with this…thing. It was distasteful, but it would serve until he found something better.

There was a small window in the door to his cell.

Stealing up close to it, Thor leaned his head against the wood to peer out.

One of the keepers – like the ones who had assaulted him before imprisoning him in this room – was just rounding the far corner. None other was approaching.

Thor tested the nob, and he found that it turned.

Fools. They had trusted too much in their be-spelled restraints. Smiling, Thor stole out of the room and down the hall.


This is the fourth and final story in my current series. Should be perfect as a read alone, or as a companion to the others.

Sorry, thusfar I haven't gotten past the first movie. This one is different from the other three for 2 reasons. First reason: I'm writing chapter 3, now. Second reason: I have a vague idea of what I want to accomplish with this fic. Neither of those reasons apply to any of my other fics.

So far, the closest answer I can come to for the second reason is that I forget what Thor does and doesn't know. And when you really try to see things as he sees them, it really makes the changes that he goes through as a character much more striking. So, I guess I'm trying to show that. Which is why we're really going through the movie scene by scene.

I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I did find the script. Makes for great reading. Here's the link for anybody interested: . It's got all the deleted/extended scenes (which is cool. I'd seen a few of them other places and didn't know where they'd come from) and a lot of goofy dialogue – especially from the Warriors Three, which is always a good time – and some other interesting tidbits. I think it's very worth the read.

Point being, though, that I got the dialogue from that, or from my own head. I will try to remember to point out which is which as we go.

Oh, and song title. This one is by My Chemical Romance. My sister got me into them last spring. She played this song for me, and at the beginning I thought it was a guy singing to his girl, probably before he went to war, and by the end I thought it had changed. Somebody important had died and he wasn't thinking about the girl at all. Then she showed me the video, and she told me that the two in the video, actually are brothers.

Anyways, I shall try my damndest to keep up with this daily-update speed, so expect to see an update here every few days.