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Hiccup's POV

I stumble down the stairs and fall on my face. I lie there in pain as my father bustles around me, ignoring me as usual.

I'm Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, Princess of the Barbaric Archipelago. We come from Vikings who aren't the best at naming and we obviously got that trait from them. As well as their size, with the exception of me who is as dainty as they come. I also have only one leg which makes me even more unusual.

I lost my leg when I was fifteen. I saved family from pirates and got captured for a few months. It was terrifying, but they kept saying how lucky I was to not be captured by Dagur the Deranged, the only pirate who held a candle to Alvin the Treacherous, but he died during a battle with Dagur so now Dagur is the most feared pirate.

While my father was getting me back I got caught in the way of a cannon and I lost my leg, to cut the story short.

I stand up and brush myself off, wincing at the bruise already forming on my arm. My dress is at my ankles to hind my top-of-the-line prosthetic leg that Gobber and I have made. Gobber is my father figure and my best and only friend. I apprentice at his shop and help him make things.

"Hey Dad. How are you today? Busy, as usual I see. But looking very dapper!" I say cheerily, to my father. He sits at the great table and signs heavily.

"What do you want, Hiccup?" My father says. That's my dad for you. Stoick 'the Vast' Haddock, King of the Barbaric Archipelago, Crusher of Pirates.

"I was wondering if you wanted to teach me how to wield a sword. Or an axe. Or how to fist fight. We haven't done that in years." I look down, avoiding eye contact. I wipe my hands on my simple green dress and smile brightly, looking up.

Dad smiles sadly, then frowns. He looks me up and down and shakes his head.

"You would get hurt. You are too small and too young to learn how to fight. Maybe when you're older." I huff and glare at his fiery red beard.

"What do you mean 'when I older'? I'm seventeen! The village kids have all learned how to fight when they were ten, but you never let me, because you said I was too young! I thought it was because I was the princess, but now I realize that it's because I look just like Mom!" I scream at him. My father stands up. He towers over me and his facial features harden. He straightens out his general's uniform as his face grows increasingly redder.

"Hiccup, you don't know what you're talking about. Just go outside and play or something I have work to do."

I don't listen to him. I grab a chair and stand up on it so I'm at least up to his nose. I haven't had a growth spurt yet, but I feel it coming.

"No, you need to listen to me!" I yell. "You think I am some dainty little thing, but I'm not. I can't always have guards with me. If I'm going to be queen one day, you need to teach me how to defend myself or I'll never know how and probably die just like mom-"

"Be quiet!" My father roars, scaring me to the point that my knees shake and I tumble out of my chair. "You don't fight because you can't. I've seen you try and to be honest it's pitiful. I can believe I made a useless daughter like you." I tremble and tears stream out my eyes. My father gasps and covers his mouth.

"Hiccup, I didn't mean it. I-"My dad tries.

"Save it." I say sharply, surprising myself at the coldness in my voice. "I don't care anymore. It was stupid to ask of me, your highness." I turn sharply on my heels and stomp up the grand stairs. Dad tries to follow me, but stops and sits down heavily in his chair.

Once up the stairs, I run to my room and lock the door. I look at my smallish room.

Our castle is nothing special. There are only about ten bedrooms and they are fairly small. My father's being the largest. There is a ball room, a feasting room with the grand table (the one I was just in), a resting room, and a dungeon which is underground. There is a courtyard and two gardens. A flower garden that I have been tending to since my mom, Valka 'the Fierce', Queen of the Barbaric Archipelago, and wife of Stoick the Vast, died and a herb garden that the gardeners tend to and the healers get their medicine from.

We have dogs as well. I have a large mountain dog named Toothless. And my father has two, a large Greyhound named Thornado and a Kalaallit Qimmiat, a type of Husky dog.

I look around my bed room and grab a large brown knapsack and a simple medium sized chest. I look around at my art covered room and grab my maps and drawings off my walls. I take down the hundreds of landscapes and people covered pieces of paper. It takes me a while and by the time I finish, there is a large pile of them on my bed and it is dark out.

I go to my bedside table and light two candles.

I roll them up and put them in my sack. All except for one, it's my only picture of my dad, Stoick the Vast, in all his glory. I'm next to him and I'm holding his hand, smiling. It's almost pinpoint accuracy. My hair is slightly more red than auburn and my dad isn't wearing his usual uniform.

I leave it on my bear- fur covered bed and turn towards my brown wooden wardrobe. I throw open the doors and look at the outfits I have. I take out three of my most simple dresses, one brown, one green, and one red, and two pairs of leggings, both brown, and three tunics. One of them red and the others green.

I put them in my chest and take a fancy dress, sleeveless blue that is too long for me, one meant for upper class nobles, but not fit for a princess, folded it and placed it at the bottom of the chest underneath the shirts. I get two pairs of shoes, one blue (to match with the blue dress) and the other brown. Then I grab a pair of brown boots and put them in the chest as well as the brown shoes.

I go to my dresser and grab a brush, comb, and leather strips to tie my hair with. I also grab two small coin sacks with money in it. One has gold and silver coins and the other is filled with copper ones. I pick up a simple diamond necklace that was my mom's and put it in a small bag along with the gold and silver coins. I toss those into my knapsack and look over my almost empty room. I grab my bear fur blanket, a yak wool blanket, and some sleep clothes (two of my dad's non-work shirts).

I put everything in the chest and shove it under my bed. I change into my night clothes and climb into bed. I sigh and whistle for Toothless.

I hear claws clacking on the marble floor. I get up and open the door for him and he rushes inside and jumps on my bed. He pants and spins around a few times before settling down on the right side of my queen sized bed. I smile and shake my head.

"Move over, you useless canine. You always take over the whole bed." I gently move Toothless to the side and climb underneath the sheets.

I reach over and put out the candle on my night table.

"Good night, Toothless."

I put my head down, not knowing what's in store for tomorrow.