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*Aster's POV*

"I should apologize, right? I mean, I usually don't, but this is a special case. I embarrassed the princess and since she is a princess it would be the right thing to do." I turn to my sister…. Only to find that she's not there.

I shake my head and stand up, from the couch. I dust off my pants and go to walk to my room when my stomach rumbles.

"I'll apologize later." I say, to my self as I walk out of the door. Heading to the Great Hall, I notice that there are people running to the Great Hall.

I follow them. I leisurely walk, but as more people run to the Great Hall, I speed up my pace.

I strain to open the almost never closed doors and walk inside.

The first thing I notice is the sheer sense of panic that I see all around me. Then I notice King Stoick's stormy expression and listen as he speaks.

"My daughter has disappeared!" Stoick shouts, not beating around the bush.

My eyes widen, and I get a brief memory of two people going to the docks, late at night, a few days ago. Maybe if I was more attentive I could have prevented her disappearance.

Stoick is about to say more when the two-limbed blacksmith, Gobber, I believe, nudges the King. Stoick sighs and starts to speak again.

"Princess Hiccup, has left Berk. She says that she is to return by her twenty-third birthday, but I fear that she will perish before her eighteen. I will need your help to find her. Send word to the neighboring islands. My daughter could not have gotten far. We must find her and bring her home!" Stoick announces.

I listen in silence as Stoick continues to speak.

"If we learn that Hiccup has perished or that we cannot find her. Fishlegs of House Ingerman, will be my heir. We will start his training on his twentieth birthday. That is all."

I look around in shock as the burly boy, known as Fishlegs, is hoisted up and celebrated for. My hunger forgotten, I make my way to Stoick as he sits at the table surrounded by mead, reassurances, and condolences.

"Good riddance, that girl was nothing, but a menace. Always getting in the way and giving useless ideas. The Ingerman boy was a strange choice. He is helpful during raids and is built like a Viking. But he is also like the princess, with the ideas. The Jorgenson boy would have been a much better fit." A bystander says.

I hear a few nastier comments about Hiccup, but most people seem happy about Fishlegs becoming Stoick's heir. They say Snotlout would burn the kingdom to the ground.

Finally getting to Stoick, I interrupt and old man with an ugly face and a nasty breath, making comments about Hiccup and Fishlegs being bad fits.

Stoick turns to me, relieved, but slightly annoyed with my presence. I almost shrank back at his grand presence, but I forced myself to stay put. Aster Hofferson was no pushover.

"Lord Hofferson." The old man looks at me with disgust, obviously annoyed with the interruption, but I pay no mind to it.

"Stoick, I would like to lead a search for Princess Hiccup. I can gather a crew and search for her. I have traveled all over the archipelago and even made it outside. I am an experienced sailor-," I am about to continued, but I am interrupted by Stoick's hand going up, silencing me.

"I give you permission to go, I wish that you take your sister, Lady Hofferson, with you. I believe she will help you with your journey. She has also been asking to be in the front lines of pirate attack and has beaten many of our best warriors. Bring my daughter home."

I nod.

*A day later*

I searched all over Berk for a suitable crew. The ones I've found were decent fighters and the best at tracking and sailing.

I had about fifty people, enough for a medium sized ship. There were mostly younger and unmarried people who wanted to get one more adventure in before they had to get married and start a family. There a few older ones, experienced with pirates, and the widowed ones who wanted revenge. Most had an idea of what they were doing, others were clueless, they just wanted to get out of Berk for a little while. I only recognize a few of them. The teens, Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs.

There is also a boy who I have never approached, but he asked if he could come. His name was Gusto, Gustav, I think?

"I needed a crew and I believe you are it. We will be leaving in a week. So be prepared. We will be gone for years, maybe three or four years at best before returning, so say your goodbyes now. Finish your unfinished business and pack your essentials."

Some nod to me, others walk off silently, and a few wave and sprint off, obviously excited. Astrid faces me.

"Do you have any idea what you are actually doing?" She inquired, quirking an eyebrow and cocking a hip. I ruffle her hair.

"Retrieving the princess." I shrugged. She scowled at me and swatted my hand away. Astrid started to say more when I saw the teen and hushed her.


Fishlegs stumbled forward and smiled, sheepishly.

"We were wondering if we could set out early. Hiccup did say that she wanted to get as far away as she possibly could."

I started to reply when I realized something.

"She spoke to you before she left. And you didn't say anything." I growled annoyed.

"No! She, I mean, yes, but no. She gave me a letter which I gave to Stoick. It said some things. Some of it was what she was doing." Fishlegs blubbered.

"And the rest?" I pushed. Fishlegs' face got red and he looked down.

"None of your business. It's not important anyway."

I grunted and saw Ruffnut, scowl. She caught my eye, flushed a bit, before hitting her brother which started a brawl. I rolled my eyes, as well as almost everyone else in their group and Astrid, before heading to go pack.

"I'll see you soon."

*A two weeks later*

There was a large storm that lasted a week, and then some angry waves that delayed our take off even more, but today is the day.

The boats are all packed, the people of Berk have all said their goodbyes. We were finally going to find Hiccup.

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