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Eugenics a New World is Created

Part 75

After gathering their toys Heather and Hannah and the boys looked for T'Lia however they could not find her. Growing worried Heather had Hannah take the boys home. "Please take the boys back to the house. Let Zephraim know what is going on and ask him to come out and help. Call Mathew and see if he can come out as well. I am going to keep looking. I don't want to leave her out here all alone."

"Heather you could get lost too." Hannah said. She was concerned about her sister even if she was now almost panicking over losing T'Lia.

"I will be fine. I am keeping the flashlight and blanket and I have my tool belt and pack. I have to keep looking. I'll notch the trees if I head off too. Besides Zephriam can track me easily enough I am sure. Maybe see if John or the others can come out or some of the priests. They can all track really well."

"All right but I am worried." Hannah said but she saw no alternative as it was getting late. They really needed to get radios or something.

She took the boys who were not happy to be leaving but they obeyed when Heather gave them a firm command. Hannah sighed with relief as she put them both in the car. She quickly drove back to Carbon Creek. This could be a real problem.


The reporters soon lost interest in the various refugees. They were alien but not the kind with green skin or blue skin. Most were too tall to be what the public thought aliens would look like. The Vulcans stayed to themselves hiding in plain sight. Within a week they had all seen the movie "The day the Earth Stood still." It showed them all why it might be best to try to blend in. Some were afraid but Mestral was calm and projected power and leadership. Maggie was firmly on his side and lead with charisma and competence. Her kindness won many over as did her clear leadership of the clan she was a part of. It had not taken the Vulcans long to learn that the Archers were the leaders of this clan. However their clear love and respect for Mestral and Maggie showed a strong alliance. The Vulcan refugees soon felt a kinship to the native peoples and their hosts. They began to work to rebuild their lives. Each understood it would be a process of learning and accepting. The natives of this land welcomed them as long lost family. Some felt that was not right but none would reject a hosts right to show kindness. So the Vulcans began to work with the tribe for the betterment of both races. Within a week construction on roads and housing was begun. Mestral watched with Maggie at his side and had to fight to refrain from smiling. This was far more than he had ever hoped for. He knew that this settlement would grow and thrive and the island they had found would be the same. Yes their colonies here on Earth would flourish and Vulcan as a race would survive and thrive and in time perhaps his people could regain control and their home world would once more be free of the High Command. He was truly building his house and clan and he was pleased. Maggie touched his fingers and he looked down at her. Life was good. He just hoped his son soon returned from the home place with Heather and the children. He missed them all and hated being separated. Mestral knew Zephraim had to fly home to help with Grayson's but it had been hard to see him go. He had only been gone a week and it felt like far longer. He hated that Maggie had to be separated from all their children for his work. Soon he vowed to return to Carbon Creek and stay for a while. This traveling was too difficult on his beloved. They would return home and work on raising their family and perhaps find a way to help their new Russians find peace with being a part of their community. That was a project he had put on hold for far too long.

"Mestral we have a problem?" Paul said as he ran over. "Zephraim just called. I'm sorry there no way to make this easy. T'Lia is missing she wandered off in the woods."

Maggie and Mestral both froze. "Mestral….we have to go home now." Maggie demanded.

"Prepare a plane Paul we will return at once. Zephraim and Mathew are looking for them?"

"Yes, they are they have a search team out. She wandered off why Hannah and Heather were busy with the boys. She had been taking a nap so the girls were trying to keep the boys out of mischief. I am sure she will be all right."

Maggie looked panicked but Mestral's calm hand held her. "We will return and find her."

Maggie nodded but worry showed.

The news of their daughter disappearance spread and certain members of the Mob smiled. If they could gain control of the girl then they have Grayson by the throat. Messages were sent off and soon Mobsters would be in the woods looking as would many from Carbon Creek.


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Eugenics a New World is Created

Part 76

Kimi walked along side Khan. He was explaining about his life and the experiment that had created his alliance with Karl and Elise and their son Karl Willhelm. He was going to be honest with her and tell her he had multiple partners. If there relationship was to begin and prosper she needed to know the truth and to accept that his heart was shared space for many.

Kimi listened and was a little saddened to learn that Khan had other wives. She had wanted him for herself. However as she listened to his ideas and plans for the future she found that they were similar to her own. While sharing a man had never been something she had considered a man like Khan was rare and he was being open and honest. He was not pretending to be a one woman man while maintaining outside relationship. That she could and did respect.

"We can make this work Kimi and I will do all I can to aide you family. In time perhaps some could come to America." Khan said. "I have no desire to cut you off from them."

"I appreciate that fact Khan. I know that it would take some adjustment on my part. Will we all be living together?"

"No, Dawn is living on the reservation near Carbon Creek she has no desire to leave there. She a part of the council there and has duties to her people. While I love her dearly I would not ask her to sacrifice them to my dreams. We have a home there and in time I will build a larger one for us all as a place of refuge and to relax. I like Carbon Creek and the reservation it's very soothing. However if you agree to marry me you and I will return to the doctor and the others. Elsie looks forward to having you join us. I think you could become good friends."

Kimi nodded she did not really understand how Khan could share his woman. It was very clear to her that Elsie held a very special place in his heart and soul. Perhaps she was his one. However he also wanted to protect and care for her and he clearly did the same for Dawn. He was a good man. His idea of uniting humanity and making it stronger through family and political alliances met with her approval. She liked the idea of diversity. Had not isolation and arrogance caused her people to go down a dark path? Perhaps if they had outside alliances and family connections the military might never have gained its power and voice. Yes the idea had merit. There was also the fact that Jhan had been asking if she perhaps had a sister or cousin. He too wanted to find a bride from her homeland. She liked that idea. Perhaps her cousins or sisters might choose to come over as well. The bride price would help the family and it would mean she would have some family close by as well. Yes the offer was a good one. She still missed her lost love but this was perhaps the best situation she could have. She would be with a man who was decent and honorable and would still allow her a great voice in their family. She could perhaps form her own house here too.

"Khan I think that marriage would be a good thing for us. I ask only that I be allowed a voice in our family. I will also gladly write home and see if perhaps my sister or cousins would agree to wed with Jhan. He is a fine young man. I think I would welcome being close to Elsie. She sounds like a lovely woman. It would be like having an older sister near by to help her cope and learn the local culture. I am the eldest in my home so I only had my mother to seek advice from. Not that that is a bad thing but sometimes siblings have a differing view. I think if I consider Elsie and Dawn Sisters we should get along fine, that is if they do not mind my joining your family?"

Khan smile made her heart flutter. She was not exactly in love with him but she did like him a lot and she was in awe of his honesty and power. She did respect and admire him a marriage could start out a lot worse. Besides he was a fine specimen of manhood and would make beautiful children. She could do far worse. Then there was the fact that their children would likely look similar to her own people and that was a bonus. Khan kissed her lips gently and she felt her heart warm. Yes falling in love would not be too difficult.

Khan smiled as he pulled her close. He had his third mate and second wife. As much as he loved his Elsie she was also Karl's and he could only have her sometimes. Having Kimi close by would help him as well. He would feel less jealous with Kimi there to help him. It might also help protect his beloved as the doctor would be confused when he showed equal love and care to another. A part of him felt a little guilty and worried but he and Jhan were strong they would protect their wives and family. He just hoped one of Kimi's kindred joined them it would make her less lonely for her homeland.


The Donavan's helped patrol the reservation shocked at the heat and dust. They were by nature city people but the beauty of the place was not something they could deny. It was clear that they now understood why it had become home to the youngest of them.

"Damn this place is beautiful." Seamus Sr. noted.

"Yeah, it's primitive and stark but the way the sun rides across the land is amazing." Sean agreed."I can see why Kevin loves it so."

"Aye maybe when this is all settled I can have your mother come out with the girls, she should see this place it might make her feel better about Kevin being here."

"Yeah Da I think she like it here to. Mom may be a city girl but she appreciates beauty and this place is like a work of art." Seamus Jr. said "It makes me wish I could paint, Hey maybe we can take some photos back."

"That would be lovely I think." His father said. "Now let's find Khan and see what he has in mind to deal with our pest issues. I mean it be right easy to lose someone out here in all this dessert."

Seamus sons began to laugh at that.

"Yeah it be a real pity if the Gambino's drove off a ledge someplace." Sean said with a wicked grin."It would solve so many issues."

"Aye but it might cause Kevin and his lass some problems. I don't want to endanger him just to solve this issue. Then again accidents do happen." Seamus said."Come on boys lets go find Khan Mestral and maybe that Archer fellow perhaps they have an idea of how to solve this without resorting to our usual methods."

The men all headed to find Khan and Mestral and his companions.


Zephraim headed off the Air Force officer he had Chief Archer with him. Neither man was going to allow these people close to the crash. It was bad enough they had found parts of the craft that had broken up upon entry into the atmosphere. It was rather unnerving for both men as they realized exactly how large this ship had been. Fortunately the public was buying the line that it was only an experimental transport well at least for the moment.

Zephraim had no hope that this would last if the Air Force got to close up a look at the crash site they did not need them to realize that there was no way this was a simple plane even if it was Grayson plane. Making it look like it was taking a lot of ingenuity and spare parts along with the disruptors the Vulcan's brought along to create the appearance of damage which of course could still bite them because disruptors left their own unique marks. Fortunately the Grayson family and corporation owned most of the land where the vehicle crashed and the reservation the rest of it. With luck they could simply deny the Air Force access. Zephraim sure hoped the president followed through and ordered the Air Force to back down.

The orders came in from the president himself. The officers were not happy but they had to back down. It was clear something was not right here and that there was some secret but the president was very fond of Dr. Grayson and his family and angering the commander and chief was a quick way to end one's career. It was not something any of the officers wanted to risk. Just then a call came in of another crash near Rosewell. Perhaps this time they could investigate properly? The investigation unit quickly packed and moved away. No point in staying where they were being hamstrung and if they hurried perhaps they could learn the truth before the president chose to weave a web of bullshit once more.

Kevin sighed with relief. He called Zephraim and let him know the Air Force was pulling out. They would watch and trail them just to be certain they were really leaving but so far so good.


Dawn read the missive from Khan. She sighed and was a bit sad. However she was happy that Khan had found another to love and that she would be the one moving to his compound with the doctor. Dawn in no way trusted the German but knew for the moment Khan was using him. He was a snake and likely to bite them at some point but she knew her love need his connections for the moment. If Kimi Emi was content to move with Khan and become closer allies with Elsie then all the better. She could stay safe on the Reservation and forge closer alliances with the Grayson clan. It was really the best option for the family and Khan would bring her sister wives and their children in time to her and her people to visit. That was what she would suggest. She wanted her love to know she was all right with his plans. Besides if they were on the compound then she'd have Khan to herself when he visited. Well at least until he found a way to bring them to visit. She grinned at that. A small part of her was selfish enough not to want to share all the time. Let Elise and Kimi Emi deal with that on a daily basis. She would rather have private time with her love and not have to share on a daily basis. She loved her man dearly but she knew herself to be exposed to it all the time would hurt. This way she got the best of both worlds. Sisters to care for and a mate to love when she could, she missed him when he was away but it did give her time to build their home here and to rule her people in her own way. Perhaps it was the best for all of them? Dawn took out a paper and wrote a short welcoming note to Kimi Emi and then another to her love. A reminder to find a way to bring her sisters and their families to visit she had no desire to be seen as the other woman. No she wanted them to become family even if they could not all live in one place. She was also eager to met Carl and Freya as well as Khan's son Karl Wilhelm. It sounded like the boy was adorable. Dawn knew she would love playing auntie to him. She heard her son begin to cry and she set down the letters and went to him. Her boy was demanding and in that way was much like his father. She smiled at Khan as he nursed. He was her pride and joy and with luck soon he would have more full and half siblings. She like Elise shared the view of creating a dynasty. One that in time would ally directly with the Graysons then the United States and Canada would rue the day they dared harm her clan and peoples. She was not anywhere near as forgiving as Maggie Grayson was. They would pay for their crimes as her people rose to the top of the various fields. Revenge was a dish best served cold and they would have it by becoming the best in the country no they would be the best and strongest in the world.


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Eugenics a New World is Created

Part 77

Zephraim searched the woods. He wished Kevin and the Archers were here. He had liked them and they were skilled at tracking his time in the dessert showed him that. However this was a wooded place so maybe their skills would not work as well. In any case he was worried his baby sister was lost and alone. He turned on the torch and began to wander off the trail a bit notching trees as he did so. He had no idea that on the other end of the woods members of the Gambino crime family were also searching the woods. They were not quite or skilled but they had orders. Why could the kid not have gotten lost in Brooklyn?

T'Lia was curled up and sound asleep. She wandered off and followed her new friends trail. It led to a small cave where she and her kits were now living. The creature had not yet moved the babies. She found them and carried in more food. She had been worried for the creature. However the journey had tired her and she fallen asleep. The kits and mother had curled around her to keep her warm and safe. T'Lia fell asleep safe and loved never realizing her disappearing was causing a panic.

The plane raced home but it would be several hours before they landed. Maggie was frantic but Mestral was stoic. While T'Lia was very young she was Vulcan and he had every faith that she would be fine. His people had a strong survival mode. His daughter was also far more developed then either a human or Vulcan child. She was like his son the best of both worlds. She would survive and they would find her. His heart and mind would accept nothing else. He held his wife as she wept in fear offering what comfort he could.


Maria and the others set up a command post. They brewed coffee and made food for those who were out searching. That included most of the men of the town. Everyone owed Mestral and Maggie and they came to help. Even if that was not the case a lost child was always going to mobilize the community.

Trip stopped T'Pol. "So T'Lia got lost in the woods? She ran off? That is not very Vulcan like is it?"

T'Pol sighed. "She was a toddler Trip. I'm certain she thought she would be back before she was missed. As a child she simply underestimated the amount of energy and the distance it was to her friend's home."

"Friend yeah a wild cat? So what did she do say Mom the kitten followed me home?"

"Do you want me to continue with the story or should we end it for this evening?"

Trip considered it. He noted his mate looked tired and the truth was he was exhausted. "I think maybe we should stop here. I mean I am getting a bit tired. It has been a long day. You don't mind do you?"

T'Pol nodded and took his hand in hers. "No beloved you need your rest."

Trip nodded and decided he could wait for more of the story. He gently pulled T'Pol to him so she could rest in his arms. She needed it and so did he. "Let's get some sleep, besides it's a good place to stop and you can always tell me more tomorrow."

"As you wish Thala," T'Pol said. "Anticipation shall make this more rewarding of a story as well."

"Tease, "Trip said as he kissed her brow.


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Eugenics a New World is Created

Part 77

The plane landed in Carbon Creek. The flight had taken a long four and a half hours with stopping to refuel. However it was faster than Mestral had expected so he tried not to be concerned. He knew his son and friends would be out in force looking for his youngest and that she would be found quickly. He knew Maggie was terrified the feeling of panic from his mate nearly overwhelmed his shields but he held them fast. Losing control would do them no good. He had to remain logical and clear thinking despite his worry. He tried to convince himself that this was no worse than if T'Lia was on her "Kahs-wan" even if she was far too young to undertake such an endeavor. He had to believe it if only for his own sanity. He said nothing as Maggie clung to his hand. It was painful but he accepted she needed to touch him and hold him close. As they arrived at home Maggie all but leap from their vehicle and ran to gather their boys up into her arms. While she could not hold her daughter she was grateful to have her boys in her arms. She looked up and saw Hannah who looked worried and guilty.

"It's all right Hannah. We will find T'Lia. Children tend to run off I know mine well. She will be found safe and sound. You kept Samuel and Seth safe and secure."

Hannah nodded but still felt really guilty. She hugged herself and said."Most of the adults are out looking for T'Lia. We all want to help T'Shia." She fell into the formal Vulcan she had heard so many say recently. Like many she felt the power Maggie and Mestral projected and knew that this couple and their children were the town's future. When he had taken over the company for Heather she had been worried about her future. Not that she had ever expected to inherit as it had been destined to go to her brother. Now however she had a shot at working for Graysons one day or perhaps starting her own company one day. She was certain that unlike her father and mother her sister would support her dreams. She longed to be a scientist and go into medical research. She knew that with her sister and Zephraim's support and she would be able to do anything she wanted. It was why she felt so terrible if only she had not been distracted. However she had to believe that they would find the toddler.

Maggie hugged her son's sister in law and sighed. While she was panicked and worried she could not and would not blame the women. She knew they loved her daughter deeply and would never risk her. She knew full well that all her children had an almost insatiable curiosity and that the least interesting thing could draw their attention. So she pray to the Creator that her beloved child would be found safe and sound.

The news that one of the Grayson children was lost in the woods gave the Gambino family a chance to gain leverage over the Graysons. It meant they sent their enforcers to find the child and do what was necessary to gain control. Carlo Gambino was not happy that his cousins had sent him out to kidnap a child. While he was a member of the gang he drew the line at harming women and children. However he knew full well that Mestral Grayson had angered his cousin and head of the family and he was not about to let one of the others do the job. He at least would try to keep the little girl safe and secure. He also hoped he could talk his cousin around. He firmly believed making allies was far better than making enemies. However his cousin and brother were in charge of the family and that meant he had to follow for now. He stumbled along the path cursing silently. He was just glad he had changed into his boots and hunting gear. Unlike many he knew his way around the woods care of spending four years in the war in Europe in the Italian Underground. He moved along looking for signs of the little girl. Since he was not as well known as many of his family he was able to volunteer with the townsmen to find the child. He had taken a job in the mine to get closer to the family and to gain a break from the life of a New York mobster. It was often wise to have a second identity too fall back on and he thought replacement truck driver for the mine was a good cover. He had set it up weeks ago and now it would be very useful. So he was looking in the woods with several other members of Carbon Creek community and he found he liked the people here. If it was not for his family back in New York he might well consider moving here and opening a business. He had always wanted to run a small shop. However for now he had a job to do and he would do it if only to try to keep the child safe.

T'Lia awoke and was surrounded by the Lynx and her family. She petted the kittens and mother cat even as she checked out its wounded paw. She had no idea of the panic she had caused but instead was very happy to help her new friend. She never realized her empathy was bonding her with the mother cat and the kits.


The Vulcan refuges were shocked to see the humans of the community come together so efficiently. They were not only helping them settle in but they were now out actively looking for Mestral and Maggie's child. Many were in awe of the loyalty and kindness they were seeing. It made them see humans as far more then the primitive beasts that they appeared to be in the briefing they had received from Xon and T'Mir. While the later had not intended their observations to be seen as such it was clear to many of the Vulcans that the human society they would be joining was every bit as dangerous as their own pre-awakening and that had many concerned. However it was far safer to relocated to this planet and make it home then to continue to try to live on Vulcan or even her colonies for many given the High Commands current political leanings. Many feared for their lives given how harsh the current council viewed the opposition. No Earth and Mestral's hidden colony offered the best chance for them despite the dangers. Seeing humanity unite to help their new leader did much to allay their fears.


Heather clung to Zephraim as she worried for her niece. He had managed to get home ahead of his parents but it was still not enough to have her there waiting when they got back. She worried that they would not find the little girl and her sister would forever blame herself. However a lot of good people were searching and she had high hopes of success. She looked over and saw the Chekov's filling up thermos with coffee for those who were out searching and mounds of sandwiches and other foods were out as people came in to get a bit to eat. She noted that Mestral seemed to be looking off into the distance as if trying to determine where T'Lia may have wandered off to. She had no idea if he could find her that way but she had learned that Vulcans bonded with their mates and children perhaps now that he was back he could use that link to find her niece. However she was spent emotionally but with her husband back she forced herself to work they had to find T'Lia.

Maggie came over and took Mestral's hand. He seemed to be carved from stone. The worry was clear on his face. He pulled her close. "She alive Maggie but I cannot find her."

"That is something Mestral. We find her." Maggie said as she looked over the people who had come to help. She sent a silent prayer for their daughter. However knowing T'Lia was alive and that Mestral sensed her was a boon. One she was grateful for. She could sense her children through their bond but his was so much stronger and more focused. She had been afraid her feelings had been that of a desperate parent. However is Mestral felt T'Lia as well then there was hope.

Carlo Gambino A.K.A. Carl Chapel caught her eye. He was a new employee but he seemed to really care and she was glad that their hard work was drawing more good people to their town. She saw Hannah out of the corner of her eye. The young lady looked worn and sorrowful. She in no way blamed the girl for her losing their child. Lord knows they children were a handful. She silently promised herself she find a way to track her children in the future. Mestral stirred against her and said. "I will find a way."

Carl Chapel saw Hannah and moved to her side. She was a nice girl one he had chatted up at times. He liked her. Which frankly was one more reason to consider breaking away from his family and their business but he did not really want to begin a relationship with a lie. He took the coffee she offered glad of it. He had been out for six hours and was hungry and tired. The coffee would give him a boost and let him have the energy to head back out again.

"It's not your fault." He said softly.

"It is but I am glad you don't think I was irresponsible."

"Children wonder off. My nephew Paul he got lost in Central park one day. It took us hours to find him. She had curled up under a tree and fallen asleep. I'm sure that is what happened to T'Lia."

"Perhaps but she's been gone almost two days now she is just a baby." Hannah replied.

"Have faith." Carl said. Then he set his coffee aside and hugged her much to her shock. "I may be forward but you looked like you could use a hug."

Hannah nodded he was a good man. "Thank you."


Khan headed out toward the deeper woods. He had a feeling the little one sought shelter when it got cold. There was something about the Grayson's that shouted survivor. He was certain Mestral's daughter was just that. As she walked he watched the ground. Then much to his shock he found some foot prints. His brow rose. He pulled out his radio and called it in. They finally had a lead. "Matt I found tracks." He said.

Twenty minutes later Mestal and Matt and their teams found his trail and followed hopping that T'Lia was at last located.