Eugenics New World Order Part Two

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Part 80

Mestral and Maggie were rather surprised to find the kitties that T'Lia had brought back were actually Lynx a type that had been thought to be extinct in the wild. It was clear to both adults that the reason their daughter had wandered off was to help the wounded cat. Wild or not they could not really blame the child as they had taught her to be kind to animals. Mestral picked up the mother cat and read its mind. While it was feral it seemed to have adopted his daughter as one of her own kits. If he could be amused and laugh this would have done it. Instead he was fascinated by the dynamic. He knew that the bond created would last a life time and trying to separate his child from the cat or her chosen kits would harm her. So he resigned himself to having a new pet. While the lynx was not a shealat it was a protective animal and he found he quite liked it. Maggie on the other hand had at first been wary. However he soon learned that his wife was a cat person and she would allow T'Lia to keep the animals because of that. She worried about them being dangerous but it was clear that the mother lynx was also protective of T'Lia and that pleased Maggie.

"Darling you should have told Heather or Hannah about the cat."

T'Lia looked at her mother unsure what she had done wrong. She had not meant to get lost or fall asleep."Mama they were busy with Sammy and Seth."

"I suppose they were but they could have helped you with the cat."Maggie said knowing her daughter like her husband and son was very skilled and even as a toddler she would not think to ask for help if she could complete a task by herself. It was one of the truly frustrating things about having a half Vulcan child they rarely acted like a human child would. They were to intelligent and to skilled to always think about seeking out adults.

Mestral knelt down next to his beloved daughter and said. "I am pleased you cared for a wounded creature however your slipping away frightened Hannah and Heather deeply. They were concerned about you and the animal might have been dangerous."

"Yes father."T'Lia said knowing that it was true that her brother's mate and sister were afraid. She did not understand why but she did see her actions frightened them. She was sorry for that as she liked Heather and Hannah a lot. Perhaps she should have asked for help. If only to carry more food to her new friends and to see they were safe. However their emotionalism confused her as her father did not seem as upset.


Alexander moved back to Holly he smiled as she handed him a cup of hot coffee. One thing to like about America was the abundance of such luxury items like coffee. He could not remember the last time he had a cup back home. The war had been hard on the Soviet Union and the common man did not get coffee all that often. In fact most food items were still rationed. He frowned at that. That made little sense to him as his nation had many rich farmlands. However he pushed the thought aside as he took the coffee. He was certain that if there was a god it was surely one of his finer creations.

Holly noted Alexander's knuckles. She handed him the coffee cup them went and found him some ice for his hand. She had no idea what had happened but she had a feeling he had done something to help protect their targets. It was rather ironic that he would fight to keep them safe when they had orders to capture the Graysons. Then again if others interfered their mission was all the harder. She sighed and wished they could just stay and never go back to the USSR. However Alexander's son meant they had little choice but to follow orders.


Matt and Paul were satisfied they run the mobsters off for now. However both men knew they would need to be vigilant to keep Mestral and his family safe. They split up and casually walked around and spoke to other men of the town and tribe. They would ensure there were plenty of eyes keep track of their first couple.

"We will watch for those men Matt."Jimmy said."I'll spread the word. Anyone tell Raven and the elders?"

"Paul is on that." Mathew said. "I got Maria telling the ladies."

Jimmy nodded."Well at least we don't have to tell Khan or Dawn that would not be pretty."

Mathew grinned knowing Jimmy Desoto was just a bit afraid of his cousin Dawn and her husband Khan not that he blamed him. Both were dangerous people who cared deeply for Maggie and Mestral. Of course part of the worry was that they would make the bad guys vanish. Desoto had no illusions about his cousin or her desire to help the tribe. It meant that anyone harming their new allies was in for a world of hurt and Khan and Jhan were not angels by any means. Jimmy Desoto was just glad he was only part native as it meant he had an excuse to not live on the reservation. He loved his people but his cousin was just scary. He was glad he was helping his grandfather run the hardware store.


Khan was glad the child had been found. He listened as Mathew and Paul warned about the mob and he and his friends and family kept an eye on the men. It amused him that a mere school teacher had driven them off. Alexander was someone to watch as clearly he was far more then he seemed. Then again he and his wife were to perfect. He noted that they seemed to love the Russian fare the Checov's had brought and that more than anything gave Khan and idea of where they came from. He briefly wondered if the others realized it. He noted Mestral watching the couple and sighed yes he knew. It was disconcerting to see that very little got past his friend. He was a worthy leader.


"I still don't get it. How could no one realize there were Russian and Italian spies in Carbon Creek?" Trip asked his beloved.

T'Pol cocked her head as she worked out the kinks in Trips back. He was very tense tonight. "Because they were not looking and I do think that perhaps several people knew but because Maggie and Mestral did not care they over looked it."

"I suppose…but…it blows my mind that Khan thought of Mestral as a friend. I mean…he took over half the world."

"No Trip his son did, but I know it hard to believe." T'Pol said. "Remember Desoto feared his cousin and maybe that the reason….her son Khan became so powerful and so determined to rule. Not for power alone but to keep his people safe." T'Pol said. "What would you do to protect those you called family?"

Trip rolled over and looked up into T'Pol's face and said in a serious voice. "Anything I had too. I would conquer the universe to keep my loved ones safe."

She nodded and allowed a small smile to show on her lips he finally got it. He now understood what drove Khan and his people to take over the world.