Soundless and Blind Love of a Whiterose

Chapter 13

"Ruby wake up… Ruby wake up!" Weiss repeatedly shouted. Ruby eyes slowly opened as she looked at Weiss who was looking at her, she was holding her in her arms. Ruby blinked her eyes giving her a blank expression. Before she slowly poked Weiss on the nose to make sure what, she was seeing was real.

"Really Ruby…" Weiss said while frowning. "We're alive… thankfully. I think they are gone now we should get out of here it stinks." Weiss commented as she looked at the insides of the fridge with disgust. The smell of rust and rotten food were getting to her nerve.

"Wait, h-how are we alive?!" Ruby thought as she looked around at their surroundings, it started to become apparent that the bullets which were supposed to be hit by were frozen while the bullets that weren't frozen hit a bottle of ketchup as the red liquid from the bottle leaked all the way to the bottom of the fridge door. Weiss was beside her in the fridge as she was fumbling around trying her best to reach for the node to open the fridge. Ruby moved her hand toward the node as she opened the fridge.

The sound of the door opening caused Weiss to blush as she smiled.

"Thanks, Ruby… Are they gone? I don't hear any footsteps." Weiss said as Ruby slowly peaked out. There was no sign of those criminals. She looked at Weiss as she wrote the letter Y on her palm. As they got out of the fridge they saw Nate and Nick as they were in front of what seems to be yellow and black lines covering the entrance to the alleyway they were in, the two turned to look at Ruby and Weiss in utter shock.

"OMG, NICK! ZOMBIES ARE FREAKING REAL, MATE! Resident Evil is real man!" Nate said as he pointed his pistol at Ruby. As Ruby quickly gestured for him to put down his weapon, Nick interrupted Nate pushing his pistol down.

"Nate… They are alive… They're alive!" Nick said as he runs off most likely to inform David of their discovery. Nate was still looking in disbelief as he was trying to process the whole thing.

"How… How did you guys survive? We saw blood and there was no way she didn't get shot by those bullets inside the fridge and-"

"Nate… I used my semblance."

"Wait… you have a semblance?!" Nate exclaimed as he looked at Weiss in shock.

Weiss looked at him slightly guilty as she nodded slowly at him. Nate shakes his head with a confused look.

"Weiss why didn't you tell us before…" Nate said as he turned to see David and Nick running toward them. "Well, it looks like someone is happy."

"Weiss…" David said as he hugged Weiss tightly, she hugged his back while smiling.

"Umm… Guys." Nick said as he placed his hand on David back as he started shaking his shoulder. David looked around to see Nick and Ruby staring at a woman in a white business dress with long white hair.

"Well, shit." He mumbled as he watched Wiloa stomping toward him. He got up as he, Nate, and Nick walked up toward her.

"I gave you all one job… One job!" She shouted as her three bodyguards stood in front of her as they stared at the ground with guilt.

"David, I told you it was dangerous to bring Weiss outside due to recent White Fang activities! And you brought her out!"

"I know but-"

"No, buts David, I know you have good intentions, but you don't! I repeat don't disobey my orders."

"Umm… Mrs Wiola I just want to say do you know Weiss have a semblance…" Nate said as he looked up at her. She turned around to look at him surprised before looking at Weiss and rushing toward her. She hugged her tightly as she could in her arms.

"Weiss! I… I thought you were gone." She mumbled as she continued to hug her daughter.

"I'm alright, mum…" She said as her mother looked at her before facing Ruby who was looking at them.

"You… Must be Ruby. I'm glad that Weiss made a real friend." She said as she grabbed Weiss hand. "I'm sorry Ruby, but Weiss has to go home now!" She said as she looked at her other bodyguards and policemen surrounding the area around them.

"It's too dangerous for her to be outside," Wiola said as she dragged Weiss off all while Weiss was complaining to her mother to let her go as she can walk by herself. As they walked off Wiola stared at David. "When we get back I need to talk to you. Personally." She whispered sternly as David's mouth opened before he closed it not uttering a word. Nick and Nate looked at their boss with worried expressions fearing the worse for him.

The four left Ruby by herself as David, Nate, and Nick turned around to wave goodbye to Ruby. Weiss quickly turned around to look at her friend.

"Bye, Ruby!" She shouted as Ruby waved goodbye to Weiss hoping that David would tell her that she waved goodbye as well. That is if David wouldn't get fired for this incident… Ruby was hoping not as he a very nice person to be around with and without him the communication between her and Weiss would be damaged.

Ruby continued to stare at Weiss as she walked off in the distance with her mum beside her. She soon heard a familiar voice calling to her. She turned around to see her dad running toward her, she watched as her dad hugged her tightly in his arms. The two spend a moment together, a daughter and a father.

"I'm so glad you're safe Ruby…" Tai said with teary eyes.

Ruby gently padded her dad back.

Ruby watched from behind Tai's shoulder as Weiss left with her mum keeping her close to her as David, Nate, and Nick opened their limousine with police cars surrounding it. They soon left her and her father as she waved goodbye to Weiss one last time.

"Stay safe, Weiss…" Ruby thought as she felt her heart pounding the thought of what her mum will enforce on her after this incident. What will happen to David who allowed this to happen? Will she see Weiss again!? Maybe… she can only hope if only she could say her thoughts.

When in the car Weiss looked at her mum. Who looked at her silently, she sighed.

"Weiss… I'm not angry at you and I'm so happy you made a friend. But, in this world with conflict and evil… there will be people who want us dead and we have to protect ourselves from them. That's why David is your bodyguard."

"But, mum! I just want to go out of my prison I want to see the world so I can understand its problems and so when I take over the company I would know the solutions to those problems." Weiss exclaimed as she angrily waved her hands around. Willow looked at her daughter surprised as she slowly looked down, she stared at her shoes as Weiss stared at her mother not too sure what her mother was doing.

"Weiss… I can't." Her mother blurted out.

"You can't…"

"I can't let you take over the company. I-I don't know I really don't know..."


Mother and daughter both silent as their car continued to drive stopping at a red light.

"Mother… do you ever get lonely? Like you are getting pretty old and you usually don't have any company beside well… your company."

"What!? I'm not that old and of course not haha! I'm too busy to think about that sweetie ahaha..." Wiloa said as she laughed nervously.

"Oh my god! Weiss is right… I'm getting old and I had never thought about this once in the last few years I was single!" Wiloa thought as she sighed.

"Weiss we are moving out of Vale."

"What! But, mum I just made a real friend here you can't do this."

"Weiss! Please, we wouldn't be gone I promise you will return to Vale. But, we need to do an investigation and you must be safe. You are not allowed to talk or communicate with anyone but me and those in our circle, not even with Ruby."


"I'm sorry, Weiss. We will be taking a plane in secret out of Vale." Wiloa could felt the guilt inside of her building up more and more. What is she thinking her daughter finally had a happy life… But she can't risk her life never again.

"Weiss… Let's go home alright?"

"Mu-I understands, mother."

Just as the two finished their conversation their plane arrived as they got out of the car and looked as it was landing.

"Come on Weiss… Let's go home." Wiloa said as she grabbed Weiss hand with hers…

Ruby was in her room as she watched a plane in the far distance flying off from her window. She dreams of a happy future for Weiss her best friend. She had really changed her life and she would never forget her. She will always be someone special in her heart.

4 years later… In Atlas

A young woman only in her 20s looked in the mirror of her own mansion, she had successfully run her family company an engineering company, the one she now owns and which had branched out to different sectors like finance, gaming, and esports. The last two ideas she got from a very old friend many years ago.

"Weiss." She turned around to see another old friend. A large well-built man who still wore sunglasses after all these years.

"Hello, David."

"How are you feeling ice queen?"

"Better and honestly just happy I'm helping the world."

Weiss couldn't have done all of this without her drive for success and most importantly the relationships she had. Nothing will hold her back not even being blind, she still had her voice and the old saying goes 'what doesn't kill you only make you stronger'. She still wonders if she will be able to return to Vale one day. Her mother is now taking a small break to Vale, she now completely understands how stressful her life was before this.

But she still wonders something a fond memory from her past.

If that little rose cupcake store she always visited was still there even after 4 years…

Author's Note:

Again I'm sorry for taking this long. All your support for this fic was something I wouldn't have ever expected and thank you to every last one of you who is reading right now. You are great and you deserve the best.

I thought I would share this quote with you guys that I did for a presentation.

"On my business, I am a cooperate presentation. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer. And no matter what obstacles we face in our life it is never impossible to achieve something we dream about... Keep moving forward."- Satoru Iwata and Monty Oum.

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