New Orleans was a place where the Mikaelsons fit in, but it was also a place where their enemies knew their weaknesses as well as they did. That was why they were settling in Salem now. Hayley hadn't liked that Klaus had taken Hope and left, but right now, he wasn't worried about that. His daughter deserved peace, and she was sure to have that here.

As the little girl wandered away, she was simply looking for somewhere to go where she could feel safe. That was the one thing her parents didn't understand. New Orleans wasn't exactly a place Hope felt she was protected.

Eventually, she wandered to a house she was drawn to and walked inside. Looking around for a moment, she walked to where a book sat and opened it slowly. She didn't know what it was, but it clearly hadn't been opened in awhile. She quickly determined it was a spell book, and most of the spells seemed quite interesting to her, unaware of the change in the area as she attempts one of the simpler spells.

She turned as a voice came from nearby, her eyes widening. "Winnie! Winnie look!"

A second voice came, closer. "We're in luck sisters! Use thy voice Sarah!"

The first woman, Sarah, started to sing. Hope liked the song, but she wasn't quite as taken with it as Sarah had hoped, her own magic countering the older witch's. "She's fighting. I can't bring this one to our way."

Hope looked up as she felt a hand on her own, staring up at the dark-haired woman kneeling next to her, wanting to pull back but also to get closer to her. "Come my dear. Give it to me. We won't hurt you."

Hope nodded, lifting her hand off the book and letting it go to a red-haired woman near them. "Who are you?"

The woman with the book, Winnie, stepped closer as Sarah followed. "My name's Winifred. What's yours?"

Hope smiled as she stood to approach Winifred though the dark-haired woman keeps her back. "Hope. I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was here; I-"

The woman took her hand, smiling at her softly. "No. I imagine Winnie wants to thank you. You helped us get home."