Mr. Resetti was enjoying his relaxing time in the Click Clock Wood, wandering around the fabled forest in the lively spring section as he was enjoying the nice weather and a much needed break from the Animal Crossing world. With all the kids coming in and out constantly pestering him regarding the ancient sin of resetting, a vacation was exactly the thing that an angry mole like Sonny needed.

"Ahhh... this is exactly the vacation I needed! Some fresh air without having to see any familiar faces!" Resetti stated as he chucked his pick axe into the air, twirling around and catching it gracefully as he held it firmly in his right hand. "Now I can just have time to think to myself..."

Resetti began to hum, only to stop by the giant lake surrounding a tree stump that was next to the enormous tree. Resetti squinted his eyes as he could spot a purple beaver splashing in the water by a big brown boulder.

"Help! Gnawty can't get into his home!" Exclaimed Gnawty as he was seemingly paddling for a good long while.

"Hmmm... he seems like he could use some help." Resetti said to himself as he nodded. "Right, then. Least I could do is help..." He then dug into the ground, tunneling through the underground as he popped into the lake, smashing the boulder with his pick axe as he faced Gnawty. "There you go, fella, now you can-"

"Oh thank you! Now Gnawty can go home in peace!" Gnawty exclaimed as he swam up his hole, turning around to see Mr. Resetti. "Come follow me for a nice surprise as courtesy of my thanks!"

Mister Resetti thought about this as he shrugged, swimming through the water and following Gnawty to the beaver's home, figuring that it wouldn't be all that bad of time spent. However what he didn't suspect that was someone was watching him from a distance, and that someone was none other than the warty green witch Gruntilda Winkybunion!

"So a vacation is what you seek, I see?" Gruntilda rhymed as she smirked, using her witchcraft to make a new boulder and have it placed over the hole. "Than I will make this harder on you for me!"