The Corruption of Lily Potter Prologue

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The Corruption of Lily Potter


'Is this a dream?'

'Am I still dead and just imagining this or is this really happening?'

'Have I truly become dark and twisted?'

'And if so, do I really want to go back to who I was?'

Thoughts began to fade away as Lily Evans Potter slowly stirred from her slumber. She awoke as she felt her master's giant-sized cock twitch from inside of her wet, sore pussy. With a groan and a yawn, Lily Potter opened her eyes and kissed the forehead of her amazing lover before slowly removing his erection from inside of her. She turned and looked over to the nearby bedroom window and saw that the sun was beginning to rise. She then lifted her completely naked body up off of the massive king-size bed and separated herself from her Dark Lord as well as his wives. She gingerly tip-toed towards the door making sure not to wake up her evil master, his wives, or his slaves laying on the floor next to him. Before exiting the master bedroom, she gave one last look at her master, her lover, her son, the Dark Lord himself: Harry James Potter.

As she entered the dining area of Potter Manor several minutes later, three House-Elves turned to her and solemnly bowed as she took her seat to the left of her lord's chair. Motioning to them with a nod, Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher all Apparated out of the dining room to begin doing their daily chores. Dobby reappeared a moment later with a hot cup of tea for her along with the days copy of The Daily Prophet.

"Thank you, Dobby." Lily said as she sipped her hot tea and opened up the newspaper. "Please inform the others that Dark Lord Potter will be awake soon, and please make sure that his toilet is properly prepared for him."

"Yes, Lady Potter. Dobby will fetch Dark Master Potter's toilet right away." The House-Elf responded gleefully, disappearing with a pop. Lily smiled and licked her lips at the thought of her son's daily morning habit. Ever since they had defeated Voldemort and conquered the wizarding world several years ago, even before that though, the morning routine Harry had always done was by far one of her favorites. Shaking her head, she returned to her paper and read the morning's top story:

Potter's Hogwarts

By Rita Skeeter

It has been two full years since Lily Evans Potter became Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and while people still fear what she and her son are truly capable of, many are saying that under her watchful eye, the education of young witches and wizards have significantly improved ten-fold compared to the likes of Dumbledore and McGonagall. In fact, the children who attend praise Headmistress Potter as one of the greatest educators on the face of the Earth. Her kindness to all young witches and wizards, whether they are from wizarding families or muggle-born, has been unparalleled with her stern yet gentle approach to teaching. Furthermore, it is expected that when she returns to Hogwarts next week that her son, Dark Lord Harry Potter will once again join her as once school-term begins, they plan a special post-feast treat. They have done this for the past two years, and they select several young witches and wizards to join them for a special treat. They are known to select fifth-year students and above every year for this treat, but they have commented that if a younger witch or wizard show themselves to be special, then they will be asked to join them as well. While Headmistress Potter recently explained why they are selected, she did not go into detail as to what the special treat involves. However, it is important to note that many of these young witches from previous encounters with both Headmistress Potter and our Dark Lord became pregnant soon after while the young wizards that attended are known to be quite horny and have slept with either fellow students, teachers, or even their female relations during and after their semesters. It is also noteworthy to report that every single young witch and wizard who attended this post-feast event, publicly swore their lives to Dark Lord Harry Potter.

Our Dark Lord Harry Potter and Headmistress Lily Potter both recently sat down with this reporter and gave me a complete interview on their lives, Lord Potter's rule over the wizarding world, as well as their opinions on past and current teaching at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For the full interview, please turn to page 4.

"Morning, Mum." A voice from behind her said as she felt the strong, manly hands of her son grab her perky round breasts. "So, did Rita do a good job, or do I need to go over to the Daily Prophet again and remind her of how to do her job properly."

"I don't know yet, my Dark Lord." She replied as she looked up at her firstborn's face, his green-eyes still filled with both love and lust. "I've only just begun reading, although she did mention our little post-feast event we do every year so far."

"Did she now." He bent down and began kissing her neck. "Well, I guess then I have no choice but to go see her once again. Also, you don't have to call me that, mum. I'm your son, after all, and you are the first Lady Potter, next to Hermione of course."

"How many times do I need to remind you, while you are my son, you are also the Dark Lord." Lily stood up from her chair and turned to face Harry, her green-eyes sparkling with the same amount of love and lust that was shown in her son's eyes. "You have to embrace who you truly are, even with me. While I am the First Lady to Potter Manor, I am and always will be your servant of evil, my Dark Lord. You conquered me back in your forth year at Hogwarts, and every single day since then, or should you remind me of how you did it again?"

"Mum, you know how much I want to ravage you every time that I'm near you, but you know what I want to do first." He said grabbing her by her neck and pulling her close. "My revenge on it is still on my mind, and there's only one way I need to release my anger."

"Of course, my Dark Lord. I do love watching you doing so every morning." Lily gasped as she grabbed Harry's long erection. "Perhaps after you use it, you can conquer me again right here in front of it. I am, after all, your eternal slave."

"Well said, Lady Potter." Dobby said as he pulled a middle-aged naked female from behind him. As both Harry and Lily turned, the figure of Petunia Dursley crawled over to them, wearing only a brown collar fastened by a leash held by Dobby. "Dobby has brought Dark Master Potter's toilet. Dobby is glad to serve Dark Lord Harry Potter."

"Thank you, Dobby." Harry smiled. "Lady Hermione and my other wives will be down soon. Please help Winky and Kreacher with breakfast."

Dobby bowed as he handed the leash over to Lily before popping out of the dining room. Lily stood and pulled her former sister over to Harry as he grabbed Petunia by her hair and shoved his large, thick penis into her mouth. Lily smiled and laughed evilly as Harry proceeded to urinate into Petunia's throat. Petunia just stared blankly and mindlessly in front of her. At one time, she had fought hard against both her sister and her nephew, but being tortured constantly over the years have simply left her empty. As for Lily, she no longer cared for her sister, nor did she care for her sister's dead husband and son. This was all because of what she saw them do to Harry when he was growing up with them. What the Dursley's didn't realize back then was one simple, yet confusing thing: She saw and heard everything they did to her son.

For Lily Potter, this all began for her on the day Harry's fate changed. It was the very day that she died.

October 31, 1981-Godric's Hollow

"Avada Kedavra!" Those words from Lord Voldemort echo in the darkness that now surrounded Lily Evans Potter. She was dead, killed by the monster who try to harm her child. Her only thought was that she had failed Harry, for Voldemort would soon murder her child.

As she fell into the eternal darkness of death, images of her life began to appear before her. Flashes of her childhood: growing up with her sister Petunia and her parents, discovering that she had magic, meeting her very first friend Severus, and being accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The images of her school-life soon followed: meeting Albus Dumbledore for the first time, going to Diagon Alley, getting her books and her wand from Mr. Ollivander, going to King's Cross Station and getting to see the Hogwarts Express, seeing Hogwarts castle for the first time, the Sorting Hat and getting sorted into Gryffindor, meeting her classmates and teachers, growing frustrated with four Gryffindor boys who kept picking on her friend Severus, days flashed into years as Severus and her grew apart and her falling in love with James, and becoming friends with the other three, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Her time at Hogwarts soon faded as her adult life began to flow into her mind: getting married to James, the war against Voldemort, joining Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix, and giving birth to Harry. As thoughts of her son began surfacing to her mind, she began worrying about him, and she began hearing his cries over her thoughts.

'No. I can't die yet!' Lily screamed in her thoughts. As she did, Harry's cries got louder and louder. 'Harry needs me. I have to fight this, or my sacrifice will truly be in vain.'

Lily began fighting against the darkness, her sheer force of will became her driving force towards her son. The darkness was slowly ebbing away as she saw a speck of light getting closer and larger. Through the light, she saw her son holding the sides of his crib crying loudly. She had to get to him, she had to fight this…

All of a sudden, she was back. She looked at her son, crying hard as he looked down at a fallen figure. It was her. She had lost the fight and her lying corpse was in front of her son's crib. Lily looked at herself, both the frozen figure lying down in front of her and the spirit she was now. She then looked around her son's room, only to see that they were the only ones there. 'Where's Voldemort?' She thought in her specter form. 'He killed me and James, but left Harry alone? Where is he? He should have killed Harry too, so why didn't he?'

Then another series of thoughts began to flood her thoughts. 'He's gone! My sacrifice worked! The Dark Lord is dead and gone! Harry will be safe. Both Sirius Black and Alice Longbottom will raise Harry and protect him growing up. Maybe I can rest now knowing that Harry will be safe from now on.'

Just then, Harry stopped crying. Lily looked at him as he was looking right at her. 'He can see me? How can that be possible?' She tried to speak, but the words seem to echo all around her. 'Harry? Don't worry son, Mommy's here and I will a?lways protect you as best as I can. I promise you son, I promise.'

Just then, a familiar person entered Harry's bedroom, someone Lily knew that shouldn't have been here. The figure of Severus Snape fell to his knees at the sight of Lily's corpse lying on the floor, his tears and screams becoming clear to her. She knew thatSeverus cared for her, even after everything they had went through: him becoming a Death Eater and she marrying James. Severus grabbed Lily's dead body and held her tightly, his cries becoming more and more audible. Harry looked down at them and started crying again, a lightning-shaped scar on the right side of his forehead now clearly visible to her. Lily moved closer in between Severus and Harry, placing her ghostly hand on top of Severus' shoulder. 'Severus, I'm so sorry that you and I never mended our friendship. That is something I have always regretted.'

Soon after, a loud motorcycle was heard from outside of their home. Severus hearing this placed Lily's body back down and with one last teardrop, he Disapperated away. Lily silently stood there watching what was happening around her, many questions flowing through her dead spirit. However, one realization came to dominate her entire being:

Peter Pettigrew betrayed us!