The Corruption of Lily Potter

Chapter 20

The Serpent Awakens: Part 6

(Snake Language)

Later that same evening-Dumbledore's office

"Well I must admit, Headmaster, that I did not see this coming," Gilderoy Lockhart half-smiled as he sipped on the brandy Dumbledore had poured him. "Are you sure that Potter is Parselmouth?"

"There's no proof to this, but the evidence is there," Dumbledore said, almost chuckling at that point. "From where Sir Nicholas' party was, there were many paths that could have led them either to the Great Hall, or Gryffindor tower, yet Potter and his group somehow got to that hallway by some inexplicable reason. It seemed to me like Potter was led by someone or something, and I think it might have been a snake."

"That's just speculation though. There's nothing to prove to anyone that is true," Lockhart said simply, but smiled afterwards as he noticed a glint in Dumbledore's eyes. "I think you do know that it is a snake, don't you Professor?"

"What if I were to tell you that I know all about the Chamber of Secrets and where it is located inside of the castle?" Dumbledore sipped his brandy and chuckled. "And what if I told you that the legend of a monster hidden inside of it is quite real?"

Lockhart frowned and put his glass of brandy down on the desk. "You've actually been there?" Lockhart asked quite shocked at this. "The place is actually real and you've actually seen the beast inside of it?"

"I am the Headmaster of this school, Lockhart. Of course I've been down there," Dumbledore said, still smiling. "It's several meters below the castle itself. As for the beast you mentioned, it is in fact a basilisk, the most ancient of all snake creatures and capable of living hundreds of years. I found the chamber shortly after I became the Headmaster here, and I must say that it is a remarkable place, and the basilisk itself is a magnificent creature. While I am not a true Parseltongue, I managed to figure out enough words to get down there and explore the place a bit before I came upon the beast. Fortunately for me, it was still sleeping."

"Well, why didn't you use the beast sooner then?" Lockhart asked, impressed that Dumbledore managed such a feat. "A basilisk is a powerful tool to use, after all."

"Besides the fact that speaking Parseltongue is illegal, you forgot about that only an heir of Salazar Slytherin can control the ancient beast," Dumbledore said calmly, frowning for the first time. "Also, even if I could control the beast, there would be no point in unleashing it on the unsuspecting world. I have secured my power over the years by using my intelligence and patience, and I will not endanger it now."

Lockhart nodded, and finished his glass of brandy quietly, musing about who it was that had opened the chamber, and whether or not Dumbledore was going to tell him. There was no doubt in Lockhart's mind that the Headmaster knew who this person was, and it was perfectly obvious that that person wasn't Harry Potter.

"I want you to start a dueling club," Dumbledore said to Lockhart. "To show the students simple protection charms to ward against these unknown attacks. I will make it mandatory for every student to attend, and I want you to keep a close eye on Potter while he is there. Don't let him get to you like your first lesson to the second years."

"For what purpose, Headmaster?" Lockhart frowned as he placed his empty glass on the desk. "Half of the student body, along with your staff, think I am a buffoon, while the other half are captivated by my legend and aura."

"Mainly, to keep everyone in the dark about my real purpose for you. The other is to place a trap for Potter that he won't be able to see coming," Dumbledore smiled again, pouring another glass for Lockhart who gladly took it and nodded his thanks. "Speaking about your purpose, how is your work progressing?"

"I must admit, Potter has made it difficult, but I think I have the attention of Chang, Abbott, Bones, Greengrass, and Davis," Lockhart giggled almost like a little girl. "Unfortunately, the Gryffindor witches are too drawn to Potter for me to work on them."

"Concentrate on Granger as much as possible," Dumbledore finished his brandy and rose from his chair. "She'll be especially hard to get to for you, given her physical proximity to the boy most of the time. Have her broken by the end of the term next year, and I will personally make sure she is yours to keep."

Lockhart smiled widely as he stood from his chair and said, "I will be definitely looking forward to conquering that witch. I will begin making the necessary preparations for the Dueling Club."

Lockhart then turned to leave, walking out of the room with a pep in his step. After the blonde haired wizard left, Dumbledore scowled and grabbed Lockhart's glass, throwing it into the burning fireplace moments after. Taking a deep breath calming himself, Dumbledore reminded himself that Lockhart was just a tool in his grand scheme to rid the world of Harry Potter.

However, as Dumbledore sat down, he smiled as he saw everyone who supported him, secretly or out in the open, as tools for his ultimate goal: the Wizarding World to rule over the Muggles. In truth, he saw only one as his true ally, and that was Gellert Grindelwald. It was Gellart that warned the Wizarding World about the Muggles, first by profficizing about the second World War years before it occurred, declaring that Muggles were the enemy to all of magical kind. Of course, that was where Dumbledore and Grindelwald were at odds with one another; whereas Dumbledore believed that the Wizarding World could coexist with the Muggles. Dumbledore was very much a believer that the common good was to live peacefully with them, even hoping that one day that the Statute of Secrecy would be dissolved.

Grindelwald, however, saw Muggles differently than Dumbledore. Grindelwald truly saw the Muggles as the enemy, persecutors and executioners of their kind. Grindelwald foresaw many of the Muggles technological advances at the turn of the century, like the automobile and the airplane. Grindelwald also foresaw the Muggles capacity to slaughter one another through cruel and disastrous means, whether it was by hand, or weapon. The damage the Muggles were willing to inflict upon themselves only convinced Grindelwald, and his followers, that the Muggles needed to be controlled before they turned their weapons onto the Wizarding World. The only thing Grindelwald and Dumbledore agreed on was that the Statute of Secrecy should be dissolved, but whereas Dumbledore believed in peace at that time, Grindelwald wanted open war, with his followers taking out or controlling key military and political figures all over the world.

In their younger days, however, Dumbledore and Grindelwald were closer than friends, allies, and even brothers. They sought to find the fabled Deathly Hallows back then, young adults, basically children in the eyes of their peers back then, searching for mythical items that Dumbledore and Grindelwald believed that would make them the most powerful wizards in the world. Though many said the Deathly Hallows were a myth, they did not know that Grindelwald's wand was in fact the Elder Wand itself. Stolen from the wand maker Gregorovich when Grindelwald was just a boy, the only one that knew about Grindelwald's wand was Dumbledore, and there was nothing that came between them. They were lovers, sharing a bond closer to most others: a blood pact. Swearing an oath bound on blood to never harm each other, the blood pact took the form of a simple trinket, unable to be broken by the strongest magics and kept on Grindelwald's person until it was stolen by one of Newt Scamander's beasts. After that point, Dumbledore had held onto it hoping that he would be able to break the bond that he and Grindelwald made.

That all changed when World War II had started and Grindelwald began manipulating Adolf Hitler and his Nazi stooges to show the Wizarding World the worst of humanity. A lot of witches and wizards saw this type of cruelty and sided with Grindelwald, purebloods mostly. Dumbledore also witnessed this, and was horrified by the Nazi's determination to wipe out a group of people based on religion. However, Dumbledore remained true to his original purpose, and that was the Muggles deserved a chance to better themselves in a peaceful society. All that changed for Dumbledore after Hitler's death and Germany's surrender to the Allies. What changed Albus Dumbledore's mind about the Muggles was the devastation he saw after the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on the country of Japan.

After Japan had surrendered, finally ending World War II, Dumbledore visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What he saw did more than leave him horrified and speechless, it broke him. Dumbledore saw the deformed corpses, the destroyed fields and buildings, and the ruined landscape. Unfortunately, that was not the worst thing he saw. What Dumbledore considered to be the worst of all was the ones that survived; many maimed and disfigured in sickening ways, some poisoned by the radiation from the bombs, burned and scarred in ways not even seen by the best doctors or healers on the planet. What made this worse was the fact that most of these people were civilians; women and children caught up in a war that they probably didn't want. Dumbledore was even more shocked to see the destruction of two Wizarding villages on the island, with over 50% of the magical community there wiped out by this act of cruelty and barbarism. Yes, to Albus Dumbledore, the act of bombing innocent people was nothing short of barbaric, and not even the acts of other bombings during the war did not even compare to the devastation he saw on both islands. So, when he left Japan shortly after that, Dumbledore could only believe one thing: the Muggles needed to be controlled.

So, when Dumbledore met Grindelwald at Numergard castle, where the entire Wizarding World believed that Dumbledore defeated the Dark Wizard, it was in fact the place where Dumbledore and Grindelwald reunited and came up with a plan to control the destructive Muggles once and for all, and it all started when Dumbledore said one thing to Grindelwald that even Grindelwald did not expect to hear.

"You're right about them, Gellart," Albus said to him practically on his knees and in tears. "Muggles are our enemy, and they need to be taken care of."

It was then that Grindelwald and Dumbledore concocted a plan so cunning and devious no one could believe it's existence. First, was the fact that one of them had to be defeated by the other, as the Wizarding World was expecting only one survivor of the battle. However, while each wizard were very intelligent and powerful separately, Dumbledore and Grindelwald together were an unstoppable force, and could convince their respective forces that killing was not necessary. So, after a lengthy discussion, they both decided that Dumbledore should be the Victor, and staged the whole duel between them to make it look that way. When the Aurors had arrived, they saw the final blows between the two wizards; with Dumbledore disarming Grindelwald in spectacular fashion and then binding him in a magical stasis.

Dumbledore was instantly hailed as a hero, and many instantly wanted him to become the next Minister of Magic. However, for both Dumbledore's and Grindelwald's plan to work, they needed three main things: a hero, which Dumbledore had already become, a true villain in the Muggle World for the entire Wizarding World to fear, and martyrs to inspire the Wizarding World to fight and defeat the Muggles. Unfortunately, all of this needed time to plan and accomplish, but both Dumbledore and Grindelwald were patient, as they believed that they had the perfect plan. While Dumbledore kept his position as Deputy Headmaster, then later Headmaster of Hogwarts, Grindewald cultivated his influence among the Dementors of Azkaban and using a wand he had carefully hidden from everyone, and teleported at will to the Muggle World, naming himself Garret Grin and began gathering the biggest hate-filled Muggles in Europe that he could find. It didn't take him long to assemble a core group and began expanding into other countries and continents. In less than a decade after the end of World War II; Grindelwald had managed to insert members of his Human Supremacists into key positions of power within England, France, Germany, and Spain. When Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom were born, the Human Supremacists had grown all over the world and soon had a plan to reveal the Wizarding World to the rest of the world. Grin had organized the leaders of the Human Supremacists around the world and convinced them all that a coordinated strike on Wizarding Schools all over the World would reveal the magical community to everyone. However, the problem was how Grindelwald was going to get these hate-filled Muggles into magical schools that were hidden from non-magical people and how could they get past the magical barriers that protected each school. The solution came in the form of Muggleborns who, thanks to what Muggles refer to as the "Baby Boom", began to grow in exponential numbers.

Dumbledore noticed this as well, but he had to deal with the growing power of another Dark Lord: "Lord" Voldemort. After World War II had ended, the orphaned boy had already fashioned himself the new name of Voldemort, dismissing his former Muggle name of Tom Riddle. At first, Dumbledore saw Voldemort as a major problem to his and Grindelwald's plans, but as the Dark Lord grew in power, Dumbledore saw an opportunity to heighten his stature among the Wizarding World. Much like they did with Grindelwald, pureblood witches and wizards allied with Voldemort with promises of returning back to the old ways. Fortunately, there were other pureblood families that knew the old ways could no longer work in their modern muggle society. Families like the Potters and the Longbottoms quickly allied with Dumbledore, believing that the wizard who defeated Grindelwald would be able to defeat the Dark Lord. However, Voldemort was doing exactly what Dumbledore needed him to do; killing Muggles any chance he and his Death Eaters had. Dumbledore still had to respond, as he still needed to play the hero the Wizarding World needed him to be. During the time of Voldemort's rise, Dumbledore had become the Headmaster of Hogwarts, which allowed him a better chance to mold young witches and wizards to what he needed them to be.

It was during the rise of Voldemort and the Death Eaters when a certain Muggleborn witch arrived at Hogwarts. Dumbledore could tell that Lily Evans was something special, even apart from other Muggleborns. Lily had an immense thirst for knowledge that rivaled half the students in her year. More than that, she displayed an almost expert skill when casting spells, much to the dismay of many of the pureblood students, not to mention a few teachers. When Lily reached adulthood, Voldemort couldn't help but notice how successful Lily seemed to be, as she graduated Hogwarts at the top of her class, which irritated the Dark Lord greatly. What was worse for Voldemort was the fact that she had married James Potter, a pureblood wizard in an ancient and noble house. There was no question in Dumbledore's mind that this was the main person who would be perfect for the end goal. Yes, a powerful and intelligent witch born to Muggle parents could unite both worlds after the inevitable war Dumbledore had planned had ended. The only problem was that he couldn't convince Voldemort of that.

During the final year of the First Wizarding War, Voldemort had all but declared victory over much of Magical Europe. Dumbledore's and most of England's, France's, and Spain's forces had been decimated with many of the Magical leaders in each country easily considering surrendering to the Dark Lord. There was still hope among many who fought against Voldemort and his Death Eaters, as many had faith that Dumbledore would save them from this. In the end, Dumbledore was convinced that needed to happen, as Tom didn't want to have anything to do with Dumbledore or his secret plans. Unfortunately for the both of them, their own egos led them to where they both were right now. With a prophecy that Dumbledore tried to avoid from coming true, and Voldemort trying to face such a prophecy head-on. Originally, Dumbledore had hoped that both Neville and Harry would be killed by Voldemort's Death Eaters, and not Voldemort himself. Dumbledore was also hoping that Lily would somehow survive, as he did have plans for the Muggleborn witch. Unfortunately, that meant that he had to give Wormtail what he wanted, and fortunately he got another pawn for his grand plan: Severus Snape.

Dumbledore planned for Death Eaters to find the Potter's home in Godrics Hollow and for them to kill James and Harry first, as many Death Eaters would have loved to torture the Muggleborn witch by murdering her loved ones in front of her eyes. Lily would have been mentally broken by this point, and would have been perfect for Dumbledore to mold her into the perfect weapon he would need against Voldemort. Dumbledore's plan involved him saving Lily moments before the Death Eaters killed her, thus ensuring Lily's life belonged to Dumbledore, by virtue of life-debt.

However, Voldemort was far too rash and bold, as he acted without fear or consequence. As soon as Voldemort heard the prophecy, he went on a literal rampage, hunting for both Harry and Neville with ruthless abandon. Dumbledore's hand was forced at that point, and had to place the Potter and Longbottom families into hiding. While the Longbottom family did not fit in his ultimate goal, Dumbledore knew that he just couldn't leave them unprotected. The Potter's were far more important to Dumbledore, as Lily could be a powerful figure he could control, and perhaps young Harry as well, if things had gone Dumbledore's way. Yes indeed, even if Lily had truly died and Harry had miraculously lived, Dumbledore could have been a father figure to him. That was, of course, if something else had not reached his ears.

There was another prophecy.

Harry's Master Bedroom-October 31, 1992

"I'm sorry for the way I've been acting, Harry," Hermione said to Harry while she paced back and forth alongside Harry's bed. It had been an uneasy quiet after they left the hall with the blood writing, and after Harry took her into his bedroom, it had been almost a full hour before Hermione had finally spoken. Harry, who had been sitting on the edge of the bed, had been waiting nervously for Hermione to speak, literally hoping that Hermione would open up a bit more. "I just can't help it, I guess. I mean, how am I supposed to react after seeing you having se…, no seeing you fucking Professor McGonagall and Tonks, not to mention your own mother while you were serving your detention?"

Hermione stopped in front of Harry, not looking angry at him, though she did have a stern look on her face. Harry was slightly taken aback at Hermione uttering the word 'fucking', but knew Hermione wasn't going to wait long for Harry to answer.

"Hermione, I'm the one who should apologize to you," Harry said, trying very hard not to let his allure control Hermione. "I didn't want you to see that, and I know that my allure has gotten me into this kind of predicament over and over. However, I can't say that I want to actually control it, Hermione. I don't want to lie to you, and I want you to know that I don't want to hurt you, but I like having sex with these witches."

"Harry, don't you see? Your allure is affecting me too," Hermione nearly cried. "It's taken nearly all of my strength to keep myself from attacking you. However, that's not what I want, Harry. I care for you a lot, but I won't be another conquest for you."

Harry stood up from the bed and took a few steps towards Hermione. He calmly places his hands on her shoulders and says, "I completely understand, Hermione. You are not a conquest to me, or a prize to be won. I care too much for you to think of you like that. If you think it's best, then I understand if you want to end our friendship and not be around me anymore."

"Harry, are you daft, I love you," Hermione tearfully said to Harry. She then grabbed the sides of Harry's face gently and pressed her lips against his. The kiss was very gentle at first, with Harry letting Hermione control herself, then Hermione's lips opened up slightly and her tongue glanced at the bottom part of Harry's lips. However, she broke the embrace just after that, her entire body trembling.

"I want to know what it feels like, Harry," Hermione looked at him passionately. "I want you to take me here and now, before you fuck another witch. Promise me one thing, Harry. It'll be just you and me tonight. I don't want to share my first time with anyone else but you."

"I promise, Hermione," Harry said softly, then pressed his lips to hers. He kissed her gently, only opening his lips when he felt she was ready. Harry moved his right hand to the back of Hermione's head, letting his fingers run through her brown, bushy hair. His left hand moved to her backside, massaging the lower part just above where her butt was. After a moment or two, Harry slid his tongue inside of Hermione's mouth, causing Hermione to moan softly. Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry and let him move her slowly over to the bed. As they reached the end of the bed, Harry moved his hands to his jacket and began taking off his clothes. Hermione pulled back from the kiss and grabbed Harry's hands.

"Let me, Harry," Hermione said seductively. Harry relaxed and moved his hands away from his jacket, letting Hermione undress him. She was still shaking a bit, taking Harry's jacket off, then began to slowly remove his shirt and tie. Harry was doing his best not to jump her right then and there, as this was something he didn't want, yet. Hermione gasped loudly after she removed Harry's shirt and saw Harry's bare and toned chest complete with all the scars he received from his Uncle Vernon. Hermione began planting soft kisses on Harry's chest, where most of his scars were still visible. Harry gently sat down, causing Hermione to sit down on the bed with him. Hermione's hand had by that point reached Harry's pants button and was slowly trying to unfasten it.

At that point, Harry pulled Hermione off of his chest and laid her down gently on the bed. Harry then undid her jacket, blouse, and tie, gently parting them to reveal her slender chest and tiny breasts. He then leaned over Hermione and began to softly kiss her body, working first on her lips then moving to her neck, her breasts and her stomach. Harry slid off of the bed as his lips reached just above where Hermione's skirt met the top part of her body, Harry looked at Hermione for a moment, waiting for her to nod her consent. After she did so, Harry unbuttoned her skirt and slowly slid it off of her. Hermione trembled slightly as she only had her white cotton panties protecting her from Harry. Harry kissed the fabric guarding her pussy and teased Hermione by licking each side of her thighs that connected them to her crotch. Hermione gasped as she felt Harry's tongue come in contact with her damp crotch. Harry then lifted the white cotton fabric with his fingers and gave himself access to Hermione's wet pussy. Harry blew softly onto her wet pussy, causing the bushy haired witch to squeal in delight. Harry then planted a small kiss on her tiny clit before sliding his tongue gently into her wet cunt.

"Oh Harry," Hermione breathlessly said as she felt Harry's tongue slide into her pussy. Holding her white panties next to her left thigh with one hand, Harry licked the folds of Hermione's cunt with his tongue, kissing her pussy softly every once in a while. Harry also used his free hand to work on her clit, using his fingers and thumb to massage her clitorus. Hermoine moaned as she felt Harry's tongue and fingers work her pussy and clit, making her wetter and far more aroused than she thought she could ever get. However, Harry was being far too gentle for what the bushy haired witch wanted, and after several minutes of Harry being gentle, Hermione grabbed the back of Harry's head and shoved his face harder into her crotch.

"Don't tease me, Harry. After all, I've been watching how you are with the others. Fuck me properly and make me your woman, Harry James Potter!" Hermione said in a somewhat scolding manner, but her breathless moans told Harry that she was giving into her lustful desires. At that point, Harry turned up the intensity by furiously eating her out, causing her to moan even louder and causing her to buck her pussy against Harry's face. After a few minutes, Hermione screamed Harry's name loudly as she came into Harry's mouth.

After her orgasm subsided, Hermione pulled Harry off of her crotch and pulled him on top of her. Harry climbed on top of her, and Hermione kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth and trying to taste her own juices that might still have been in Harry's mouth. Harry began undoing his pants, moaning into her mouth as Hermione flipped them over with her on top. Harry was quite surprised by Hermione's aggressive behavior, but decided that Hermione deserved to be dominant to him, for now.

Hermione broke the embrace and began sliding her body down, with her breasts grazing against Harry's chest and stomach as she lowered herself to her prize. Harry's pants were still covering his stiff erection by the time Hermione's head was over it, and with an almost animalistic growl, she grabbed the hem of his pants and with surprising strength, pulled off Harry's slacks tearing them apart as she did so. Hermione then looked at his eight-inch long cock, marveling at the significant growth since she saw it last, and that was from several feet away.

"This is mine tonight, all mine," Hermione said firmly, more to herself than to Harry. She proved her point by grabbing his shaft with one hand, and his ballsack with the other. She began stroking Harry's cock with a steady pace and massaging his balls softly while keeping her eyes locked on her lover's face. Hermione then said, "You know, before you told me, I already suspected that you were very active sexually ever since you took Parvati, Padma, and their mother as your slaves. I have to admit that I've imagined you doing very nasty things to them, and I masturbated just thinking about them pleasuring you in front of me. I even experimented with bananas and cucumbers trying to see how much of them I could fit into my mouth. Now, I'm ready to show you what I've learned from all of it."

Hermione then took Harry's erection into her mouth, taking nearly all of its length on the first attempt. Harry gasped loudly, looking wide-eyed at Hermione as she began sucking Harry's cock, her head bobbing up and down along his shaft. Harry was just shocked at how good Hermione was, as she sucked his dick much better than other witches did their first time with Harry. She constantly changed her pace, going slow one moment then fast the next, and every few moments she would take his cock out of her mouth just to lick his shaft and suck on his balls. Harry moaned loudly as he was quickly reaching his limit, and when Hermione drove her mouth all the way down his shaft, to where her face was pressing against his stomach, Harry could no longer hold himself back.

"Hermione!" Harry screamed, trying to warn her, but right as he said it, he exploded straight down her throat. Hermione gasped as she felt Harry's cum shot down her throat and flow into her stomach, looking wide-eyed at the young wizard. However, she took the entire load inside of her mouth, swallowing all but a few drops after Harry had finished orgasming down her throat. After his orgasm had subsided, Harry smiled lustfully as Hermione pulled his dick out of her mouth and returned his lustful smile.

"Merlin, Harry, that was so much cum," Hermione said, opening her mouth wide and showed Harry the cum that was still inside her mouth. She then slowly swallowed the last bits of his sperm as she climbed on top of Harry, removing the last bits of her clothing from her body. As she positioned herself over Harry's cock, her tiny wet pussy just inches away from his hardened cock. She then grabbed Harry's erection and slowly inserted it into her pussy, struggling a bit until Harry's tip reached her hymen, the only thing that protected her virginity from him. Hermione released his cock and placed her hands on top of Harry's muscular chest. With a stern nod, she told Harry, "Don't be gentle with me, Harry. I know that it's going to hurt when you take my virginity, but I want to feel you truly fucking me. Besides, my virginity belongs to you, so take what's yours."

Harry grabbed her hips and immediately pushed her down onto his cock. Hermione winced in pain as she felt Harry's dick penetrate through her hymen taking her virginity. True to his promise, Harry slowly began fucking het through the pain she was feeling from having her virginity taken from her. Hermione screamed as Harry pumped his erection into her pussy, causing her to collapse on top of him. Harry wrapped his arms around her and kissed the side of her face as tears began pouring out of Hermione's eyes. The pain Hermione was feeling slowly mixed with the pleasure of Harry's cock as Hermione began to thrust against Harry's body to match his rhythm. Once Harry noticed this, he flipped them over and quickened the pace a bit. Hermione moaned and panted as she felt Harry's manhood fuck her vigorously, and within moments of the pain subsiding, Hermione had completely lost herself to the pleasure of being fucked.

Harry moaned as the tightness of Hermione's pussy caused his already sensitive cock to reach another orgasm. Not since Padma and Parvati before he had taken theirs had he felt this type of tightness around his dick. Hermione, however, was something else entirely, with her pussy actually trying to milk Harry's cock. It took all of his willpower to try not to orgasm into Hermione, as her cunt had a near vise-like grip on his manhood. Thankfully, Hermione was fast approaching her own orgasm and when she came, her pussy released its hold on Harry just enough for Harry to pull out of her pussy and cum all over her tiny stomach.

Hermione began to purr, much like Minerva did after she orgasmed, and she wrapped her arms around Harry and asked, "Why did you pull out, Harry? I'm perfectly safe today. I wouldn't have let you fuck me if I wasn't."

"Why didn't you tell me before?" Harry groaned, feeling his erection harden again. "I'm not trying to get anyone pregnant yet here, as I'm far too young to be a father. At least not yet."

"Well, that's good to hear, but for now, why don't you put your cock back where it belongs," Hermione hungrily growled as she grabbed Harry's dick and shoved it back into her cunt. Harry was still sensitive, but eagerly began fucking Hermione with everything he had. Hermione instantly grabbed Harry's face and locked her lips with his as she screamed and moaned constantly. She then rolled Harry over to his back and began riding his dick, nearly orgasming from just doing that. As they were both concentrating on their own pleasures, they failed to notice that Lily had floated through the door to peek at the two young lovers.

Lily was surprised at Hermione's dominant side, but only to the point when she realized how she herself was with James after her first time. Lily quietly watched her son and Hermione fucking while she masturbated just several feet away from them. Hermione broke her embrace with Harry and lifted her body to properly straddle the young wizard. Placing her hands on Harry's chest, Hermione matched Harry's thrusts as she felt her next orgasm fast approaching. Lily inched closer to the young lovers but kept silent as best as she could as she didn't want them to know she was there. Hermione was gritting her teeth at that point trying to hold back her orgasm from taking her, but the way Harry was thrusting into her couldn't keep her orgasm back, and after a few more seconds, Herione screamed loudly and collapsed on top of Harry with her hair becoming damp with sweat. Unfortunately for her, Harry was still going, half-possessed at this point with shooting his sperm into her again. Hermione was half-lucid when Harry gritted his teeth and shot his load deep into her. Hermione came too as she felt Harry's hot sperm enter her pussy, and Lily was desperately yearning to join in at that point.

Hermione was near exhaustion, panting heavily and trembling. Her eyes were struggling to keep open as she felt Harry's dick slowly begin to thrust inside her again. Hermione was almost breathless holding Harry as tightly as she could. Harry turned her around again with him back on top of her and began to quicken his pace. Hermione moaned as she realized that she didn't yet have the stamina needed to match, much less compare to, Harry's sexual appetites. However, she still held on, fighting the darkness of exhaustion as much as she could. It was close to her final orgasm when she noticed Lily floating just inches above them masturbating heavily and hungrily eyeing both Harry and Hermione as if she wanted to sexually devour the both of them. Hermione kissed Harry on the side of his face and silently whispered to him, "Don't stop fucking me, Harry. No matter what happens, even if I pass out from it. I want my pussy to know who its master is now. Let's show your mother too that I truly belong to you."

Harry was fucking Hermione furiously at that point, but when she mentioned Lily, Harry turned his head just to see Lily moaning lustfully clearly wanting a turn with the both of them. Harry's arousal peaked thinking about that, but he did make a promise to Hermione, and after all she had suffered by watching him having his way with Minerva, Tonks, and Lily, Harry wanted Hermione to know how important she was to him.

Lily had already dissolved her clothing from her ghost body, and now that it was clear to her that her son and his new lover had noticed her, there was no point in trying to keep herself silent. Moaning loudly, Lily fingered her pussy fast and hard, trying to match Harry's momentum into Hermione. "Fuck her good, Harry. Show her what she's been missing all of this time."

Hermione screamed weakly as she felt her final orgasm rocked her body and finally knocked her into unconsciousness. The only thing she felt afterwards was Harry cumming into her before sleep took her completely. Harry however never slowed down from fucking the young witch, and during the night until he passed out, Harry had two more loads of cum for Hermione's pussy. Through the night, Hermione would waken to find Harry's dick inside of her pussy, and decide to please her lover with another quick fuck before passing out again. Harry only fell asleep after realizing that Hermione was quite satisfied with having his cock sheathed inside of her pussy.

Lily, nearly exhausted herself from masturbating so much, floated over to Hermione and without coming into contact with the two young lovers, laid down next to the bushy haired witch. Lily watched the two young lovers sleep soundly until dawn broke, when at that moment Tonks entered the room and gently woke both Harry and Hermione from their lustful slumber.

"Harry, Hermione, you both need to wake up," Tonks said softly, trying not to shock them awake. "Professor Prenderghast is here and wants to talk to all of us about last night."

About fifteen minutes later, Harry and Hermione followed Tonks down the stairs and were halfway down when they saw Lily floating down through the ceiling to greet Thaddeus who was sitting on one of the couches drinking coffee. Beside him sat a half-asleep Neville, who was doing his best to stay awake. However, as both Harry and Hermione came into the living room, Neville almost immediately woke up and noticed that both of his best friends had the same look on their faces, the look of sexual satisfaction.

As Harry and Hermione both sat on the couch opposite of Thaddeus, Luna, Padma, and Parvati all slowly made their way down the stairs to join the group. Harry could tell that all three of his slaves had a bit of a rump with each other, as they all had the same type of glow coming off of them. However, what Harry didn't realize was that the three girls were still horny and wanted to feel their master fuck them properly.

"Sorry for getting all of you up so early," Thaddeus said, placing his cup down on the table separating the couches. "However, I would like to know what really happened last night."

Harry looked upset at Thaddeus as he snapped his mind awake. "We didn't have anything to do with what happened to Filch's cat," Harry almost angrily said to Thaddeus, wondering why the American wizard suspected him. "We didn't have anything to do with that blood writing as well, Professor."

"I never said that you did, Harry," Thaddeus said calmly. "I apologize if I insinuated that, and Abi had already vouched for everybody's whereabouts prior to the incident. Also, I know that you're tired, but you need to trust me and know that I'm on your side."

Harry nodded and took a calming breath and said, "Sorry, Professor. I know how much you've helped me and Neville so far. I just don't know what to think about what happened last night."

"Well, why don't we start with after you and everyone here left Sir Nicholas' Deathday party," Thaddeus said, crossing his arms and leaning back against the couch. Harry took another breath and began telling Thaddeus about the voice he had heard that led them to the hallway last night. Everyone chimed in at that point, from Lily saying she heard the voice as well, but couldn't understand what was said, to Neville saying that he noticed spiders leaving the scene through an open window. After everyone had told Thaddeus about last night, Thaddeus frowned intently as he stared closely at Harry. Thaddeus remained silent for a few minutes before he finally spoke.

"This is bad," Thaddeus stood up from the couch. "Based on what both you and your mother told me, Harry, I can only believe that you heard some sort of snake creature in the walls."

"Snake creature?" Harry was somewhat puzzled at what Thaddeus said. "But I heard it talk in English."

"In your mind, you heard English, but in fact what you actually heard was Parseltongue, known as snake language. It does explain why no one else heard it but you and your mother. Your mother is bonded to you, Harry, so there are aspects about your abilities that you happen to share with her, but as she isn't a true Parselmouth, she could only hear it as a different language."

"What does that have to do with The Chamber of Secrets?" Lily asked. "It's one of the oldest myths of the Magical World. No one has ever found it."

"True, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist," Thaddeus looked over at Lily. "How it pertains to Harry being a Parselmouth, you need to remember that Salazar Slytherin was also a Parselmouth. That along with the fact that Harry has already been declared an heir to the House of Slytherin will definitely place a target on him."

Everyone nodded their understanding at what Thaddeus had said, with Hermione asking, "Does that mean that there's another Heir of Slytherin in Hogwarts right now?"

"It's more than likely," Thaddeus answered. "Whatever this is, I advise all of you to take special care and watch each other's backs. Especially you, Miss Granger, as Muggleborns will be targeted more than anyone else if this is all true."

"What should we do?" Harry asked, concerned now with Hermione's safety.

"For now, just be extra cautious and vigilant. If there's another attack, do not make yourselves the suspect," Thaddeus answered, staring directly at Harry. "Also, if you and your mother hear that voice again, do not follow it. Report it directly to me, and I will check it out. One last thing, avoid any snakes or snake creatures that suddenly appear in your presence, Harry. If Dumbledore is truly behind what's going on, then he'll no doubt suspect that you are a Parselmouth."

"What will that mean for the Master if Dumbledore finds out that he is?" Parvati asked, remembering the circumstances involving their slavery to Harry.

"Dumbledore doesn't have the power to take us away from Master, does he?" Padma asked, equally worried about what this could mean for their mother, Luna, and the twins sisters.

"I'm not completely sure of what Dumbledore can do to Harry if it is proven that he is a Parselmouth," Thaddeus replied, pacing back and forth now. "As both Harry's Magical Guardian and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, he could very well stall his lordship until his seventeenth birthday. This would in fact allow the Trace to stay until then as well. Also, because of the fact that being a Parselmouth is illegal, Harry could very well be forced to turn down his Lordships, regulating it to the next heir in succession. Dumbledore could do other things to Harry as well, but he can't put Harry in Azkaban for it."

There was a silent stillness in the air after Thaddeus had stopped talking, with everyone glancing over at Harry, who was angry at the fact that Dumbledore had power over his fate. Fortunately though, nothing around them shook or shattered, proving that Harry had near perfect control over his Earth powers. After several more moments, Thaddeus told them all to be careful before he left. Harry had only one thought in his head at that point, 'What is Dumbledore up to this time?'

A few days later-History of Magic class

It had been an uneasy quiet among Harry and his friends for the past several days, with only a few words of conversation between them. Harry had been very concerned with his friends' safety, Hermione especially as Thaddeus did warn about the Muggleborns being targeted more than the rest of the students. Harry was so concerned that he actually stopped having sex with the witches, which made all of them more than a little horny whenever they were around Harry. This was especially hard for Luna, as she had yet to feel Harry's dick inside of her. Fortunately, everyone understood what was going on, and for now they had to wait for a bit of normalcy to return before Harry would fuck them again.

As Harry, Neville, Hermione, Parvati, Lily, and Tonks entered the History of Magic classroom, they all saw 'The Chamber of Secrets' written on the chalkboard in big, bold letters. Thaddeus was standing just to the left of where the writing was written, staring somberly as the second-year Gryffindors and Slytherins all entered the classroom and took their seats. Harry was frowning intently as he wondered why those words were up on the board, as he believed that they were supposed to learn about Helga Hufflepuff this term.

"Good afternoon, second years," Thaddeus said after the bell rang beginning the class. "Now, many of you have already been asking about the Chamber of Secrets, and while we were supposed to begin learning about Helga Hufflepuff today, I felt that all of you should be made aware of the potential danger of it."

Thaddeus stepped forward and began walking over to his desk. After a long pause, he began the lesson. "Salazar Slytherin was the first Headmaster of Hogwarts after the school's creation. For many years, Slytherin co-existed with the other three Founders quite harmoniously. However, during their later years in life, as the Wizarding population began to grow, Slytherin began selecting specific children to be admitted. More specifically, Slytherin desired that all Magical learning should be kept within all Wizarding families, or purebloods. This went against what the other three founders believed, as they believed that all children who are gifted with magical abilities should be taught. This caused a rift between Slytherin and the other three founders, which later caused him to be removed as Headmaster.

"That was not the end of it, as many believed, because Slytherin was very angry and openly voiced his displeasure at Muggleborns being admitted to Hogwarts. Now, legend tells us that during his tenure as Headmaster, Slytherin created a secret chamber somewhere here in the castle, and hid a creature that he claimed that only he and his heirs would be able to control. Upon his removal, he swore vengeance on those he believed were unworthy to be taught at Hogwarts."

There was a brief moment of pause as Thaddeus allowed that bit of information to sink in. After that, Hermione raised her hand before Thaddeus continued the lecture, "Excuse me, Professor Prenderghast, but why was Slytherin so prejudiced against Muggleborns?"

"During that age, Miss Granger, there were many reasons that Slytherin despised Muggles and Muggleborn witches and wizards," Thaddeus answered. "Much of this I will go into when I begin teaching you about him. For now, I will only say that back then, there was a whole lot of bad blood between the two worlds, some of that still existing today. As for the Chamber of Secrets, there have been countless searches for it for centuries, with no one even coming close to its location. However, I will warn all of you here to not try looking for it yourselves. The creature inside the chamber is said to be a monster."

The entire class looked at one another for a long time, then Thaddeus took questions about the chamber and what he knew about it. Malfoy and the Slytherins were very interested in the beast, asking questions as to how big it could be, or what it might eat. Thaddeus could only say that with knowing what the creature was, asking those questions about it was pointless. After the questions had died down, Thaddeus dismissed the class early, saying that their next lesson will strictly be on Helga Hufflepuff.

As they all gathered their things, Harry could hear Malfoy snickering about something with Crabbe and Goyle. Harry did his best to dismiss it, but as he and his group made their way to the door, Malfoy and his goons got in front of them, with Malfoy all but sneering directly into Hermione's face.

"I wonder which Mudblood gets petrified first, Granger," Malfoy half-smiled, keeping one eye on Harry to see his reaction. "As for me, I hope it's you."

Harry angeringly stepped between Malfoy and Hermione ready to pull his wand out and nail the blonde wizard with a hex. Fortunately, Tonks pulled him back from doing so as Malfoy and his two goons took off laughing as Harry angrily looked on.

"Why did you stop me, Tonks? He insulted Hermione!" Harry asked his protector while they left the classroom.

"You would have gotten in big trouble if you did anything, Harry," Tonks sighed, a bit saddened that he didn't get what Malfoy actually wanted. "It's my job to protect you, and sometimes that means from yourself. You can't let people like Draco get the better of you."

Harry nodded, still angry at Malfoy for what he said to Hermione. They began making their way back to Gryffindor tower as Ron ran up from behind to join the group. Taking up Hermione's left side, Ron looked over at Harry and said, "I wish that you would have hit Malfoy with something, even if it was going to get you in trouble. It would have been worth it to see Malfoy humiliated by vomiting slugs like I did."

Harry remembered that imagery of Ron throwing up slugs and knew that was something that was a bit childish for what Harry wanted to do. What Harry wanted to do to Malfoy was something much darker than pranks and parlour tricks. While Harry had little free time between fucking his witches and Quidditch practice this year, he did spend what time he had reading his family's books and grimoires, and in those books he had found some useful spells and curses to use on Malfoy, and other wizards who happen to annoy him. The trick was for Harry not to get caught doing these spells.

"Draco Malfoy is not worth the trouble, Ron," Neville said walking just behind Harry to Tonks' left. "He's just a stupid bully who just wants to rile us up. Sooner or later, everyone will see what a coward he really is, including his own House."

Harry was actually impressed with his god-brother with the way he had grown. Neville was no longer the half-frightened boy he was last year. In fact, if Neville and Malfoy duel each other, there was no question in Harry's mind that Neville could wipe the floor against Malfoy.

"What if he's the Heir of Slytherin, Neville?" Ron said, looking back at Neville. "I mean, you practically heard him all but admit that he was, with him spitting 'Mudblood' right in Hermione's face. If it is him, imagine what would happen if he clashed against Harry. That git wouldn't last 5 minutes against Harry, and after Harry wipes the floor of him, Harry's fame will grow even more."

"That's completely preposterous, Ronald," Hermione glared at the red-headed wizard. "There're many wizards here who could easily be the Heir of Slytherin, including those within Gryffindor House. The Heir could also be a witch, did you think about that, Ronald?"

"It has to be Malfoy, Hermione!" Ron snapped right into Hermione's face. "His entire family has been in Slytherin for centuries, and they all hate Muggleborns with every fiber of their being. I bet you Crabbe and Goyle know, and if we corner those two thick-headed goons, it'll be a piece of cake to get them to tell us."

At that point, Harry stopped in his tracks and faced Ron with an intense frown. "If Malfoy was a heir to Slytherin, don't you think that we would have all heard from him by now?" Harry told the red-headed boy. "The only time he has ever kept something to himself was to see what he could get out of it. Being the Heir of Slytherin within Slytherin House wouldn't easily raise Malfoy's status there, giving him control over others in his House, more than he already has."

Ron was a bit taken aback by Harry's statement, having no choice but to step away from both Harry and Hermione and taking a position way behind the group when they began walking again. The group was fairly silent for the rest of the way going towards the Gryffindor tower, with Neville and Harry muttering to each other about the Chamber of Secrets and where it could be. Tonks was somewhat concerned about them trying to look for it, and said, "You two best heed what the teachers had already told you, and try not to go looking for the Chamber. As curious as I am myself about where it is, I would rather not have you put yourselves in danger just by looking for it."

Harry nodded his understanding, as he had no intention of trying to find the Chamber of Secrets. Harry did have to admit that he had a great curiosity about the place, but he had a bad feeling that he was being led by someone to find the chamber. Much like what happened at the end of last year, Harry felt the uneasy presence of being manipulated by Dumbledore. Unfortunately, for the time being, Harry had to play Dumbledore's game if he was going to find out Dumbledore's plan.

That was something that Harry wasn't looking forward to.

The following Sunday-Quidditch Match

It may have been some time since Lily Potter witnessed some brutal Quidditch games at Hogwarts but she never thought she'd see one more violent than what she is seeing now. Lily could not stop gasping in fear at the game she was watching. To say that this Quidditch match was brutal was putting it mildly to her, as Lily was watching every member of the Slytherin team try to take out the three Gryffindor Chasers and Harry. The Slytherin Beaters had constantly tried knocking Bludgers directly at both Angelina and Alicia, while Flint and his two Chasers triple-teamed Katie while she had the Quaffle. Katie was forced to the ground as Flint took the Quaffle away from her right as her broom crashed hard into the ground snapping it completely and causing Katie to land on her head awkwardly.

Lily wanted to rush to Katie to see how badly Katie was hurt, but around that time, Lily noticed a Bludger moving erratically towards Harry. As Lee Jordan announced that Flint scored a goal, extending Slytherin's lead over Gryffindor 70-30, Harry ducked the Bludger by just inches, looking at the direction the Bludger flew moments after. Lily gasped at close the Bludger came to her son's head, but thankfully sighed that the Bludger had missed him.

"Watch yourself, Harry!" Wood shouted, from the Gryffindor goals, unaware that the Bludger that had narrowly missed Harry was now heading towards Wood. Before Harry had a chance to warn the Gryffindor Keeper, the Bludger smashed Wood's broom in two causing Wood to fall from several feet in the air. Fortunately, Wood still had a little control over his broken broom that he managed to soften his crash into the ground. However, it was still bad news for the Gryffindor team as they were now down two players.

Harry had little time to react, as the Bludger made a sharp turn and flew directly at Harry. Harry dove out of its path, only to realize the Bludger turned again to fly after Harry. There was no question at that point: the Bludger was targeting Harry. Harry began flying as fast as he could, staying a few feet in front of the Bludger. Lily floated as fast as she could towards her son, but she could just barely keep up. Harry managed the dodge successfully out of the Bludger's path forcing the ball to crash into the stands. Harry thankfully had a few moments to catch his breath, but unfortunately he failed to realize that Malfoy was hovering not ten feet from where Harry was.

"Practicing for the ballet, Potter?" Malfoy shouted, amused at the scene he had just witnessed. Harry angrily looked at Malfoy and was about to say something to the blonde wizard, as Harry had noticed that Malfoy had done very little in the game. However, the Snitch floated directly in between the two second year boys with Malfoy not even paying attention to it. Harry flew after it almost immediately, and by then Malfoy had realized his mistake.

Malfoy chased after Harry, using the speed of his Nimbus 2001 to pass Harry and to try to catch the Snitch. However, while Malfoy did possess a better broom than Harry's, it was painfully obvious that Malfoy had very little skill as a Seeker. Harry chased after the Snitch, not concerned about Malfoy as the blonde wizard was focusing more on taunting Harry rather than catching the Snitch himself. Unfortunately for both boys, the Bludger that went after Harry returned and flew in the path of both boys. At that point, Harry and Malfoy were side-by-side when the Bludger shot straight at Harry, but Harry saw the Bludger coming, so he swerved directly behind Malfoy and veered to the right just as the Bludger nailed Malfoy in the chest, causing the blonde-haired boy to fall off of his broom and to the ground below. Fortunately for Malfoy, he and Harry were only a few feet off the ground, so when he fell, he wasn't too seriously injured.

Harry did his best to avoid the Bludger that was targeting him as he tried to catch the Snitch. With Malfoy out of the way, Harry had an easier time of focusing on the tiny gold ball, even with the Bludger chasing after him. After a few moments, Harry was inches away from the Snitch as he reached out with his right arm, forgetting for a moment that the Bludger was just behind him. This was Harry's mistake, as the Bludger swerved instantly away from him for half a moment before veering to Harry's left and hitting his arm instantly breaking his arm in several places. The Bludger swerved again, going after Harry as he somehow managed to stay on his broom with one good arm. Harry miraculously dodged the Bludger's final swerve and used his left arm to quickly catch the Snitch, ending the brutal game.

However, once Harry had safely crashed into the ground, the Bludger tried to nail him repeatedly from just above where he landed. Fortunately, both Neville and Hermione were rushing towards Harry with Padma and Parvati close behind them, Luna and Hagrid in the rear of the group. As the Bludger came down, Neville summoned his air powers and diverted the erratic ball towards a small patch of ground, holding it there impressively with his powers. Hermione pointed her wand at the Bludger and destroyed it with a fire spell. The danger over, Harry was quickly crowded by his three slaves while the Gryffindors all came to see how badly Harry was hurt.

"Master, I'm so sorry that this happened," Luna said to Harry, her voice trembling slightly. "I should have foresaw this happening and warned you about it."

"It's not your fault, Luna," Hermione said, kneeling next to Harry's broken arm. "Harry knows that Seers have no control over their visions. However, it is clear that somebody is clearly after you, Harry. That Bludger had been tampered with to specifically seek you out."

Harry nodded, as the pain in his arm was close to unbearable. Unfortunately, the matter became much worse as Lockhart emerged from the crowd surrounding Harry and knelt beside Hermione. Harry frowned at seeing the blonde-haired wizard, as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher pulled his wand out from his lavender coat and aimed it at Harry's injured arm.

"No!" Luna said abruptly, leaning over Harry's body as if she was trying to protect him. "You won't make the situation better, Master needs to see Madam Pomfret at once."

Lockhart chuckled uneasily, saying, "The poor girl obviously does not know what she is talking about. I have successfully healed myself several times after my many conquests. I will fix Harry's arm straight away, without any help from Madam Pomfret. Weasley, would you be so kind and remove Miss Lovegood off of Mr. Potter?"

Ron, who was one of the first Gryffindors to reach Harry outside of his normal group, grabbed Luna by her shoulders and gently pulled her from Harry's chest. However, as soon as Luna was clear, both Padma and Parvati leaned over Harry, as if they feared what Lockhart could do. Unfortunately, the twins were in a bad position, and the right arm was still slightly unprotected from Lockhart's spell.

"Professor, Madam Bones is an experienced Healer, and I think…" Hermione tried to interject, but unfortunately Lockhart had already begun the incantation.

"Brackium Emendo!" Lockhart practically shouted, and a golden glow appeared over Harry's arm for a moment, and once the glow dissipated, Harry felt no pain. However, Harry knew automatically that something had gone wrong, as Lockhart was known to botch the simplest of spells. True to Harry's suspicions, as he looked at his right arm, he saw that his entire arm looked like it was made of fleshy plastic. "Ah, well that can happen sometimes. However, as you all can clearly see, Harry is no longer in any pain, and there are no broken bones."

"Broken?!" Hagrid shouted angrily. "There are no bones left, you arse!"

Lockhart silently chuckled as he lifted Harry's now boneless arm and folded it in half. "It's a lot more flexible now, don't you think?"

Harry was doing his best to keep his anger in control, but he couldn't help but imagine Lockhart being impaled by one of Harry's stalagmites, right through the pompous wizard's ass and out through his mouth. Fortunately, both Neville and Hermione sensed Harry's anger rising, so Heriome gently guided Harry to his feet while Neville stood in front of Lockhart and glared at the man.

"As Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lockhart, you should have been more worried about the tampered Bludger and who sabotaged it to seek out my god-brother," Neville said with an intensity that surprised even Harry. "As Hermione had tried to explain to you, you are not an expert Healer, Madam Pomfrey is, and not having her heal Harry properly is dangerous. A fact that I will be informing my grandmother of in my next letter to her."

"Now why should I be afraid of something like that?" Lockhart faced Neville and chuckled nervously.

"You forget that both Harry and I are both Heirs to Most Ancient and Noble Houses," Neville stood nearly face-to-face with the pompous wizard. "My grandmother is currently Dowager to my family's House, and acts for House Longbottom in my stead until my lordship is claimed next year." Neville glared at Lockhart, half-smiling as he knew that the pompous wizard did not focus on political power in Magical Britain. "Also, my mother is Harry's godmother, and if Harry wants, she can act as Harry's voice in the Wizengamot for the House of Potter. So, if I were you, Professor, I would stop worrying about getting glory and worry more about your reputation as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

Neville then walked away and began leading the way to the Hospital Wing as Hermione and Tonks gently guided Harry behind him. As everyone else either dispersed or followed Harry to the Hospital Wing, Lockhart angrily glared at Neville wondering how such a timid boy could have such a backbone.

About an hour later-Hospital Wing

Madam Pomfrey stormed into the Hospital Wing from her room, absolutely livid after hearing about Lockhart's attempt to heal Harry. "What a stupid, stupid man," She muttered under her breath, wishing that Lockhart had several broken body parts that needed to be healed. She even imagined it happening by her master's hand, with Lockhart in tears and tremendous pain begging Harry to stop. Pomfrey began to get wet imagining herself either standing next to her master watching Harry torture Lockhart or on her knees in front of Harry servicing his long hard cock and showing Lockhart how truly mighty Harry is.

"Clear the way!" Pomfrey shouted as she approached the large crowd surrounding Harry's bed. Pomfrey saw that with the exception of the two uninjured Gryffindor Chasers, who were standing next to their teammate's, Katie, bed; almost half of the Gryffindor House was grouped around Harry. This was not including Hermione, Neville, the Patil twins, Luna, and Tonks. Pomfrey noticed that Lily was floating just over her son, but Pomfrey knew that this was simply too many people. "Unless any of you are close to Mr. Potter, I am ordering you to clear out of here Now!" Pomfrey angrily said to the group. Disheartened, most of the group left, with Wood and Percy leading them all out of the Hospital Wing. Hilariously, both Fred and George had to drag Ron out of the Wing, with one of the twin boys asking Ron where Ginny was.

"The same goes for you, Mr. Malfoy," Pomfrey looked over at the blonde-haired Slytherin boy lying in a far bed with his Quidditch team surrounding him. "Your injuries were not that serious. You were extremely lucky not to sustain any broken bones, but all you really have is a sore bum."

Harry couldn't help but to chuckle at Malfoy's discomfort as he watched the blonde boy get out of his bed and leave the Hospital Wing with his Slytherin Quidditch team behind him. After the Slytherins left, Pomfrey noticed that Hermione, Neville, the Patils, Luna, Tonks and Lily all stayed by Harry's bed, while Angelina and Alicia stayed next to Katie's. Pomfrey sighed and nodded her understanding, as everyone who stayed were truly concerned about Harry's and Katie's well-being. However, she was at least thankful and glad that she was now able to get to Harry now. After she reached Harry, she picked up Harry's boneless right arm and examined it closely.

"That pompous arse!" Pomfrey said, thinking again about Lockhart's actions. "He should have known better not to try to heal you. As an expert Healer, I can heal bones in a heartbeat, but regrowing them is extremely tricky."

"You will be able to, won't you, Madam Pomfrey?" Hermione asked her, very concerned for Harry.

"Oh, I'll be alright, with this," Pomfrey answered, pulling out her wand and summoned a bottle of Skele-Gro and a small glass cup. She then opened the bottle and poured a portion of it into the cup. "It'll be very painful, though. You'll be in for a rough night, Potter."

She handed Harry the glass, but after she handed it to him, she was bold enough to bend close to his ear and whisper, "I'll be happy to take your mind off of the pain, Master. Once we're alone, that is."

Harry became instantly aroused, as nearly everyone there saw Harry's erection stiffen up inside of his pants. Fortunately, Neville was more focused on Harry's arm and how bad Skele-Gro might taste. Harry took a large sip of the clear liquid and instantly spat it out, nearly gagging from the awful taste.

"Well, what did you expect, Pumpkin Juice?" Pomfrey sighed and shook her head. She then took the cup from Harry and poured a larger content of the liquid into it. Nearly filling it to the top, she handed the cup back to Harry and forcefully said to him, "Gulp as much of it as you can. Don't think about the taste, just get it down your throat."

Harry took a very deep breath before placing the cup to his lips and taking as much of the Skele-Gro down his throat as possible. It took everything Harry had to keep the bitter liquid down, but there was a moment where he almost vomited, retching several times after swallowing the potion.

"Does it taste that bad?" Neville asked Harry, seeing his god-brother's discomfort.

"It tasted like chalk and cement mixed together, quite badly," Harry answered, trying to do whatever he could to get the taste out of his mouth.

"No complaining now," Pomfrey stared at the half-empty cup. "Down the rest of it."

Harry shuddered at the thought of drinking any more of it down, but braced himself to do so. Harry downed the rest of the cup as fast as he could, and thankfully he didn't spit it out. Pomfrey took the empty cup and set it on the nightstand next to Harry's bed, with the bottle of Skele-Gro next to it. Pomfrey then looked at Harry's friends and said, "You're all can stay until dinnertime, but I would advise all of you that Potter will need as much rest as possible. Miss Tonks, this does not include you, as I'm aware of your status as Potter's protector."

Pomfrey then left Harry's bedside and walked over to Katie's bed. Katie was still unconscious and had the top portion of her head wrapped in a bandage. "She took a very bad fall, but thankfully there's no permanent damage," Pomfrey told Angelina and Alicia. "Miss Bell has a concussion, but I won't know how serious it is until she wakes up. You two can stay until dinnertime, but there's really nothing to be done until she comes out of it.

Pomfrey then walked over to her desk, and began to do her paperwork; allowing the children to talk amongst themselves. Thaddeus, McGonagall, and Madam Hooch all stopped by to check on Harry and Katie, with Thaddeus wondering about the rogue Bludger, McGonagall worried about members of her House, and Hooch apologizing for what happened during the game and not having better control over the Slytherin team's actions. When dinnertime approached, Harry had already been in tremendous pain and felt the bones in his right arm regrowing at a snail's pace. Hermione, Neville, Padma, Parviti, and Luna all said their goodbyes to Harry with all of them promising that they would visit him tomorrow as soon as they were able. Both Angelina and Alicia left around that same time and Harry was left alone with Tonks and Lily watching carefully. Katie was breathing softly, still unconscious from the game, and Pomfrey sat at her desk doing paperwork while checking up on both Harry and Katie. After the sun had set, a House-Elf brought everyone some food, including Katie in case she woke. After everyone had eaten, Harry was still in extreme pain as his arm had only about a quarter of his bones regrown in his arm. However, it was about this time when Pomfrey walked over to his bed and for the most part it looked like she was going to check on how his arm was.

"Are you still in a lot of pain, Harry?" Poppy smiled seductively as she sat on the side of his bed, allowing her glamour to dissolve so her young, late-20's body appeared proudly in plain view.. Tonks looked on and smiled when she saw Poppy's hand move over to where Harry's crotch was; now obviously aware that Poppy was another one of Harry's conquests. Tonks thought to herself that Harry might want to let her know who else he shagged at Hogwarts so she wouldn't be surprised about it.

"It still hurts, Madam Pomfrey," Harry told her with a slight smile, as he was focusing more now on what Poppy was doing than the pain in his arm. Poppy seductively licked her lips and slid her hand underneath Harry's bedsheet and grabbed his shaft through his pajama bottoms.

"Please let me know if you stop feeling any pain," Poppy began to stroke Harry's erection softly while her free hand slid the bedsheet down towards Harry's ankles. Lily, who was watching silently floating directly above her son, had already dissolved her clothing and started masturbating. Tonks sat down on the other side of the bed, her eyes solely fixed on what Poppy's hand was doing. Poppy slowly slid her hand underneath Harry's pajama pants and grabbed his cock to pull it out. Once his cock was free from his pants, Poppy moved her head just over Harry's dick and with a slutty look on her face, said, " Let's see how much pain you're in after I make you cum, Master."

Poppy then hungrily took Harry's dick into her mouth, deepthroating him with expert skill. Harry did not care about the pain in his right arm at that moment, all he wanted was for this sexy Healer to suck his dick. Tonks started undoing Harry's pajama top, furiously working to undo his buttons while Lily slowly floated down just above Harry's face. Harry began moaning softly, and as Tonks had undone the last button on Harry's pajama top, Lily positioned herself to sit on her son's face. However, while the four of them were pleasuring themselves and each other on the same bed, they didn't realize that at that moment, Katie Bell had woken up.

Katie opened her eyes and felt a dull pain covering her entire head. Thankfully, she had remembered almost instantly what had happened and cursed herself for falling into the Slytherins' trap in the game. As soon as she became more lucid, she promised herself that the next time Gryffindor faced Slytherin on the Quidditch pitch, she would throw the Quaffle directly at Marcus Flint's head.

The moans from the bed several feet away from her own had not gotten her attention as she was still focused on planning her revenge against the Slytherin team. As the pain in her head was still throbbing, Katie had a very hard time concentrating on anything around her until Lily's voice screamed "Yes! I'm cumming Harry! Eat your mother out!"

Katie looked over to where the scream came from and saw Lily grinding her crotch into Harry's mouth, with Tonks and a very young-looking Madam Pomfrey taking turns at sucking Harry's seven-inch erection. She gasped almost too loudly at seeing this, and the pain in her head had almost disappeared as she forgot about her hatred for the Slytherins and she stared completely at the scene in her eyes. Within minutes after Lily orgasming, Harry moaned loudly into his mother's pussy and shot his load straight into Pomfrey's mouth. Harry held the Healer's head with his left hand while he orgasmed a large deposit of his sperm down her throat. Only when he had finished did Katie witness Pomfrey pull off Harry's dick with a near mouthful of the boy's cum as a trail of it seeping out of her mouth. Tonks saw this and nearly jumped at Pomfrey, causing both of them to fall off of the bed and on the ground just out of Katie's sight. However, there were moments where Katie could see what was happening, as soon after they had fallen to the floor, Katie saw Tonks nearly tearing off Pomfrey's clothes and throwing them to the side. Tonks' clothes were thrown off soon after, but by that point, Katie's attention was focused on what Harry and his mother were doing.

After Tonks and Pomfrey had fallen to the floor, Lily noticed that her son's cock was unattended. She instantly bent towards the stiff member and began sucking it, tasting the last bits of Harry's first orgasm. Harry moaned into his mother's cunt, grabbing her ass with his good hand and squeezing it hard, causing Lily to moan hard as she sucked her son's dick. It wasn't long before both of them orgasmed again, as Lily came hard onto Harry's face again and Harry shot his cum directly into Lily's mouth. At that point, as his cum had landed on his crotch and the bedsheet around it, Harry had heard a moan that did not belong to his mother, Tonks, or Poppy. At first, Harry had thought one of his other witches had come to check in on him and after witnessing what was happening, decided to watch from the side. However, as he turned his head, Harry saw that wasn't the case, as he noticed that Katie was awake. Not only awake though, Harry saw that Katie had pulled off the sheet that was over her and she was now massaging her small breasts with one hand while the other was underneath her pajama pants. Harry smiled lustfully at this and decided to give Katie a show.

"Mum, why don't you possess Poppy and have her come back onto the bed so I can fuck both of you," Harry said, keeping one eye on Katie as she gasped widely in shock at what Harry had said. Katie gasped again as she witnessed Lily jump off of her son and leaped towards Tonks and Pomfrey. Moments later, Madam Pomfrey got to her feet with a big, lustful smile and leaned over the bed with Tonks standing up soon after. Katie kept her eyes locked on the three as Harry got off of the bed gingerly with his right arm wrapped in a sling and positioned himself behind Pomfrey. Katie wasn't sure how possessions worked, but when Harry penetrated Pomfrey's backside, Katie heard both Pomfrey and Lily scream loudly, with both of their screams coming out of Pomfrey's mouth. Katie wasn't sure which hole Harry was fucking, but assumed that he was fucking her pussy, as she herself was fingering her own pussy to match Harry's thrusts. However, it was quite surprising to Katie when she heard Harry say, "Tonks, I have her ass taken care of. Why don't you take care of her pussy?"

'Harry took her anally? Before her pussy?' Katie thought as at that point, she couldn't help but to gasp loudly after hearing that, causing Tonks, Pomfrey, and Lily to finally notice that Katie was awake and watching them. Tonks smiled lustfully at seeing this, before getting back down to the floor to position herself underneath both Harry and Poppy. Both Poppy and Lily smiled at this, although Poppy was more worried about Katie's condition.

"She should join us, don't you think Poppy?" Lily said moaning in pleasure through Poppy's mouth.

"No! Miss Bell is in no condition to get fucked by Mas… I mean Harry," Poppy half-moaned, half-screamed as she was quickly approaching her orgasm, making Lily feel every ounce of it as it was beginning to hit her. "She is still weak from her head injury. She shouldn't even be masturbating right now."

Katie wasn't paying attention to what Pomfrey had said, as she was approaching her own orgasm. She soon closed her eyes and began imagining Harry taking her, with her fellow Chasers watching with lust and jealousy in their eyes. As her orgasm rocked her, her weakened state couldn't keep her awake and she soon fell back into slumber. However, Katie would have pleasant and lustful dreams about Harry until she woke up the next morning.

Harry only lasted about an hour longer, about three-quarters of an hour to be precise, before he too fell asleep. He did fuck all three holes of both Poppy and Tonks before he collapsed into his bed. Thankfully, he did satisfy all three witches, making them all have multiple orgasms and shooting his load all over them before passing out. Both Tonks and Poppy redressed themselves and Harry before they turned in themselves, making sure that Harry and Katie were resting comfortably before they did so.

Lily floated back up above her son, making her clothes reappear on her ghostly body and stood watch over the now dimly lit Hospital Wing. It was not even an hour later when Professor McGonagall rushed quietly into the place and went into Pomfrey's room to wake her up. Lily was silently concerned about this, as the look on McGonagall's face told her that something bad had happened. Moments later, both McGonagall and Pomfrey rushed out of the room and exited the Hospital Wing, nearly slamming the door behind them as they left.

Harry began to wake up after that, and was about to ask his mother about the noise when he began to hear the same voice that he heard on Halloween night.

"$Let me feed. Let me kill.$" The voice rang clear to Harry causing him to sit up and try to find where it was coming from. Lily also looked around as she tried very hard to make out what was said. They were looking all around the Wing, focused so hard on trying to pinpoint where the voice came from that they didn't hear the tiny pop of Dobby Apparating right next to Harry's bed.

"Hello." The House-elf said with a smile, nearly scaring Harry and Lily both.

"Dobby?" Lily looked shocked at seeing the House-elf again, believing that he would have learned his lesson when he tried to stop Harry from getting past the barrier at King's Cross. "What are you doing here?"

"To save Harry Potter of course!" Dobby said, smiling at both Lily and Harry. "Dobby needs to take Harry Potter away from Hogwarts."

Tonks had woken up at the same time as Harry, but had kept quiet because she had yet figured out what was happening. However, when she noticed the elf that she had dealt with in September; she became very alert and jumped out of bed. Dobby stepped back in fear as Tonks hair was blood red at that point. Tonks pulled her wand and aimed it at the House-elf, angrily glaring at him, saying, "Harry Potter is under my protection, Elf. I can assure you that his life isn't in any danger."

Dobby shivered in fear, afraid that the young witch would maim him. "Harry Potter is in serious danger!" Dobby said firmly though, trying to make the three of them understand. "He can't stay at Hogwarts, Miss Tonks. He needs to go home!"

"Why do you think that Harry is in serious danger?" Lily asked, crossing her arms. "Is your master the one threatening my son? Or perhaps this 'Heir of Slytherin'? Are they the same person? Tell us what you know, Dobby."

"Dobby… cannot, Mrs. Potter," Dobby tearfully cried out a little too loudly. The House-elf then went to one of the bed posts and banged his head against it several times repeatedly. Harry got up out of his bed and grabbed the elf's neck with his good hand and yanked the elf away from the bed. Harry placed the elf down, blocking the path between Dobby and the bedpost. Dobby looked up at Harry with pleading eyes and said, "Sir, you must leave Hogwarts. Dobby hoped that his Bludger would have already made…"

"Your Bludger?!" Tonks angrily stepped between Harry and Dobby and readied her wand to strike down the elf. "You just admitted to attempting to kill Harry Potter, a future Lord to a Most Ancient and Noble House, as well as multiple other Houses. By right, I should send you to the Ministry for punishment right here and now for this, so you have better have a very damn good explanation for this."

"Dobby doesn't want to hurt Harry Potter. Dobby only wants to protect him!" Dobby was sobbing uncontrollably at that point, clearly realizing the trouble he was now in. "Dobby remembers what it was like before Harry Potter defeated He Who Must Not Be Named. We House-elves were treated like vermin by our Wizarding families. Of course, Dobby is still treated like vermin."

Harry didn't know if he wanted to stay angry at Dobby, or sympathize with the elf as Dobby grabbed his dirty cloth that he wore to wipe his eyes and to blow his nose. Harry would have wondered why Dobby wore such rags, but he already knew that they were a mark of the House-elf's enslavement. The only way Dobby could be freed of his masters if they presented him with some sort of clothes. However, doing so would cost the House-elf more than his Masters, as Dobby's lifeforce was bound to the family magic of his Masters, and freeing Dobby could kill him.

Harry instead focused on what he could get from the elf. "Dobby, does this have anything to do with the Chamber of Secrets? Do you know who the Heir of Slytherin is?"

Dobby shook his head wildly. "Dobby does not know who the Heir of Slytherin is," Dobby responded, his big eyes clearing up a bit. "Dobby only knows that Harry Potter is in grave danger, especially now that history is repeating itself."

"Repeating itself?" Lily looked quizzical at the elf. "Are you saying that the Chamber of Secrets has been opened before?"

"Ah, Dobby should not have said that! Bad Dobby!" Dobby exclaimed, running over to the nightstand and grabbing the bottle of Skele-Gro. The House-elf then began to bang the bottle against his forehead several times, until Tonks took the bottle away and picked the elf up by his dirty cloth. It was around that time when they heard the loud sound footprints moving rapidly towards the Hospital Wing.

"Tell us what you know about the Chamber of Secrets right now Dobby, before I go searching for your Masters and accuse them of plotting against the Heir to the House of Potter and see them tried before the Wizengamot for what you've been doing," Tonks glared at Dobby with fire in her eyes. Unfortunately, the double doors to the Hospital Wing opened taking Tonks' attention away from the elf. Dobby Disapperated at that moment, clearly not wanting to be noticed by anyone else. By the time Tonks noticed, Madam Pomfrey had entered leading a small group of teachers carrying a small figure. Harry quickly got back into his bed and pretended to be asleep, as he didn't know what was going on, and it would be better if he watched quietly.

"Miss Tonks, thank goodness you are up," Madam Pomfrey said as she guided the group to a bed. As they got closer, Harry noticed that the group were in fact Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, Sprout, and Hooch. Harry also noticed that they were carrying a small, blonde-haired boy, but couldn't tell who it was. "We might need your assistance as you are an Auror-in-training."

Both Tonks and Lily approached the group and looked at the boy who was being placed on an empty bed. "That's Colin Creevey," Lily gasped loudly. "What's happened to him."

"I think he's been petrified, Mrs. Potter," McGonagall answered with worry clearly noticeable in her voice. "Madam Hooch found him on the second floor, near a lavatory."

Tonks had an uneasy frown as she bent down, noticing the very large camera that was in front of the boy's face. "There's a chance he might have taken a picture of his attacker," Tonks said, pulling the camera gently from Colin. With the teachers and Pomfrey watching, Tonks opened the back of the camera, and a small puff of an explosion came out of it. Clearly focused on the matter at hand, Tonks looked at Madam Hooch and said, "I'll need to examine the location of where the boy was found. Can you take me there, Madam Hooch, and once we arrive please explain everything in detail of how and when you found young Mr. Creevey."

Madam Hooch nodded, and began leading Tonks to where she found Colin. Before Tonks left the Wing, she looked directly at Dumbledore and said, "I will be notifying Madam Bones immediately by Floo after I investigate this properly. Please refrain from notifying Minister Fudge until after I do so."

Dumbledore nodded his understanding of this and both Hooch and Tonks left the Hospital. McGonagall still had a worried look on her face as she and Pomfrey pulled a sheet over Colin with his head and arms free. McGonagall looked over at Dumbledore and said, "It's clear that our worst fears have been realized, Albus. What shall I tell the staff?"

"The truth, Minerva. We can only tell the truth," Dumbledore said to her. "Tell them that the Chamber of Secrets has indeed been opened again."

"Again?" Lily asked, her pale face looking at both Dumbledore and McGonagall. "This has happened before?"

"I'm afraid so, Mrs. Potter," Dumbledore answered. "However, this is not the time to discuss this. I will need to wake Professor Lockhart and advise him of this incident. Minerva, please wake up Severus and the rest of the staff not already patrolling the castle and summon everyone to my office."

Dumbledore calmly walked out of the Hospital Wing with his usual demeanor. McGonagall looked at both Lily and Pomfrey and quietly apologized to Lily before leaving to alert the staff of what had happened. After McGonagall had left, both Lily and Pomfrey shared looks of concern as they looked over at Harry, who couldn't help but be concerned himself.

After two nights, Katie was released from the Hospital first thing in the morning as both Angelina and Alicia came to escort her back to Gryffindor Tower. Katie was very eager to leave, as she had very little to do once her injuries had healed enough to where most of her strength and energy had returned. Unfortunately for her, Harry hadn't fucked anyone during that time, which was the only entertainment she was interested in. Not even when her strength returned, all she saw was Harry working out with his right arm, trying to test out how well the bones had regrown inside. However, Katie did have a plan, and once Angelina and Alicia picked her up, she waited until they were far enough away to tell her fellow Chasers her plan.

"This way." Katie said quickly and softly enough to where her friends could hear her, turning once they reached a corner that led them to Gryffindor Tower, but going the opposite direction towards the Chasers' favorite place.

Like most of their classmates, the Chasers had used one of the many empty classrooms as their secret meeting place. Angelina had chosen the place, telling both Alicia and Katie that it was far enough away from the usual routes they would take going back-and-forth from Gryffindor Tower to either their respective classes, the Great Hall, or the Quidditch Pitch, but it was close enough to have anyone suspect where they went. After the room was found, the three Chasers began modifying the room for their use. They got rid of most of the desks and chairs, moving them subtly to another classroom, while they transfigured the rest of them into soft beds for their little escapades. When they wanted to make sure that they weren't disturbed, Alicia placed a simple spell on the door, disguising it as part of the wall, so when someone walked by, they wouldn't notice the door to their little hideout.

Now, for the most part, the Chasers used the room to practice spellwork, potions, and other places where they needed peace and quiet. They also used the room to practice with the Quaffle, thinking of new strategies against their Quidditch competition. However, their primary use for the room was for special reasons, you might say. Katie was finally able to join in on the fun earlier this year, as for the last two years, she had just watched Angelina and Alicia make out with each other. There was only one rule they had, and that was to not let any boy join them unless they could all have a go at him, and up till this point, there was only one boy who fit that desire: Harry Potter.

"This better be good, Katie," Alicia said as Angelina closed the door behind them. "As in, you got to fuck Harry in the Hospital Wing, and you're going to lead him here to fuck us."

"No, I didn't get to fuck Harry yet, Alicia," Katie smiled sinfully at both her and Angelina. "Although, I did masturbate while watching Harry fuck Madam Pomfrey, Tonks, and his own mother. The last part is true, it just involves a little blackmail."

"That won't be easy, Not with Tonks nearby," Angelina crossed her arms, with a smirk of her own. "She's more than likely to join in on our fun, and she's a bit of a dom too, and I don't want to compete with her over Harry."

"That's been taken care of. You can thank Professor Dumbledore and the Ministry for that," Katie smiled wider, although what she had to say about Creevey had a touch of guilt. "I'm sure that everyone knows about Colin Creevey by now. Well, I found out yesterday morning that both the Minister and the Headmaster appointed Tonks as the lead investigator as to what has been going on with these petrifications. She's still responsible for protecting Harry, but as long as he isn't in any immediate danger, Tonks' focus will be investigating the attack on Creevey."

"Really?" Alicia smiled at this. "What about his mother?"

"Well, she's a ghost, so she's not going to be too much of a problem for us," Katie responded, licking her lips in anticipation. "She'll be watching Harry like a hawk, but once we make our intention clear, she won't mind, especially if she possesses one of us to join in on the fun."

"Wow, I didn't know she could do that," Angelina licked her lips at hearing this. "Well, as long as I get to fuck Harry beforehand, I don't mind if she possesses me. It might be fun, after all."

"I wouldn't mind that either," Alicia said, almost shivering in pleasure. "So, Katie, what's your plan?"

"Harry will be released just before lunchtime, and it's more than likely he'll head back up to the tower before going anywhere else. One of you needs to intercept Harry at the corner of the hallway and tell him something had happened to me," Katie tells them. "That will get his attention to follow you back here. Please, don't tell him that I've been petrified, just tell him I got dizzy and fell down or something. Once you get him in here, I'll tell him that he's going to have to fuck all of us if he wants to buy our silence that he's been fucking the school Healer. One thing though, I want to fuck him first, and I want to be fucked in the ass first."

Both Angelina and Alicia gasped at hearing that, but their lust over Harry was growing by the second, so Angelina looked over at Alicia and said, "You go and get Harry and tell them we'll need help carrying Katie back to the Hospital. When it's time of course, for now let's have some fun."

Harry and Lily left the Hospital Wing with Harry still very much worried about what happened to Creevey. He was hopeful now though that Tonks had been assigned to investigate instead of Lockhart, Although, he didn't hear that Lockhart was removed by Dumbledore from investigating this, but he hoped for it, as the memory of Lockhart removing the bones in his arm was still very fresh in his mind.

However, it was the night before last that he was thinking about the most. Not just about what happened to Creevey, but the fact that the Chamber of Secrets had been opened before. Harry wanted to get more information about this, but the only person he could ask was Pomfrey at that point, as it was clear to him that Lily and Tonks didn't know about it, which meant that it was before their time. Harry also suspected that Thaddeus didn't know about it, unless he was holding the information back for some reason. When Harry asked Pomfrey about this, she immediately walked away, as if she didn't want to talk about it. That left Harry one option left, and that was to get the information from Minerva. After all, he did know how to get her to talk.

Harry started to smile, finally able to take his mind off the Chamber somewhat, and was starting to relax when Alicia came from around the corner with her clothes looking like she just threw them back on, her face covered with sweat, and her long black hair disheveled. It was quite clear to both Harry and Lily that Alicia had just been fucking with her fellow Chasers. However, the look on her face told Harry and Lily that something was wrong.

"Harry! Thank Merlin that you're here!" Alicia was half out of breath when she spoke. "Come quick! Something has happened to Katie!"

Harry gasped, worried that Katie might have exerted herself too much, and followed Alicia down a hallway leading away from Gryffindor Tower. They didn't go far though, as Alicia turned left, straight through the wall there much like the ghosts did. Harry took a moment to be impressed at where the Chasers' hideout was, wondering how Fred and George never found this place, as the Weasley twins were very much into Angelina and Alicia, even though they would never admit it.

Harry followed Alicia through the wall and once he entered the Chasers' sanctum, he immediately knew that he fell for their trap. The door to the room quickly slammed shut behind them, as Angelina locked the door, making sure that there was no escape for Harry. Harry looked at all three Chasers as Lily floated through the door easily and noticed that while Alicia had her clothes on, both Angelina and Katie were completely nude. Not quite so for Angelina though, as she did have her Gryffindor robe on with it completely open to Harry's lustful satisfaction. Once more, Katie looked completely fine, laying on her side in the middle of three small beds that have been pushed together, her right arm hoisting her head up against the pillow, smiling slutily at Harry. Her tiny, toned body was already covered in sweat, with her small A cup tits glistening against the dim lighting of the room. Her tanned legs were separated, with her left behind her right and bent upwards with her left foot behind her right knee. This gave Harry a good view of Katie's moist crotch, with her left hand slowly rubbing just above there.

Angelina, who was the eldest of the three, clearly had the body to show off. Standing now in front of Harry, she stood about a foot taller than Harry, with her dark skin perfectly toned to perfection. Harry had to audibly gasped as her C cup tits were just inches away from Harry's chest, with her nipples hardened to the point that they looked like tiny little stakes. Angelina very much had the body of a supermodel, though she might not know what one was.

"Just so you know," Angelina said with an equal slutily smile that matched Katie's. "Both Katie and I drank Pepper-Up potions to prepare ourselves for you, and Alicia is going to drink some now. So, if you need any, you better get some now, before we three leave you completely worn out."

"Although, if the rumors about you are true, you might not need any," Alicia said from a small table filled with tiny glasses, half of them filled with green liquid. She had an empty glass in her hand at that moment, indicating that she had just drank one. Alicia placed the empty glass next to the others and began undressing, which she did in a hurry. Alicia may have been a few inches shorter than Angelina, but her pale body was a near match to her Chaser friend. Alicia had C cup tits, perhaps a bit smaller than Angelina's, but it was really hard to tell without examining them both closely, a fact that Harry was very much looking forward to.

Harry smiled as he began stripping off his clothes, not noticing that Alicia had put her robe back on her now naked body. "You know, I have been wondering when you three were going to make a move on me," Harry said, taking his robe off and undoing his tie. "So, since I am your prisoner, am I to be tied up?"

"No, but seriously, we know that wouldn't have done much good," Katie said, sitting up and licking her lips eyeing Harry's crotch. "We've seen you play Quidditch after all, Harry, so we know what type of man you are."

"Yes, you're a man that can't be controlled," Alicia whispered from just behind Harry, who almost jumped from the shock of where she stood. "You're a dominant force, you want to control others, not the other way around."

"Sure, you might have a little fun letting us control you," Angelina stepped closer, her hands now reaching for his pants and began unbuckling him. "But you would probably get bored of it pretty fast. However, we decided to tie you up another way."

"We're blackmailing you, Harry," Katie said, a bit sad that Angelina was blocking her view of Harry. "You already know that I saw you fucking Madam Pomfrey and Tonks a couple of nights ago. Well, imagine what might happen if Professor Dumbledore or Minister Fudge found out that this happened. I would imagine that both Pomfrey and Tonks would be fired outright, and you would be forced to answer to the Ministry for your actions."

Harry did not like any of what he had just heard. He did not want to get Poppy or Tonks in trouble like that, but he especially did not like having to answer to the Ministry again. "Before you say anything angry, the only thing we want is for you to fuck us," Alicia said, pulling down Harry's pants and boxers to reveal his long and hard erection. "We're not planning on telling anyone of what you've been doing, or who you have been fucking. We just want to join in on the fun."

"Not just join in, though," Angelina licked her lips seductively as she grabbed Harry's dick and stroked it slowly. "The three of us will be fucking you regularly from now on. Any time when you are alone, meaning just you and your mother of course, expect any of us to show up for your cock. It might just be one of us, two of us, or all of us depending on the time of day. However, when we show up, you better give us the fucking of our lives, and if the rumors about you are true, than that won't be a problem. We also want access to your little suitcase home and we want a room in there for our personal use."

"Well, I have no problem with that, as long as you obey my rules in there," Harry told them, still not liking that he was being blackmailed. "I would have done all of that anyway without being blackmailed, all you three had to do was ask. Still, it does make me wonder why you three choose to do this."

"As we said, you are a dominator," Alicia said softly, her hand joining Angelina's on Harry's shaft. "And we would gladly be your slaves in bed. However, we're not planning on submitting to you indefinitely, not unless you plan on placing a ring on our fingers. We're not the kind of witches who want collars around our necks."

"We value our freedom, Harry, and we can already see that you'll have a large collection of witches as your slaves by the time you reach adulthood. Merlin, I'm surprised that you haven't captured a Muggle girl or two by now," Katie said, standing up and walking over to them. "We're going to live our own lives, free to choose to do whatever we want. In the future, any one of us might become one of your wives, or all of us, and we wouldn't mind that one bit, so as long as you understand that the only way we will submit to you will be in bed."

"Speak for yourself, Katie," Angelina said, noticing that Katie was lowering herself to face Harry's cock. Katie grabbed it and positioned her mouth just an inch away from the tip of it, forcing both Angelina and Alicia to let go of Harry's dick. "Harry will have to prove himself to be a better lover before I bow to him in the sack."

"Well, I look forward to the challenge," Harry said, smiling at Angelina seductively. At that moment, Katie shoved half of Harry's seven-inch erection into her mouth and began sucking it like a pro. Harry groaned loudly as both Angelina and Alicia began sucking the sides of Harry's neck. Katie's head bobbed back and forth, only taking his cock out of her mouth to either lick the sides of his shaft or to suck on his balls. Harry grabbed the back of Katie's head as she had put his cock back into her mouth, but he allowed Katie to control the pace of her blowjob.

Lily was truly enjoying watching these Gryffindor Chasers please her son, and had begun floating closer to give herself a better view. However, she stopped when she heard a soft click from the door behind all of them. She wasn't the only one, as Angelina had stopped sucking Harry's neck to see who had unlocked the Chasers' secret hideout. As the door slowly opened, Angelina smiled as she had already placed a protective spell on the door, making sure that whoever entered without the Chasers' permission, would be magically stripped of their clothes and their clothes would be used to tie them up. The spell was designed to humble and humiliate the witch or wizard who didn't respect the Chasers' privacy.

After the door opened, there was a long pause before Hermione Granger, Harry's friend and classmate, stood at the door. Angelina smiled even wider as Hermione looked at the scene before her, a mixture of lust and curiosity on her face. Angelina suspected already that Granger had been fucking Harry, as the last few days Hermione had looked extra confident about everything. However, that didn't concern Angelina at all, as she was patiently waiting for Hermione to take one more step…

"Eep!" Hermione squealed after she took that step and all of her clothes began tearing themselves off of her body. Angelina stepped back from Harry and walked over to the second-year Gryffindor, looking a little too proud of her trap. While this was happening, the door had magically slammed shut and locked itself again, preventing anyone from entering or exiting. Hermione's face turned beet red, embarrassed that she was almost completely naked at that point, as her torn clothes magically began forming into strands of rope. Once her bra and panties had torn off her body, the clothes circled around Hermione and tied her up tightly to where her hands and arms were crossed over her tits, and her legs were bound tightly together to where she could no longer stand. As she collapsed on the floor, Hermione heard Angelina laughing at her predicament.

"Well, Granger, I guess that I have to congratulate you somewhat for being stupid enough to enter here without our permission," Angelina said, placing her foot on top of Hermione's chest. "It's a trespassing jinx, if you are wondering, specially modified with a humiliation jinx to leave you as you are now. The congratulations is for being the first one to ever trigger our trap. So, why are you here, Granger? Were you planning on stopping us from fucking Harry? Or perhaps were you planning on joining us?"

Hermione didn't answer her, as she struggled against her bindings. She looked over to where Harry was and with pleading eyes, begged, "Help me, Harry."

Harry tried to speak, but at that moment, Alicia locked her lips onto his and shoved her tongue into his mouth. It was clear to everyone in the room that the Chasers were in control for the time being. Lily focused more on Angelina and Hermione at that point, as it was clear to Lily that Angelina was planning something.

"I wouldn't worry about Harry saving you, Granger," Angelina said, waving Alicia over at that moment, leaving Harry all alone with Katie. "Besides, we're not going to leave you like this, after all. You're a fellow Gryffindor, and we understand why you felt the need to snoop on us."

"We're not just going to let you go, though," Alicia added, taking her wand and using it to summon a small sofa from a nearby wall. "At least not until you are...punished."

"What do you mean by that?" Hermione asked, right at the moment when Angelina used her wand to levitate Hermione's body to be placed on the sofa, facing where Harry and Katie now were. By that point, Katie had stopped sucking off Harry's dick and was now leading him over to the beds. Hermione only got a glimpse of Katie bending over one of the beds before Angelina blocked her view.

"Well, for one, you're not going to fuck Harry. He's going to be pretty worn out after fucking all three of us," Alicia said, magically undoing Hermione's bonds a bit so Hermione had her legs free. Alicia then put her wand away back into her robe before grabbing both of Hermione's ankles and separated the young witch's legs apart. "However, we don't have a problem with you watching, Granger. You just have to do one thing first."

"And that's to allow us to have some fun with you first," Angelina finished saying, taking her robe off and slowly got on top of Hermione. "Tell me Granger, have you eaten a pussy yet?"

"No… I mean, I had sex with Harry, and I seen him with other witches, but I've never considered joining in like that," Hermione said with a shakey voice, as there was a part of her that was curious to do what Angelina suggested. Angelina smiled back at Hermione, positioning her body to lie on top of the smaller witch. At that moment, Hermione trembled and gasped loudly as Alicia softly blew her breath directly at Hermione's clit.

"Don't worry, Granger. We'll teach you what to do," Angelina said, and softly kissed Hermione on the lips. The dark-skinned witch then repositioned herself to a sitting position straddling Hermione just below her chest. This gave Alicia a better access to Hermione's pussy and she began with long, slow licks causing Hermione to gasp loudly again and to bite her bottom lip to try to stop a moan from escaping her mouth. However, Alicia kept licking the folds of Hermione's pussy, and began to slide her tongue into the tiny witch's cunt, which caused Hermione to moan loudly enough to pull Harry's attention.

At that moment, Harry was preparing to enter Katie's ass, as Katie had already whispered in Harry's ear that she wanted him to take her anally. However, Harry was concerned with what Angelina and Alicia were doing to Hermione. After a short while though, it was clear to Harry that Hermione was enjoying what was happening to her, as she began to lick Angelina's pussy, matching what Alicia was doing to her. Angelina was fondling her own tits, bucking her crotch back and forth along Hermione's face. Feeling more at ease with what was happening to Hermione, Harry returned his attention back to Katie and her tight virgin ass.

"Don't keep me waiting, lover," Katie moaned softly, wiggling her ass right in front of Harry. "I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you did with Madam Pomfrey."

Harry didn't hesitate to grant Katie's request, and began to insert the tip of his cock into her tight asshole. Unfortunately, Katie had never had a cock inside of her ass before, and wasn't prepared for the feeling of Harry's dick entering her buthole. Katie's body bucked away from Harry uncontrollably, the pain from her ass overriding her other senses. Harry took a hold of Katie's hips and pressed his cock harder into her, with each thrust causing Katie to either yelp or scream in pain. Thankfully for Katie, after Harry had gotten about half of his cock in, Katie felt her ass loosen up and the pain ease up. It wasn't long after that for Katie to finally enjoy Harry's cock thoroughly and began screaming for more.

"Oh Merlin!" Katie screamed loudly, her ass now slamming into Harry's crotch. Katie was nearing her orgasm quickly, rubbing her own clit with every thrust of Harry's cock. Harry was closing in on his own orgasm as well, as the tightness of Katie's ass was making it hard for Harry to hold it back. After nearly five minutes, both Katie and Harry orgasmed with each one screaming loudly, his cock shoved completely up her tight ass and shooting a large amount of sperm into her ass. Katie collapsed onto the bed, sweat covering most of her body with a very loud pop coming from her butt. Harry took a deep breath, stroking his cock and smiling satisfied that he fulfilled Katie's desires. He began turning away from her, turning his focus on the three witches who were now lying on the floor next to the couch. However, Katie was far from done with Harry at that point, and before Harry took one step towards Angelina, Alicia, and Hermione, Katie grabbed him by his hard dick and pulled him back. "I'm not done with you yet, Harry."

While Katie pulled Harry over to the beds, Angelina and Alicia were both lying on the floor with Hermione tonging Alicia and fingering Angelina. Both Angelina and Alicia had to admit that Hermione was a fast learner, as Angelina was moaning loudly, bucking her hips with every thrust of Hermione's hand while Alicia was coming close to orgasming, grabbing Hermione's bushy hair and shoving the girl's head harder against her pussy. Alicia soon began shuddering and with a loud scream, orgasmed hard into Hermione's mouth. Angelina was orgasming soon after her friend, grabbing the brunette's head and shoving her tongue into Alicia's mouth. After their orgasms subsided, Alicia looked over at Katie riding Harry's cock, and after breaking the embrace with Angelina, said with a growl, "Katie's hogging that cock! She already had it up her ass, and I was supposed to be next."

"Let her have one more go, Alicia," Angelina giggled as she pulled Hermione on top of her. "Besides, we still have Granger to play with while we wait our turn."

At that moment, Katie screamed loudly as she orgasmed on top of Harry, collapsing face-to-face with him. Harry kissed her as he flipped her over and thrusted his cock deep into her pussy. Harry broke the embrace shortly after her orgasm subsided and continued fucking her for several more minutes, his dick soon becoming very sensitive rubbing against the walls of Katie's pussy. Thankfully, Katie was quickly approaching another orgasm and with several more thrusts of Harry's dick, came hard the moment Harry pulled his cock out and orgasmed on top of Katie's breasts. Exhausted from this, Katie slowly got up from the bed and kissed Harry passionately. Her legs were trembling as she grabbed Harry's cock and began leading him towards the three witches on the floor. By that point, Angelina had her legs entwined with Hermione's, with the dark-skinned witch rubbing her pussy against Hermione's. Alicia was fingering her own pussy at that moment, not paying attention to Harry and Katie approaching them until they were just on top of them.

Katie released Harry's dick and got on the floor in between Angelina and Alicia, looking over at Alicia and saying with a giggle, "He's all yours, Alicia, but beware, because that cock felt so fucking good in me."

Alicia smiled lustfully as Harry walked around her, stroking his cock slowly. Harry then got on top of Alicia and inserted his dick inside Alicia's pussy. Alicia moaned as she closed her eyes and allowed the sensation of being fucked by Harry to fill her mind. Ever since she had laid eyes on the boy when he entered the Great Hall for the first time, Alicia had been fighting the urge to fuck the boy senseless. However, she soon found out that nearly every female there had the same urge, and with her two best friends pining for the same boy, she knew that the only chance she would get would have to be with her fellow Chasers. She didn't think that it would be over a year since then that it would take to finally feel Harry's dick inside of her, but once she finally had that cock inside of her, the feeling of it simply told her that it was definitely worth the wait.

Harry moved his dick slowly, having already cum twice, and his shaft feeling extra sensitive with Alicia's pussy wrapping around it tightly. Alicia was moaning softly, opening her eyes and pulling Harry closer for a seductive kiss. Alicia also wrapped her legs around Harry's waist and tried to get Harry to fuck her harder than he was doing. As Harry's and Alicia's tongues entwined with one another, Harry moved his hips faster, sliding his cock harder into her pussy. Alicia moaned louder as she felt Harry's cock hit her in ways no other dick could. After she broke the embrace, Alicia locked eyes with Harry and said firmly, "Fuck me hard, Harry. Drive that cock deep into my pussy. Make me cum hard on your dick."

While all of this was happening, Lily was floating just over the entire group masturbating heavily. She had already orgasmed twice from watching Harry fuck Katie, wishing now more than ever for her body to be found. As much of a horndog James was when he was alive, he had never taken Lily anally before, and the only way she could feel satisfied was by possessing other witches while her own son was fucking them that way. This made her extremely jealous at this point: not for the fact that these witches could be fucked by her son, it was the fact that every time she possessed one of these witches, Lily felt their pleasure, and not her own.

While Katie left Alicia to her turn with Harry she looked down at Hermione with a lustful gleam in her eyes, "Hey Granger, I think you should help clean me up the cum that filled me with. Show me how much Angelina and Alicia taught you" Katie then straddled Hermione's face facing Angelina to watch Alicia and Harry. Katie looked up as she heard Lily moaning loudly and smiled at Harry's mother as she moaned and panted lustfully as Hermione was fingering and licking Katie's pussy and ass. Angelina was laying next to where Hermione's feet were, her eyes locked on Harry fucking Alicia harder forcing the tall brunette to orgasm after a few seconds. Angelina was masturbating intently, her fingers working her pussy and clit as soon after Alicia orgasmed, Harry had reached his climax. Harry unfortunately was not able to pull out of Alicia by the time he came, mostly because Alicia still had her legs wrapped around Harry's back. After their orgasms subsided, Alicia loosened her legs allowing Harry to pull out of her pussy, but not free him completely from her grip. Harry, however, was worried about the fact that he came inside of the brunette witch.

"You can relax, Harry," Katie moaned as she noticed Harry's worried expression. Hermione's pace had slowed a bit as she had stopped fingering Katie and just used her tongue on Katie's pussy. "We're all safe today, and we have a large supply of anti pregnancy potions just in case. We had to be sure we wouldn't get pregnant by you, being that you might not been able to resist cumming inside our pussies, after all. Now, if I'm not mistaken, Alicia wants you to fuck her ass, so you better get to it, because Angelina is not one known for her patience."

Harry looked at Angelina as the dark-skinned witch bit her lip impatiently, knowing that she wanted Harry's dick in her pussy. Harry knew at that moment that after he fucked Alicia, Angelina was planning on fucking Harry until he either passed out or she did. Harry turned his attention back to Alicia, sliding his hard cock into the brunette's ass. Alicia squeeled in delight as her ass finally had a proper cock inside of it, as while it had been used by Angelina with everything the dark-skinned witch could think to fuck Alicia's ass with, this was truly the first time a cock had entered her anus, and she planned on enjoying it fully.

Tightening her legs around Harry's waist again, Alicia screamed and moaned loudly as Harry slid his erection inside of her ass. Harry was slightly thankful that Alicia's ass was less tighter than Katie's, as he most likely would have orgasmed right when he entered her. As it was, Harry gritted his teeth and did his best to last long enough to get Alicia to cum again. Fortunately, Alicia's orgasm was fast approaching, as one of the reasons Angelina had always used items in Alicia's ass was for the fact that Alicia was known to cum quickly after having her ass fucked. With a tremendous scream, Alicia orgasmed, squeezing her anus tightly around Harry's dick causing Harry to shoot his seed down Alicia's asshole. This caused Alicia to buck wildly underneath Harry as she felt his hot sperm flow into her rectum. After her orgasm subsided, Alicia loosened her ass and allowed Harry to pull out of her, with both of them quite exhausted from the fucking.

Unfortunately for Harry, Angelina practically pounced on top of him, grabbing his cock and shoving it into her pussy. "Don't tell me that you're out of energy already, Harry," Angelina laughed as she slowly moved up and down on top of his sore dick. "I did warn you to use Pepper-Up potion before all of this began. Now, if you don't make me cum even once, Harry Potter, then I'm going to be very disappointed."

Lily stopped mastubating, as she began to become somewhat concerned about Harry's stamina at this point. She floated closer to him, just a few inches above where Angelina's head was. Angelina was slowly working her pussy expertly against Harry's shaft, moaning softly as she rode the boy wizard. Fortunately, Lily's worry was soon put at ease as Harry grabbed Angelina's hips and began thrusting his own hips upward to match the dark-skinned witch's rhythm.

"I'm not spent yet, Angelina," Harry moaned softly. "I just needed to catch my breath for a moment. I still have plenty of energy left to satisfy you."

The last part was a bit of a bluff, as Harry had never fucked three girls who could each meet his stamina to the point such as this. True, he has fucked pairs of witches before, but compared to the Gryffindor Chasers, the groups of witches he had fucked didn't have the energy to keep up. The groups of witches he had fucked though we're not athletic, and their stamina had spurted out after a few hours. The only witch Harry knew could compare with one of the Chasers' stamina was Tonks, but that was because Tonks was an Auror-In-Training, and her physical abilities easily matched any of the Chasers' attributes.

Angelina began taking Harry's thrust harder, forcing the boy to focus more on the task at hand. Angelina began speeding up her tempo, placing her hands on Harry's shoulders and using her pussy to squeeze his dick with every thrust of her hips. It was clear that Angelina was going to take advantage of the fact that Harry had already fucked Katie and Alicia, wearing out the young wizard's already sore erection. However, she did not take into account that Harry hadn't had sex for a couple of days, and while both Katie and Alicia had worn him out, Harry still had two days worth of pent-up sexual energy left for Angelina.

After Harry got his second wind, he began increasing the speed of his thrusts, lifting the upper portion of his body to meet with Angelina's. He wrapped his lips around Angelina's left nipple and began licking and sucking it, causing Angelina to gasp slightly at Harry's action. She wasn't going to let him take control, however, and thrusted her own hips faster and harder, hoping to make Harry cum before her. Unfortunately, the much higher tempo caused Angelina's own orgasm to build up, and thanks to Hermione, Angelina was just as sensitive as Harry was.

"Oh Merlin!" Angelina screamed, pumping her pussy to match Harry's thrusts. "I can see why the others have gone crazy for your cock."

"Well, hopefully it's not just my cock that has every witch wanting to fuck me," Harry moaned, taking his lips off of Angelina's nipple just long enough to say that, then attacked her right tit. This time Harry gently bit her right nipple, causing Angelina to scream wildly. It wasn't much longer after that for either Harry or Angelina, as they both had climaxed at the same time.

Lily had waited long enough, and as fair as she was for allowing Katie and Alicia to get their pussies and asses fucked, but she wasn't going let the same thing happen for Angelina. Lily floated directly in front of the dark-skinned witch and looked dead in her eyes and said, "I think that I've been patient enough with you three, especially with nearly wearing out my son. However, if you think that I'm going to wait so you can get fucked in your ass, then you have another thing coming."

"Why Mrs. Potter, I didn't realize how hungry you are for Harry's cock," Angelina giggled, pulling her pussy off from Harry's erection and getting off of Harry completely. She then repositioned herself on her hands and knees, wiggling her tiny ass at Harry while licking her lips at Lily. "Well, since we both know that Harry is going to pound my ass with his cock, and I have been wondering how it would feel to have you possess me, so why don't you join me in experiencing the pleasure of being ass-fucked."

"Well, I think that you waited long enough, Angelina," Lily smiled back seductively. "You should prepare yourself, though, because once I possess you, you won't just be feeling your own pleasure, you'll be feeling mine as well."

Angelina nodded her understanding, and was about to take a deep breath to calm her emotions down, but right at that moment, Harry had grabbed Angelina's ass from behind and slid the tip of his cock into the dark-skinned witch's butthole. Angelina gasped as Harry gave her a good slap of her left buttcheek. Harry gave her another slap, this time to her right buttcheek, and poked his tip into her ass without going further in. Lily moved into a position resembling Angelina's just a few inches above her, then lowered her ghostly body into the dark-skinned witch, possessing her and waiting to share in the pleasure of getting assfucked.

Harry smiled as he pressed his cock into Angelina's asshole, both Angelina and Lily yelping at the feeling of his erection sliding into the teenage witch's ass. Harry gritted his teeth as his dick slid into Angelina's tight ass, even though her ass was less tight than Katie's and Alicia's, Harry still found it difficult to slide back and forth. However, once Harry had a slow rhythm going, Lily quickly discovered that Angelina's ass was her weak spot. Both Angelina and Lily were screaming and moaning lustfully, and after a short while Angelina had reached her orgasm with a few seconds of thrusts. The force of Angelina's orgasm caused her ass muscles to squeeze Harry erection tightly, causing him to groan in pain and unable to move. After Angelina's orgasm had subsided, Lily had Angelina loosen her ass and look back at her son, speaking to Harry in Angelina's mouth, "Fuck her ass good, Harry. She really loves it in her ass."

Harry picked up the pace as soon as Angelina's ass had loosened up around his cock. Fucking her ass with gusto, Harry slapped each side of Angelina's buttcheeks causing both Lily and Angelina to yelp loudly with each slap. However, Lily felt Angelina regain her composer as she pushed her ass harder against Harry's crotch, causing Harry to speed up his rhythm. Her body was betraying her, though, as her pleasure was being combined with Lily's, and her body was simply not equipped to handle both witches' orgasms. As both Lily and Angelina were approaching their orgasms, Angelina squeezed her ass tightly around Harry's dick, doing her best not to be undone by Harry. That did the trick, as Harry groaned loudly and shot his seed straight into Angelina's ass, thus causing both Lily and Angelina to cum hard as well.

After their orgasms subsided, Harry pulled out of Angelina and they both collapsed on the floor, sweat covering most of Harry's body. However, both Alicia and Katie were still horny, and Hermione was eyeing Angelina's ass seeping with Harry's cum. Lily came out of Angelina's body with a lustful smile, hovering over the dark-skinned witch and looking over at Alicia, Katie, and Hermione. Lily saw that even though Harry was close to exhaustion, his cock was still full of energy, and with four horny witches surrounding him, he was going to need every last bit of it. Lily, however, was looking at both Alicia and Katie with anticipation, as she knew that one of these two would be riding Harry's cock next, and Lily was going to possess that witch.

"So," Lily hovered over her son and looked directly at Katie and Alicia. "Who's going to fuck Harry next?"

Three days later-Great Hall

To say that Harry was quite exhausted after the Chasers, Hermione, and Lily had fucked him three days ago was a huge understatement. All five witches wore him out, only taking a break to take Pepper-Up potions so they could continue all throughout the entire day, and even into the night. Harry was thankful that he was able to take Pepper-Up potions, because the Chasers and Hermione were insatiable; each wanting to drain every last bit of sperm from his balls. Needless to say, Harry did not want to have sex after that day was over.

Their absence was quite noticeable by dinnertime, with Tonks nearly organizing a search party after no one saw Harry or Katie since they left the Hospital Wing. However, thanks to Luna and her visions, she whispered to the pink-haired witch where Harry and the missing witches were. This caused Tonks to giggle after she put the pieces together and decided to go to the hallway where Harry was last seen with Luna and the Patils, as Harry was more than likely going to need assistance getting back to Gryffindor Tower. It was nearly close to curfew when Harry came out of the Chasers' hideout, staggering over to the opposing wall and using it to keep himself from falling over. Tonks saw this and rushed over to him, grabbing him by his arm and leaning him against her body. Lily soon floated behind Harry and Tonks, still very much naked in her ghost form. Luna, Padma, and Parvati were a few feet behind Lily, whispering about what might have happened to Harry's mother to make her forget her clothes.

Tonks made sure to place Harry carefully in bed alone, making sure that Luna and the Patil twins didn't try to fuck him. However, she herself couldn't resist getting a quick taste of Harry's soft dick, just to see if she could get it hard. She could, but once Harry got hard, she found out through Harry's screams of pain how sore the boy wizard's cock was. Somewhat disheartened, Tonks let Harry rest for the night, lying next to him and mentally telling herself that she would be able to fuck him soon.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and since then, Harry had a hard time trying to avoid the ladies who wanted to fuck him. While it was true that Harry had been sexually put through the ringer, his allure was still going strong, and he couldn't avoid the witches who wanted him. The witches who already had fucked him had been slightly more sympathetic, but after three days, they were more than a little bit antsy. The only witches who weren't pining after Harry were the Chasers and Hermione, as all four of them were just as worn out as Harry had been.

The morning of the third day, Harry had mostly recovered from the fuck session he had with the Chasers and was walking towards the Great Hall with Neville, Hermione, Luna, the Patils, Tonks, and Lily. Lily and Tonks were leading the group, talking to one another about Tonks' investigation into Creevey's petrification. Harry, Neville, and Hermione were basically talking about the same thing; following just behind Tonks and Lily. Harry was finally able to tell both Neville and Hermione about Dobby as well as what he overhead the night that Creevey had been petrified. Luna and the Patils were quiet, listening to their Master's conversation and wondering how much longer it would be before he fucked them again.

"Ah, Mr. Potter, Mr. Longbottom, Miss Tonks, Mrs. Potter, Miss Granger, Miss Patil, Miss Lovegood, and Miss Patil," McGonagall said as she exited the Great Hall and noticed the group heading towards the Hall. "Good morning to all of you, especially to you, Mr. Potter. I'm so glad that you're up and about after what happened during the recent Quidditch game."

Harry smiled and nodded, noticing that McGonagall was smiling with a lustful fire in her eyes. Not only that, her greyish-brown hair was no longer pinned up in a bun, it was redone in a long braided ponytail, with it wrapped loosely around her neck and shoulders. She was still wearing her normal green dress and robe, but there was something amiss about it. It took Harry a moment to figure it out, but as he stepped closer, he noticed that McGonagall's breasts were pressing tightly against the fabric, letting Harry know that she wasn't wearing a bra. This was a very bold choice for McGonagall, as she wouldn't normally dress like this in public. Harry had to admit, though, that he was very pleased with this look.

"Is there a problem, Professor?" Neville spoke up as the group reached the open doors to the Great Hall. Neville was keeping his eye level away from McGonagall's bosom, as he was clearly aware of why she was dressed like that. "Do you have more information about what's been going on?"

"Sadly no, Mr. Longbottom, but I do have some news," McGonagall answered, and then focused her attention on the whole group. "First, in case you haven't read the notice in each of your common rooms, Professor Dumbledore has established a Dueling Club and has made the first meeting mandatory for all students to attend. The first meeting will be a week from this Saturday and Professor Lockhart will be leading it. However, the main news that I have is about the Animagus training that Mr. Potter requested to have. For those of you that wish to attempt to become Animagi, meet me in my classroom after dinner tonight. You will be given special permission to attend, as long as you come in as a group, with Miss Tonks as your escort. I'm afraid that this will exclude you, Miss Lovegood, as you are still a first year and you are not yet advanced enough in Transfiguration to join us tonight."

"That's quite alright, Professor," Luna smiled, taking a step forward, directly behind Harry. "I hope that you'll be able to teach me next year, though. I also hope that I won't be the only student that the Master allows to attend next year."

Harry turned around and gave his nod of approval to Luna, as he had hoped that next year he would have others wanting to learn how to become Animagi. Luna smiled back and hoped that when she did become an Animagus, it would be a form that pleases her Master.

"Well, I will be expecting all of you tonight," McGonagall smiled directly at Harry before walking off. As she did though, she got real close to Harry's left side and without warning, had her tail brush against Harry's crotch. Thankfully, nobody else noticed this, but Harry's cock began quite hard with McGonagall swaying her hips walking away, grabbing Harry's attention as she did so.

Thankfully, the rest of the day was smooth sailing for Harry, and he even had an hour to do a quick workout regimen. After Harry and his group had finished eating dinner, Tonks gathered him, Neville, Hermione, Padma, and Parvati, and led them to Transfiguration class. Lily followed quietly, curious to see what McGonagall had planned for this class. She did know that James went through a long and complicated process to become an Animagus, as well as Sirius and Peter. She didn't know it while they were at school, but they did so just to make sure Remus had company during the time he was a werewolf. Unfortunately, Lily found out that she herself lacked the ability to become one when she was a student here. However, she knew that wouldn't be the case for Harry, as he was a very powerful wizard, and she was looking forward to seeing what magnificent creature Harry would turn into.

Harry entered the classroom to see that all of the chairs and desks were stacked against the sides of each wall. At the center of the classroom, there was a large black cauldron full of some sort of steaming blood-red liquid. In front of this, five purple cushions were laid out, indicating that the kids were meant to sit down in front of the cauldron. Hermione was the first to sit, very eager to learn this new skill, Harry sat in the middle, to Hermione's left, while Neville sat on Hermione's right. The Patils took seats on Harry's left, and after everyone had settled, McGonagall entered from the back of the room still looking the same way as she did this morning. However, she was not smiling, and as she approached the cauldron, she took a deep breath before she began the lesson.

"Becoming an Animagus is an incredibly difficult and advanced skill that many witches and wizards have not been able to acquire," McGonagall explained, using her wand to summon five clear goblets in front of the students. "Usually, for those that wish to become Animagi, they would create their own Animagus potion. The process involves a mandrake leaf, dew untouched by the sun and human hands for a week, one strand of hair, and a chrysalis from a Death's Head Hawk Moth. However, given the amount of activities some of you go through in a given day. I have developed a way for all of you to become Animagus."

McGonagall took another deep breath and looked out through a far window to see clouds forming in the night sky. "Now, I want all of you to meditate for exactly one hour, with nothing but the words 'Amato Animo Animato Animagus' repeating in your head over and over. Also, before you begin your meditation, I will need each of you to take a strand of your own hair and each of you to place it in the glass in front of you. While you meditate, I will fill each glass with the Animagus potion. Now this is very important: after you meditate for one full hour, you must not drink the potion until you hear and see lightning strike during a thunderstorm. After you drink the potion, you will feel like your entire body is breaking apart, with intense pain in your heart and head. The pain will quickly recede, and your mind will be taken to either an open field or a vast forest. Once you are there, you will wait patiently until an animal emerges from a dense fog that will surround you moments after you arrive. That animal will be your Animagus form, and once it chooses you, your mind will return to your body, and your training will be complete. A word of caution; even after you become an Animagus, it is not wise to attempt to change into your animal form unless you feel strong enough to do so. Now, before we begin, are there any questions?"

"Professor, what will happen if we don't see an animal?" Hermione asked.

"Well, it just means that you are not yet ready to become an Animagus," McGonagall answered. "However, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can't become one ever. If you don't see an animal, then I recommend that you wait at least a year before you attempt to try it again."

Hermione nodded her understanding, and after a moment to make sure that no one else had any questions, McGonagall gave them a nod to indicate to the group to begin their preparations. Each student pulled a hair from their heads and placed them in their respective glasses. They then closed their eyes and began meditating with the words 'Amato Animo Animato Animagus' flooding their minds over and over.

While this was happening, Tonks quietly stood watch by the door to the classroom, with her eyes locked on Harry. Lily floated several feet above where the cauldron was, her eyes also locked on Harry. Both witches were extremely curious as to what animal form Harry would take, and how he would use it to his advantage in bed.

McGonagall filled each glass with the Animagus potion just as the first sound of thunder echoed against the walls of the castle. After the students had finished their hour long meditation, they each slowly picked up their glasses and drank the potion. After they emptied their glasses, each student felt an intense pain in their head and heart for a few moments before their minds took them to their respective places.

Harry noticed that he was in a vast field surrounded by a very dense forest. Harry tried to stay relaxed, but he couldn't deny his own anticipation at seeing what animal he would become. He didn't have to wait long, as several pairs of eyes began glowing from several places inside the forest. This confused Harry, as he believed that only one pair of eyes would appear for him. However, Harry counted at least five pairs of animal eyes roaming the thick forest. There may have been more, but at that moment, the first pair of eyes that Harry noticed began exiting the forest.

A very large black panther emerged from the trees and slowly approached Harry; its black fur gleaming against what light there was in the field. Harry stared at the magnificent animal as it moved closer to him, smiling appreciatively at his Animagus form. The panther stopped just inches away from Harry and after a few moments of Harry staring into the beast's eyes, the panther leaped into Harry. Harry was smiling at believing that his Animagus training was over, and what fun he would have using his Animagus form. However, after a moment, another animal exited the forest and began approaching Harry.

The animal was a fully grown stag, a male deer with large antlers and thick brown fur. The animal seemed somewhat familiar to Harry, as if he might have seen this animal when he was a baby. However, he couldn't place the animal and as the stag stopped just inches from Harry, Harry locked eyes with the animal. A moment later, the stag leapt into Harry's body becoming Harry's second Animagus form.

Harry thought that it was over, and began to close his eyes thinking that was what he had to do to return back to McGonagall's classroom. However, he opened his eyes after hearing a loud screeching sound and the sound of flapping wings and saw a beautiful winged creature flying down to the field where Harry was. The beast was a golden furred griffin, an animal that was half eagle and half lion. Harry was almost wide-eyed at seeing the animal that symbolized the House of Gryffindor drop down right in front of him. To say that Harry was amazed at this was simply an understatement, and right then and there he made the decision to make this his first Animagus form he wanted to change into. The creature locked eyes with Harry a moment before magically merging with him becoming he last Animagus form.

Harry still noticed that there were still several pairs of eyes staring at him from the dense forest, causing him to wonder if there were going to be more animals that will approach him. However, Harry soon felt himself being pulled out of the forest as his vision blurred and darkened. When his vision returned, Harry saw that he had returned back to McGonagall's classroom.

"We were beginning to worry, Mr. Potter," McGonagall said, leaning over him. "I was afraid that you might have had an adverse reaction after drinking the Animagus potion. Thankfully, it appears that you have successfully completed the training required to become an Animagus. My congratulations to you, Mr. Potter, as well as everyone else."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief that all of his friends had completed their training. Harry looked around and saw that Neville, Hermione, Padma, and Parvati were all standing, looking worried at Harry; apparently he was the last one to come back to his body. Harry got to his feet and stretched his body out, feeling the kinks of being in a meditation state for a long time. After stretching, Harry talked to everyone there, finding out that Hermione was the first one to come out of her meditation, followed soon after by Padma and then Parvati. Neville turned out to be the second last person to come out of it, a full fifteen minutes before Harry had come out of it.

"Now, if any of you feel strong enough, I would like to see each of your Animagus forms," McGonagall smiled at all of them. "Be forewarned, your first transformations will be very painful, and if you are not prepared for it, you just might pass out from the pain and become stuck halfway through your transformation. Because of that, I will not pressure any of you to attempt this now, and you can try it whenever you feel prepared enough. It is entirely up to all of you."

Neville stepped forward with a very eager look on his face, saying, "I would like to try if that's alright." Harry looked at his godbrother with pride as after McGonagall nodded to him, Neville began to transform. The process was slow, and Harry could tell that Neville was in pain, but after a minute, Neville had successfully turned into a grey feathered eagle. Neville immediately began flapping his wings and took to the air, flying over everyone and circling the classroom. McGonagall clapped, smiling proudly at Neville's success, as everyone else cheered in awe of how magnificent Neville's Animagus form looked. Neville landed back on the floor, gracefully flapping his wings a few times before transforming back to his human form.

After McGonagall had congratulated Neville, Hermione asked if she could try next. McGonagall smiled and nodded at Hermione, and after a moment, Hermione began her transformation. Like Neville, Hermione discovered how painful and difficult her transformation was, but after a moment, Hermione changed into a beige cat, a similar breed as McGonagall's Animagus form. Hermione circled her friends and McGonagall, brushing up against Harry's feet several times as she did so. She stopped after that, taking her place between Harry and Neville before changing back to her human form.

Harry was pretty eager to show one of his Animagus forms, but as he was about to speak up, both Padma and Parvati got in front of him. Padma grabbed Harry's right arm as Parvati grabbed his left, both with seductive smiles on their faces. "Can we go before you, Master?" Parvati asked him, kissing him on the cheek afterwards.

"We want to show you our Animagus forms, Master," Padma added, kissing the other side of Harry's face. "We both have a far more interesting form than Hermione."

Harry smiled and nodded his consent, curious as to what the Patils were going to become. They released Harry's arms and began backing towards where McGonagall stood, their asses waving seductively at Harry. Both Padma and Parvati began their transformations at the same time, and after a few moments, Harry was very impressed at seeing their animal forms. Padma changed into a bengal tiger, and Parvati into a leopard, both with thick fur and a long tail. Padma with orange fur and black stripes, and Parvati with beige fur and black spots. Both cats approached Harry slowly, their tails wagging and eyes hungrily looking at Harry's dick. However they stopped just in front of Harry, bowing low and sticking their tongues out to lick Harry's shoes. As they were doing that, the Patils transformed back to their human form still licking their Master's shoes.

"I think that is quite enough, ladies," McGonagall frowned at the twins' actions. Padma and Parvati stopped licking Harry's shoes and stood back up, giggling slightly as they smiled at their Master and returned back to their respective spots. After McGonagall gave a long, stern look at both Padma and Parvati, she turned her attention to Harry with a smile. "Well, Mr. Potter, unless I am mistaken, I do believe we've saved the best for last."

Harry smiled and nodded before closing his eyes and focusing on the form he wanted to change into; the griffin. As he the the animal in his mind, he felt his entire body flame up in pain as he began his transformation. However, the pain didn't last as Harry began feeling his hands and feet change into claws, wings sprouting from his back, a tail coming out of his ass, and his mouth changing into a large beak. After the pain had receded, everyone around Harry gasped in surprise at seeing the animal Harry had changed into. As Harry opened his eyes, he could sense the heightened arousal of the witches that surrounded him, with Lily hovering right in front of him.

"A griffin? I'm very impressed, Harry," Lily said, placing her hand on her son's beak. "Though I have to admit that I was expecting you to be a stag, like your father was."

Harry gave a happy squawk before changing back to his human form. Everyone closely circled Harry, amazed that he could change into a magical creature. McGonagall was especially impressed by this, saying, "Very well done, Mr. Potter. However, a griffin is not allowed in the Muggle World, so while it is an amazing feat of magic, one of the main purposes of being an Animagus is to blend in with your environment. Take it this way, Miss Granger as a cat wandering around a neighborhood would not be questioned or suspected, as she would either be considered as a lost cat, or as a stray. The same applies to Mr. Longbottom, as eagles are wild and known to fly wherever they please. So, if Mr. Longbottom flies around a neighborhood, Muggles would just think that he is just an ordinary bird. Both Miss Patils are more difficult, as their cats are native to their home country. However, they can hide in small forests just outside of Muggle communities. Your griffin, Mr. Potter, will cause a major uproar in the Muggle World if seen by people. That being said, it is very rare to have a witch or wizard who can change into a magical animal. Congratulations, Mr. Potter."

Harry wanted to tell them all about his other animal forms, but he had to admit that his first transformation was somewhat taxing on his body, and Harry knew that curfew was fast approaching. McGonagall dismissed the class soon after, telling the group to practice changing into their animal forms as much as possible. Both Patils and Neville left the classroom and made their way back to the Gryffindor Tower. Hermione was about to leave as well, but noticed that Harry remained looking at McGonagall with a serious look on his face.

"Excuse me, Professor, but I had a question for you," Harry smiled slightly. "What is the likelihood of having more than one animal form as an Animagus?"

Hermione, Lily, and Tonks all gasped loudly at hearing what Harry asked, surprised at the possibility that Harry would have a second animal form. McGonagall was equally surprised, but she already knew about wizards and witches being powerful enough to change into two separate animals, her late husband being one himself. It was definitely a rare ability, and while there was no question that Harry was already a very powerful wizard, it still surprised McGonagall that Harry had more than one animal form.

"Are you saying that you can change into another animal?" McGonagall asked, taking a step forward.

"The griffin wasn't the only animal that merged with me," Harry said calmly. "When I was in that field surrounded by a dense forest, a panther and a stag also merged with me. Also, after they all merged with me, but just before I came back, I saw several more pairs of eyes watching me like they were waiting for something. Do you know what this means?"

McGonagall crossed her arms and frowned intently, as what Harry had described was something unheard of in all the years of wizardry. To her recollection, there have only been a few powerful witches and wizards who have been able to manage two animal forms, but never have anyone managed three forms before. Moreover, what Harry said about other pairs of eyes staring at him before he left told her that he could have more animal forms in the future. All of this meant that Harry was a true Multimagus, a person who could change into multiple animals at will.

"In all of my years, I've never heard of such a magnificent feat," McGonagall smiled at Harry. "You are a Multimagus, Harry Potter. The only one known to ever exist. This means that while you only have three forms to change into at the moment, they will not be the only forms you will be bound to. As you get older, more animals will choose to bond with you. You are definitely a very powerful wizard, perhaps the most powerful of all."

At that point, her facade as a teacher fell, as she removed her glasses and as she did, her glamour dissolved. At this point, she was not Professor McGonagall, she was just Minerva, a slutty witch who wanted to please her Master. Minerva removed her clothes quickly as Tonks, Lily, and Hermione all smiled seductively, with Tonks locking the door making sure that no one interfered. After that, Tonks undressed herself while Lily dissolved the clothes off of her ghostly body. Hermione didn't move, however, as she stared at Minerva, dropping to her knees and beginning to undress Harry. Tonks quickly joined Minerva, taking off Harry's robe and shirt, leaving Minerva to take off Harry's pants. Lily floated over to them, but noticed that Hermione hadn't moved yet.

"Are you going to join us, Hermione, or are you just planning to watch?" Lily asked with a seductive smile on her lips. "Or, would you like me to possess you so we can both feel Harry fucking us?"

Hermione stayed silent for a moment before beginning to undress, saying, "Sorry, I'm still getting used to the idea of sharing Harry in bed. Though, with his stamina, I guess that's something I need to get used to."

Harry half-smiled at hearing this, while a part of him was still worried about how sore he would be after tonight. 'I guess I should be thankful that Padma, Parvati, and Luna aren't here to join in on the fun.' Harry thought as Minerva took his cock into her mouth. 'I don't think I would be able to satisfy everyone here and them.'

After each of them had turns blowing Harry off, Minerva led them all to her room where they all pushed Harry to his breaking point, fucking these four witches for the rest of the night. It would be just before midnight before Minerva, Tonks, and Hermione were passed out on Minerva's bed, all three covered in Harry's cum with Harry sleeping soundly in between them. Lily watched hovering all of them breathing lustfully as she wondered if her son actually had a limit.

About two weeks later-Great Hall

As Harry, Neville, Hermione, the Patils, and Luna all entered the Great Hall, they immediately noticed that the tables for all four Houses had been removed. Instead, there was a large raised platform covered with a purple carpet with gold symbols stitched onto it. Harry had been talking to Neville about his other Animagus forms before they entered, and he learned that Neville had another form as well. Neville revealed that he could turn into a lion, and had been practicing both forms as much as possible. Harry was extremely proud of Neville for having two animal forms, but he also felt saddened as Harry couldn't help but to feel like he was magically stronger than his godbrother.

"Over here, Harry. We've got a spot open over here for you," Angelina waved over to him. Both Alicia and Katie were standing next to the dark-skinned witch, equalling waving Harry over to the middle of the room, just right of where the platform was. Harry and his group made their way through the crowd, squeezing through a small group of Hufflepuffs, one of them a boy he vaguely remembered as Justin Finch-Fletchley. After they reached the Chasers, the room quieted down as Lockhart entered the Great Hall through the double doors and walked boldly to the platform.

"Welcome, welcome all!" Lockhart cheerfully said after he got on top of the platform. "Can everyone see me? Can everyone hear me? Excellent. Allow me to welcome all of you to the first meeting of the Dueling Club. Dumbledore asked me to start this little club up to train all of you in case you are ever up against a dark creature or witch or wizard, like I myself have countless times. For reference, check out my books!"

Harry groaned loudly at hearing this, thinking about how much Lockhart must love to hear himself talk. Thankfully, Thaddeus entered soon after that, right as Lockhart took off his robe and tossed it toward a group of witches. Unfortunately for Lockhart, he failed to realize that he threw it over to the Gryffindor Chasers, who were no longer entranced by Lockhart's charm. They dropped the robe with an audible scoff, but Lockhart was more concerned with his own self at the moment.

"Allow me to introduce my assistant for today: Professor Prenderghast," Lockhart made a motion over to Thaddeus. Thaddeus smiled weakly with his arm crossed as Lockhart continued. "Professor Prenderghast has graciously agreed to assist me with a small demonstration. Worry not, you'll still have your History teacher after I'm done with him!"

Harry saw Thaddeus roll his eyes as Lockhart faced the History Professor, pulling his wand and walking up to him. Thaddeus pulled his wand and met Lockhart in the middle of the platform, both bowing to each other respectfully before taking the traditional ten paces away from each other. They both turned to face each other, their wands pointed at each other much like one would do in a sword fight. Lockhart then counted up to three with his obvious air of confidence.

"Expelliarmus!" Thaddeus shouted hitting Lockhart square in the chest with the disarming charm. Lockhart was flung a few feet backwards as his wand flew out of his hand and right into Thaddeus' free hand. Lockhart crumpled at the far end of the platform with most of the students cheering. Harry himself had a big smile on his face and looked at Thaddeus holding Lockhart's wand and looking at it suspiciously. Lockhart noticed this and angrily got back to his feet and moved quickly over to Thaddeus.

"An excellent maneuver, Professor Prenderghast," Lockhart said, grabbing his wand from Thaddeus' hand. Thaddeus smiled at Lockhart as if he just realized something. Lockhart didn't notice this though, as he was more concerned with his own wounded pride. After a short moment though, Lockhart regained his composer and continued to speak. "However, if I must say, it was pretty obvious what you were going to do, and if I wanted to, I could have easily countered your Disarming Charm."

"Is that a fact, Professor Lockhart?" Thaddeus said with a chuckle. "Well, I would like to see how you would, but perhaps after you teach the students how to best defend themselves against aggressive spells."

Lockhart looked at Thaddeus for a moment as if the History Professor was up to something. However, Lockhart shook it off and looked around the room. "Very well, let's start pairing the students up, and show them how to best disarm their opponent. Let's have Gryffindors against Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws against Slytherins. Also, let's pair up boy versus boy, and girl versus girl, with special care not to pair up different years. Whenever possible, pair up with someone in your same year, or a year higher or lower depending on what year you are. Both Professor Prenderghast and I will monitor your progress as we walk through the room."

Harry paired up with Justin, the Hufflepuff boy who he squeezed by to get by. Hermione paired up with Susan Bones, Neville with a third year Hufflepuff that Harry didn't know, and Parvati teamed up with Hannah Abbott. Harry was slightly more worried about Padma and Luna, as they were Ravenclaws and they were going to be paired up against somebody in Slytherin. Thankfully, Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis paired up with Padma and Luna, and Harry made a note to thank them both for making sure no one else paired up with his Ravenclaw witches.

Justin and Harry began practicing the Disarming Charm, each taking turns at disarming one another. Harry managed to disarm Justin on the first try, while it took several tries for Justin to do the same to Harry. After a while, both boys felt confident enough with the charm and waited for either Thaddeus or Lockhart to check on them. While they waited, Justin chatted with Harry about their skills as wizards.

"I think Lockhart has no idea what he's doing," Justin said quietly to Harry, making sure that the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was not within earshot. "You can teach the class much better than that oaf. After all, you defeated You Know Who when you were just a baby, and managed to defeat him again last year and Professor Quirell while they were merged together. As for Lockhart, I have a hard time believing that he did even half the things he did in his books. I may be only a Halfblood, but even I know you can teach better than Lockhart could."

Harry was thankful that Justin believed that Lockhart was an idiot, but wasn't too keen on being praised by the Hufflepuff boy. However, Justin must have realized how he sounded, because he said, "Sorry, Harry. I didn't mean to sound like some sort of fanboy. I just wanted you to know that I and pretty much all of the boys in Hufflepuff think that Lockhart is an ass and if anyone should teach this club, it should be you."

"Is that a fact, Mr. Finch-Fletchley?" Lockhart said, both Harry and Justin completely unaware that the pompous wizard was listening to this. Lockhart walked up behind Harry and placed his hands on Harry's shoulders. "Well, then perhaps Mr. Potter can grace us with a demonstration to display his skill as a wizard, and let's have someone like, oh I think Mr. Malfoy will be perfect to spar with. Come on, Mr. Potter, get up on the platform. As for you, Mr. Finch-Fletchley, ten points taken from Hufflepuff for disrespectful behavior."

Harry felt sorry for Justin, but he made his way to the raised platform, preparing himself to deal with Malfoy. Within a second, the blonde-haired boy practically leaped onto the platform with a smug smile on his face. Thaddeus got onto the platform behind Harry, frowning after noticing Lockhart with a cocky smile. Lockhart got back onto the platform, standing behind Malfoy, looking to Thaddeus that the pompous wizard was up to something.

"Wands at the ready!" Lockhart loudly said after Harry and Malfoy were only inches away from each other. Both Harry and Malfoy raised their wands, both glaring at each other.

"Scared, Potter?" Malfoy asked with a snort.

"Of you, Malfoy? You wish," Harry half chuckled angrily at Malfoy before they turned and took their traditional ten paces. Harry turned positioning his wand above his head and aimed it at Malfoy while the blonde-haired boy did the same, aiming his wand at Harry.

"Now, on my count of three," Lockhart said, still smiling smugly. "I want you to cast your charms to disarm your opponent only. Only to disarm."

Lockhart began counting, but as soon as he said two, Malfoy tried to hit Harry with several different hexes and jinxes, with Harry dodging without even firing back. Harry had already suspected that Malfoy would try to hit him before Lockhart had finished counting, but Harry knew that Malfoy was bad at aiming his spells. However, the platform they were standing on presented little room for Harry to maneuver, so after dodging Malfoy's fifth spell, Harry pointed his wand directly at Malfoy's chest and yelled, "Rictusempra!"

Malfoy was hit by a silver beam of light from Harry's wand and immediately doubled over in laughter. As the laughing subsided, the blonde-haired boy looked up at Lockhart with tears in his eyes, forcing Lockhart to frown and shoot an angry look at Malfoy. Lockhart then grabbed Malfoy by his collar and pulled the boy to his feet, whispering into the Slytherin boy's ear before shoving him towards Harry. Malfoy eyed Harry with murderous intent, aiming his wand directly at Harry's face. However, as Harry was preparing to defend himself from whatever Malfoy was about to hit him with, the blonde-haired boy smiled wickedly and quickly turned his wand towards Hermione, Neville, and the rest of Harry's friends, shouting, "Serpensortia!"

The tip of Malfoy's wand exploded as a large black snake jumped out of it and flew right at Hermione. Harry gasped angrily at Malfoy, wanting to murder the blonde-haired git right there in front of everyone. However, as the snake landed and positioned itself around Hermione's face and neck, Harry knew that he had to not allow his anger to get the better of him. Both Thaddeus and Lockhart stepped forward, each with their wands ready, though Thaddeus knew that his aim had to be precise and not harm Hermione. Lockhart, however, was not thinking that at all.

Lockhart shouted, "Alerta Accend…" but at once, Thaddeus recognized the spell and quickly disarmed Lockhart again, not bothering to shout the spell, as he didn't have time to do so. Harry walked over to Hermione, who was struggling to pull the snake off of her head. He wanted to warn Hermione to not move or struggle, but his attention was strangely being pulled to the snake, and without thinking about it, he began talking to it.

"$Let her go!$" Harry said to the snake, causing an audible gasp from the entire student body. Lily herself gasped at hearing Parseltongue coming out of her son's mouth while Thaddeus grabbed Harry and pulled him back, giving the boy a look that told him to be quiet. Fortunately, the snake listened to Harry and loosened its grip on Hermione, dropping to the floor in front of her where it was quickly destroyed by Thaddeus' wand. Unfortunately, the damage was done.

"He's a Parselmouth!" One young boy said.

"He's the Heir of Slytherin!" One young girl said.

Mixed shouts and mutterings filled the Great Hall quickly with Harry angrily cursing himself for falling into Malfoy's trap. Thaddeus gently guided Harry to the exit soon after, both of them looking at both Lockhart's and Malfoy's smug faces.

Study Hall-Days before the Christmas Holiday

In the days leading up to the Christmas Holiday, Harry did his best to avoid the crowds of students and teachers whenever he could. He still attended classes and Quidditch practice, but he avoided the Great Hall and ate his meals inside his suitcase house. Thankfully, Neville, Hermione, his slaves, Lily, and Tonks helped him avoid the swarms of students that wanted to confront him about being a Parselmouth. Unfortunately, that did not stop the rumors from spreading rapidly, with Malfoy and his Slytherin goons spreading the flames themselves. However, Malfoy couldn't do much after that, because right after the incident in the Dueling Club, Thaddeus gave him detention for one month, and took fifty points from Slytherin for Malfoy attacking Hermione with a snake.

The day before yesterday, Harry was called into the Headmaster's office to meet with Dumbledore and Minister Fudge, along with the vile witch who reminded him of Marge Dursley, Deloras Umbridge.

"I'm afraid that this is bad, Heir Potter," Fudge had said frankly. "While we cannot yet establish how you are a Parselmouth, it is still illegal for you to be one. However, you are a future lord to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, so locking you up in Azkaban cannot happen."

"Nor should it, Minister Fudge," McGonagall had sternly said, standing proudly behind Harry and Tonks. "He is still underage, and it is apparent that he was born with this dark ability. The only action you should take is admonish him for speaking and tell him not to do so in the future."

"Excuse me, Minerva," Umbridge had said with her shrilly chuckle. "Speaking the dark snake language is expressly forbidden, regardless of age, and once one is found speaking the language, Minister Fudge is within his right to punish said individual however he deems fit."

Harry had been doing his best during that meeting to keep his anger in check, keeping his eyes locked on Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, whenever he could. The conversation about Harry went on for over an hour before both Fudge and Dumbledore came to a decision.

"Since your Lordship is under the control of the goblins," Dumbledore had stated. "The Trace will remain on your wand until you turn seventeen. Also, while you are in Hogwarts, you may not go anywhere without being accompanied by a teacher or prefect until it is fully determined that you are not responsible for these attacks."

Harry was extremely pissed after leaving the office, causing that section of the castle to shake uncontrollably. Fortunately, McGonagall volunteered to escort Harry whenever she could, and personally talked to Madam Hooch and a couple of female prefects to escort Harry whenever she wasn't free. This currently meant Penelope Clearwater, a Ravenclaw witch who had a free period.

The Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs were currently in study hall, which allowed Harry a little peace and quiet. However, he still noticed looks from several Hufflepuff boys, and even some of his fellow Gryffindors. After about twenty or thirty minutes, Harry decided to leave as no one was required to stay the full hour, whispering to Hermione and Neville that he would meet them both in the Common Room later.

Harry got up, gathering his books and left the room, Penelope following close behind. Lily was quiet during all of this, but she could see how angry her son was from all of this. Unfortunately, Tonks had been called away by Madam Bones back to the Ministry to give a report about the current situation regarding the petrified students, so she couldn't help with his anger, which meant that Harry was somewhat rougher than usual when he fucked the others.

As Harry and Penelope rounded a corner, Lily heard soft whispers from behind them. Turning around, she saw Susan Bones and Hannah Abbott following them with smiles, possibly hoping that they would finally get a taste of Harry's cock. Unfortunately, before Lily could say something, Penelope screamed in horror at the sight before her and Harry.

Lily turned immediately around and saw that both Harry and Penelope had stopped at another corner. Floating over, she saw what made the Ravenclaw witch scream.

"Merlin, it's Sir Nicholas!" Lily said in shock, floating cautiously over to the ghost. Sir Nicholas was motionless, floating like he had been petrified himself. "What type of beast could petrify a ghost?"

Harry took a look at the surroundings, noticing that there was a large trail of water on the floor as well as some spiders who were crawling out through an open window. However, Harry turned his gaze away from the spiders and saw Justin Finch-Fletchley, the Hufflepuff boy he sparred with in the Dueling Club, lying frozen looking terrified in Sir Nicholas' direction. Both Susan and Hannah screamed and rushed to Justin's side, concerned with their fellow Housemate.

"You three stay here. I'll go find a teacher," Penelope said with tears in her eyes. The Ravenclaw prefect ran across the halls to find somebody, while Harry looked around to see if he could see the culprit.

Fortunately, It wasn't long until both Thaddeus and McGonagall showed up with Penelope. Both teachers viewed the scene with huge concern, with Thaddeus speaking first after a long while.

"Miss Clearwater, will you escort Miss Bones and Miss Abbott back to their common room?" Thaddeus asked. "I would also ask that all three of you to not divulge anything about what you just witnessed until further notice. Is that clear?"

All three witches nodded and left quickly down the hallways heading straight for Hufflepuff common room. After they left, McGonagall looked at Thaddeus and said, "Albus will find a way to blame Harry for this. I'm almost sure of it."

Thaddeus nodded, then looked at Harry and asked, "Did you hear anything before you arrived here?"

"No sir," Harry said truthfully. "I was on my way back to Gryffindor Tower when Penelope and I saw this scene. Hannah and Susan were following close behind me, but I'm not sure why."

"Hmm, that's strange," Thaddeus said thoughtfully. "Alright, you need to head back to Gryffindor Tower and be cautious to avoid any voices you might hear on the way. I will be accompanying you, so you don't have to worry about being sidetracked. Professor McGonagall will make sure Mr. Finch-Fletchley gets to the Hospital Wing as well as making sure to investigate the area."

Harry nodded, but asked, "What about Sir Nicholas?"

"The ghosts will see to Sir Nicholas," McGonagall answered. "As he is dead, there really is very little we can do to help him. The only thing we can do is wait until he comes out of it himself."

Harry nodded, and headed towards the Gryffindor Tower, with Thaddeus leading the way. McGonagall guarded the area until after Harry was out of sight, and then summoned a Patronus to get Madam Pomfrey. While she waited, she had a frightened thought about what, or who was going to be petrified next. Or worse, who might be killed if this situation continues.

Diagon Alley-Three days before Christmas

Harry, Lily, and Tonks had just left Flourish and Blotts and were heading towards Madam Malkin's, finishing some last minute Christmas shopping. Lily noticed that as soon as he left Hogwarts, Harry was in a much better mood, and this little diversion to Diagon Alley, had finally put a smile on his face.

"So, what are you planning to buy at Madam Malkin's?" Tonks asked, smiling and winking like she had an idea what Harry had in mind. For the best part of the day, Harry had bought books on erotica, potions to increase endurance and stamina, some sexual toys from a vendor in a darkened part of the alley, and a couple of animal collars for Minerva and Hermione. Harry wanted to do the same for Padma and Parvati, but couldn't find collars big enough for their animal forms.

As they reached Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, Tonks took a quick look around and noticed that the part of the alley they were in was strangely deserted. Tonks had a bad feeling about this, placing a hand on Harry's shoulder and preventing him from entering the shop. However, she was already too late as she failed to realize that both her and Harry were standing on a large rug that normally wouldn't be in front of the shop.

"Itty bitty Potter, and niecy Dori, come to play!" An femine voice shouted and laughed, causing Harry and Tonks to look wildly around.

"It can't be? She's dead!" Tonks said, unbelieving her own ears. "Aunt B-,"

Before she had a chance to say the name, the rug that both Tonks and Harry were standing on magically wrapped them tightly together from head to toe. As soon as it did, a gas exploded inside of it and instantly knocked out both Harry and Tonks completely. Lily was shocked at seeing the trap being sprung and after the rug fell down on the ground, she was even more shocked at seeing a tall, slender, brunette witch walk boldly up to the rug laughing wildly. Lily could not believe her eyes as the wild, black-haired witch stepped on the rug and in that very instant Aparated herself and the rug with Harry and Tonks inside away.

Lily felt her spirit being pulled in a eastern direction, but couldn't help but shout loudly at the witch who had just kidnapped her son. "Bellatrix Lestrange!"