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Itachi was currently cleaning some tables at the café, looking like he hasn't slept for a few days. "This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening." He kept muttering to himself while cleaning the tables. While Ayame, Okuma, Saotome and the manager looked at him with concerned looks.

"What's wrong with him?" Okuma asked the perverted girl whom was the leader of SOX.

"… Wish I knew." Ayame replied.

"He has been like this ever since we tried to make those toys." Saotome said as Itachi had been forced to try and make Fuwa create some vibrating sex toys for them. In the end he had to donate some of his white soldiers for her research, Anna accidently mistook one of the vibrating eggs as a gift from Itachi, which caused some problems down the road.

"Calculate this correctly, incident occurred a few weeks ago, morning sickness a few days ago… It couldn't be…" Itachi muttered with an emotionless calculative, tired and exhausted expression, while his eyes were twitching. It looked like he was about to go insane. As it seems Anna, whom he had relations with after she violated him, seems to have had some morning sickness a few days ago. He has avoided her to the best of his abilities ever since that day, Whether or not she still had morning sickness was unknown to him, and he was too scared to find out if she still did or not.

"He is mumbling about something, although I can't make it out." Ayame said and took a sip from her juice.

"I heard him mentioning morning sickness, perhaps he is ill." The manager said to which got them all thinking about current events.

"He also mentioned incident." Saotome said to which it got the wheels in Ayame's head spinning even more.

"…" A lightbulb then lit in Ayame's head, and it sent shivers down her spine. 'It can't be…' Ayame thought and it was only one way to be sure. "Gee, Anna sure has been acting strange lately." Ayame said it loud enough so that Itachi could hear, and his body froze as a response. "She was sick a few days ago and everything, wonder if she still is?" Ayame continued and Itachi flinched, and fell to his knees. "N-No way…" Ayame began shaking a little as it seemed she was right. And it didn't take long for Okuma and the manager to realize.

"Oh my." The manager uttered.

"I-It can't be…" Okuma uttered with a shocked look.

"What?" Saotome questioned looking at everyone in the room with a raised brow. "What can't be? What's going on?"

"Seems Itachi's little white soldiers has really screwed him over." Ayame rubbed her temple, to which Saotome widened her eyes as Ayame pretty much taught her everything about the birds and the bees, her own special edition anyway.

After everyone made Itachi explain, they were now gathered around the tired Uchiha whom sat on a chair, stressing out. He didn't mind the idea of having a kid, what he did mind was the fact that so far, he has no reason to love Anna, and if this reaches her mother, he will most likely either be thrown in jail or forced to marry Anna. "So, bottom line, last time you spoke to Anna she said she had been sick since morning, and that was a few days ago?" Ayame questioned to which Itachi nodded.

"Well, Anna-senpai hasn't been acting sick in these past couple of days, so maybe she was just sick from something she ate?" Okuma said as that was still a possibility.

"Who knows, Anna rarely gets sick, although she seems to be the type to hide the fact that she is. So, she might still be and haven't told me about it yet." Ayame rubbed her chin while thinking of the possibilities. "And if I confront her, she might deny it, meaning there is only one option. Itachi, you have to ask her yourself." Ayame declared to which Itachi flinched.

"… I don't think I want to…" Itachi replied.

"It's not healthy for you to keep this up, you won't be able to relax until you have confirmed if its true or not. Otherwise you will remain in this fifty-fifty chance situation, and you will have to wait to see if she starts showing or not." Ayame said, and it was true, he couldn't avoid sleeping for that long or he might really go insane, he had to confirm it if it was true or not. Although, he wasn't looking forward to it.

"V-Very well, I will ask her first chance I get." Itachi gulped and stood back up and went back to work.

"Go now." Ayame ordered.

"… Fine." Itachi had a shiver running down his spine, while everyone was ignoring a news report about how some SOX supporters had knocked out an officer and created a gigantic model of female undergarments with female undergarments. What's more after the successful mission of Yatsuka forest, Ayame had joined forces with four other terrorist organizations and shared their stolen goods with their new comrades, whom had shared some of their own collection with them.

The bell rung at the academy, and Itachi was doing his daily patrol around the school. It was about to be lunch time for the students, which means he could risk running into Anna, so Itachi decided to stick to the rooftop for now. "Man, you really are scared of Anna, huh?" Ayame snickered as she had followed Itachi to the rooftop. "Besides, didn't I tell you to clear this mess up?"

"I will, just, not now… not when there are this many people here." Itachi replied as he didn't want to risk anyone finding out about this if Anna actually was pregnant. "Anyway, what is Okuma doing?" Itachi questioned as in front of them were Okuma and the gorilla like man of the student council, Raiki Gouriki. And from the looks of it they were eating lunch together, not that there was anything wrong with that, just that they managed to walk in just in time to hear Gouriki saying that he made that lunch for Okuma.

Ayame looked a little nervous and had a nervous smile as well as sweat running down her forehead, her imagination must be running wild again. "Hey guys… wow I had no idea how close you guys had become, disturbingly so." Ayame muttered the last part.

"Ah, well, I see now that he is actually a pretty nice guy. In fact we are going to be eating lunches together!" Gouriki declared with a friendly smile, while Okuma looked a little pale and had a nervous forced smile on his face, and he looked afraid to know what Ayame was thinking.

"Eating together?! So like, sharing each other's bananas for desert?!" Ayame said with a shocked, yet satisfied look on her face.

"No, we most certainly will not! Don't even go there wierdo!" Okuma scolded Ayame that looked a little disappointed. Itachi let out a sigh when suddenly a scream from the girls changing room was heard. They all rushed down, and Ayame went in to find out what was wrong, while the boys waited outside. And the situation was that the girls undergarments had gone missing.

This called for an emergency meeting in the Student Council, with Itachi as the Decency Squad member in charge of this area. Itachi really didn't want to be there, seeing as Anna was there. Although she looked a little serious as she was about to inform about the situation. "Recently there has been a dramatically rise in underwear theft throughout the city. Ayame what do we know?" Anna turned to her best friend, aka the secret leader of SOX.

"This." Ayame showed a hologram map image of the city through her PM, with certain areas marked with a green dot. "It is presumed that this was orchestrated by terrorists. The victims range from young, old, both male and female. Targets appear to be random as undergarments of all types have been stolen, some while they have even been worn. Our very own students have been among the victims." Ayame briefed the situation.

"I heard the culprits left messages stating that they were siding with SOX. They will pay!" Gouriki stated, to which Itachi raised a brow and sent a quick glance to Ayame, whom had a look that said that "SOX was not involved" was the culprit just an admirer of SOX? Only time would tell.

"I'm afraid that's not all. Lately there have been reports of SOX distributing immoral literature has also increased dramatically." Anna said and Itachi once again sent a glance to Ayame whom had a look of pride, clearly SOX was responsible for that at least. "We here at the Student Council cannot just stand idly by and allow this behavior to continue. We have to strike them with our campus patrolling!" Anna declared, and then turned to Itachi. "We trust that your squad can provide us with assistance to this matter."

"Naturally, Anna." Itachi gave a small polite bow to Anna, whom seemed to look fine, then again, she could just be hiding something. Once everyone had left Itachi made sure he and Anna stayed behind, despite the risks of something happening as they were alone. "A-Anna, may I ask you something?" Itachi asked which caught Anna a little of guard.

"Huh? Why of course mister Itachi." Anna gave him a pure innocent smile, that didn't seem that innocent to Itachi considering the events that has transpired.

"During our last encounter. You were ill, and vomited. I must ask, have you been feeling that sickness anymore recently? Like in the mornings?" Itachi questioned to which Anna blushed slightly, thinking it was sweet how Itachi was worried about her health.

"Oh, don't worry, I went to see the doctor and everything. Turns out it was just something I ate." Anna replied, to which it felt like a major weight was lifted from Itachi's chest as he cheered happily inside his own mind.

"That's a relief…" Itachi sighed looking to be back at a hundred percent. "Very well then, if you will excuse me, I will get my men ready for patrol around campus." Itachi gave Anna a polite bow before exiting the room as quick as possible.

The moment he had gained some distance between himself and the Student Council room, he contacted Ayame. "Everything is fine, seems it was just something she ate." Itachi said through the PM.

"Well that's good news, lucky for you, your little white soldiers didn't complete the job." Ayame replied with a snicker, to which Itachi twitched his eyes in annoyance.

"Please don't joke about that…" Itachi uttered in annoyance at Ayame's behavior.

"Man, you need to loosen up a bit. Chill, you managed to bang a hot chick and not knock her up. Good for you big boy!" Ayame didn't stop, which caused Itachi to get further annoyed.

"Whatever, I'm hanging up now." Itachi ended the call before Ayame could say anything else that would give him a headache.

Meanwhile, in otherworld

"How nice of you to not make that girl pregnant." One of the spirits said in a cheerful tone.

"Yeah, well, it was kind of too early. But one of these days… ohohoho! I can hardly wait!" The second spirit chuckled.

Human world

Itachi met up with his squad of Decency Squad officers. "Listen up, although our objective is to catch anyone acting in an immoral way. Today, our main goal is to capture these undergarment thieves. So, if by chance you happen to see some students viewing immoral material, while chasing one of the undergarment thieves, you are to ignore that student and keep the capture of the undergarment thief a top priority. Once you have captured the thief, you may keep pursuing the students viewing improper material and confiscate them. Is this clear?!" Itachi spoke like a captain in a strict and harsh tone.

""Sir! Yes sir!"" The squad saluted their captain.

"Good, also if you happen to spot any major terrorist characters, like Blue Tundra, you are to contact me immediately and not engage the target alone! Is that clear?!" Itachi said as in case Ayame had to get involved in her Blue Tundra outfit, he could help her avoid capture better.

""Sir! Yes sir!"" The squad chanted in unison and remained in salute stance.

"Good! Spread out!" Itachi commanded and each member of his squad went in different directions, some alone, some in groups of two or three.

"Sir!" One of the higher rank officers in Itachi's squad walked up to him with another officer. "Shall we accompany you as your personal escort?"

"No, that will not be necessary officer. I am capable of dealing with any threat by myself." Itachi said as he couldn't risk anyone watching him closely should any SOX business come up.

"But sir, I insist. The enemy may target you, as you are the squad captain." The officer said, what was this? A war? "Sir, please." The officer bowed his head in respect to his superior.

"I am truly grateful that you are concerned about my safety lieutenant. However, I assure you. Anyone, trained or untrained in combat is no match for me. So, thanks, but I won't be needing your assistant." Itachi assured as the only one he was aware of that matched his strength and physical abilities was Anna.

"V-Very well, sir, we shall resume patrol on the other side of campus." The lieutenant said and left with the other officer.

Itachi walked around on one side of campus, far away from his personal squad. Right now, he was focused on catching these undergarment thieves. He looked around on the school's track team's locker room to see if anyone suspicious was near the area. "So far, nothing has come up. Hn, if I still had my sharingan I would have been able to find anyone hiding nearby. Despite my strong senses, it is difficult getting a location on everyone." Itachi said as he could hear some students inside, he could hear the clapping wings of birds in the trees, see a caterpillar on a leaf. And he could hear someone panting heavily- Wait a minute. Itachi looked behind him to see Anna looking at him with a lustful gaze. 'Oh no…' Itachi thought as he was about to run, when suddenly Anna moved as fast as a snake and wrapped her arms around Itachi.

She held him pinned down to the ground while panting, her face a little flushed red, her eyes looking at him with lust, and the strength of her grip increasing. Anna let out a happy giggle as she pressed her body onto Itachi's. "Anna, I thought you were guarding the dressing room of the tennis club with Gouriki." Itachi paled.

"Oh well, the tennis club finished practice for the day, so I sent mister Gouriki out to look for some non-existing books in the reference room!" Anna replied and tightened her grip further.

"That's… awful…" Itachi uttered feeling a little sad for the teenager gorilla man.

"You are being pretty awful yourself, mister Itachi. I love you so much, yet you avoided me for several days." Anna then licked his ear making Itachi flinch. "Oh why must you toy with my emotions so much, mister Itachi?" Anna stuck her tongue into Itachi's ear making him grunt a little. "And, after you gave that girl a sample of your delicious love! I have desired to taste it myself once more!" Anna declared and lifted Itachi's legs up, and bit of his sipper.

"No, wait! Anna stop!" Itachi said, not in a pleading tone, but in a commanding one, after getting out of the danger zone, there was no way he was going to risk entering it again.

"You can scream all you want! But there is no stopping me now!" Anna declared with a lusting gaze directed at Itachi's still covered male part.

'Okay, that's it!' Itachi thought and quickly tried to find a weak spot for him to exploit to get free of Anna's grip. And the only way available, as Anna was sitting on him, her face turned towards his lower area, while her legs had his arms mostly pinned down, he could still move them enough to reach a certain place. He didn't like it, but he had no choice, he reached his hands up Anna's skirt and groped her butt causing her to moan a little, and get caught off guard enough to loosen her grip, just enough for Itachi to break free and pin Anna down instead.

"Oh my dear Itachi… does this mean you have finally accepted my love?" Anna questioned with a blush and a lusting gaze, to which Itachi sighed.

"Look Anna, you are a nice girl, but you are confusing some feelings with others." Itachi said to which Anna gained a confused look. "What you are feeling towards me is not exactly what society would describe as love. But more like lust."

Despite being uneducated in the topic of improper material, Anna still understood what the meaning of lust was. "No, you are wrong. This feeling is so pure that it must be love."

"Very well, then tell me. Why exactly do you love me?" Itachi asked to which Anna widened her eyes. "So far, I haven't done anything noble enough to deserve your love. And saying that you think I am a kind and a good man isn't a good enough of a reason. Besides acting like a kind and decent person towards you, the only other thing that has happened with you an me that was different from others. Is the fact that we accidentally kissed, which triggered certain events that transpired."

"No, you are wrong… this feeling is to pure to be something like lust… I love you more than anything." Anna replied starting to look a little sad that Itachi was beginning to doubt her.

"Anna, besides my name, skill and occupation, what exactly do you know about me? And what do I know about you? If two people are in love, they need to know a lot about each other, in a very personal meaningful way." Itachi dealt the final blow to which Anna looked confused, and just held her hands up to her temple, trying to think of an answer. "I must ask you to give up on this. Farewell." Itachi said and walked away.

"I won't give up… I won't, I shall prove to you that I truly love you! That way you have to accept my feelings!" Anna declared to which Itachi widened his eyes a bit, he had to admit, her determination was admirable.



"Do as you wish." Itachi said and walked away, continuing his patrol around campus, Gouriki then arrived to get Anna to continue their work as members of the Student Council. "Saotome, you can step out now." Itachi said looking towards a bush, were the little girl was making improper sketches of Anna doing things to him.

"You ruined a good work of art, if you had let her continue I would have made yet another master piece of my sweet Anna!" Saotome scolded Itachi, then suddenly she looked serious. "But was saying all that to her really necessary? I mean, like Ayame said she is only like this as a result of her lack of knowledge of certain things."

"Which is why it needed to be said, despite her several advances towards me, that have been both traumatizing and made me question my sanity, I still wish to help her realize these things. If we are successful in our mission, and Anna learns of this, she can grow up to have a healthy relationship with someone one day. Same goes for everyone else. What's more, then Anna will realize the difference between love and lust. Which will make her life much easier in the future." Itachi said as every word was true, despite all of Anna's assaults towards him he still wished to help her.

Later, it was revealed that Ayame and Saotome have been making artistic sexual stories of Okuma and Gouriki, even some of Okuma and Itachi. Itachi looked at the moment at the particular story about him and Okuma, while a nervous Ayame and Saotome stood before him. Itachi looked with a stoic expression, while Okuma was horrified, Itachi then proceeded to burn the material, much to the horror of Ayame and Saotome.

"No! My precious art!" Saotome cried out at the burnt remains of her art work.

"Captain Uchiha, we have spotted the undergarment thieves! I repeat, we have spotted the undergarment thieves! Requesting your presence, over!"

"This is Captain Itachi, I shall arrive immediately, keep the suspects apprehended. Over." Itachi said though his PM and rushed with Okuma, Ayame and Saotome to get a look at these underwear thieves.

They arrived in time, to see Anna, Gouriki and some Decency Squad officers tying up people, both male and female, wearing underwear over their faces. "You think you have won?! We will never give in to hypocrites like you!" One of the thieves declared.

""Lick our underwear!"" They all chanted while the students around them looked confused as to what was going on.

"Is this all of them?" Itachi looked slightly surprised that there were over 10 of these thieves.

"Yes sir. We caught them all invading school grounds with undergarments over their faces. Just like Blue Tundra, they are clearly aligned with SOX." Itachi's lieutenant replied.

"Attention all students! If you are seeing this recording, then it means my comrades have been captured. It's a pleasure to meet you, they call me White Peak, I am the leader of Gathered Fabric." Up in the glass ceiling, an image of a man covered in a full body armor of white panties, holding a glass of wine with a white pair of panties in them. "Mm, todays white wine smells delicious. What a delicate taste." The man said as he took a sip of the wine with the panties.

"Oh great, and what is he, some kind of high-class pervert?" Ayame questioned, as most students looked disgusted same with Okuma.

"He is hijacking one of the prisoners PM's to broadcast this message! Search all of them! Now!" Itachi commanded his squad that quickly went to work.

"We at Gathered Fabric, are working together with SOX! To defy our repressive government by stealing underwear in the name of justice! Now, stand with us! You will never be shamed again! Join us, and we will create a world that will celebrate and basks in, the great glory of underpants!" The broadcast ended and down rained panties, causing the prisoners to jump around with lust making it more difficult for the Decency Squad to contain them. This caused the reputation of SOX to plummet down among the student population.

Later, in the café. "This is disgusting and infuriating! Like a huge shot of jizz in the face! Those stupid crotch sniffers claim to be working together with SOX, and protesting the government, when all their doing is going around stealing people's underwear!" Ayame was outraged.

"And that's why everyone has been treating us like bad guys." Saotome said.

"Being labored bad guys is a major problem, right? I mean we're just a bunch of healthy teens whom want to shout dick up in some pussy from the top of our lungs and look at some hot porn. In what world those that make us bad guys?" Ayame questioned.

"You are not helping!" Okuma scolded.

"Well, in this world we are viewed as bad guys for going against the government. Regardless of our intentions, some people believe that what the government says is the right thing, and anything that goes against it is bad." Itachi explained as the situation was mostly black and white.

"But I don't understand what the big deal is, can't we just ignore Gathered Fabric and leave them alone? I mean what have they changed here, like Itachi said we've always been viewed as evil terrorists." Okuma questioned.

"It's not the same, Tanukichi. Ourselves calling ourselves evil against society calling us evil. Is like-" Ayame was holding up a banana with a condom around it, and in her other hand she had covered her fingers in a condom.

"Anyway! What Ayame is trying to say, is that although some people blindly follow society, most can come to realize the corruption from the government and follow us, however if they agree with society we will never be successful in our revolution." Itachi interrupted Ayame's pervy explanation which caused her to pout.

"Argh fine, yeah like Itachi said, at this rate no one will believe us ever again. That is the problem here, which is why we have to eradicate Gathered Fabric as fast as possible." Ayame said.

When the meeting was over, Itachi got a call from the Decency Squad. "What is it?"

"Sir, we have reports of a little girl with short red pinkish hair in the shape of… well… a male's body part… going around breaking moral laws. We request your assistance in searching for her."

"Very well, I will keep my eye open. I will report the moment I locate her." Itachi replied and ended the call. 'That's just great, another problem.' Itachi thought with a sigh, as it was already night and he wanted nothing more than getting some sleep. Then all of a sudden, Itachi got yet another call, this time from Ayame.

"Itachi, we got a short little girl here with red pinkish hair at the shape of a dick head wanting to join our group, that Tanukichi found. She is of the Onigashira family, she is the daughter of Keisuke, her name is Kosuri, and as of this day she is a member of SOX!" Ayame said and hung up before Itachi could have a chance to respond.




"… Guess I will go home and get some sleep then." Itachi said with a stoic emotionless expression, as he headed home, while preparing a report to give to the Decency Squad that he couldn't find the girl.

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So, Itachi has avoided becoming a daddy, he has managed to confront Anna about her misguided feelings. However, that made her only even more determined to prove her love for him. What will this lead to in the near future of Itachi and Anna? Do they have a future? How will Itachi's encounter with the newest member of SOX be like? Find out next time!

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