Scene: Washington, DC

BAU Headquarters

While going through case files, JJ calls everyone to the table with a worried, concerned look on her face. Everyone files in but one person-Garcia, they all look at Emily to await her news.

"I know we are all tired, but one of our own is in trouble. We are now looking for Penelope Garcia-" trying to remain professional while fighting back tears, "Kevin Lynch brought this to my attention, we need to find her."

Derek Morgan, who is Garcia's best friend, can feel himself about to lose control of his emotions as he blurts out "No...not Garcia..Do we have any leads?" The whole room was dead silent, as Morgan sits down in a chair trying to hide his tears.

"Emily, when did Kevin find out she was missing? Did he have any idea who would want to hurt her?" Rossi asked while trying to keep his composure, "why her? She is a analyist, not a agent."

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of D.C., Garcia is tied to a chair, she tries to figure out the surroundings but her head is all fuzzy and everything blurry. Just then the door opens, a man comes down the stairs and asks "Do you recognize me, Penelope? Or maybe you remember your friend...Aaron Hotchner." The mention of that name, made her look up and then she realized who her captor was...Agent Aaron Hotchner!

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