Sixty years ago, a dream project was conducted by the most brilliant minds from each of the Four Kingdoms to create a self-sustaining and Dustless city of the future. A dream for the ages.

The resulting city was called The Ark.

But then the seas rose and as they rose the Creatures of Grimm had pushed mankind into them to drown and be washed away.

The Ark was forced to relocate away from mainland and soon the Ark became a refuge for tens of thousands.

The Grimm gradually became a distant memory, spoken mostly in campfire stories and hushed whispers.

The Ark soon expanded and was eventually divided for order to be maintained.

But time is beginning to run out.

The Ark is wearing out and no new planes or ships have been seen in over thirty years.

The new Guests live in slums, disease, and thirst.

Some of the Guests have formed a Resistance that vows to seize power and search for life outside the Ark.

The Ark's Security force says that the Ark must have order for all who live on the Ark to survive.

So what will happen?

Can the Ark remain the sole sanctuary for humanity?

Or will it be a prison that must be escaped for humanity's survival?