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The Danger of Party Games

The RWBY gang were having tea in Peach's Castle and were chatting with one another... and then the front doors slammed open to reveal Mario holding a die block. "Who's up for party games!"

"Uh oh..." Luigi paled.

"What's wrong? Why is Luigi paling?" Ruby asked.

Peach looked at them. "Have you ever played Mario Party?"

"No. How do you play it?" Yang asked.

"It's every man for himself, that's what it is!" Toad shouted with Yoshi nodding in agreement.

"Oh come on, it can't be THAT bad."

An hour later...

"Wahoo! I got it!"Mario cheered as he looked at the others who were severely beat up from the mini games. "So! Who's up for another round?"

With all the strength they all had... they all said at the same time: "NO!"

Blake vs Zwei: Smash Edition

"Hey, has anyone seen Zwei?" Ruby asked.

"No, not really." Pit replied.

"Have you tried calling him?" Jaune asked.

"I did, but I don't know where he's at! This isn't like him..."

It was then that Samus walked by. "Has anyone seen Duck Hunt around?"

"Nope." Ruby said.

"Haven't seen him around." Jaune said.

"Wonder where they could be." Pit wondered.

"Uh... guys?" Cloud pointed towards a tree through the window. "I think I see them." He said as they gathered around the window, to see Zwei and Duck Hunt barking up a tree, wagging their tails... and Blake was cornered, sitting on a tree branch.

"Can't you pick on some other cat Faunus?!" Blake yelled.

Bowser's Golf Lessons

The villains were out at the golf course, having themselves an enjoyable time... well, besides Ghirahim and Ganondorf. And Doc who was also here.

"I curse the gods whoever designed this course..." Ganondorf growled.

"Why am I even here? I'm not a bad guy." Doc pointed out before O'Malley took over. "We're here because I'm evil. Mwahahahahahaha!"

"Grr... you said it'd be fun!" Ghirahim said.

"It is! You can see how the others are loving it." Bowser said as the others were enjoying it.

"Aw yeah! Hole in one!" Roman cheered.

"That was eight over par." Dedede told him.

"Details, who needs em?"

"Come on, come on!" Waluigi kept hitting the golf ball over and over again, but unfortunately, his putting skills would not let him putt into the hole, and Emerald, Mercury, Wario, Cinder and Neo were sleeping, since he was at it for a long time. "I hate this game!" He whined.

"See? They're having a blast." Bowser said.

"Hmph." Ganondorf led up to shot and raised the golf club. "FORE!" He roared and hit the ball, as it went straight up in the air and fell to the earth below... when a Monty Mole shot up from the ground and the golf ball hit it on the head, causing it to bounce and land in the water. "HYRULE DAMMIT!" He roared loudly.

"Allow me, fools." O'Malley said as he took out a Rocket Launcher and pointed it at his ball. "I don't see how this is suppose to work." Doc said before O'Malley said "Oh shut up!" and fired the Launcher. And as you would expect, his attempt blew up in his face. Along with the rest of him. All up in the sky.

"Here, let me show you how it's done." Ghirahim said and hit his own ball, as it flew up in the air as it crossed the stream, but suddenly a Cheep Chomp jumped into the air and ate the ball before splashing back down to the ground.

"I forgot we were in Cheep Chomp country." Bowser said.

"AAAAARGH! FORGET THIS GAME!" Ghirahim screamed in outrage as he walked away with Ganondorf. "THIS GAME MAKES ME ANGRY! OUTRAGED! SICK WITH ANGER!"

"Enjoy this stupid game of yours, Bowse-OOF!" Ganondorf was interrupted by O'Malley falling on top of him.

"B-b-blast..." O'Malley groaned before losing conscious.

"...Amateurs." Bowser said as he hit his ball as it went perfectly and landed inside the hole.

"Hole in one!"

"YEAH BABY!" Bowser roared in triumph.

Death by Reading

Caboose, Dark Pit, Luigi and Grif were transported on a book. "Okay, WHERE are we now?" Grif asked.

"It seems we're on a giant book." Dark Pit said.

"Oh no..." Luigi groaned. "We're in the Booksquirm mini game..."

"Book what?" Grif asked.


"Oooh! The page is coming down!" Caboose said as he saw a hold and walked over to it.

"THE PAGE IS WHAT?!" Grif yelled as they hurried on over to the holes, but Grif tripped and saw that he was this close to being crushed. "AAAAH! I KNEW BOOKS WOULD BE THE DEATH OF ME ONE DAAAAAY!"

"Did that crush him?!" Dark Pit exclaimed in shock.

"Yes!" Luigi nodded.

"Oh, I'm not going to let that happen!" Dark Pit growled as they quickly went to each hole while Caboose stayed in one spot, which oddly enough, the same spot for him was safety.

"Pretty pages!" Caboose said as Dark Pit and Luigi were desperately trying to stay alive when suddenly, Luigi tripped over nothing as Dark Pit found a hole.

"AAAAAH! CURSE YOU MARIOOOOOO!" He screamed before being flattened.

"Luigi!" Dark Pit called other to him before growling as he desperately tried to stay alive while wondering why Caboose is so lucky... and then he realized that the only hole available was Caboose's spot as he quickly ran over to him. "Sorry about this!" He said as he rammed into him, only to fall on his back, as it felt like he ran into a brick wall.

"What in the name of..." He wondered before realizing he was about to get crushed as he quickly stood up and held his arms up, stopping the page from flattening him, but he was struggling. "Nngh! I won't... go out this way...!" He cried, as another page fell and landed on top, making it harder for Dark Pit to keep fighting.


Another page fell.


"Ah, that was a neat story." Caboose said as he turned around. "Hmm? Where'd everyone go?"

What, you thought I wouldn't do a RWBY Chibi story? Ha! I've been planning this with my friends for a long time! ...I just haven't really gotten around to do it until now!

And it's gonna get more nonsensical from here!