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Back Scratcher

"Mmmph!" Marnie grunted, trying to scratch her back. "Gaaaaah… it's in that one spot…!" She grumbled as she desperately tried to reach it but to no avail. "Ugh…" She mumbled and then looked at her metal arm.

"Oh… duh!" She said as she detached it and then reached down to the particular spot and started scratching. "Ooooh yeah, riiiiight there~!" She grinned. "Ah, much better!" She said, reattaching her arm and walked off.

"Dang… wish I had a metal arm." Yang said, having watched it unfold. "I'd have a good back scratcher myself!"

"Yeah well, I don't see you getting a metal arm." Blake said.

"Yeah, you're right…" Yang said as she noticed Crescent Rose lying on the ground while Ruby was taking a nap in the grass. "…Unless!"

She snuck over to Crescent Ruby, picking it up with a wide grin. "Now… time to do this!"


"You used Crescent Rose as a backscratcher?!" Summer exclaimed as Yang was lying in a hospital bed. "What did you think was going to happen?!"

"I didn't think it'd be so sharp…" Yang said.

"Honestly, Yang… I expected better of you." Tai said. "You should've cut off your arm and used your new metal arm as a back scratcher. Come on, it was obvious!"

"HONEY!" Summer scolded.

"Alright, alright… that's not the point."

"Good. Now-…" Summer blinked and looked at Tai who was grinning cheekily.

"Heyo!" Yang said, high fiving her father.

"Ya made it too easy, dear!"

Summer facepalmed. "I'm surrounded by punny dolts…"

If Sora and Co Had Final Smashes

Sora - Final Smash A

"Let's go!" Sora exclaimed as Donald and Goofy accompanied him as he raised his Keyblade in the air as a ball of light appeared as he fired a beam of light at it while Donald and Goofy spun around in a Light Ring as Donald fired magic and Goofy spun his shield as beams of light shot out and struck K. Rool and Mario to knock them back before the ball of light exploded, sending the two flying off into the blast zones, but K. Rool was luckily heavy enough to not get completely obliterated. Mario… not so much.


Sora - Final Smash B

"Let's do it, Riku!" Sora called out as Riku landed right by him as they both raised their arms as two halves of a Keyblade merged together from Nightmare's End and Mirage Split as they quickly grabbed the Keyblade together and started slashing Sephiroth repeatedly until they slashed through him to send him flying toward the blast zone.

"All yours!" Riku said.



Sora - Final Smash C

Sora aimed his Ultima at Bowser and then Airstepped toward him where he slashed him in the air where he jumped up and used Ars Arcanum, delivering heavy swings before slashing Bowser to the ground where he went into his Ultimate Form right after and raised his arm up before throwing the swords down and slashed through Bowser, where it would send him flying into the blast zone.

"It's over!"


Riku held Way to the Dawn close to his face before quickly getting in his stance and then unleashing Dark Aura, striking Samus from every direction before jumping high into the air and charged up a Dark Firaga. "HRAAAAH!" He yelled, throwing it down directly at Samus's feet where the ground underneath her exploded into darkness and sent Samus flying while Riku landed on the ground. "Hmph."


"I can prove myself too!" She called out as she rushed over and slashed through Link where she would knock him into a mural platform that had Kairi on it. Link would look up and see Kairi floating above her where angel wings sprouted behind her as she flew down in a flash and slashed through him before he exploded where the cloud was the shape of a heart.

"You're done."


"You're finished!" He told Joker as he slashed through him where he would then slash him up in the air, where he would then jump up and slash him down before raising his Keyblades up in the air and threw down a giant pillar of light to send Joker flying.


"I'll make it all stop!" He declared, throwing his chakrams at Ness. "BURN BABY!" He yelled, trapping Ness in a fiery ring, then Lea walked through the fire and smirked, snapping his fingers as plumes of fire shot out of the fire walls and struck Ness and engulfing him in flames as he then raised his hand up as a firey geyser sent Ness flying into the air and then Lea threw a fireball at him, which resulted in an explosion that sent Ness flying into the blast zone.

"I'm all fired up from that!"


"Stop holding back!" She yelled, quickly slashing through Richter where he would find himself at the Twilight Town clocktower and saw Xion's final form in front of him where she let out a scream and swung her swords down to knock him to the ground and then was engulfed by Final Break, sending Richter flying into the stratosphere.

(If over 100%, that's an automatic KO)


"I'll make this quick!" He said as he jumped ahead and swung his claymore at Young Link where he would end up on a platform where Kingdom Hearts was shining in the night sky. "Moon, shine down!" He ordered and then floated up, where he immediately went into Berserk Mode and rushed over to Young Link where he straight up clobbered him before jumping into the air. "RAAAAAAAAAH!" He yelled, throwing his Claymore down and exploded that sent Young Link flying into the blast zone.

"Never misjudge me."


"I'm ready for this!" He said as he activated his armor and slashed through Ganondorf where he would slash him multiple times in a speedy fashion. He would then jump up into the air and fired off five beams of light where Ganondorf was sent flying into the blast zone… he tried to recover, but the last beam of light sealed the deal on the Gerudo King. "How was that!"


"Watch out!" He yelled, summoning his Keyblade to the ground hard enough to send out a few rock stalactites to pierce through Mega Man, which landed him right into the middle of the Keyblade Graveyard. When Mega Man came to, he saw Terra, in his armor approach him. Terra's Keyblde would then transform as he would flick it toward Mega Man and grabbed a hold of him where he would slam him into a wall where it would then transform into a cannon and fired off a massive shot that made a massive explosion that obliterated the poor guy and sent him flying into the blast zone.

"Sorry, I don't know my own strength."

(Automatic KO over 100%)


"Shall I have this dance?" Aqua asked, immediately activating Spell Weaver as her Keyblade levitated as she started slashing at Peach gracefully, her Keyblade slashing her repeatedly before Aqua grabbed a hold of it and gracefully spun around while magic was thrown about and hit the princess repeatedly where she was sent flying as Aqua would aim her Keyblade and struck her with a Triple Blizzaga to send her into the blast zone.

"That was great."


"Don't count me out!" She said as she snapped her fingers and hit Zelda with a Thundaga attack. The electric shock threw her into Namine's room where she would see Namine furiously drawing something before she then snapped her fingers as her drawings came to life and attacked Zelda in a fighting dust cloud before Namine would then snap her fingers again where her drawings exploded and sent Zelda into the stratosphere.

"Hmmhmmhmm~ Don't mess with a witch."

Crippling Shyness

"Mmm…" Boosette groaned, looking into a mirror. "Alright, listen up you!" She said. "You've gotten over your shyness over your kids, you've gotten over your shyness over Bowser, Roman, Neo and Marnie… but you haven't gotten over your shyness over the other Koopa Troop. You might be a Boo, but you're also human! Do not let the crippling shyness control you, Rei! YOU are in control!"

She then slapped her cheeks. "Go time!" She said as she marched out and saw Kamek and General Guy. Perfect. I haven't interacted with them that much anyway. This is great! She thought and walked over to them. "Hey you two!"

"Hmm? Oh hi, Rei. You decided to come out?" General Guy asked.

"Yes! In fact, I've got something to say to the both of you!" She said.

"And that is?" Kamek curiously asked.

She opened her mouth to speak… but nothing came out. Instead, she started sweating and somehow got more paler than usual, she was even trembling. "I... uh... excuse me!" She squeaked and ran off.

Kamek and General Guy turned to look at each other before shrugging.

"Oooh..." She was sulking on the bed in a fetal position.

"Hey, look at the bright side! At least you attempted to strike up a conversation this time!" Bowsette smiled, patting her on the back.

"I'll try again tomorrow..."

Bad Dream

Cloud was knocked on the ground, bouncing on his back. "Nnngh!" He grunted as he sat up and saw Sephiroth smirking at him.

"Amazing what such a simple Power Up can do." Sephiroth said, as Masamune was covered in ice and his outfit being icy blue.

"Rrrgh... like an Ice Flower will do you any good!" Cloud said, grabbing a Fire Flower and absorbing it as his sword caught ablaze and his hair turned red. He rushed to Sephiroth and slashed him in a fiery fashion where he would throw down a fiery blade beam as Sephiroth would block this, but Cloud propelled himself over Sephiroth and landed behind him, swiftly using a fiery Cross Slash that knocked him back,and got rid of the Ice Flower power up.

Sephiroth landed near a ? Block, where he would hit it as a Super Crown popped out. "Oh?" He wondered and picked it up, placing it on top of his head where he woud transform.

"What the?! No! No!" Cloud trembled in fear. "NOOOOOOOO!"

"Gah!" Cloud yelped, sitting up from hs bed with a cold sweat. "Oh thank goodness it was just a nightmare."

There was a knock on the door that caught his attention. "Oh?" He wondered as he walked over where a note slid under the door. He picked it up and saw a picture... of Sephiroth wearing the Super Crown.


"AAAAAAH! NOOOOOOOO!" Cloud screamed, making a break for it and leaving a Cloud shaped hole in the wall.

The doorknob turned as Hades walked in with a pencil in his hands, then turned to Sephiroth. "Told you he'd handle it well!"

"Indeed." Sephiroth chuckled, where the two fist bumped right after.

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