Disclaimer: I'm sure most of you are just mentally skipping over this.

Cat Noir lept across the dark roofs of Paris to the Eiffel Tower. Landing gently on the small landing at the top. "Hello Bugaboo," he said to the small red figure dangling her feet over the side.

"Hi Cat Noir," she replied slowly getting up.

"I have something to tell you," they both said at the same time.

After a few 'sorry's and embarrassed 'you go first 's Cat Noir took the initiative and announced, "Ladybug, my kwami told me that we need to reveal our identities to each other."

She looked at him. "My kwami told me the same thing."

Cat Noir looked so excited he might burst. "Okay you go first!"

"Whoa, kitty. We can't do it here. Someone might see."

Cat Noir deflated a bit. "But- but our kwamis told us to."

Ladybug smiled "I just said we can't do it here, I never said we wouldn't do it."

Cat Noir's ears pricked up again.

"Do you know where Collége Françoise Dupont is?"

Cat Noir nodded.

"Race ya!" Ladybug called as she flung her yo-yo and raced away.

Cat Noir's shocked face melted into a grin as he thrust out his staff and chased after her.

Ta-da two chapters in one day! Sorry it's short. :(