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'Zanpakuto thinking'

Chapter 1: Prologue



Hitsugaya groaned inwardly at the thought of delivering paperwork to the Twelfth. He had asked his seventh-seat to do it but said Shinigami had conveniently gotten mauled by a Hollow and wasn't able to do the task. His sixth-seat had conveniently gotten into a fight with an Eleventh Division member and was currently in the Forth, so he couldn't do it. and his fifth-seat had conveniently jumped out of the window when he was asked and couldn't do it either. After having all of his seated members below Lieutenant level -Matsumoto had conveniently disappeared at the sight of paperwork- sent to either the Forth or out of the window Hitsugaya had called a Division meeting to find someone who was willing to visit the Twelfth. The memory of said meeting still made him grimace.

He had never seen such a large group of fully grown men and women run so fast in his life.

Hell. He'd never seen anything run that fast. They had been going at least three times the speed of Kurosaki. While he was in Bankai. With his hollow mask on.

'Master, you're over exaggerating. It's more like two,' Hyorinmaru soooo~ helpfully imputed. The prodigy could practically see the amusement and pity drifting off the body of the normally graceful and wise dragon like a thick mist. Said incredibly~ powerful and serious dragon was now lounging around in their inner world, snorting at Hitsugaya's misery.

'You're such a sadist Hyorinmaru.'

'Just remember that I'm part of your soul Master.'

'Fair point.'

Ignoring Hyorinmaru's laughter, Hitsugaya eventually made it to the dreaded Twelfth Division. The rebuilding of the Twelfth and the Forth had been one of Seireitei's first priorities. They were, after all, two of the most fundamental and important Divisions in Soul Society as well as being two of the most targeted Divisions during the war with the Quincies. The prodigy still suffered nightmares of his experiences from over three months ago.


'I know, Hyorinmaru. I will try not to dwell on the past. It's just... difficult.'

Purring, Hyorinmaru curled around his diminutive Master in an almost-hug. Smiling ever so slightly, Hitsugaya stroked the giant dragon's icy snout as he looked for Kurotsuchi.

He honestly hoped he wouldn't after the last time he was in a room alone with the man. The memory still sent shivers down his spine. Mental note, if you ever see Kurotsuchi holding a syringe with an unidentifiable substance inside, jump out of the nearest window you can find.

'What if there are no windows near you?'


'... I think you have been spending to much time with the Kurosaki's, Master...'

'I neither agree with nor deny that statement.'

Turning a corner, Hitsugaya found -to his misfortune- Kurotsuchi. Surprisingly, however, he went unnoticed by the madman.

'What is that lunatic doing?' the diminutive Captain thought, staring blankly as the 'lunatic' typed on a computer at such high speed's the prodigy was shocked the friction hadn't made his hands catch on fire.

'I believe that's a diagram of the Dangai, Master. Although...' Hyorinmaru responded as he looked intently at the large computer at the end of the room through his Master's eyes. 'It seems warped somehow. Almost like it's being stretched to the sides to the point of almost ripping.'

Hitsugaya was surprised to find this observation to be true. However, he didn't get much time to dwell on this fact as Akon -the third-seat- finally noticed him and walked over.

"Captain Hitsugaya. Was there something you needed?"

Snapping to attention, said Captain held the paperwork out.

"Many of my Division members had unfortunate accidents and were unable to deliver these. Not wanting to worsen their injuries I decided to deliver them myself," Hitsugaya stated while gesturing to the paperwork in his hand.

'Yes Master, because their injuries were caused by accidents and not their overwhelming fear of Kurotsuchi.'

'Hyorinmaru, shut up.'

With a knowing glint in his eyes Akon relieved the Captain of his burdens.

"Thank you for coming all this way to deliver something so trivial. After all, you probably already have enough on your plate as it is."

This almost made the prodigy wince at how true that statement was. If only he knew.

"It was no problem at all. I have a lot I need to do so I'll be taking my leave. However, there is something I would like to know before I do so." Gesturing towards the diagram, Hitsugaya continued. "What's wrong with the Dangai?"

Akon smirked slightly. Of course the prodigy would know what the diagram was. Sighing, the third-seat decided to explain.

"A disturbance was discovered in the walls of the Dangai. An outside force seems to be trying to power it's way through and into Soul Society. Because of the Dangai's nature we are uncertain as to what this force may be or even if there is truly something trying to break in. We haven't had enough time to evaluate the seriousness of the situation which is what the Captain is currently trying to achieve."

Hitsugaya raised a white eyebrow.

"How long has this 'outside force' been trying to get in?"

"It was only noticeable a few days ago. However, if it truly is an outside force trying to break in then, judging on the rate at which it is currently moving, we believe it has been trying to get in for a few weeks now."

This information made Hitsugaya pause for a moment. He had been getting an odd feeling deep within his gut for a few weeks as well. Almost like nostalgia.

'We'll focus on that later, Master. For now just focus on getting as much information as possible.'

'Got it.'

"Why have the other Captains not been informed? Surely the threat of another invasion is important enough for the Captains to be notified."

"Yes, that is true. However, many are still recovering from the war. The overwhelming amount of losses we suffered during the war affected everyone in a negative way and adding on to that temporary depression may cause it to become permanent or even break the individuals mind completely. After talking to Unohana, we decided to withhold the information for a little while, at least from those who are less stable."

Hitsugaya found himself wincing at that statement. A lot of officers who lost people to the Quincy attacks had to visit therapy to stabilise their minds. Even Hitsugaya had admitted to needing help, and not just for his experiences in the war. Everything that had happened to him, being called a freak, Kusaka, Momo and Aisen, and the wars had been piling onto him and he found that his mind was dangerously close to breaking completely from the stress. He had gotten much better over the past few months, but he was still unstable. This didn't stop him from working so much that Matsumoto was convinced he was possessed by some paperwork demon though.

"That is understandable. However, that isn't a valid enough reason to keep this information from the Captains and the Lieutenants. If there truly is an attack coming then we need to be ready, physically and mentally. I suggest that we have a joint Captain/Lieutenant meeting to discuss the possibilities and what we could do to prevent the threat that may or may not even be there at the earliest date possible."

Akon nodded. "I agree. We had already decided to discuss this matter in a meeting before you got here. It will be tomorrow, which will give us enough time to gather more data on the disturbance before we start bouncing possibilities. Now, is that all you needed, Captain Hitsugaya? I would love to stay and answer more of your questions but I'm afraid that if we leave him unoccupied for too long then the Captain will go Bankai in a fit of frustrated rage."

Chuckling slightly from the last comment -and how true his concern sounded. These Twelfth Division members have SO MUCH faith in their Captain-, Hitsugaya nodded. "Yes, that is all. I will be taking my leave now. Good day."

Nodding to each other, the two men -or one and a half men- went their separate ways before Kurotsuchi could even notice the prodigy's presence. Once outside the somewhat-rebuilt Division, Hitsugaya breathed an audible sigh of relief.

'I am so killing my Division members when I get my hands on them for leaving me with that job.'

'But you have to admit, Master, that if you were in their position you would have done the exact same thing.'

'I know, that's why I'm pissed. How dare they steal my idea's.'

As Hyorinmaru's laughter echoed around his mind, Hitsugaya decided to change the subject.

'So, what now?'


'Paperwork it is, then.'

After a lot of walking and a few shunpoes, the prodigy made it back to his Division. It seemed very quiet, but that was probably because all the members had fled in order to escape their Captain's wrath. Oh well, he could punish them all later. Eventually, Hitsugaya located his office and sat at his overflowing desk. Time for work.


Okay, now this was just getting ridiculous. The sun was starting to set and not a single Tenth Division member had returned to the Division. Not. One. To say Hitsugaya was angry was an understatement.

He was, frankly put, pissed.

'I don't blame them for not wanting to come back, master. After all, they are well aware of the job they left you to deal with.'

'Yes, I understand that. But what you need to understand is that since they are not in the Division they are not working. And that means that every minute they spend hiding makes us all another minute off schedule. The Tenth is known for always being on time with paperwork. Fearing the consequences of their actions is not a valid excuse for potentially ruining our reputation.'

'That is true Master. However, tell me this. When has anyone important to us ever cared about our reputation?'

'... Fair point.'

The prodigy picked up his brush, ready to continue working. However, he didn't get the chance. Footsteps were all he heard before hell broke loose.

"CAPTAIN! Squadrons Three, Nine and Five have been slaughtered in an ambush from Hollows. We need you in West Rukongai NOW!"

Looking up, Hitsugaya only glanced at the unseated officer's bloody appearance before getting up and sprinting out the doorway with the young woman at his side.


"Yes Sir! Squadrons Three and Nine had been patrolling near the West Gate in Rukongai when they felt strong Adhuchas-level spiritual pressures further away from the gate. They went to eliminate the threat but were ambushed. A few officers escaped to alert a nearby Squadron, Squadron Five of the threat but that Squadron is having difficulty as well. Last I heard there were 23 dead and 35 injured."

"Has the Forth been alerted?"

"Another officer went to alert them. Whether he made it there yet or not, I'm not sure."

"Why didn't you use Hell Butterflies?"

"One of the Hollows, a bird-like one, used these sharp feathers from it's wings to destroy every Butterfly we tried to send out. This Hollow had many others surrounding it in a protective ring which made us unable to destroy it. Every officer that tried was surrounded and killed. Another ring was made around all of the Squadrons who came to assist and made it almost impossible for us to send for help."

"I see. I'm guessing you only escaped because of openings your comrades made?"

"Yes. They sacrificed their lives to allow me and a few other officers to escape and alert those who could help. Three of the officers that tried to escape were killed holding Hollows off of us so we could get out safely."

Anger and grief bubbled in the diminutive Captain. Shoving it down for now, he continued his questions.

"Who else was notified of the situation?"

"One escapee went to alert Lieutenant Matsumoto, and another went for Squadron's Eight and Eleven from the Sixth and Ninth Divisions respectively who were nearby at the time."


After a few more minutes they made it to the Gate and after rushing through they eventually made it to the infested area. Standing on the Reishi particles in the air, Hitsugaya investigated the 'protective ring' and felt his rage grow tenfold at the sight he was gifted with.

It was a total massacre.

Bodies littered the grass, their blood soaking the ground and expressions showing the agony in which they had died in. Multiple Shinigami had their chests ripped open and their skulls crushed with pieces of brain and other organs spread around them like sick decorations. Screams of pain penetrated the air as officers were one by one picked off. Looking to his right Hitsugaya saw a woman fighting desperately to get out of an Adhuchas's grasp, her zampakuto laying uselessly in a pool of blood nearby. With a sickening crunch the top half of her torso was ripped off showing the white of rib bones and her severed spine before it was once again covered in red.

His subordinates. His subordinates were dying.


Understanding the hidden fury in the dragon's voice, Hitsugaya unsheathed his Zanpakuto and raised it to the air.

"Reign over the frosted heavens... Hyorinmaru."

Responding to the quiet command the sky turned dark with raging storm clouds. Ice protruded from the prodigy's long, now longer sword. As it formed a large dragon of ice, roaring with adrenaline and fury, Hitsugaya flicked his wrist and sent the beast at the nearest group of Hollows who froze on impact. With a loud bellow the small Captain flew into the fray, the blood of his enemies staining his clothes like paint. He backflipped over a nearing bear-like Adhuchas while swinging the chain on his sword in a wide arch, the crescent blade on the end freezing everything it cut. Getting the unspoken message, all of the surrounding officers backed away while carrying the injured in their arms. They didn't want to get caught in the cross-fire.

Spinning through the air, Hitsugaya sent ice copies of Hyorinmaru at a large group of Hollows while slashing through another. After sending a roundhouse kick to a large wolf-like Hollow's mask the Captain grabbed the chain of his blade and sent the latter shooting through another Adhuchas's face. Using an attacking Hollow's arm as a spring board the child prodigy shot into the bird-like Hollow mentioned in the brief report he had heard on the way to the battlefield. Ignoring the shots to his waist and shoulder he cut through the beast's mask with seeming ease. Turning he sent another ice dragon at three approaching Hollows while simultaneously swinging his crescent blade through the masks of two Hollows on his other side. Front flipping the prodigy let go of his blade and used his momentum to grab it's chain and send it through the head of an Adhuchas that was going to strike him from behind. Continuing this motion Hitsugaya flicked his wrist and cut a flying Hollow completely in half.

An icy sheen that had spread across the ground during the release of the prodigy's Zanpakuto spread up the legs of a large group of Hollows at said prodigy's command. With a flick of his wrist the ice shattered, the debree shooting into the masks of the rest of the Hollows. Hitsugaya spread his senses in order to make sure there were none hiding their presences. This was when he noticed a Hollow's Reiatsu in the woods nearby. Ignoring the calls of his subordinates about injuries he raced into the trees to follow the presence. Shunpoing through large branches he found the missing Hollow. Intent on finishing this as soon as possible Hitsugaya stabbed Hyorinmaru through the back of the fleeing beast's head, completely freezing it. With a sharp twist, the ice shattered, leaving the prodigy alone. Panting, the Captain looked up at the still stormy sky. Rain that he hadn't noticed before pelted him mercilessly, washing away the blood stuck to his flesh. As the sky cried for the losses they had suffered that day, Hitsugaya closed his eyes to hide their grief.

However, he couldn't mourn for long.

Dizziness and nausea swept through him in merciless wave, forcing him to collapse from exhaustion. Thunder rumbled around him. Lightning struck through the sky with loud cracks. Looking up, Hitsugaya saw the black clouds swirl around his area like the start of a tornado as light radiated from his body. Blurry eyes turned to their slowly disintegrating hand as even the blood pooling under his body glowed brightly. He briefly wondered if he was dying as his body broke apart. The last thing he heard was a familiar voice calling his name with desperation and fear before he disintegrated completely.


Slowly, a white-haired boy fell through the sky as rain splattered around him. Red trailed behind his body as sharp wind swept through his clothes. Closing bleary teal jewels, the boy allowed the gales to take him. The last thing he saw through his eyelids was bright, icy white light.

Then it all went dark.


"Why do you guy's keep using me as monster bait! I mean, I know I'm cute, but I don't need monsters drooling all over me with the rest of the guy's in the world!"

"Because, it's not like we can use you for anything else."

"EXCUSE ME!? I'm a wizard too you know you stupid cat."

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't come crying to me when you need saving again."

"What!? You didn't even do anything you little-"

"Happy, Lucy. We can discuss this later. For now let's just focus on getting back to the guild."


As his teammates argued, Natsu looked towards the horizon. Noticing his silence, Gray nudged the pyro.

"Oi, pinkie. Is something wrong? Your silence is freaking me out."

A tick mark appeared on 'pinkie's' head.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean!?"

"Aaaannnnnddd he's back."

"Tsk, it's not like something was wrong anyways. I just got a weird feeling is all."

Erza raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? And just what was this 'weird feeling'?"

Natsu scratched his head as he looked out into the distance. "I don't know. It was... icy. Powerful.

"Almost nostalgic."


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