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'Zanpakuto thinking'

Chapter 10: Who Are You?




Silence... Until...

"Who the f* K are you?"

Well, there goes any chance of this story being K rated. Thanks Gajeel.

"It's rude to ask for someone else's name without introducing yourself first."

Shadow Gear almost fell flat on their faces. 'SERIOUSLY!? WHO CARES ABOUT MANNERS IN A FIGHT!? AND WHERE DID HE EVEN COME FROM!?'

As it turns out, Gajeel was thinking along the same lines. 'A Fairy Tail member with manners. Well, now I've seen it all. What's next, flying pigs and a talking fish?'

"I'm Gajeel Redfox, Phantom Lord's Dragon Slayer. Now, are you going to tell me who the f* k you are or am I going to have to beat it out of you?"

'This guy has the conversational skills of Kenpachi.'

'So he's basically just like most of the Fairy Tail members?'

'I said this guy has conversational skills.'

"My name is Toshiro Hitsugaya, I'm a new Fairy Tail member."

Gajeel smirked widely, causing Shadow Gear to take a few steps back.

"Oh really? Well, it doesn't matter either way. After all, you're just a ki-"


Gajeel had no idea what had actually happened next. First he was looking down at his opponent. Then there was a sharp pain in his stomach as he flew back, the smaller male standing in the exact same place with his arm outstretched. Only one thought went through Shadow Gear's heads.

'He's going to die.'

"First lesson, don't underestimate your opponent. You'll regret it." Slowly, Hitsugaya started walking towards Gajeel who quickly got up. Not one to wait for his opponent to make the first move, the man launched at the boy who swiftly blocked the strike with his sword ('When did he pull that out?'). Eyes obscured by his hair, the small captain continued to speak.

"Second lesson, don't call me a kid. You'll regret it." The two pushed off of each other before locking in another battle of strength. Smirking, the Iron Dragon Slayer sent iron bars at the three Shadow Gear members in order to distract his opponent.

To his surprise, however, he was quickly kicked back causing the direction of his attack to change and miss his desired targets. He flew back a few feet and before he could prepare himself Hitsugaya once again shot at him. Their eyes locked, the Iron Dragon Slayer felt himself freeze up for a second.

The prodigy's eyes were not teal at that moment. As he looked into those once bright jewels, chills went up the Dragon Slayer's spine. There was an eerie, unnatural smile on the boys face and a cheeriness to his tone that contrasted so oddly to his unhidden threat that it was almost terrifying.

"Third lesson, don't attack those a dragon cares about. You'll regret it." His voice sounded... distorted. As if he wasn't the only one who was speaking. He pushed away from the boy, trying to get a clear view of his eyes but wasn't able to as pain flared in his stomach.

The Iron Dragon Slayer was launched back, his feet dragging along the ground. Lifting his arm he sent bolts of metal at the child who swiftly jumped over them, causing the attack to smash into a staircase leading up to some higher up houses and debris to fly everywhere.

Twisting his body the boy landed on the side of a stone archway before pushing off for an aerial attack. Quickly, Gajeel jumped out of the way as the smaller male practically flew at him supernatural grace.

Without wasting a second of time the boy jumped out of the newly formed crater he had made where the Iron Dragon Slayer used to be and launched a flurry of attacks at the larger male. As they fought, a sound made it's way to Gajeel's ears, causing his eyes to widen slightly.


The kid was laughing.

It was a bubbly, childish laugh that contrasted oddly, terrifyingly with the boy's killing intent. The sight was enough to make even the most experienced of fighters freeze up.

The fact that the child was laughing was a sharp stab to the man's ego, making him scowl.

"Why the hell are you laughing? Is this a joke to you?!"

He didn't think it was possible, but the child's smile grew wider. He just giggled as he sent attack after attack at the man.

Standing on a nearby roof, a blond looked down at the fight with an unreadable expression, the squirrel at her side doing the same.

"This is an interesting turn of events, isn't it? Fate sure has taken a much different path.

I'm not sure if I'm happy or not about it."


Footsteps rang in the silence of the night, deafeningly loud compared to the deathly quiet streets of Magnolia.

Natsu, Gray, Erza, Happy and Lucy searched frantically for a certain white haired captain, worried. Happy was flying above buildings, trying to catch sight of that tell-tale white hair that they had become accustomed to.

"Damnit, where did he go!? He just disappeared!"

"If we knew that then we wouldn't be running around like headless chickens, now, would we!?"

"Well- Just- SHUT UP!"

"Would you both be quiet!? You're arguing isn't getting us anywhere!"

Well sorry for opening my big mouth-"


Natsu, Gray and Lucy winced at the loud yell from Erza who was glaring at them ferociously.

"I understand that you're all worried but yelling at each other isn't going to get us anywhere. Right now Hitsugaya could be in danger so we need to find him, no matter what. Now, SEARCH!"


Erza watched the three run off, sighing. Looking up, she stared at the half-moon that reminded her so much of the missing prodigy. Bright, mysterious, seemingly out of reach. She smirked slightly as she reminded herself of Galuna Island, where she and Natsu threw a spear into the sky to shatter the moon, but instead shattered the mask that covered it.

She hoped that, with time, they could also shatter the prodigy's mask and reveal his true self. It would take a long time, a very long time, but they were willing to wait.

Looking out onto the empty streets the beautiful woman sighed once again, closing her eyes.

'Hitsugaya, where did you go?'

Up above, on another roof, a large man watched the Wizards search with bandaged eyes.

"The Wizard's, they're searching for their missing comrade with worry in their hearts."

Without warning, the man started bawling.


He sniffed, wiping his cheeks clean of tears.

"That Heartfilia girl is among them also, but now is not the time to capture her." He looked up at the moon as his body slowly started to distort.

"I must find Gajeel, and alert him of what the Master has discovered."

And with that, his body fazed away.


Levi was scared.

So were Jet and Droy, but they weren't as scared as her.

She was scared of the boy fighting before them with a strange man. She says 'boy' because, at that moment, she wasn't sure if she could call him Hitsugaya.

Because he was laughing.

He was laughing as he fought, as if it was all just some sort of game to him.

And she was sure- no, certain that he was no longer fighting for them.

The boy jumped over a metal bar that Gajeel had shot at him before rushing the larger male, sending a series of swipes at his face using his clawed right hand. Suddenly, though, he stopped. Looking up, he seemed to enter a sort of daze before he pouted.

"Awww~, the game's over."

Levi blanched.

'Game... over?'

Suddenly, the boy smiled and disappeared. Levi didn't even get to turn around before she was out cold, same with Jet and Droy.

"Well, I should probably take these guys back to the guild. Don't wanna be caught after all." The boy was about to walk away before a thought suddenly seemed to strike him. Turning around, he stared right into the red eyes of the Dragon Slayer causing chills to run up the man's spine.

"Let's keep this between you and me, all right? Don't wanna give the game away before it even starts. See ya!"

And with that, the boy disappeared.


Gajeel was about to give chase but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Looking back, he saw a familiar face.

"Aria. What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came to tell you that the Master has found some interesting information pertaining to Fairy Tail that he believes you should hear. It's very important.

"Oh really? And why should I care about this 'important information?"

"I don't know the details, but, he says that he has sensed a strange presence in Magnolia. Fairy Tail, specifically."


"This presence, it has the feeling of life and death. Light and darkness. It's a living contradiction.

And he wants it."

Erza was sure she saw the air distort as she walked onto another street, but when she looked again the air was normal. The only thing that was out of place was the rubble from destroyed parts of houses and the ground.

And yet the cause of the destruction was nowhere in sight.


White flashed among rooftops as the prodigy carried the Shadow Gear team to the front of the Fairy Tail Guild. He grinned as he placed them on the ground but immediately pouted as he felt a tug on his soul.

'Jeez old man. You're really impatient, aren't you? And after I went through all that trouble just to keep your pathetic partner safe.'

A growl radiated throughout the still slowly reforming icy planes of Hitsugaya's inner world.

'Give my Master back his body otherwise I'll make you.'

'Wow, aren't we impatient.' Suddenly, the boy's face grew serious.

'You can't keep me locked up forever, you know. I'll gain control soon and when I do...'

The boy gave a sickly sweet smile, filled with malice and killing intent.

'I'll destroy everything he loves. I'll force him to watch as his friends and family beg him for mercy. And then, while he screams in agony over their rotting corpses I'll sneak up behind him and crush his skull like an egg.'

With a menacing, rage filled roar Hyorinmaru tugged the boy back into their inner world and locked him deep within the ice.

'Soon, Hyorinmaru. You can't protect your little Master from the truth forever.'

And with that, the voice was gone, leaving Hitsugaya's eyes teal once more. As he collapsed onto the ground next to the three unconscious bodies of the Shadow Gear team, a blond and a squirrel watched from above.

"You should go to him." Not needing to be asked twice, the squirrel jumped down and sat by the prodigy's head. The blond smiled slightly at the sight before the smile was replaced with an unreadable look.

"Hitsugaya... Just who are you?"

As they asked this question, a red haired wizard called out in alarm as she finally found her missing comrade.


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