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'Zanpakuto thinking'

Chapter 12: Cible


As a certain blond left the safe grasp of Magnolia Hospital, she could've sworn she felt multiple eyes on her. And yet, when she looked around, she couldn't see anyone suspicious.

And so, she shrugged the feeling off, forgetting to check the distant rooftops and the windows of the building she just left.

She remained oblivious to the calculating gaze of another blond, the emotionless stare of a water haired woman, and the icy blue eyes that watched her every move until she turned a corner and left their sight.


Natsu was pissed.

It didn't really need to be stated, but it was. He was pissed.

Why was he pissed, you ask? Well, that's obvious.

First, the Guild was destroyed. Second, four of his friends were in the hospital. Third, Makarov was hiding something. Forth, he was Natsu. Fifth, he hadn't had anything to eat that morning. Does that answer your question?

Oh, and he and his Guild were about to go to war with the people responsible for this entire mess. Actually, that made him slightly happier.

But then he realised that four of his Guild members couldn't be happy about that with him, and his slightly happier mood was ruined again.


'I know.'

'Yea- Wait, who the hell are you!?'

'I'm the thinking part of your brain. I help make all of your great decisions and plans.'

'Wait, you're the one who does that?'

'Yeah, now listen. I have a plan.'

'Okay, what is it?'

'You know how most doors are made of wood?' Natsu nodded to himself, gaining confused glanced from the people near him. 'Well, my plan is to burn down the door, find Gajeel, beat him up, find the Phantom Geezer, beat him up to, and burn down the rest of the Guild just in case.'

'... That's your plan?'

'Yep. Perfect, isn't it?'


'I'm your brain, I don't have any hands.'

'Well then, BRAIN FIVE!'

'Yeah, yeah. Just try to learn something. It's so empty up here.'

'You got it Brain Me!'

'... Why me...'

Smirking evilly, the pyro sped up his pace. He couldn't wait to get to Phantom's Guild and burn it to a crisp.


Freezing wind blew through the icy planes of Hitsugaya's inner world, cold enough to give a normal person hypothermia in seconds. Luckily, the world's inhabitants weren't normal people.

Lying comfortably within a deep outcropping of ice on a large iceburg, Hyorinmaru gazed out onto the frozen sea of his Master's mind. All was still, and all was white, until his gaze landed on a thinner patch of ice.

Looking into the pale sheen, the dragon saw a faint, greyish shadow swirling beneath the surface. It was barely visible, only seen by him because of his impeccable eyesight. It swirled before it was joined by a larger, even paler shadow. The two seemed to dance around each other before they disappeared.

The dragon smirked, the expression so human-like it was hilarious compared to his draconic features.

'It seems that I can still count on you, my old friend. Just try not to hurt yourself, all right?'

A deep rumble resounded in response, causing the Zanpakuto to chuckle in ammusment. Looking down into the coils of his lower body, he sighed. His Master was tucked safely within his grasp, sleeping peacefully.

'I guess it's time to wake you up, isn't it?' he said, smiling down at the boy. It was a fond, yet sad smile. 'If only you could look this peaceful all the time. Then I wouldn't feel like such a failure of a guardian.'

'Well, considering the fact that he isn't dead yet I think you're doing a pretty decent job.' Hyorinmaru looked up at the voice and his smile instantly disappeared.

'Why are you here?' He asked what looked like a simple wall of ice, but the shadow moving beneath the surface showed the truth. He could hear the smirk in it's tone.

'What, am I not allowed to visit lil' Toshi?' Hyorinmaru snarled at that, curling around his Master even more protectively.

'Don't you dare speak his name you leech. And no, you can't visit him. Soul King only knows how much you could corrupt him by even saying a word to him.'

'I guess we're lucky then that you lack so much faith in him that you lock away his own memories.' the shadow said in a condesending tone, causing the dragon to flinch. Before he could respond, however, the voice interupted him.

'Don't even bother denying it, I've already spoken to Snowie.' Behind the glassy ice sheen the voice smirked, the look demonic and full of malice. 'You're lucky I'm locked in this ice, otherwise I would've already told him the truth. I wonder; how long it would take to rip your relationship to shreds? What would I break first; his mind or his body? I can't seem to decide which I would like to see mor-'


'But if you do that, you'll only hurt him.'

Slowly, the shadow seemed to fade, but not without some parting words.

'I am a part of him, and I am a part of you. I have just as much a right to live as he does, and I won't give that right away.

I promise you this, dragon. One day, I will rule this body, and it will be I alone who will destroy everything your precious Master loves. Remember that.'

And with that, it was gone, leaving Hyorinmaru to cradle his Master in silence. For a few moments, the snowy landscape almost seemed peaceful in an eery kind of way. Sighing, Hyorinmaru once again looked down at his small Master who remained unmoved by the loud yelling. The dragon couldn't help but to smile fondly at the boy, before he frowned.

Hitsugaya was mumbling slightly in his sleep, his face crinkling up in confusion. Concerned, the dragon bent down.

'Master?' No response. He tried again, nudging the boy. 'Master, it's time to get up.'

'... Hyo... ru...?'



'Come on, wake up.'

'Fi... five more m'nut...' The dragon couldn't help but snort at that. His Master was so cute when he was delirious, it was hilarious.

'No, Master, you need to get to school.' Why not play around with him?

'Nooooo~. Dun wanna...'

'You have to. Mayuri's going to come and saw your legs off if you don't.'

'Not Mayoo~. ' At this point it was taking all of the dragon's will power not to burst out laughing. God, teasing the captain was so much fun.

'Yes mayo. And Kenpachi's going to set Yachiru loose soon because the magic gumballs are invading and we need more pink to combat them. You must go to school and prepare for the sugary war of the century.'Maybe a little bit to much fun.

'Kenny an' Yachu can figh' on their on', no mur wer~. I dun' want no gumgums.' At that the dragon couldn't keep it in any longer. His laughter rang through their inner world, finally waking Hitsugaya up fully.

Bleary teal jewels finally revealed themselves, their owner's hair looking like a bird just attempted to make a nest out of it. He blinked.


'Ye- Yes Master?'the dragon responded, still recovering from the laughter. The boy blinked again.

'Why am I in here instead of in my real body?'

'Because, before waking up your real body I had to wake up your mind. Otherwise you probably would've been passed out for a week.'

'A week? Why would I have passed out for a week?'

'I'll explain later. Right now, though, you really need to get going.'

'Why? What happened?'

'What do you remember?' Hitsugaya looked annoyed at the change of topic, but he tried to remember anyways. Face scrunched up in thought, he tried to think back, unaware of the dragon's worried gaze.

'I... remember sensing the Magic of the person who destroyed the Guild, and jumping out the window to locate it. I blocked an attack from said person, and then... I don't know what happened next. I... felt something, something weird, and then it all went dark.'

'You and the Iron Dragon Slayer, Gajeel Redfox, fought. Because of this conflict, Fairy Tail and Phantom had no choice but to go to war because there is now no chance of peace. Both Guilds have to much pride to back off, so fighting is inevitable.'

'I... see. I'm guessing it's already started, then?'

'I believe so.'There was silence for a few moments, before Hitsugaya stood up.

'I better return to my body then. I can't imagine what a mess those Fairies could get into if I'm not there to stop their heads from falling off.' The dragon snorted at that. The image was too good.

Taking a deep breath, the diminutive captain closed his eyes. He felt a slight tug on his mind, before there was no longer any cold. Opening his eyes, the boy couldn't help but to blink.

He was staring right into the eyes of a familiar squirrel, causing his breath to catch in his throat. There was something about those eyes...

'You can think about it later, Master. Right now, however, you have some idiots to help.'

'When you phrase it like that I feel like I'm back in Soul Society.'

'It's funny what your opinion of your 'comrades' is.'

'It's true and you know it, now where are my clothes?'


'Wow. Aren't you the most helpful flying lizard.'

'I know, right? I'm so awesome.'

'... I will never understand how you became my Zanpakuto.' Rolling his eyes, the captain lethargically stood up, analysing his room in the process. There were three other occupants in the room, all of which he recognised as members of the Shadow Gear team. They looked fine, to his relief, as he checked them over.

'At least they're... moderately okay.'


Walking over to a chair in the corner of the room, the boy found some clothes. However, he realised, they weren't his. There was a long black tea-shirt and loose light blue jeans, as well some black combat boots.

'Someone must have brought these in. I wonder who...'

'It doesn't matter right now. We have bigger priorities.'


Quickly, he changed into the clothes -and effectively ignored the slightly creepy fact that whoever brought them managed to find the correct size for him- and put his sheathed blade on his back, the silver of it's chain glinting in the artificial light.

Looking through the window, he saw the clouds as they turned grey with rain, reminding him of when he released his Zanpakuto. Smirking slightly, he walked out of the room, completely ignorant to the squirrel attached to the back of his head.

As he walked into the rain, an unfamiliar Magic signiture suddenly caught his attention. He didn't even need to turn around to know that there was someone behind him, yet he did anyway. The sight made him blink.

A thin, green haired man was emerging from the ground, shaking side to side like some giant had grabbed his legs and started using him like a maraca. It was a strange look.

"Bonjour Monsieur. I see you are finally awake."


'... What is wrong with these Wizards? Why can't they ever seem moderately normal?'

'Because, you have horrible luck.'


"Oh, pardon my manners, I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Sol of the Element Four, also known as Sol of the Earth." Hitsugaya quickly realised the man was French, to his surprise. It was a good thing knowing multiple languages was a necessity for Shinigami. Still acting like a tree in the middle of a VERY bad storm, the weirdo -'Like you have any right to judge.' 'Shut up.'- continued.

"My monacle whispers to me many things, Monsieur. It tells me that you are my cible."

'Cible... that mean target.'

"I see, I'm guessing you wish to fight then? If so..."

Suddenly, Sol found a sword at his throat, looking deep into the teal eyes of the captain.

"... then bring it on."


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