Suite Life Next Generation Season 3

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Here's the summary again.

Season 3 summary- With Stephen & Paislee both married now and Macy moved out with twins, the others seem to be bothered by everything changing so quickly. Everyone goes through their happiest days and their most emotional and crazy days with their ex's, husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends. With the newest additions to the families, how will Zaya and Cailey deal with their oldest children's lives going into so many directions?

Episode 1- "Ahoa Means Hello"

The next morning, June 23rd, 2030, Oceanfront Hotel, Miami, Florida

The next morning, 5:00am, Stephen and Shaylee were snuggled up close to each other in the honeymoon suite. They just got married last night. They are now Mr. and Mrs. Martin. They got married on the beach with close family and friends as guests. Their daughter, Marcy and their nieces, Maddie, Kayla, Makenzie, Rayleigh, and Stephen's cousins, Kristin, Sam and Missy were all flower girls and their nephew, Bradin was their ring bearer.

Two years ago on September 19th, they welcomed their daughter, Marcy Karlee Martin into the world. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Shaylee had blonde hair as a child, but dyed her hair red at 16 years old, and then six months before her wedding, she dyed her hair back to blonde.

They became aunt and uncle when Stephen's twin sister welcomed her twin girls, Madeline Faith and Milkayla Elizabeth two years ago on March 28th. Then, Paislee gave birth to Makenzie Marie on December 13th of last year. By marriage now, Shaylee Martin is an aunt to Rayleigh Nicole and Bradin Zachary Martin, Macy's twins, who were born September 19th of last year.

They are going to be aunt and uncle again because Arianna, Shaylee's oldest sister is expecting her first child with her husband, Lyle.

Now, Stephen is going to be a big brother again to Tristian Noah and Kristi Bailee, his mother is expecting and is due in a few weeks. He is also going to be a cousin again because his aunt Maya is expecting triplets, Serena Zarya, Sierra Annabeth and Scarlett Anna Martin.

Also, his cousin, Cassie had given birth to her daughters, Melissa Rose and Samantha Aubree Martin on March 20th of this year. Also, his cousin, Anna gave birth to her daughter, Kristin Jamie on March 19th of this year as well.

Macy's boyfriend, Cole is expecting twins with his ex girlfriend, Alessia Brooks, they are deciding to separate them two months after their birth. Alessia is heading home to Los Angeles, California with their daughter, Alizah Miayah, while their daughter, Alayah Michelle is staying in Boston, Massachusetts with Macy, Cole, Bradin and Rayleigh.

Bailey, Maya and Alessia are due in six weeks now. They are excited to be giving birth and not to be pregnant anymore.

The married couple were still asleep until Shaylee's phone began to ring. She groaned as she was very comfortable in Stephen's arms. She then realized they had a plane to catch in two hours. They were going to Hawaii for their one week honeymoon. They were very excited to start their married life in a very happy, beautiful and relaxing place.

The place where Stephen's parents got married.

Shaylee felt kisses on her neck as she sighed, then giggling when he starting licking a bit. "Steph…"

Stephen hummed a bit. "Hhm…"

Shaylee blushed. "We have to get up. We have a plane to catch...You can do whatever you want with me when we get to Hawaii…"

Stephen smiled as he jumped out of the bed. "Really?" He said, putting on shorts and his Hawaiian shirt.

Shaylee smiled at her husband. "Yes." She got out of bed herself. She changed into a hot Hawaiian dress and put her hair up in a tight ponytail. Walking out of the bathroom after putting her makeup on, the bride put a little perfume on.

While she was doing that though, Stephen, her husband was winking at her, he whistled a bit.

Shaylee blushed when she turned to see him smiling, winking and whistles at her.


"You are a hot momma!"

She blushed even more. "Stop! You're making me blush!"

Stephen walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, kissing her neck. "Oh, am I now?"

Shaylee nodded her head. "Yes you are."

Stephen smiled. "Good." He kissed her neck again.

Shaylee moans. "You drive me crazy."

Stephen slowly started undoing her dress. "God, how can I not keep my hands off you for 18 hours?"

Shaylee giggled and smiled. "I don't know." She started laughing.

Stephen winked as he began kissing her neck again. "It's gonna be a long 18 hours..."

Stephen unwrapped his arms around her waist and sat on the bed. "Shay..."

Shaylee shook her head. "Steph...No...I love you, but no..."

Stephen sighed. "Okay."

Shaylee crossed her arms. "Get off the bed. We'll be late for our plane..."

Stephen sighed and got up. "Fine."

Shaylee smiled. "Thank you...I was kinds worried you wouldn't come with me, making me go by myself, get hit on and well, I'd have to defend myself from guys..."

Stephen nodded. "Awww. If it bothers you so much maybe we can wear shirts with 'You can't have me I'm taken'."

Shaylee giggled. "I was kidding, Steph, but that's cute!" She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately.

Stephen smiled and kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her waist. "I know."

Shaylee pulled back, smiling. "Let's go, Mr. 'Don't Touch My Wife, I'll Hurt You'." She giggled as she grabbed her bags.

Stephen laughs as he grabbed his bags and followed her. "I'm speaking the truth, Shay, I'll seriously hurt them."

Shaylee smiled. "Oh yeah? I can do kick their butts, too. After what happened with Anna, Paislee, Macy, Charlotte, Leah, Cassie, and Alli and Nicki and I all took classes to defend ourselves. It was sure fun kicking someone's butt..."

Stephen smiled. "Good."

Shaylee smiled. "I'm making Marcy take that class! I don't care if I have to drag her hair there!"

Stephen smiled. "Okay. Whatever you say, babe." He wrapped his arm around her as they walked to the elevator.

Meanwhile with everyone else, they all headed home to Boston that morning.

Boston Massachusetts, it was now 12pm on June 23rd, Macy and Cole's house

Macy was reading a book on newborns again.

Cole smiled as he walked over to her. "Hey babe, what are you doing?"

Macy smiled. "Just reading up on newborns again. But this time with two little ones. Bradin and Rayleigh are only going to be 10 months older than Alayah and Alizah, so..."

Cole smiled and nodded. "Okay, baby."

Macy looked up at him. "Why are you smiling at me like that?"

Cole smiled, sitting down next to her. "Cause you're so beautiful, Mace, is it a crime not to smile at you?"

Macy shook her head. "No. I guess not." She moved over so he could sit next to her. "I can't believe you're about to be a dad again, and they're going to be only months apart..."

Cole nodded. "Hey, that's a good thing, right? They'll be close in age."

Macy sighed. "Yeah...but I mean, Alayah is gonna think I'm her biological mother...Alessia and you discussed that, right?"

Cole nodded his head. "Yes, we did. We won't tell her the truth until she turns 18."

Macy sighed softly. "I know. I just feel like she'll hate us for keeping that such a secret though..."

Cole kissed her head slightly. "Yes, but I also hope she understands why we did this."

Macy sighed. "Me too...Me too…"

Cole kissed her head again. "We will get through the next few months and then the 18 years together, Mace…"

Macy layed ner head on his shoulder. "Okay, I love you."

Cole leaned down and kissed her passionately. "I love you too." He looked at her when they pulled away. "You know we never had sex before…"

Macy looked at her boyfriend. "No, we haven't…"

Cole pulled her onto his lap. "I need to get my hands on you before we have another baby on the way, Mace...Please?" He gave the puppy dog face.

Macy laughed. "You really want to do it?"

Cole got off the couch, bending down in front of her, grabbing her hands and nodded his head. "Mace...I love you. I don't want to be with anyone, but you. I want you so fucking bad. I can't imagine my life without you. Macy, I will do anything for you. I want you and only you!" He looked at her. "Please?"

Macy giggled. "You're not gonna stop begging, are you?"

Cole shook his head. "Nope. I won't damn stop until you get your sexy self upstairs!"

Macy giggled. "Cole, we can't do anything right now. We have the twins…"

Cole frowned. "Damn...Fuck. We can't have someone babysit?"

Macy paused. "I guess so. We could." She smiled as she giggled as Cole picked her up and spinned her in his arms, kissing her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. "Oh shit, I gotta get a babysitter as soon as possible!"

Cole laughed as he kissed her passionately. "Yes, you do."

Macy smiled. "Tomorrow, okay?"

Cole smiled. "Really?"

Macy nodded her head. "Yes."

Cole ran his hands through her hair. "God, you're sexy…"

Macy blushed. "Stop!"

Cole smiled as he kissed her passionately. "No thanks, babe."

Macy looked at him. "Cole…"

Cole sighed. "Fine."

Meanwhile, at Zack and Maya's house, Zack walked upstairs with breakfast on a tray for Maya. She was craving for pancakes, hot syrup and waffles, and whipped cream. She was back on bed rest when they got home from Florida.

"Hey babe, how are you feeling?"

Maya groaned. "Miserable! I hate this!"

Zack placed the tray in front of her, sighing. "I'm sorry, babe. I wish I could do something for you."

Maya rolled her eyes. "Well, you can't. Obviously."

Zack sighed. "Well, you don't have to be so snappy."

Maya groaned. "Well, I want to be! I didn't ask to have a rude husband!"

Zack sighed. It's just hormones. Don't get offended. She's pregnant with triplets. She's tired. She's emotional.

"Okay, Maya." He sighed as he walked out of the room. He saw Nicki walk out of her room.

"Hey Dad. How's Mom?"

Zack sighed. "Very emotional, mad and tired…" He started walking down the stairs. "Don't go in there unless you want to be yelled at. And, dinner will be ready when I get home from work. If your mother is hungry try to make her something out of the fridge. I'll go shopping after work. Love you."

Nicki nodded her head. "Okay, Daddy. Love you too."

Maui, Hawaii, Grand Hawaiian Resort

After a 18 hour plane ride, it was now 1:00am on June 24th, 2030. Sure after an 18 hour plane ride, they are supposed to be exhausted, but surprisingly, they were awake because they slept all the way to Hawaii. And on the way to the resort, they stopped to get coffee as well.

Stephen and Shaylee finally arrived in Maui, Hawaii. Their honeymoon finally starts today. Finally alone. Alone. No kids, no parents, no siblings. They both took the shuttle to the resort and as they got out of their car, a woman placed a Hawaiian necklace around them. It was 2:00 in the morning. Yes, people have to stay up through the night to greet people who arrive in the middle on the night.

"Welcome to Hawaii!"

Stephen smiled. "Thank you."

She smiled. "Remember Ahoa means hello and goodbye."

Shaylee smiled. "Thank you. We will remember that."

Once they walked inside with their luggage, the newlyweds headed over to the front desk to see Mr. Moseby standing there.

Stephen's eyes went wide. "Oh my God! Mr. Moseby? Marian Moseby?"

Shaylee tried not to laugh, but it was very difficult.

Moseby looked up and his eyes went wide. "Stephen? Stephen Martin? Cody and Bailey's son?"

Stephen laughed and nodded. "That's me. Yes. What are you doing here?"

Moseby smiled. "I work here now. I also live here now too with my wife…"

Stephen smiled. "Oh, that's nice. Mr. Moseby, I'd love for you to meet my wife, Shaylee." He looked at Shaylee. "Shay, this is Mr. Moseby. My Dad and Uncle Zack have known him for years now…"

Mr. Moseby laughed as he shaked her hand. "Nice to meet you, Shaylee."

"You two, Mr. Moseby." She said, smiling.

He looked at Stephen. "And, your Aunt Maya and your mother too. I've known your father and uncle since they were 12 and your mother since she was 15 and your aunt since she was 17."

Shaylee's eyes went wide. "Oh my! Wow. That's a lot of years…"

Moseby laughed. "Yep. After you, your sisters and cousins quit the S.S. Tipton, I moved here, got a job as manager, and now, I get to see more kids…" He sighed. "But I guess it's a part of the job…"

Stephen laughed. "I guess so."

Moseby smiled. "So, what are you two doing here?"

Stephen smiled as he lifted Shaylee's hand up. "We just got married. We are here on our honeymoon…"

Moseby smiled. "Oh congratulations! I'm sorry I couldn't be at the wedding. I was here…"

Shaylee smiled. "It's really fine."

Moseby grinned as he handed them their room keys, map of the resort and a coupon on the restaurant in the dining room.

"Your room keys, map of the resort and coupon for the finest restaurants here." He looked at their reversion. "You also have the honeymoon suite for one night." He handed Stephen the key to that room. "Here's the key to that room."

Shaylee took the keys and put them in her carry on bag.

He smiled. "Have a great time here, and congratulations on your wedding!"

Stephen and Shaylee smiled. "Thank you!" They said together as they headed up to the honeymoon suite to set their bags for the night.

Once there, Shaylee went through her bag to get the key. Once she found it, she handed it to Stephen.

The bellhop placed their bags inside. "Congratulations to you both."

And with that, he walked out of the room.

Shaylee turned to her husband, who had the smile on his face. She giggled when he picked her up by her legs, she yelped a bit.


Stephen laughed as he carried her inside. "Wow, it's a nice room…"

Shaylee giggled. "Oh please, it's better than our room in Boston…"

Stephen placed her on the bed. "Is that because we get the basement?"

She nodded. "Mostly, yeah." She layed back on the bed. "Ahhh…"

Stephen laughed. "Feels good, huh?"

Shaylee nodded, smiling as she layed down. "Yep."

Stephen began undoing his shirt as he walked over to the bed. He sat down and then Shaylee grabbed him by the hand. "Don't be a scary cat…"

Stephen laughed. "I'm so not a scary cat, Mrs. Martin…"

Shaylee giggled as he layed on top of her, kissing her. "You want to take a bath and we can have champagne with strawberries?"

Shaylee smiled. "Yumm...Sounds amazing…"

Stephen got up after kissing his wife. "I'll run the bath and I'll make sure we have the champagne and strawberries."

She nodded as she got off the bed. "Okay."

She went through her bag that she kept her sexy robe. After getting the robe, she went into the small little room and closed the door to change.

After running to the bathroom to run the bath with warm water, grabbing the champagne from the holder and placed it on the holder in the bathroom, Stephen placed the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. He smiled when he heard singing.

He did marry the girl of his dreams. She's beautiful, thoughtful, gorgeous, and outgoing. He locked the door and smiled as he knocked on the door.


She placed some perfume on her neck, two squirts. She opened the door and stepped out and saw him smile.

"Well, hello, sexy lady…"

Shaylee wrapped her arms his neck. "Hi to you too, handsome." She giggled. "I wish you would stop growing...It's hard for me to wrap my arms around you…"

Stephen picked her up by her legs and wrapped them around his waist. "Alright, I'll carry you in there…"

Shaylee giggled and yelped a bit, as he carried her into the bathroom. "You drop me, I will kill you!"

Stephen laughed as he dipped her, she tightened her grip around his neck. "Stephen Zachary! No!"

Stephen laughed. "I'm kidding, babe. I wouldn't drop you. Ever." He put her down by the tub and wrapped one around her waist as the other began taking off her robe by the shoulders. "So, Mrs. Martin…" He leaned his head on her shoulder. "We have a whole week without being parents."

Shaylee sighed and relaxed her shoulders. "Ahhh...No kids…"

He smiled, kissing her neck and began taking off her robe. His smile widened when he saw her.

She blushed. "Good God! Don't smile at me like that!" She covered her face in ner hands.

He smiled still. "No, I like it...It's sexy…" He began taking off his belt and shorts. "I've seen everything, Shay. It's nothing new…"

She sighed. "But, still!" She slowly slipped into the tub and relaxed when she was in all the way. "You coming in?"

Stephen smiled. "Oh, yes…"

Once Stephen was inside, he had Shaylee between his legs and laying her head on his chest with a glass of champagne in her hand.

"Our parents would kill us if they knew we had champagne…"

He laughed. "Oh, I know, but they won't know. It's free for us."

She sighed. "Oh, thank God." She took a sip of her glass. "I need to try one of the strawberries…"

He laughed as he reached over and grabbed one, smiling at her.

"Open up…"

She opened her mouth and giggled. When she swallowed the piece, she smiled. "Ooo, it's good."

He popped the rest in his mouth. "Yummm…Yeah. It is." He began massaging her shoulders.

She moaned and sighed. "Oh, God, that feel so damn amazing…"

He smiled as he continued. "I brought you travel sized oils…"

She sighed. "Oh, I love you…"

He kissed her neck. "I love you too, baby girl."

She looked up at him. "Can you believe that we are actually married?"

He shook his head. "No. I can't." Stephen smiled down at her. "I can't wait to get into bed with my new wife…"

She giggled. "I think she'll love that very much…"

Stephen took a few sips of his own champagne glass. "We are using protection, right?"

Shaylee looked at him as she slightly tilted her head back. "God, yes. I may be on birth control, but you mister are using a condom!"

Stephen nodded. "Alright…"

Shaylee layed her head back on his chest.

Stephen ran his fingers through her hair. "We so needed a vacation…"

Shaylee nodded. "Oh, fuck yeah. We had a long two years…"

Stephen kissed her neck again, almost sucking on her neck. "Yeah, we did, babe…"

Shaylee laughed. "It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm not tired…"

He laughed. "That's why we slept all the way here."

She paused. "Oh yeah...Well, we should turn in, Steph…"

Stephen nodded. "Good idea. If we don't, we'd be too tired tomorrow…"

She stood up and grabbed her robe, but Stephen picked her up and carried her into the bedroom as she giggled.

While Stephen and Shaylee were finally in Hawaii, making love, in Boston, Massachusetts, Cole and Macy's, 7:00am, June 24th, 2030

Cole was struggling to find a sitter for tonight, Macy saw that he was close to pulling out his hair.


Cole looked up at her. "Yeah?"

"You alright? You seem...Uh, I don't know. Frustrated?" Macy said as she sat down next to him.

He sighed. "Mace, if I don't find a sitter by 6 tonight, we can kiss our first time together gone…"

Macy sighed. "Oh…" She frowned.

Cole paused to think, though. "My sister!"

Macy's eyes went wide. "Excuse me? You're what?"

Cole smiled. "My sister, Emily! She was in Africa for six years until she decided to move back here a few weeks ago. I'm sure she can babysit!"

Macy's eyes were still wide. "You had a sister and never told me?!"

Cole sighed. "Babe…"

She was confused. "Why? Why haven't you told me?"

He gave a sigh. "My sister has a different father, Mace...She was in Africa for six years because she was visiting him. She got a job as a veterinarian there. James was 4 when she started going…Emily is 29 now. She's three years older than him...Every 6 years, she'll go visit him…"

Macy sighed. "Okay...So, she'd be able to babysit?"

Cole nodded. "I'm sure…"

Macy sighed out of relief. "Oh thank goodness!"

While, Cole and Macy finally found a babysitter for the night, Cody and Bailey were finishing the twin's nursery.

Bailey sighed as she tried to stand up. "Nope...Can't even stand up…" She groaned.

Cody turned to his wife. "Babe, don't struggle. You'll get upset…"

Bailey rolled her eyes. "Cody, please. Shut up. I just want to get up!"

Cody sighed as he helped her up. "Come on, babe. You'll feel uncomfortable if you struggle more…"

Bailey groaned as she walked out of the nursery. "Ugh! My back is killing me!" She held her back as she walked into her and Cody's master bedroom.

Cody sighed as Abby walked inside the nursery. "Hey Daddy, is Momma okay?"

Cody frowned. "She's just really uncomfortable, sweetie. I think I want to smack my head against a wall soon, though…"

Abby covered her mouth to hide a forming laugh.

Cody glared at his daughter. "Not funny, Abigail."

Abby smiled. "Sorry, but Dad, maybe Mom is just ready to get them out?"

Cody sighed. "I wish I could control that, baby. Unfortunately, I can't."

Abby nodded. "I know. She's got what? Six weeks?"

Cody nodded. "Yep. Longest six weeks of our lives…" He finished putting the bed covers on the cribs. "I'm going to lay down. I've been up since 4...Plus, I have to work tonight."

Abby nodded. "Okay, Daddy."

Next door, Zack and Maya's house

Alli walked into Cassie's room where she was holding Sam. "Hey."

Cassie smiled. "Hey Alli, what's up?"

Alli smiled and then frowned. "Nothing. I just want to apologize to you."

Cassie grinned. "It's okay, sis."

Alli walked over to her, taking Sam from her sister. "Hi Sammy."

Sam smiled happily.

Alli smiled. "She smiled at me!"

Cassie smiled. "Of course she did. You're her Aunt Alli."

Missy yawned and snuggled up against her mother. "So, what's up Al? Is this about Jesse?"

Alli nodded. "Yes it is, and I can tell Daddy isn't happy about it. What am I going to do?"

Cassie sighed. "Ahhh. I see. Look, I'm also very sorry I told you to tell him when he was busy with Momma. I'm sorry he got so mad at you...And well, he would be. I think because we are his baby girls. Things are changing and he's not to happy to see it..."

Alli nodded. "It's okay Cassie. I know he would feel this way maybe it's because he's afraid that we won't be his little girls forever. You grew up so fast with having Sam and Missy and he's afraid that I would also. I mean look at our family history we're known by starting things early."

Cassie laughed. "Oh yeah...True. It all started with Mom. She had Anna at 15."

Alli nodded. "Yeah and then aunt Bailey had Steph and Pais at 18."

Alli nodded. "And so on...I just hope none of the other generations of our family doesn't follow the history of footsteps..."

Cassie nodded. "Yeah. I wish that too."

Alli sighed. "We can't plan it, right?"

Cassie shook her head. "Unfortunately, no, we can't. It happens, and it's been happening to us..."

Meanwhile, Maui, Hawaii, Stephen and Shaylee's honeymoon suite, a few hours later, 7:00am, Stephen finally opened his eyes to Shaylee walking out of the bathroom. "Hey, you're finally up..."

Stephen nodded. "Yes, I am, baby. Good morning, Shay."

Shaylee smiled as she leaned down and kissed him.

Stephen smiled and kissed her back.

Shaylee smiled. "Get up. We have some stuff to walk around and see...I want to spend time with my hot husband on the beautiful island of Hawaii."

Stephen laughed. "Okay that can be arranged my beautiful wife."

Shaylee smiled. "I'll go get my hair done real quick." She walked into the small bathroom to put her hair up in a bun. Then walked back into the main room and put her necklace on.

Stephen smiled and whistled. "You look beautiful, Shay."

Shaylee blushed. "Stop! You're making me blush!" She giggled as she covered her face with her hands.

Stephen smiled. "That's my job. I'm your husband." He kissed her cheek as he walked into the bathroom to change.

Shaylee laughs. "Okay...fine."

Once they were changed, they headed down to find the one and only Mr. Moseby.

Stephen smiled. "Hey Mr. Moseby. You were here when we checked in! You still working this morning?"

Moseby nodded. "Skippy is sick, so yeah."

Stephen nodded. "Oh okay."

Shaylee smiled as she held Stephen's hand.

Moseby turned to them. "You two don't happen to have any kids?"

Shaylee laughed. "Unfortunately for you, we do. But I doubt she'll be living here for her high school years..."

Mr Moseby nodded. "Okay."

Stephen smiled. "We'll see you later!" He and Shaylee walked out of the hotel and Shaylee looked at the map. "Ooo! Zip-lining sounds fun!"

Stephen nodded as he smiled slightly. "Let's do it."

Shaylee smiled. "Really? I thought you were afraid of heights..."

Stephen smiled. "Am not!"

Shaylee smiled. "Mhm...Sure..."

Stephen sighed. "I'm not. Seriously…"

Shaylee winked. "Come on! I'll protect you."

Stephen sighed as he held her hand. He laughed. "Well, thanks."

Shaylee smiled as they walked over the zip-lining.

This was true, though. After having to jump out of the airplane in Iraq, Stephen became afraid of heights. Not that he planned it, it just happened. He was never afraid of heights before.

Two hours later, Shaylee laughed. "Are you afraid now?" She held his hand as he was walking like a zombie. She laughed. "Steph?"

Stephen sighed. "Yeah?"

Shaylee smiled. "Are you okay?"

Stephen nodded. "Yeah. I think I got over my height problem..." He wrapped his arms around her. "Thanks, babe."

Shaylee smiled. "You're welcome."

He kissed her cheek. "What do you want to do next? Check out the pool?"

Shaylee nodded her head. "Of course."

Stephen grabbed her hand as they walked back into the hotel. They headed off to the pool and Shaylee layed down on one of the chairs as Stephen went to go get them some drinks.

As he was gone, though, Shaylee looked up and saw two guys blocking her sun. She just sighed. "May I help you?"

One of the two guys winked. "What's a pretty thing like you doing over here?"

Shaylee laughed. "On my honeymoon with my hot, handsome husband..." She lifted her hand. "...Move along..."

The other guy laughed. "You're joking right?"

Shaylee shook her head. "No."

Stephen came along, holding the drinks. "What the hell is going on here?"

Shaylee sighed. "These two guys don't get the term 'I'm married. Move along' means..."

Stephen nodded and turned to the boys. "What are you looking at? Move along and stare at someone else not MY WIFE."

Shaylee smiled. "Don't make me give you butt kicking. I can do that..."

The two guys ran away, screaming. "Aaah!"

Stephen smiled as he handed Shaylee her drink. "Nice, babe. You scared them. Seems like I can't leave you alone..."

Shaylee smiled and nodded. "Thank you." She took a sip of her drink.

Stephen smiled as he took a sip of his. "You know I'm kinda missing our baby girl just a bit."

Shaylee smiled at the thought of their baby girl, Marcy. "Me too."

He grabbed her hand. "Are you still deciding on another one?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I mean, she'll be 2 in three months so..."

Stephen nodded. "Me too. I want another one. I mean, I want to give Marcy a sibling close in age like Pais, Mace and I are."

Shaylee smiled. "Oh yeah. You guys are two years apart, right?"

Stephen nodded. "Yes, we are."

Shaylee smiled. "Alright...How about this? We'll start trying again in October. Deal?"

Stephen nodded as he grinned. "Deal."

Shaylee grabbed his hand. "I do miss being pregnant anyway, it's been too long..."

Stephen smiled. "Really?!"

Shaylee nodded. "Yeah. What? You seem so surprised."

Stephen laughs. "I'm not surprised...Okay, I may be a little."

Shaylee gave him a questionable look. "How come?"

Stephen shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I miss your pregnant belly that it will feel a little weird at first..."

Shaylee smiled. "Really?"

Stephen nodded his head. "Yeah, babe. I mean you being pregnant with Marcy, you were hot and sexy...I guess seeing you pregnant again, I think I'd have to get used to it..."

Shaylee smiled and hugged him. "Thanks."

Stephen kissed her head as he let her sit on his lap. "Plus when you were pregnant, you were two people sitting on my lap. It hurt a bit."

Shaylee nodded. "Aww, I'm sorry."

Stephen wrapped his arms around her waist. "No, no, it's okay, babe. You can sit on my lap anytime. Pregnant or not."

Shaylee smiled and nodded. "Thank you. I love you."

Stephen smiled as he leaned in and kissed her. "I love you too."

Shaylee cupped his face but pulled away. "We can do that in our new room later, okay?"

Stephen frowned, but nodded. "Okay, Mrs. Martin…"

Later that night, Boston Massachusetts, 6pm, Cole and Macy's house

Macy walked downstairs in a short white dress with rhinestones at the top and it was a sweetheart neckline.

Bradin and Rayleigh were with Cole's sister, Emily for the night. Macy was sure a little nervous, but she knew it was more excitement inside her.

Cole's eyes went wide. "Woah..."

Macy laughed a bit. "I know right."

Cole smiled as he laughed. "No, I mean...You look...beautiful in that dress..." He took her hand as she walked down. "Plus your legs look hot in those heels."

Macy blushed. "Thanks."

Cole smiled. "Come on." He walker her to his car which was a new one. "I finally sold my truck. I think I cried..."

Macy smiled. "Awww."

Cole smiled. "It was well worth it though."

Two hours later, 8:00pm

After they had their dinner, they took a walk for a while and then decided to go home.

Cole and Macy's, 8:45pm

Macy sat down on the couch and began taking off her heels. "Wow! My feet hurt..."

Cole sighed. "I'm sorry, Mace."

Macy sighed. "I'm fine. I guess it's been so long since I put on heels my feet haven't gotten used to it..." She sighed. "Ahhh!"

Cole began to rub her feet. "Are you okay now?"

Macy sighed. "Ahhh! So, so, so much better!" She giggled.

Cole smiled, rubbing her feet. "You're so beautiful."

Macy smiled. "Oh just kiss me!" She grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer to her.

Cole laughed and started to kiss her. "Yes, my queen."

Macy giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Cole wrapped his arms around her waist. "I love you, Mace."

Macy moaned slightly as she layed back on the couch.

Cole laughed, kissing her neck.

Macy giggled and moaned.

Cole laughed, hugging her and kissing her neck.

Macy giggled more and moaned. "That tickles!" She moved her hair out of the way.

Cole laughed. "Are you ticklish?" He began to tickle her.

Macy giggled as she nodded. "Yes! Stop it!"

Cole nodded and stopped tickling her. "Okay, baby."

Macy sat up and smiled. "Want to take this to our room?"

Cole nodded and picked her up, taking her to their room. Once in their room, he resumed kissing her passionately.

Macy started undoing his tie as he kissed her.

Cole continues to her, pushing her against the wall.

Macy pulled away to take off his jacket and tie.

Cole pulled off his shirt over his head, then starts kissing her neck as he started unzip her dress.

Macy began blushing as her dress fell off her body. "I love you, Mace."

Macy smiled. "I love you more..." She cupped his face and she walked back to their bed.

Cole smiled and pumped his fist. "Yessss."

Macy giggled. "What?"

Cole smiled. "You're so damn sexy..."

Macy smiled, getting closer to the bed rest. "Am I now?"

Cole nodded. "Yep." He layed on top of her, kissing her collarbone.

Macy smiled. "Thanks, Handsome."

Cole ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her passionately.

Macy started pulling off his boyfriend's belt as he kissed her neck.

Cole kissed her ear. "You look so beautiful after having twins nine months ago…"

Macy moaned slightly. "Really?"

Cole nodded his head. "Yes, beautiful, you are so damn sexy." He began to unlock her bra and took it off.

Macy blushed deeply.

Cole smiled. "It's fine, baby…"

They began getting into the bed, as they began making out again.

Cole pulled the covers over them as he began kissing, sucking, and licking her neck.

An hour later, Cole pulled Macy into his arms as she snuggled up against him, sighing as she layed her head on his chest.

Cole kissed her head. "I love you, Mace…"

Macy smiled. "I love you too, Cole."

Cole pulled the covers close to them. "I'm happy we made love to each other finally."

She looked up at him. "Me too. I'm happy we finally did this."

He ran his fingers through her hair. "We don't have to worry about having sex anymore…"

She giggled. "Thank God." She yawned slightly, laying her face into his chest.

He laughed, wrapping his arms around her and kissed her neck. "Let's get some sleep."

"Okay." Macy yawned as she closed her eyes, falling asleep.

Soon, Cole was fast asleep close to her.

To be continued…

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