Suite Life Next Generation Season 3

Episode 12: "Sweet Home Babies"

Two days later, July 24th, 2030, Cole and Macy's Apartment Complex

On Wednesday morning, Alessia brought home Alayah Michelle and Alizah Miayah. She was exhausted from giving birth. Cole helped Alessia out of the car, Macy, who was home, she came out to get the twins for them.

"I can get the twins for you, Alessia."

Alessia nodded her head. "Okay. Thank you, Macy."

Macy smiled as he opened the back door and got the twins out of the car while they were in their carriers.

Cole helped Alessia inside the apartment, slowly walked her to the couch and helped her sit down.

"Ugh. Everything hurts…"

Cole frowned. "I'm sorry, Aless. Soon you'll be able to move around. Right now, you need to relax. Macy is getting the girls for you and we'll be here to help you…"

Alessia smiled. "Thank you, Cole."

Macy walked inside holding the twins carriers, placed them down on the living room floor and picked up Alayah. "Hey princess angel." She smiled at her. "She looks just like you, Cole. Her nose is the same as yours."

Cole smiled brightly. "She and Alizah have the same nose as me." He slowly picked up Alizah. "Hey princess."

Alizah opened her eyes and grinned.

Macy rocked Alayah in her arms and rubbed her head with her thumb. "They are such easy babies. For now, anyway." She laughed.

Alessia laughed softly. "Oh, I know. It will be rough these past two months. I'm so grateful you are letting me stay here until I leave in 2 months or so."

Macy looked at Alessia. "We didn't want you to have the twins by yourself right now. You need the help. Our house is always welcome to you, Aless."

Alessia smiled. "Awww, thank you, Mace."

Macy kissed Alayah's head. "I promise you, I'll love and raise Alayah as she is my own."

Alessia smiled as tears formed in her eyes. "I'm thankful that you will take her and raise you as your own, Mace. Trust me, the baby you're carrying is one lucky baby to have you and Cole."

Cole smiled at Alizah, who was asleep. "I know you will be a great mom to Alizah, Aless." He smiled at her. "You will be at our wedding."

Alessia smiled. "Awww, thank you. I'm so honored to be there…"

Macy sniffed as she looked at Alayah. "I'm so emotional seeing Alayah and Alizah now, I mean you and Cole should talk about what goes on after you leave…" She sighed. "I can lay the girls down in the nursery we have for Alayah. I have to check on Bradin and Rayleigh anyway."

Alessia nodded. "Okay. Thank you so much, Mace."

Macy rocked Alayah in one arm and then Cole gently handed Alizah to her.

Cole nodded. "Are you sure you got it, babe?"

Macy nodded. "Yeah. I'm fine. I've had twins before…" She slowly walked into Alayah's nursery.

Meanwhile, Zack and Maya's home

Maya slowly got out of Zack's car with Zack's help, she groaned slightly. "Ugh. I have never been in this much pain ever…" She breathed deeply.

Zack nodded. "Take your time, baby. One step at a time."

Maya nodded as she slowly walked into the garage with her husband.

Their daughters, Alli, Cassie and Nicki carried Serena, Sierra and Scarlett inside the house.

Once Maya sat down, Alli handed her Serena. "How are you feeling, Momma?"

Maya sighed. "Oh, I could be better. My stomach still hurts. It's going to be a long six weeks…"

Cassie looked at her mother. "Are we still going to Kettlecorn?"

Maya sighed deeply. "I don't know. We'll see how I feel. I'm still very emotional about the whole situation…"

Cassie nodded. "But, Mom, it's your mom…"

Maya sighed. Shaking her head, she spoke up. "No, she's just my birth mom, my real mom is your grandma, Leigh…" She sniffed softly. "That might be a little harsh, but it's true, Cassidy. I'm not having this conversation."

Cassie just sighed. "But, Mom!"

Zack rubbed Cassie's shoulders. "Sweetie, now it is not the time. Okay?"

Cassie groaned. "But, Dad, it's her mother, or her birth mom. Why can't she see her?"

Maya glared at her daughter. "Unless you want to be grounded, young lady, I suggest you drop this conversation. I'm not in the freaking mood. I just gave birth, I'm exhausted. I'm in extreme pain at the moment. Secondly, Eunice IS Bailey's mother, she raised her. She didn't raise me, Leigh is MY mother. Now, drop it, Cassidy Elizabeth!"

Cassie nodded slowly. "Okay…"

Next door, Cody pulled into their driveway and Cody got Bailey, Kristi and Tristian out of the car and Cody and Bailey walked into the house from the garage.

Paislee, 19, their oldest daughter, twin to Stephen, smiled at her parents as she took Kristi from her mother.

"Hi, Momma. Welcome home."

Abigail took Tristian from her father. "Grandma made you two some lunch. We can watch the twins while you two eat."

Cody smiled at his daughter. "Why, thank you, sweetheart."

Abigail smiled. "You're welcome. Plus, this gives me some practice because in a few months I'll be giving birth. I hope I can be half of the best mom as you, Mom."

Bailey smiled. "I'm sure you'll be fine, sweetie. You don't have to go through this by yourself, baby."

Paislee looked at her parents. "Are we still going to Kettlecorn in a few months?"

Bailey nodded her head. "Yes we are. But, I don't think your Aunt Maya is happy about the idea about going though."

Stephen looked at his mother. "Why?" He said, bouncing Marcy on his lap. "I'm sure Nana and Pop miss her or want to see her."

Bailey sighed. "Well my parents gave her away when she was a baby and raised me so, I'll be angry too if I was in her place."

Shaylee frowned. "Well shit. I'd be pissed too..." She sighed. "Although, I say screw my parents. Especially my dad. He almost killed me." She shivered.

Stephen wrapped his arm around her. "I know what you mean."

Shaylee sighed. "I'm trying to move on from that. But, who could? It's hard to not think about." She rubbed her belly. "I wasn't thinking about me. I was thinking about my baby."

Abby sighed. "I'm sorry, Shay."

Shaylee shrugged her shoulders. "I'm okay. I'm sure it will scar me for a few years, but I should be fine though."

Stephen kissed her head. "I do feel bad leaving you in a week. It sucks. I won't be back until December."

Shaylee smiled. "It's fine, babe. You can't help when they take you."

Paislee smiled. "At least you were there for my wedding. I would've been one upset bride."

Stephen laughed. "Oh, I know."

Zack and Maya's

The front door was knocked on and Cassie walked to the front door to see Hunter standing there, her eyes went wide as she shut the door.

"What are you doing here?"

Hunter smiled. "I was hoping we'd go to my place tonight..."

Cassie sighed. "I'd love to, but I can't..."

Hunter was confused. "And, why not?"

Cassie sighed. "My mom just came home with my sisters. I think she'd need my help." She said.

Hunter wrapped his arms around her waist. "Are you sure you don't want to? You're not seeing anyone, Cassie. What's the harm?"

Cassie paused, as she walked to his truck. "I guess they won't miss me for one night."

Hunter smiled. "Okay."

Cassie smiled as she got into his truck and they drove over to his place.

Once there, they walked into his bedroom as they were kissing passionately.

Later that night

Zack looked at Bentley. "Ben, bud, have you seen your sister?"

Bentley shook his head. "Last I saw her she was in the bathroom."

Zack paused. "She's not there..." He heard the front door slightly shut. He walked downstairs and saw Cassie leaning against the door.

"Cassidy Elizabeth, where have you been?"

Cassie shook her head. "I was out for a walk."

Zack ran his thumb over his chin. "At 10 at night? I saw you leave at 12pm today. Where did you go? The truth."

Cassie sighed. "Okay! I was hanging out with Hunter."

Zack's eyes went wide. "The guy who broke up with you because you told him you were pregnant with Samantha and Melissa? Are you kidding me?"

Cassie sighed. "Okay, Daddy. Look, it's fine. I can take care of myself."

Zack sighed. "I have to ask. Have you been having sex with him?"

Cassie's eyes widened. "What?! Daddy, you know me better than that!"

Zack nodded. "Yeah? You think I wasn't a teenager once, Cassidy?"

Cassie sighed deeply as she knew she couldn't keep it a secret anymore. "Okay! Okay! Fine." She nodded. "I've been having sex with him for a while now..."

Zack's eyes widened. "You what?!"

Cassie breathed deeply. "Yes. Daddy, I'm not that clueless. I've gone through an pregnancy and labor before. I know how to protect myself. I don't plan going through that again..."

Maya heard yelling. She walked out of the nursery. "What's all the yelling? I just put the girls down..."

Ben walked out of his room. "Yeah! What's up?"

Zack ran his hands through his hair. "Cassie has been having sex with Hunter for a while…"

Cassie's eyes went wide. "Thanks, Dad. Why don't you brodcast it all over fucking Boston, why don't you?!"

Cassie rolled her eyes as she walked past him. "Whatever." She ran upstairs, past Bentley and then shut her bedroom door.

Maya looked at her husband. "Let her cool down before trying to talk to her, okay, Zack?"

Zack nodded his head. "Okay, sweetheart."

Ben breathed deeply. "Well, I'll be going to bed. Night." He walked into his room.

Maya sighed. "Nine kids going this shit? I think I'll have grey hair sooner than I think I'll get it..."

Zack sighed deeply, shaking his head.

Maya shook her head as she walked into her and Zack's bedroom. "Thank God I'm not having anymore kids. I never been this sore in my life..."

Zack nodded. "Yeah. I don't think I could go through this again either. I'm planning my surgery in a few months."

Maya nodded. "Okay."

Zack helped her into bed and then turned off the light. "Is it weird to be parents again and our oldest granddaughter will be 8 next month?"

Maya laughed. "Trust me, it feels weird as hell because when I say I have a 24 year old and 5 grandchildren, soon to be 6 grandchildren, I swear I get stared at a lot. I don't really understand how Savannah feels because I didn't raise her for 6 years..." She sighed. "I really regret doing that to her though sometimes..."

Zack sighed. "Oh I'm sorry, babe."

Maya sighed. "I know she loves me, I really regret screwing her up by not telling her who her real dad was..." She teared up. "She deserved to know, but knowing she had to struggle for a long while when Kevin was alive, I know she felt so scared to do normal things. I hope Chelsea isn't going to go through trauma like that when she knows what happened when her mom was pregnant with her."

Zack sighed deeply and nodded in agreement. "Yeah. God Kevin is sick. Who rapes a pregnant teenager?"

Maya shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know! It's so sick. I'm glad he's not around anymore..."

Zack nodded. "Thank God."

Cole and Macy's, later that night, 1:00AM

Alizah began crying.

Cole got up from his bed and then walked into the nursery and picked her up. "Hey baby girl." He rocked her slowly.

Alessia walked into the room. "Hey. Is she okay? Was it Alizah or Alayah?

Cole smiled. "Alizah."

Alessia looked at her daughter, Alayah, who was asleep. "I'm going to miss Layah..." She wiped her eyes.

Cole sighed. "Hey, it's okay I mean I'm gonna miss Lizah too, but I'll send pictures of her to you."

Alessia smiled as she gave him a hug. "Thank you."

Cole hugged her back. "You're welcome. It's no problem at all."

Alessia pulled away as Cole began changing Alizah. "Is it a big change knowing Macy is now pregnant again?"

Cole nodded. "Yeah but I won't change it for anything."

Alessia smiled. "I'm excited for you guys." She yawned. "I'm sure Macy will be a great mom to Alayah. I feel so bad leaving her..."

Cole shook his head. "Hey it's okay." Thanks I know she'll be a great mom but you're her real mother, so she'll understands why this has to be done."

Alessia nodded. "Thanks." She sighed. "Is it 18 years yet?"

Cole shook his head. "Sadly, no."

Alessia sighed. "Oh...Shit."

Macy walked into the nursery. "Are they okay?"

Cole nodded. "Yeah, Mace, they are."

Macy nodded. "Good."

Alessia looked at him. "How are you doing?"

Macy smiled. "Sick. Super sick."

Alessia sighed. "I'm sorry."

Macy smiled. "It's okay. I'm just glad I'm not having twins this time."

Alessia smiled and nodded. "Right?"

Macy looked at them. "Well, I'll head back to sleep..."

Cole nodded. "Okay."

Macy smiled as she headed off to sleep.

Cole nodded. "I'll be in a minute, baby." He looked at the twins, they were now asleep. "We better get some sleep. We'll be up in 2 hours..."

And with that, Cole and Alessia went off to sleep. Alessia stayed in a guest room. They had a long road ahead of them, but knew they could get through it all.

To be continued…

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