A/N: This is not related to my other Overwatch stories, all of which are in their own little universe. This is simply my tribute to all these Pharmercy old-time ship stories where Mercy seems to take the form of a mermaid or something ('The Ocean's Mercy' by Meekahsa is a fantastic story that you all NEED to be reading). That is NOT the case here, but the old-time ship motif is one I've grown to really like with these two, so I figured I'd dip my hands in and write up a story of my own! Enjoy!

Angela burst down the wooden steps, her feet quickly rushing down two or three steps at a time, her hand unable to grasp the railing as she descended into the lowest cabin of the ship. Surrounded by endless flames all around her, her skin had quickly become drenched with sweat and she couldn't even hold onto the key, having shoved it into her pocket to keep from losing it. Her foot slipped on the final step, though she quickly recovered as thick smoke rushed into her face, grabbing a hold of the railing for dear life.

Finally, she made it down into the darkest part of the vessel, wiping off her face with her long, laced sleeves, panting hard for breath as the oxygen down here continued to burn beneath the bright orange and red flames above her. She crouched down beneath the smoke, keeping her eyes narrowed as she navigated toward the back of the cabin, reaching deep I to her pocket as she turned a corner around a pile of crates, seeing Fareeha crouched herself as best she could against the support beam behind her that her hands had been bound by.

Angela quickly went on toward her, not taking her eyes off of her target. Fareeha's face sneered as she angrily watched up at the ceiling, her shoulder dipped defensively as sparks of flame burst off the wood and onto her, causing a small grunt from her as she moved around the beam, noticing Angela as she did.

"Angie?!" she shouted, confused, her voice nearly drowned our by the roaring flames around them.

Not hearing her shout, Angela simply ran up to her before immediately rounding around behind her, leaving Fareeha to feel the jolting at her wrists as she struggled with the iron contraption that kept her down here in this inferno. Fareeha's face shot back toward the door as a loud CREEEAK burned through the air before a massive SNAP broke her ears as a gigantic beam fell from the ceiling, blocking most of the path that Angela had just used.

Fareeha's head bolted to the side, "Angie, what the hell; you should have-!"

She paused as another CRASH tore through the air, now beginning to try and yank her chains away from Angela's hands as they tried to work the key into the lock, Angela's voice suddenly shouting, "I'm not leaving you down here! Father had me come get you!"

"What?!" Fareeha shouted back, confused, "Why on Earth would he-?"

A rattle went through Fareeha's wrists as the lock went undone, her hands now freed from behind the beam. She slowly pulled her arms forward as an aching pain kept them sore as her voice seethed through clenched teeth. In an instant, however, Angela had burst around to her, wrapping her arms around her as her face buried itself into her side.

"I didn't want to lose you," Angela muttered, inaudibly, as Fareeha reached down to hug her back.

Another decisive rumble roared through the ship which broke their reunion, leaving Fareeha's head to bolt as she rushed to seek out a path to the exit. She frowned as Angela remained buried into her, her arms swooping down to pick her up as she started walking around the flames, searching for as good of a path as she could.

She remained low, trying to keep Angela beneath the plume of smoke that ran in circles halfway up toward the ceiling, her foot inadvertently stepping into a pile of embers, forcing her to cry out more in surprise than pain.

"Fareeha!" Angela shouted worriedly, though her escort didn't bother replying as she backed up for a rolling start before dashing onward, hopping skillfully over the trail of flames.

She breathed heavily, "Almost there. I don't think I can cross this one though; we may just have to run through."

Angela had her arms wrapped around Fareeha's neck, though her grip tightened at her words, worriedly. Fareeha took another few steps backward as she eyed the exit- the same set of stairs that Angela had come down, preparing for another mad scramble through fiery ground.

Just before she started, a sudden, large stream of water began pouring from the thin cross-hatched opening from above, as if a hose had been laid over it. The massive amount of water brought a gigantic "TSHHHHH" sound to their ears as the flames died down, the water also ricocheting to other patches of fire, the smoke in the air now becoming devilishly black.

Seizing the chance, Fareeha immediately ran forward, lowering her upper body to cover Angela as she broke through the downpour of water, toward the stairs, ascending them carefully as she felt the slipperiness of her shoes on the soaked wood.

"O-Okay," Fareeha panted, "That should be *cough* the worst of it."

She let Angela down to her feet, the younger of the two attentively checking on Fareeha's face, "Are you okay?"

She nodded, waving her off, "Just some smoke in my lungs. I'll be fine. Come on; let's get above deck before the smoke starts in here."

Angela nodded, doing what she could to help Fareeha move along, which wasn't much, though they made their way through this lower deck which would ultimately lead up into the open air of the deck. Fareeha felt some dizziness from her inhalation, but kept on.

"I told Father I wasn't getting off this ship without you," Angela explained, quietly, grinning, "When the fires started, he immediately took hold of me. Guess he knew I'd come save you."

"You need to watch yourself," Fareeha explained, "You don't need a sea dog like me to tell you that."

As they climbed the final set of stairs, Fareeha's head hung low, weakly, her damp, dark hair hiding her profile from Angela as they stomped up toward the deck, first noticing the sky above them had the same orange and red hue that the basement deck had had. Angela kept her eyes down to Fareeha's feet, making sure she didn't loose her footing, but in a split second, she felt a tight grip around her arm, yanking her away from Fareeha quicker than she could react.

Shocked, she couldn't even shout, but she looked up to see Jesse holding her tightly against himself as he stared across the ship, Angela's eyes quickly following his glare. Across from them stood her father, Captain Morrison, a distance look on his face as he watched Fareeha carefully, a hand upon the gun in his holster.

"Amari," he muttered, grimly.

She stared back at him, "Jack."

Morrison shook his head, "I don't need to tell you why my ship of burning right into the sea, do I?"

Fareeha glared at him, though her serious stare grew into a combination of confusion and horror. As if taking her silence as her truly not knowing, Captain Morrison laid it out for her in the form of his arm raising up, his finger pointed up toward the stern side of the ship, forcing Fareeha to slowly turn as she came to her realization. Angela, too, managed to turn her neck around, despite Jesse's insistent facing back toward his captain.

At the top of the stern side, near the far railing beyond the helm, stood a black-clocked figure, their long, trench-coat like dress having been ripped all along near its length from years of battle. Turned away, their face remained hidden, but Fareeha entered a sneer as she lowered her head.

"Blacktalon," she muttered, more to herself with the crackling of flame all around her.

"Sorry kiddo," the captain shrugged, "I don't care what my daughter says; this ship is my life. If I have to give up a stowaway to save her, that's what I'm gonna do."

As if in anticipation for her outburst, Jesse's arms grew stiff as Angela's eyes flew open wide, her body beginning to fight back against the officer's grip, though he remained strong as she shouted, "Father! NO!"

Captain Morrison only shook his head slowly, speaking evenly, "Sorry sweetheart. She'll tell you the same- we all got to pay the piper at some point. Just so happens that hers has come a-callin' on my Lady."

Fareeha began turning toward the stern side, slowly making her way over as Angela continued to cry out, "Fareeha! They'll KILL you!"

As she passed Jesse's struggling body, Fareeha managed a grin from her downturned head, "Better me than you, Angie…"

"N-NO!" Angela shouted again, fighting as best she could against the arms that held her back.

The only thing that stopped Angela dead in her tracks was the suddenly –boom- that rumbled through the ship itself, reverberating right through Jesse's body and through her own. A feeling of all kinds of evil being paraded throughout her very nervous system. She felt a shiver as her eyes looked back up toward the helm, the booming footsteps of Blacktalon as the figure slowly turned, its boots emitting a hellish quaking.

"IIIIIIIIIII seeeeeeeee you've retuuuuurned," Blacktalon's voice breathed into the scorched air, seeming as though to bring an icy presence to this sea of flame aboard the ocean.

Fareeha grunted, "Call it what you want; you came to find me."

Blacktalon, seemingly devoid of emotion, only went on, "Have you what you've taken from me?"

The stowaway sighed, reaching up and into her loose-fitting shirt, pulling out a necklace, "Yeah; I have it."

The dark man's nearly non-existent face suddenly shone with a look of wonder at the sight. From the end of the necklace was a locket, shaped like a crude drawing of a fleur-de-lis; its silver facing gleaming as the flames surrounding the ship glimmered from it. Blacktalon gave a dark grin as he took a step forward, another ghastly shiver running through Angela's body.

Jesse lowered his head, staring at her seriously, "Now stop that shakin', girl. You're giving me a start, thinking you have a cold on this blasted ship. It'll be over soo-"

"You don't feel it?" Angela asked, quickly, interrupting him.

His eyes shrunk at his critiqued her seriously, confused, though Angela immediately whipped her body around to watch as Blacktalon approached Fareeha, his arm outstretched toward her as she dropped the necklace so that it fall to her chest. She stuffed her hands into her pockets as she stared at him, defiantly, his hand coming ever closer.

Suddenly, an eerie blue light began to shone from the necklace at it began to shake, Blacktalon's eyes beginning to glow the same color as his hand was only a foot or so away from Fareeha's cold face. The fleur-de-lis suddenly began to levitate into the air, leaving everybody on the deck with a look of suspicion, save for Angela, who's eyes were full of worry. Fareeha's face sneered in the face of Blacktalon's proximity, though he didn't seem to take offense to it. He simply went on vacantly staring at the object floating just in front of her face.

Blacktalon shook his head, "Yooooou took my life, girl, and noooooow I want it back."